Do you love love stories? Then you’ve come to the right place!

You’ve entered the home base for the one-woman translation group: Nani Mo Wakarani Kedo! (Though recently, I’ve been increasingly helped out by my friends.) I’m Rei, and I personally either translate or check every story that you see on this blog.

Just like you, I’m crazy passionate about creative writing and in particular, Japanese web novels. With an affinity for romantic-comedies with female leads, time-travel, and reincarnation stories with a villainess or mob character protagonist, I do my best to translate these incredible stories with as few errors as possible!

This blog started as a hobby. I use my translation work to practice my language skills, so I spend a lot of time revising and editing every story for meaning, consistency, and readability. I care deeply about getting this right! The last thing I want is to lose an important plot point, so I am open to any feedback you can toss in my direction. Please feel free to leave a comment if you notice any problems with my translations.

You’ve likely already browsed some stories posted, but you might be wondering why you should continue to follow along. Well, as a hobbyist, I am passionate about expanding the stories I translate to include all I can find that are worth reading. That means if you follow along, you’ll continue to get killer translations in a single location.

If you follow me directly, you’ll get access to stories before they’re posted on NovelUpdates or aggregators. So, I warmly invite you to join a growing online community of folks who enjoy Japanese romantic-comedy novels by following wwaraitai for quality translations and more!

Want to connect directly? I love making new connections within this incredible community, so please feel free to introduce yourself on Discord or leave me a comment here.

I hope you enjoy the translations! Happy Reading!

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