I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Sixty-Six]

“Today’s complaints are…”

The moment I took a step out of the Crown Prince’s office, I was snatched by a Knight of the Guard and was led away.

It seemed like His Majesty wanted to start complaining the moment I was thrown into the Reception Room, so I decided to take the initiative.

“Uhm… Your Majesty, haven’t you complained enough about now?”

It’s time that I raised my hand and gave him some advice.

He said Irene-sama was refusing to get engaged and rejected every suitor that came for her.

He said she just wanted to concentrate on the work with the Duke’s family.

So, what else was there to complain about? Couldn’t he just let me go now?

“Recently, my relationship with lady Irene had been good…”

For some reason, His Majesty looked directly at me. I had no idea why.

Huh? What’s with that? Was I right to assume?

Did you no longer need a complaint listener anymore?

“I have a lot of complaints about you, Rururia.”

“Ugu! And you’re going to force me to listen to them!?”

…This again!

The King was the same as the Crown Prince!

I guess this was all I could expect from these two brothers! How was I supposed to deal with this!?

Leaving me screaming, the King turned to send a signal to the servant behind him.

“Well, complaints aside, I have other business with you needed to be tended today.”

As he said that, the servant dropped a bundle of papers between the King and me.

The impact of its landing caused one sheet to fall off the mountain of paper.

Huh? It was a picture of someone with some inscriptions on the bottom…?

“They’re family trees you’ll be needing for matchmaking.”

“…Whaaat!? For me!?”

I didn’t need to have a fiancée, but to be honest, even I was starting to wonder what to do about that.

It would be troublesome to have His Majesty set me up with someone… So, if possible, I wanted to refuse.

Despite me being confused, the King started to show me portraits one after another.

They were pretty detailed and precise, appearing to have been drawn with the latest technology.

No way… The Crown Prince’s portrait was in here, too!?

…I must be cursed!

“You can pick whoever you want. This Perseus guy seems nice.”

“No, the Crown Prince is a bit…”

I had only just met the Crown Prince, but there was something off about him.

I can’t compete, and even if I got engaged, I’d have frozen to death before the marriage with my luck.

I just have a dangerous life… I must, by all means, decline.

However, my Count-level family was low enough that refusing such a match would be incredibly rude.

Even so…! There were other family tree options in here, which meant it would be okay to reject the Crown Prince, right?

“Well… How about Solan, who you’ve been getting along with so well recently?”

“Ugh!? Solan-kun is just a friend…”

“Hmmm… How about that School Director that you know? He’s part of the Marquis Family.”

“Wha… Ho… Hold on a minute!”

“We also have… the Chief Magician or the Margrave… You’re both pretty close in age, weren’t you?”

“Yo… Your Majesty! Please wait a minute!”

But the King kept going through pictures one after the other unceasingly.

What the hell was happening?

Your Majesty, we’ve never talked about this before?

“What happened… That you’re suddenly setting me up with suitors?”

The King’s expression changed when I asked.

The mirthful atmosphere suddenly became solemn.

“Lady Rururia, you have come to hold an important position in our country. If you don’t marry into a house connected to the Royal Family or some other high ranking figure, it will be a huge scandal.”

His voice was somber, so I hid my sigh as not to be rude.

Huh… Wow… I didn’t realize I was so important…

How troublesome… This was all because of those two damned nicknames, wasn’t it!?

Ahhh. I just want to give them back! Who even gave me those titles!?

“And also, anyone that marries you will get the Dragon with you. A bunch of proposals had come in from abroad, as well.”

So, he’s the bonus…. No, in this situation, it’s like they’re marrying the Dragon, and I’m the bonus.

But I don’t want to get sent off abroad just because of my Dragon!

Although I was indignant, I tried to play along at least a little with the matchmaking to please His Majesty.

“Uhm… What about the Knight Commander…?”

…Ah, that’s not a great option either.

It’s not like I particularly wanted to marry the Knight Commander. I just thought it was weird that the Chief Magician was a candidate, but he wasn’t.

I tried to think up excuses, but the King’s eyes narrowed, bearing the face of a politician.

…At that pressure, I felt strength enter my body.

The King slowly opened his mouth.

“Anyone but Lionel.”

The King’s voice was icy, giving me goosebumps.

Huh… Why was it just him that’s off-limits?

My confusion must have seemed obvious, so His Majesty kept talking.

“It would have been best if you were just the Dragon Knight’s Bride, but now you’re also the Savior of the Nation and the Love of Dragons. Such a woman must be with one of a strong bloodline… So, some man with an unknown pedigree… would be unsuitable to be with you, Rururia.”

Even so… There was one more annoying little thing I wanted to ask, but I decided not to.

I felt uncomfortable at the King’s use of the words: unknown pedigree.

I thought the King was tolerant; he allowed Vidika-sama, a foreigner, to be accepted as a Knight Captain, marrying a nobleman… Which was something unthinkable in any other kingdom.

It’s odd to hear him talk about blood and birth like this.

Then I remembered… Didn’t I hear that the Knight Captain was a nobleman?

“Wasn’t the Knight Commander the son of another former Knight Commander?”

“Well… I won’t go into detail, but the man said, ‘That’s not my child.‘ So, he’s…”

His Majesty puckered his face as his words trailed off.

I have a bad feeling about this.

“They say he’s the child of a monster.”

“What do you mean?”

I responded reflexively. I clenched my teeth unconsciously, a groan emerged from my mouth, but I didn’t care.

Who would say such a thing about their son!?

What a harsh man he must have been.

Why make him your son if you had such abusive words to say!? Oh, how that angered me!

…So, the King thought that the Knight Commander was unsuitable for me?

“…Your Majesty, do you really believe that?”

The King laughed in a low, lonely voice, not hiding his irritation.

“I don’t know. I don’t know. The more I researched, the more it seemed as though he’s not fully human… So, I just stopped looking.”

His Majesty’s words knocked the wind out of me.

I felt sadness well up in my chest.

Maybe the King searched so hard because he wanted to prove he was really human.

The King’s eyes appeared more sunken as I thought about that.

I closed my eyes and remembered the Knight Commander.

I remembered his expressionless, blood-lusting, rude laughter.

…I guess he was more potent than a human, with an iron mask-like expression and a talent for killing.

Even so…

“He’s still the Knight Commander.”

I didn’t really reply with that. I just muttered.

How can the King claim to know a man he’s never met?

I wouldn’t even be here if he hadn’t saved my life.


The King looked straight at me then laughed happily.

But in the next instant, it turned to a mischievous smile.

“Why, Lady Rururia, were you so attached to Lionel… Oh, I see, I see…”

“Hey, what do you mean by ‘I see‘!?”

No, no… This was the typical reaction.

It’s not… Not… It’s not like he’s special to me or anything…

“I understand what it’s like to be young, but those feelings will interfere with your marriage.”

“Why go back there? There’s no interference at all! Come on, Your Majesty!”

The King ignored my screams, seeming excited as he shoved the pile of papers in my direction.

The Crown Prince’s picture was at the top…

Our eyes met… I’m frozen!

“Then who do you choose? I recommend Perseus.”

Wait a minute! What happened to that solemn atmosphere from just a second ago?

I already said no way to the Crown Prince, so let’s take a break… Take a break from this!

So much is being thrown at me at once, I don’t know what to think!

Whenever I ended up overthinking, my brain would start to hurt.

No, no… That’s just what I think.

I’ll have to reject this “fantastic” proposal immediately!

Wait a minute, Rururia.

Yeah, I’m in a pinch right now!

Think hard, Rururia!

I don’t want to be a high-ranking aristocrat… That sounds hard.

I’ll avoid any options like that as much as possible.

I have one idea…

This will take all of my power to surpass.

I don’t know if this will even work.

All I can do was to bet on it.

“Please put this on hold on behalf of Vidika and Isabella!”

When I yelled that out, the color drained from the King’s face as he dropped the pile of papers.

“Ah, that nightmarish pair!?”

The King started to tremble. His face alternated between green and white.

Huh? Was he really that scared? Even though he’s the King of this country?

…I wonder what Vidika and Isabella did to him!

Clenching his papers, the King asked me to approach him closer… What did he want?

“I… I understand. I’ll put it on hold for now. If I do, then you won’t say anything to those two, right!?”

“Uhm… Okay?”

The King let out a sigh of relief.

Shouldn’t I have been able to decline without resorting to this?

As I thought about it, I smiled at my Phantom Brother, who said, “You idiot, if you rejected them all, then you’ll be single for life!”

How harsh.

I guess he’s kind of right…? It’s just the way he said it was too harsh.

If I rejected everyone, I’d be alone forever.

They’re high-class people. They wouldn’t marry me if I rejected them once before.

His Majesty let out a scream like he wanted to hunt me down.

“So, you like Lionel? Was he really better looking than Perseus?

“I didn’t say that. But regardless, I still won’t go with His Highness, the Crown Prince!”

The King proceeded to recommend the Crown Prince over and over while complaining excessively.

Why would he complain about me to me!?

If this kept on, I’d really quit being his complaint listener!

Or maybe not…

Ah. What am I going to do about this matchmaking matter?

I needed to make a decision, but it still felt so impossible…

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! x Background Setting (14)

Bet Forecast Deadline: Before Rururia reaches the Frontier.

Evil dark dragon, Sara-sama: Michelle had been sending me daily updates remotely from the Frontier, but her transmissions were being interrupted by His Majesty, the Crown Prince. In turn, I asked Solan to delay the final analysis report. I used that to make my inferences. There were a lot of uncertainties making it challenging to make an inference, however that only made it more fun and challenging for me.

Rururia will make the black thing react to her.

Chaotic evil god, the Crown Prince: It turned out that several Dragons had appeared to participate in the Dragon Festival. When I tried to match that information with the analysis results, I found no reports. I had little to go on. The information on the black object fluctuated right before the deadline, and that’s what caused me to lose.

Rururia will make the number of Dragons increase.

Sara: It seems like you owe me one, Your Majesty.

Crown Prince: I owe you, huh…? Being in debt to you sounds like it’ll be expensive…

Sara & the Crown Prince (in unison): But I never expected her Dragon to shrink.

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Sixty-Five]

“I don’t get it, I sent you out to the Frontier to stay quiet during the Eight Nation Conference, but somehow our problems have only increased…”

It’s me, Rururia, sitting here getting sighed at by His Royal Highness, whose beautiful face was marred by deepened wrinkles.

His Majesty had summoned me a few days after returning to the Royal Capital, so here I was, currently in the Royal Palace.

Somehow, I had ended up in the Foreign Minister’s Office.

I was just on my way when an aide had grabbed me and led me here.

No, no, no? I thought… I had already resolved the problem? Was I not here to be praised?

Had my dissatisfaction bled into my expression? Huh, was the devil actually squinting at me?

How scary! But even if I was scared, I just needed to grin and bear with it!

Surely there must have been some misunderstanding!?

“I worked really hard, and I thought I contributed to dealing with that black thing…”

I raised my hand as I protested against him.

However, that evil god seemed to have predicted what I was about to say, so his expression did not change at all.

“Well, yes, I suppose. But all this increased work had given me no time to rest.”

…So, he’s taking out his anger on me… Such a harsh dark god!

He was punishing others for his own problems!

Such a harsh devil… Venting out on a poor, defenseless woman!

I had stopped protesting vocally, but I conveyed my protests to the Crown Prince with my silent glare.

The Crown Prince sighed once again, annoyed.

“It’s just one thing after another… What the hell is the matter with you?”

“Huh… What did you just say…”

Wasn’t I Rururia Dalton? I don’t think I’m anyone else.

…So, what’s the deal then? This must be related to recent events.

Just try to think… What was the Crown Prince talking about?

That black thing wasn’t my fault.

And I don’t know anything about why my dragon was sleeping.

And there’s nothing left to be done about Margrave Siegbert’s Hammer…

At my visible confusion, the Crown Prince grew frustrated, like a dark god whose servant had not brought enough offerings.

Wha… Whaaat? He hasn’t looked at me like that in a while. I felt like I would die under such a cold gaze!

I didn’t do anything… Nothing to deserve the Crown Prince’s cold stare! At least I think so!?

“It’s everything. Whenever I looked at you, I think of everything you’d been doing, the trouble in other countries… How my work increased and my sleep decreased, losing to Sara, having nightmares, issues with the Head Priest… It’s all your fault.”

“Huh… Huuuh!?”

That’s harsh! I resent your allegations, Crown Prince!

Should I protest again for his absurd accusations? No, an evil god like him wouldn’t care, right? As I was at a loss, the door opened, and a dark tea-like scent wafted in.

“A moment of your time, Your Excellency. My success was unwavering as always, and it’s about Ria.”

“Ku… I didn’t expect you to be here…”

Sara-chan came in with a tea tray in her hands.

Sara-sama! The Crown Prince had been saying mean things to me… What’s with that face…!?

An evil smile, like an ancient dark dragon gambling with life and death, was on her face.

If you looked at her from the side, she looked like an evil god angry that a human had betrayed her!

…This room was just brimming with scary old things.

And what were they talking about winning and losing for?

As I trembled with fear, the victorious dark dragon poured tea for the frowning evil god.


Why was Sara-chan preparing tea?

I mean, Sara-chan did love tea to the point where she collected exotic and unfamiliar tea leaves from all over the world… But I didn’t think she brewed it for other people, too?

Disregarding my surprise, the Crown Prince murmured as he inhaled the scent of black tea.

“…Diwa 3, Seroin 5, and Uda 2.”

“That is correct.”

After reciting that mysterious chant and hearing Sara-chan respond to it, the evil god sipped his tea, his expression relaxing.

Well… Sara-chan’s tea was pretty good! Thanks for pouring me some…

Hmmm? Did something weird just happen?

Both Sara-chan and the Crown Prince both maintained their expressions as if nothing had happened…

As I puzzled over what to say or do, the Crown Prince’s expression went back to his dissatisfied, evil god glare.

“So, I’ve really lost to Sara, and it’s all your own doing. I really do detest you, lady Rururia.”

“Hold on, what’s my fault? What are you talking about!?”

I shouted in indignity, but the Crown Prince showed no sign of answering.

What do you mean, ‘you’ve lost’? And what does any of this have to do with tea?

I glanced appealingly at Sara-chan, but she didn’t meet my gaze.

Sara-sama, please tell me what the hell was going on!

Fufu. We had a bet with the Foreign Minister on what you would do.”

“Huuuh… What do you mean… A bet?”

Sara-chan grinned like a dark dragon with a bountiful feast in front of her… On the other hand, the Crown Prince reflected a similar look, like an evil god with a new creature in front of him.

But I’m just an ordinary girl with a Dragon?

But the Crown Prince just said, “I lost to Sara as expected.” What does that mean?

Wasn’t I the one that rode a Dragon?

Even I didn’t think that would happen!

I just powered through it, and even though I, too, was surprised, I still undoubtedly exceeded expectations!

“His Excellency bet that Ria would cause more Dragons to appear, and I bet that you would aggravate the black object. That means I’ve won, right?”

“But Sara, Solan, and the analysts were withholding the latest results, so that’s cheating.”

“Well, you did your best to make sure that information didn’t reach me, didn’t you, Your Excellency?”

The two smiled at each other, still looking as scary as ever.

…They’re both off their rockers, but had they really predicted what I would do? Was I that easily read?

Why did Sara-sama know that black thing would react to me…

The only thing I know for sure was that Solan and his analysts were involved somehow and had suffered for it!

But there were also a lot of Dragons on the beach of the Frontier… So maybe the Crown Prince was also right about the number of Dragons increasing! I only have one, so I wouldn’t know!

“Information warfare was the basis of diplomacy. You, Your Excellency, tried to restrict access to information on site. I had a hard time acquiring that same information.”

“All because of your ministerial privilege, wasn’t it? Rururia?”

“Leave me out of this.”

These guys were crazy. They’re putting so much effort into a simple bet.

…I hope Solan-kun’s alright…

Stroking the scales of my Dragon helped me calm down.

I didn’t know the problem here, but the deeper I dug, the more scary things came out.

I definitely won’t ask what the winner got… so, let’s just change the topic.

I’m still confused by this betting story… However, I’m also wondering what was going on with Sara-chan and this tea.

She met my eyes, which probably looked dead, and as my friend, she understood.

“Ah, this tea… The other day, His Excellency accidentally drank my tea during a break. It seemed like he really liked it, so I pour some for him sometimes. Conditionally, of course.”

“Sara-sama!? What were you making him do in exchange!?”

“What could it be…. “

I was amazed to hear the Crown Prince himself being surprised.

Sara-sama was indeed well known, to me at least, for not doing anything she wasn’t interested in.

“I change the mixture of tea leaves each time, and if he got the ratio wrong, I’d get a piece of information from him.”

“Yes, I didn’t realize that in the beginning… And it was painful having to give up some information.”

So, it’s about information!? I see.

Was that what had the Crown Prince looking zoned out for…? No, I won’t ask.

…It seemed like those two have gotten pretty close?

It’s the first time I’ve seen Sara-chan show that dark dragon smile to anyone else.

She didn’t even show it around Solan-kun or Irene-sama.

Kuuu! Crown Prince…!

Sara-sama was supposed to be mine! It’s because he’s a dark god, wasn’t it!?

I was burning with jealousy at the thought of him stealing my friend. I just won’t say anything about it.

“By the way, what did you call me here for?”

For some reason, the Crown Prince showed a puzzled expression when I asked.

No. It supposed to be me that should be puzzled. You just brought me here without explaining anything!

“Huh? Ah, yes, since my Brother called you here, I wanted to complain about my workload and losing the bet.”

“Whaaat!? You called me just for that!?”

Why do I need to hear complaints about a bet I had no part in!?

True. I was appointed as a complaint listener, but that’s just for the King.

Listening to the Crown Prince was outside my job description!

“I have little time for this, Your Majesty.”

“…Shouldn’t you show a little more respect for your superiors?”

Being forced to see them get along already felt like an abuse of my time.

…Sara-chan was supposed to be my friend!?

I won’t ever give her away, especially not to the Crown Prince!

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Prologue]

The pitter-patter of the rain falling outside echoed throughout my room.

It was the heavy rain pouring down that pounded the ground.

It covered the whole capital like a dust storm as it fell.

According to the Weather Forecasting Magician, it was going to be like this all day… How depressing.

I stroked the scales of the Dragon on my lap.

“How unusual it is, Brother, that you came to the Knight’s Tower.”

In my temporary room… My Brother sat relaxed.

…This really was unusual.

He always said he wouldn’t call or visit with the Dragon around.

“…Well, I just heard about all your remarkable achievements and amazing lifestyle recently.”

“…Was that sarcasm, Brother!?”

He had some resentment in his voice.

By remarkable, do you mean what happened on the Frontier? Those were exceptional circumstances. It’s not how I lived my life!

I tried to make a fierce protest against his insinuation, but my Brother’s face turned harsh as if he had drunk something bitter.

…What was up with him?

Maybe that new stomach medicine he got prescribed was really bitter?

Oh, well.

Well, anyway, there’s a lot I wanted to say to you, Brother!

“Please listen, Brother!”

“…What is it?”

I picked up my Dragon, who had been curled up in my lap, and held him out to my Brother.

His face turned blue, and his hair stood up as I got closer.

I gripped my Dragon’s body firmly and shook him in front of my Brother.

“Hey! Look at him!”

“Don’t let it get any closer! Riaaa!”

I pressed the Dragon against his cheek, making him turn even bluer as he shrieked.

He squirmed, but with the chair to his back and the Dragon to his front… There was nowhere to move.

…Even with me handling him roughly, my Dragon was entirely unphased.

“Even when I do this, he doesn’t wake up…”

“I get it! Enough! Just take him away now!”

Huh? Take him away? But his scales were so calm, smooth, and pleasant to touch?

…It was just a joke.

Don’t make a face like you’ve been forced into a desperate situation, Brother.

As I moved the Dragon from his lap back to mine, my Brother made an overly relieved expression.

Trying to compose himself, he cleared his throat and adjusted his posture.


“It’s about the Dragon. He always took a lot of naps, but these days he’s awake less and less… Solan-kun did a lot of research for me, but we couldn’t find anything…”

I remembered Solan-kun’s concerned face.

He even told me to ask Sara-chan and Irene-sama later… Those three really have done a lot for me.

The Chief Magician and Head Priest, on the other hand, have just been onlookers. I had said that the Chief Magician should help us figure out what’s going on, but apparently, he’ll only help from far away. Same with the Head Priest.

I just don’t understand it!

Wouldn’t it make more sense to do a medical examination up close!?

How was it that he had Dragon Mania but still couldn’t get used to being around one?

…Anyways, neither the Head Priest nor the Chief Magician knew why my Dragon was in a death-like sleep… There’s no one left in the country we could ask.

“If the Dragon was sick or something, then we don’t know how to cure him… Maybe the Heavenly Dragon would know…”

“Hey, Ria.”

My Brother cut me off, a serious expression on his face.

Huh..? What is it?

He spoke directly, an accusatory tone in his voice.

“What’s gotten into you?”


…What did he mean by that?

I didn’t get what he said? What were you talking about, Brother?

All I am was confused. I couldn’t think of anything in particular, so that’s all I could have said.

“What… Nothing’s wrong with me?”

“I mean… If I came with you…”

My Brother sighed and looked at me like he was dealing with a slow child.

I really don’t get what he means!?

He kept staring at me like I’ve done something wrong!?

“How many years do you think I’ve been your Brother?”

He unfolded his arms and started rubbing his temples.

And then, he began speaking again, gently.

“I feel like you exude an aura of failure.”

“What do you mean by that!?”

I took my Dragon off my lap, placed him on the desk, and pushed him towards my Brother.

“I don’t have an aura like that! And if I did, it’s a thin one, but I don’t! I’ve never had such an aura!”


I grabbed my Brother by the collar. He tapped my arm as if in surrender.

Brother, are you giving up already?

“I asked Manya, and she said you’d had deeper periods of sleep recently.”

“…Huh? That’s normal, wasn’t it?”

“It seemed to have gotten to the point where she tried dumping water on you once, and you still didn’t wake up.”

I felt a chill at my Brother’s serious face as he spoke.

…Was I having the same issues as my Dragon?

I felt the blood drain from my cheeks, but my Brother just patted my head.

I looked up to see him looking at me with an expression of pity.

“I worry about you more than the Dragon.”

B… Brother!

What’s with all of this? He’s so worried about me!

He really was a good Brother!

“Tha… Thank you, Brother! The next time I call Phantom Brother, I’ll be more…”

“Wait a minute.”


What? Brother, I was in the middle of trying to thank you.

“What do you mean by Phantom Brother?”

“Huh? Sometimes when I call you, you appear kind of shadowy, so I just call you Phantom Brother.”

“What do you mean!?”

“Well, whenever I asked for something… You always come out of nowhere…”

“I come out!?”

“Yes, whenever I’m in a crisis or something.”

“A crisis! You had times like that!?”

My Brother seemed concerned as he yelled.

And then I raised my head as if I had realized something… He was going to be annoying about this.

“…Now that you mention it, I have been getting tired more easily recently… Hey! Why are you looking at me like that!?”

“It’s just your imagination… Just your imagination, Brother.”

Yeah, that’s right, just his imagination… It had nothing to do with me.

“So, when the Kingdom was in crisis, and you needed a hero, you called for me?”

“Ah, no, I didn’t call for you back then.”

“You didn’t!?”

“Just forget it, I’m begging you, just drop it!”


I kept saying that, but I would still call for you whenever I feel like it.

“Hey! Were you listening at all, Ria!?”

I stroked my Dragon as I listened to my Brother’s voice.

…Now that I think about it, I have been getting tired quickly ever since returning from that trip.

In retrospect, even having this conversation had made me sleepy. I really want to sit down…

I felt just as sleepy as this Dragon…


Something had pounded against the glass.

It must have hit pretty hard for the glass to reverberate like that… The forecast did say there would be a storm tonight.

Looking out the window, rain fell torrentially like a waterfall, obscuring the view.

…I see.

I have the same sickness as my Dragon?

Hearing my Brother’s soft voice like a lullaby and feeling the weight of the Dragon on my lap, I closed my eyes.

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Sixty-Four]

Idle Talk: It Doesn’t Matter, but the Boy Pushes Ahead

I saw Lady Rururia desperately trying to escape Michelle-san’s grasp.

At that moment, I saw no traces of bravery. She was just an ordinary girl.

Even though she had been physically healed from the last confrontation…

It shouldn’t be normal to see a Dragon on her lap, but such a sight felt normal.

…Why was that? What’s changed in me?

…No matter how long I looked at her, I could never understand.

My mouth just fell open on its own.

I was born on the Frontier, side by side with demons.

I grew up surrounded by brave men and women that sometimes faced off with Dragons.

When I was small, I was basically the same as the other kids my age… Maybe just a little paler.

But everyone else got taller, tanner, and more mature.

…Meanwhile, I stayed pale, thin, small… And weak.

My mother was physically weak, and it was said she wouldn’t have another child.

This left me as the only remaining heir to the Margrave Family that could protect the Frontier.

But they called me the Weak Heir, an Unreliable Youngster, the Frontier Princess… And a lot more.

I heard these things being muttered from the shadows ever since I was old enough to pay attention, my confidence and pride steadily declined.

That’s how I came to hate myself.

The me that can’t meet anyone’s expectations.

“…I’m only here for myself, so save your thanks.”

On our way to the Royal Capital, our carriage was attacked by bandits and thrown into the valley.

Just as my father was about to be stricken by a rock while defending my mother… Lady Irene suddenly appeared out of nowhere and saved us all.

She even saved me, who was too terrified to move… Even though she was thinner than me.

No matter how much I thanked her, it wasn’t enough.

…Lady Irene spoke in a voice that was too soft to hear, with a smile that seemed beautiful and lonely.

She was lovely, too delicate to touch… And was truly admirable.

As ordinary as I am, I was enraptured by the presence of such a timeless woman.

…Ah, I want to be as humble and robust as her.

And if possible, I’d like to be worthy enough to stand by her side one day.

I wanted to be a little closer to her, so I began to train desperately.

Whether it was day or night, rain or shine, hot or cold…

“I am honored to bestow this upon you.”

My father said as he handed me the Mega Hammer.

The Mega Hammer that was passed down from Margrave to Margrave for generations.

When I took and had it in my hands, I felt a great, satisfying weight to it.

To fit such a weapon, I must find the dignity and confidence to match.

…I’m still just a Frontier Princess right now.

But I had succeeded my father as Margrave, as he had just fallen ill.

Some said that it was still too early, but whenever I shook Mega Hammer cheers would erupt, and gradually the lords and soldiers of the territories accepted my accession.

…But I’m still just a weak little sissy.

I think they’re all only polite to me because I’m the Margrave now.

They still laugh behind my back that I’d be just a kid if not for the Mega Hammer.

If not for my father, would I be able to repress my feelings of sadness?

Maybe, maybe not.

I can’t rely on myself. I won’t get any taller… Or any more substantial. I’m just an ordinary guy that can’t live up to everyone’s expectations.

To even think about how I could stand alongside the extraordinary Lady Irene… It was merely a dream.

I have a lot of things to do… But I can’t right now.

I have only dissatisfaction building up inside me, I can’t let go of this hammer just yet.

Without it, I can’t even eat nor sleep.

…I know these problems were all my own fault.

Then, one day, the Lady Rururia who could control a Dragon appeared before me.

A woman with two nicknames: the Dragon Knight’s Bride and the Saint of Salvation… Though those didn’t really seemed to suit her.

I had expected a dignified ladylike Irene or someone as powerful as the left and right Marshals.

…She wasn’t all that.

She had no intimidation nor dignity like what I had expected.

She had plain hair and eyes, coupled with an unremarkable appearance… An expression that showed her exhaustion from a long trip.

Lady Rururia looked like an ordinary girl.

…Were the rumors true that she was just like me?

She was completely different from the company she kept.

The Magician Bezalel, with his fiery red hair exuding extraordinary beauty, Leonardo with his soft-spoken, well-kept appearance, who constantly activated detection magic around himself, and the keen beauty Michelle, with her shiny silver-white hair.

They were talented people, different from someone ordinary and weak like me.

Compared to them, I could only think of rude things about her.

…But I soon realized that I was wrong.

She behaved with dignity even in front of my father, and when I saw how easily she tamed a Dragon, I felt a dark sensation bloom within myself.

…So, she wasn’t ordinary like me.

I felt a heavy digging sensation on my shoulder, that made me grip the Mega Hammer tightly.


Rururia’s Dragon called out and released some Dragon Breath.

I immediately raised up a barrier to avoid the heat.

Even so, the black tendrils were coming towards us.

…This black object hadn’t reacted to any expeditions that had drawn close to it over the last few months.

It must have been Lady Rururia and her Dragon that had triggered it.

These unexpectedly moving black objects had me too scared to move. A testament to how weak I actually were.

While seething in self-hatred, she looked at me, wanting to decide our next move.

…She had a slight burn on her arm.

I was shocked… A burn meant that my barrier hadn’t worked.

Any burn that could get through were ones that magic couldn’t heal.

…Or could it be that Lady Rururia was really just weaker than me?

As I sat stunned by such a notion, the black tendrils came again.

Facing such bottomless blackness, I felt myself fading out of consciousness.

“Let’s get out of here.”

I heard Lady Rururia’s voice as she tried to pull me away, but I still couldn’t move my legs.

The black tendrils covered the sky, striking a feeling scarier than death that sapped my courage away.

As they approached, I was sure I would die.

I should have used my Mega Hammer as a shield, but I could only tremble as I clenched at it.

Even then...

Lady Rururia stood in front to protect me.

Processing what was happening before me, everything went blank… Embarrassment flushed through my entire body.

I really must be pathetic, needing the protection of a weak female like Lady Rururia.

I watched as she flew off on the back of her Dragon.

I saw the black objects chasing after her… I should have done something to help, but I still couldn’t move.

My whole body trembled with shame… Ahhh. I just want to disappear.

“Hey, Margrave.”

At some point, Chief Magician Bezalel had drawn close and called out to me, but I wasn’t able to muster a reply.

…It truly was a disgrace that I held the title of a Margrave.

Ah. Please go and tell father to disown me…


“Don’t look so confused… Remember who and where you are!”

Bezalel hit me on the head, looking at me with great annoyance on his face.

…Honestly, I’m annoyed that I existed, too.


“Come on!”

I was hit twice, my face going white coupled with the pain.

“We just need to focus on saving the lady right now.”

“…Save her?”

Me? I’m just the pathetic guy that needed her to protect me…

“With that many tendrils, they’ll eventually catch Lady Rururia and her Dragon… That’s why we have to stop them.”

“Stop them? Those black things…? I have to help, too?”

Even me, who had no semblance of any reason to exist, let alone confidence, was needed to save her?

…As Bezalel raised his fist again, I stopped thinking and was made to hurry.

Was he reading my thoughts somehow…?

“That Mega Hammer you’ve got should be able to stop it. You need to beat them down and distract them.”

“Uhhh, beat them?”

“Uhm, yeaaah? Yeah.”

“Yeaaah, okay.”

I couldn’t help, but reply to Bezalel’s forceful encouragement.

He seemed satisfied to hear my response.

…Should I be scared?

Oh, never mind, this was nothing!

As Bezalel had instructed me, I assumed a battle stance and advanced towards the black object.

An enormous number of black tendrils were headed towards Lady Rururia and her Dragon… I took a deep breath.

…I had wanted to stop existing not so long ago.

Was getting sucked up by these black tendrils really so different?

I swung the Mega Hammer and struck the tendrils that were aiming for her.

A shockwave passed through my body, and the black tendril bent severely.

…Huh? Was I able to bend it?

I looked up at the sky incredulously.

…Up there, I saw the Dragon flying in the sky, with a bit more space around him than before.

That means… This was something that even I can do.

I’m not a soldier. I’m not my father. I’m weak and pathetic, but I can do this.

I grasped my Mega Hammer and swung away at the black tendrils grasping at Lady Rururia.

…There was no way I’ll let them get to her.

Large magic circles overlapped, impacts radiating over them.

…Ah. It looks like it’s over.

…Did I protect her, at least a little bit?

My body felt strangely light.

Does this mean I’ve grown…?


Later I found Lady Rururia, tired in her bedroom, surrounded by Bezalel, Lenardo, and Michelle.

I’m really, really glad that Lady Rururia was safe…

“By the way, Your Excellency the Margrave, What’s with that hammer you have? It seemed to be nothing but a handle…”


Lady Rururia had pointed it out with a mystified look on her face.

…Mega Hammer was just a handle? That can’t be…

I reached behind me, with the intent of taking it out… But there really was just a handle.

“Huh!? You didn’t notice??”

“…Uhm. Well, I wouldn’t say that…”

“Hmmm? Was it broken?”

It seemed the three adults had noticed too, well, not all of them. It seemed Bezalel hadn’t noticed.

I placed a hand on Mega Hammer, now just a handle, and looked at it in a daze.

…I hadn’t noticed at all.

That Mega Hammer had been my spiritual support. I had relied and depended on it.

…I even forgot the feeling of its weight.

People started to laugh raucously.

“Fufu… Hahaha!”

“…Well, that’s it then, isn’t it? With your prized possession broken, you’re broken too, aren’t you?”

“That was really important to him, Rururia-chan… So, what will you do to make up for it?”

“There’s nothing that can be done, is there? Do you even know where the fragments fell?”


“Nah, he’s fine…”

“Shut up, Chief.”

Even though they were right beside me, they just talked about me like I wasn’t there.

I really wanted them to stop, but they just kept on laughing.

“I know! We’ll find the pieces and put them back together with magic glue! It will be good as new…! Look! Wake up, Dragon! We’ll need your nose!”

“Hey, now! Don’t wake up a sleeping Dragon!”

“…Huh? Do Dragons have strong noses or something?”

“Do the fragments even have a distinctive smells?”



My father, who had been quiet until now, burst into laughter like he couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“You sure are nice fellas, ain’t you!? Lady Rururia, can you really fix Mega Hammer with glue?”

“Uhm… Well… I thought it would be fine with an all-purpose glue…”

For some reason, Lady Rururia started to take some glue out of her storage stone.

…Why did she even bring something like that on this trip?

“But haven’t you lost the fragments anyway?”

“What do you mean!?”

“Shut it, Michelle.”

Michelle gulped intensely at my father’s words… That’s quite unfortunate.

While I was looking at them, Lady Rururia approached.

“Uhm, well, I know you were hitting all those black tentacles… I’m sorry, but you really helped me, so thank you.”

I couldn’t believe she was apologizing to me and even thanking me.

I should be the one to apologize to her for not being able to protect her enough.

There was no reason for Lady Rururia to apologize to me.

…To think that she’s even thanking me, who couldn’t even move until Bezalel did something.

Suddenly, I remembered Lady Irene’s words.

“I only did it for myself. So don’t apologize to me nor thank me.”

That’s really how it was… I swung my Mega Hammer for myself, and I broke it myself.

Maybe now I can understand a little more about how Lady Irene was feeling.

“Huh? Is that so? In that case, I’ll do what you say.”


…No, I didn’t mean it that way.

Hearing her talk to me, I felt a bit gloomy, like my training hadn’t been enough.

“But you see, Margrave… I mean, Siegbert-sama, I’ll do what you ask of me.”

Lady Rururia looked directly at me.

“You helped defend me and let my Dragon fly freely, even to the point of destroying something that mattered to you.”

I felt my cheeks flush.

I felt so happy to have someone talking not to me as a Margrave, but as a person, that I struggled to reply.

Even so, Lady Rururia waited for me.

“You… You’re welcome…”

I felt like something had clicked inside me.

“Was that okay?”

“…Yeah, it was good.”

I answered my father while looking at the noisy crowd.

I reached over my shoulder habitually, but there was no familiar leather grip to feel.

…That Mega Hammer that I was obsessed with was now gone.

I didn’t feel its weight on my shoulders, however I didn’t feel any anxiety either.

“I don’t need its weight anymore.”

“…I see.”

As I said that, I remembered the time when wanted to be anyone else.

I wanted to be anyone that had what I didn’t.

A strong arm, a big back that was worth relying on, self-confidence, a strong will… If I had those, I wouldn’t hate myself anymore.

I’d be what everyone wanted me to be.

I remembered that Dragon flying in the vast blue sky.

It was the person that I hated so much that allowed such a sight to occur. Me, a sissy servant who had just wanted to run away.

…Honestly, I still don’t like myself yet.

My father looked me deep in the eyes, seeking confirmation.

I stared right back.

“I won’t run away from myself any longer. I will protect this Frontier, and all these people, on my own.”

“Ah! Then I’m looking forward to it!”

My father straightened up at my words. He seemed really happy.

…I think he’d been worried about me all this time.

As I watched Lady Rururia playing happily, I felt my heart lighten.

I felt like it was okay for someone weak like me to be here. Why was that?

…Ah. She really was such an unusual girl.

Usual, unusual, weak, and strong… No words could ever give her justice.

I wonder if I could be closer to someone like her?

…A girl that fights even when it’s not her struggle.

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! x Background Setting (13)

Head falling off the pillow: Since the Dragon that won’t leave Rururia’s side was left unattended, it came closer… And closer… Moving, snuggling, and pushing against her until her head fell off the pillow. The Dragon then fell asleep like that.

Regarding Michelle-san, again: I squeezed her cheeks while apologizing because she didn’t say ‘I’m okay.‘, but I’m glad that there was nothing to worry about. This girl had always been so interesting. I’d love to dissect… I mean, analyze her!

Margrave’s Broken Hammer: It’s a heirloom passed down to the Margraves for generations. Its forger and age remain unknown. It’s an incredible item that reflects the magical power of its wielder, adjusting to its own strength and turning it all into energy. It can even reflect light! Incredible! This hammer was more than just an object… Huh? It wasn’t powerful enough, resulting in it getting shattered in the fight with the black thing!

Protagonist (Rururia): Everyone’s free now! I barely survived, so I’m begging you… Let me go home!

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Sixty-Three]

After confirming that the black object was indeed gone, the Dragon and I finally descended back down to the solid ground, alive.

Ah, you could have let me down a little bit gentler…

I felt like my organs were about to pop out.

The nearby Margrave rushed towards me.

“Lady Rururia!! Are… Are you alright!?”

“… I’m not okay…”

I got off the Dragon, feeling like I would fall over.

I then deactivated that annoying magic chain. I won’t forget this, definitely not.

Ahhh. I thought I was going to die. I don’t need any more adventures like that.

…Don’t look at me like that, Dragon!

“Lady Rururia!?”


The young Margrave yelled impatiently.

What’s up? I feel so bad right now… It’s as if my stomach was full of… Ughhh.


Something heavy was moving behind my head.

I felt a strong gust of wind ruffle my hair.

When I turned around, I saw the Dragon’s tail swaying.

“D… Dragon! Hey! Dragon…!”


No, I’m not giving you a compliment for that!

If that tail were to hit my head, I’d be turned into a pancake!

While the Margrave calmed me down, I heard the Dragon swatting down a thin black needle-like thing. Like a bug.

It was a remaining tendril fragment from the black object.


I’m sorry for doubting you, Dragon. I thought you were just playing around like usual…

Oh, and thank you!

I am deeply grateful for all your help today… But…

Your tail’s still pretty dangerous, you know? If that were to land a hit on me, I’d definitely die.

So, please be more careful around me, Dragon-san!!!

“It wasn’t entirely killed? We may need to re-evaluate what had happened here.”

“…In theory, it should have been wiped out with the rest of it. Sorry, Rururia-chan.”

“But we did get some good readings on it. I want to get this information back to the laboratory immediately.”

“Uhm… Everyone! Aren’t you all a little too calm about all this?”

The adults had all gathered together to discuss the phenomenon we had just witnessed.

Yeah! You just go ahead and talk to them, Margrave!

Personally, I didn’t get a good look at that black thing. I was too busy worrying about my Dragon’s tail!

But apparently, it almost got me. I was in danger and didn’t even realize it.

I’m glad that somebody was able to set a magic circle in front of me just in time to stop it.

…Well, if that’s what happened, you could have told me sooner! Thanks, I guess!?


“Dragon…? What is it?”

I reached my hand out to the Dragon, who was suddenly growling, but it recoiled from my touch.

…This was the first time he had done this.

He’s usually so happy whenever I tried to pet him…

The Dragon flew away to avoid me.

…Dragon? Why?

What’s the matter?


…The black tendril was coiling around my Dragon as it floated in the air.


I could do nothing but watch as my Dragon groaned painfully as the black thing overtook him.

It seemed like the Chief Magician and the others were panicking, trying to do something for the situation… But the whole situation felt like a dream, something happening far away.

Ahhh, what should I do? What are you doing, Dragon?

Were you trying to protect me from that black thing?

…If my Dragon were to go away, I wouldn’t know what I’d do.

The Dragon was wholly covered in blackness.

It was only now that I’ve realized… I may have said things like ‘I wanted him to leave and go home’, but really I enjoyed having him around.

It’s been so much fun being together with this Dragon.

The Dragon who loved to lick up honey, the Dragon who seemed sad whenever he had to wait for me, the Dragon that was scared of the Knight Commander, the Dragon who loved to chase butterflies and liked having his scales stroked…

He’s become a massive part of my life.

My hands trembled and felt cold, like they were someone else’s.

At some point, without noticing… I had stepped into the sea, my wet skirt clung to my legs, making it difficult to walk.

 Even so, I tried to move my legs just to get a little closer to my Dragon.

…Ahhh, I feel so bad.

I hate it.

I hate it.

I hate it.

I don’t want to lose anyone.

I held both hands out to my Dragon, wrapped in black.

God, Satan, anybody… Please listen to me.

I’ll do anything. Take me instead.

I’ll do anything.

Please, I’m begging you.

“Just give back my Dragon.”

I felt a burning sensation on my left hand, and it gave off some kind of light.

The pain throbbed through my bones, and I clenched my teeth, trying to hold myself up.

…I can handle this amount of pain.

My arm stretched out farther, long enough to reach my Dragon.

If this would let me bring him back, it’s a small price to pay.

Ahhh. I guess my arms were about to be torn off.

I wasn’t sure what was happening, but the blackness coiled around my Dragon began to diminish.

…But why?

My heartfelt like it was collapsing in on itself as I fought to stay conscious.

I felt my strength leaving my body, and it grew harder to stand straight up.

If I were to fall here… It felt like I’d never see my Dragon again.

…Ah, what’s missing? Will I need to squeeze out more of my life force?

I felt a light sensation on my hands.


Did something just fall?



A small dragon sat perfectly in my hands.


He’s okay, but he became small.


His scales were light brown with black spots, and he’s so tiny. Was it really him?

I flipped him around to examine every inch of him. Then I stroked his whole body.


I still didn’t know what he was saying, but he cried out so happily, and his tail was wagging.

…It’s my Dragon, alright!

He became smaller, but it was definitely him.

“D… Dragooon!”

It seemed like he was safe and healthy…

Thank goodness.

I’m relieved about that, but doesn’t that mean you’ve lost your physical strength…?


The Dragon grumbled something agitatedly, and in the distance, I heard a rush of water.

What’s the deal, Dragon?

The black thing was gone now—there’s no more need for worry.

…Ahhh. His mouth was all salty…

I woke up, realizing I was already in my bed.

I felt discomfort on my neck and saw that it was because my Dragon had taken my pillow and shifted my head out of the way.

…This Dragon…

Maybe he really wasn’t okay…

“Rururia! You’re awake! Chief! Rururia is awake!”

“…Ahhh. It hurts! Don’t touch me there! Michelle!”

“Tha… That’s good… Rururia-chan… I’m glad!”

“Ruru… Ruru…! Lady Ria! You’re okay!”

“…Oh, uh… Thanks, everyone. Were you all worried about me?”

Extremely so… What?

The four all spoke in unison. Since when had they gotten so friendly?

Michelle, holding the Chief Magician’s neck, let go as if she had just noticed something.

…Was she choking him? Was the Chief Magician alright?

“Now that we know she’s awake, I need all the men out of this room!”

“No, but the Dragon…”

“We’ll worry about that later, Chief.”

“Ah, that’s right! A gentleman shouldn’t be in a lady’s bedroom!”

“Wasn’t it a bit late to only notice that now?”

Leonardo was really too kind.

…But he was sporting a runny nose.

Leonardo noticed my gaze and wiped his nose with a handkerchief. The Chief Magician who seemed enraptured with my Dragon and the young, red-faced Margrave all left the room.

They really were so polite.

Once the three of them had rushed out of the room… Michelle grabbed my cheeks.

Was she angry about something, or…?

“…At that time, do you know about what you were able to do before fainting?”

“Uhhh. Uhm… What did I do?”

“You traded life force for magical power.”


I tried to respond, but Michelle cut me off.

Hmmm, no way. Was that really what I did?

…No, I really have no idea.

Although it’s true that at the end, I felt like my mind was wandering and…


I turned life force into magical power?

Was I really capable of such advanced magic?

I felt the strength of Michelle’s hands on my face.

My cheeks! Your fingers were about to punch a hole through my face!

“Sorry, I didn’t realize.”

Michelle looked directly at me, looking embarrassed with her reddish-brown eyes.

“…In that short amount of time, you managed to use your power to defeat the black thing.”

I believe that apologizing to someone who did something that incredible was really humbling.

But, there was only one word I could say to Michelle in turn from the bottom of my heart…



…I wanted to say ‘yes’ in a serious tone, but my cheeks were still being crushed, making my voice sound stupid!

Michelle laughed, tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

Hey! Please don’t laugh at me like that!

It’s your fault anyway, Michelle!

After laughing so much, Michelle’s eyes shone with a mischievous look.

“Well, I apologize. I’ll dissect… I mean, analyze every corner of you, Rururia, to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

“Huh? Hold on a second! What do you mean dissect!?”

I accidentally bit the inside of my cheek!

Did Michelle really just say ‘dissect‘!?

“Lady Rururia! Are you alive!?”

The door opened with a loud thud, a lump of muscle… No, the muscular Margrave came in.

Uhm… This was a lady’s bedroom…

“Father! What are you doing in a woman’s bedroom!?”

“Oy, old man! Don’t be so loud when the Dragon’s trying to sleep!”

“…Chief, you were here too? Oh wait, I knew you were.”

Huh? Those three that were supposed to leave my room were back again?

And Michelle… Still wasn’t letting me go!?

I desperately tried to block Michelle’s hand, which had finally released my cheek, that was trying to take off my clothes.

Michelle did not stop as she turned her face to look at the rest of them.

“Hey! I’m trying to examine Rururia right now, so you all need to leave!”

“Uhm… Excuse me!? How are you both rude and shameless!?”

“Hey, let me have a part of this!”

“Don’t be a pervert, Chief Magician… I’ll just give you the results afterward.”

“Oooh! I’m proud of my muscles! Examine me, too!”

So many people were chiming in that I couldn’t catch up!

Leonardo, who I thought I could trust, had betrayed me!

Young Margrave! Don’t just blush and stiffen up. Please help me!

Stop your father who was trying to see me with no clothes on!

Did I really just survive that last situation, only to be thrown into this one…?

….Leave me alone!

I just want to go home!

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Sixty-Two]

The black object, the subject of our investigation, was coming this way.

But why!?

Shouldn’t it go towards the people studying it, like the Chief Magician, the Chief Magician, or maybe even the Chief Magician!? Shouldn’t it go to him!?

“We need to get out of here!”

I turned to see the young Margrave. His face was white while his eyes were wide.

I tugged at his hand as hard as I could, but he didn’t move. Not even to shudder.

But… He was thinner than me… Why can’t I…?

It must be that big, heavy hammer he has.

…So, that’s the problem! I knew it was heavy!

I can’t just leave him behind, but at the moment, that black thing was coming right for us.

Then, in the next moment, a brown wall rose.


I saw my Dragon raising its neck, with the light building inside its mouth. With a roar, my whole vision was bathed in white light.

I felt smoldering heat graze my skin, hurting slightly.

Dragon Breath.

“D… Dragon!”

Th… Tha… Thank you! I don’t feel the need to go home anymore!

The black tendrils were scattered by the Dragon Breath, reforming into a disoriented sphere.

Did that stop it?’ I thought, relieved for a moment, but then the tendrils swayed before turning towards us again.

It… It’s coming again!? What was this… This wretched black thing! It was being really clingy!

“We gotta go! Come on, stand up…!”

I tried to rush the Margrave, but he stood trembling and unmoving.

…I want to be understanding, but I’m scared, too… Mooove!

The swaying black tendrils rushed towards us from all directions as if its life’s purpose was to enclose us.

They were too spread out for Dragon Breath to handle.

Without thinking, I took a step in front of the Margrave.

It’s not like I was trying to protect him… It was just a reaction.

I did it unconsciously.

…But what do we do now!? I can’t think of anything!


The Dragon let out an unusually sharp barking sound, spread its wings, and took off as if to draw the black object’s attention.

The black tendrils slowed down, reacting to it.

I never thought he’d be so dependable!?

Did some other Dragon replace mine!? Was it really him?

The Dragon floated in the air tugging on a chain… A chain!?

As the Dragon drew further away, the chain magically connected to my wrist made a rattling noise as it began to lift.

Wait… Dragon… You’ll tear my hand off!

Using the fixed magic circle as a stepping stone, I jumped up on the Dragon.

Ah… For now, at the very least… My wrist was safe.

As soon as I was safely on the Dragon, he began to rise to a much higher altitude.

A few of the black tendrils followed after us.

Well then, there may be a minimal possibility that they’re after me.

…They’re still coming after me!?

Well, at least I saved the Margrave… But now I’m in a pinch.

That’s not good.

Because of this magic bracelet, I’ve been dragged along for the ride. I really am in the wrong spot.

Who’s idea was it to entrap this to me?

Hmmm. Well, at least… it was a removable bracelet.

The Dragon flapped its wings to get farther away from the black things.

Man… I really messed up! I should have just taken this bracelet off earlier!

For a while, this made me think about life’s impermanence and what had brought me to his point.

In the meantime, my Dragon rose higher and higher. Wow. The Dragon was so far above.

…No, don’t think too hard about the situation.

I just need to stay focused and try to get out of this.

Because I chose to get on this Dragon… I have no choice but to go along with all of this!

I shook off my thoughts and looked down to see the black sphere emerging from the surface of the water coming after us.

…What am I supposed to do now?

“La… Lady Rururia!?”

Ah. I can hear the Margrave’s voice far away.

A humming sound rang in my ears.

Uhm… Dragon? Those black things are getting pretty close, don’t you think?

The Dragon flew through the air, cutting through it like paper as he avoided the black things coming from all sides.

I suddenly felt so light-headed!? I thought I was about to fall off its back!

I desperately gripped the base of the Dragon’s wings, but depending on its position, I could still fall off.

This was unpleasant. I couldn’t deploy a fixed magic circle while falling.

Oh, and I also can’t swim. If I fall, then I’ll drown.

I can’t go out like that.

I glanced at the chain on my wrist… I guess this was the only thing keeping me on.

I took a breath and prepared myself.

As the Dragon turned, I pressed my body against his, and for a moment, the magic chain faded.

I wrapped it tightly around the both of us.

It only took 2 seconds. Maybe.

…I did it! Success!

I don’t have to worry about falling anymore unless I split in half… Ah, don’t imagine that.

Let’s just fly back to the Royal Capital, Dragon!

The black tendrils jabbed at us like swords.

The Dragon shifted his body slightly to pass through them.

I felt a shiver down my spine. Was it fear or delight… Delight?

While I was thinking about it, the Dragon continued weaving amongst all the black objects.

At that point, we were entirely perpendicular to the ground, with the blue sky on my right and the blue sea reflecting it on my left.

…This is so scary, but also kind of fun! Huh?

I felt a significant discomfort that the word ‘fun‘ had popped up in my head.

No, no. I’m not having fun at all…


My Dragon roared happily, sounding like he was enjoying himself… Was he enjoying himself?

My left hand was shining, as was the Dragon’s forehead.

…Does this mean I’m feeling what the Dragon was feeling through this Dragon Crest?

“Kyu! Kyuuu!”

As the Dragon called out with a seemingly happy voice, I felt that same happiness flow into me.

You damned Dragon!


“My lady… Can you hear me?”

“…Huh? Chief Magician?”

I heard the Chief Magician’s voice coming from my own neck.

Wait a minute. This was baffling… What? How? The Chief Magician’s voice?

“It seems like you heard me. I made the right choice putting a call function in that stone I gave you.”

“You added what!?”

I bit my tongue! Don’t suddenly spin like that dragooon!

“Well, it’s still in development, so it only works at short distances, as of now.”

Heeey! Don’t act like this was a totally normal conversation… Uwaaah! So, we’ll get a better signal if the Dragon dove down!?

“Well, we put it in. Things seem to be going interestingly for you, my lady.”

No. It’s not attractive at all. Take my place, Chief Magician.

As my thoughts were filled with silent protest, the black tendrils were coming from all directions… Fell?

Looking down, I saw my magic circles were walling them off. The young Margrave was pounding away with his hammer as well!

“Rururia-chan! Hang in there a little longer!”

“Rururia! Hold on until we can analyze it! We’ll save you then!”

Lenardo-san! Michelle-san!

They really were worried about me!

Thank you!

But hurry… Hurry!

“Even so, I can’t guess when. But we’ll be there.”

“Chief! Don’t say that at a time like this!”

“Don’t be a jerk, Chief! Read the room!”

“It’s chivalrous to care about women!”

“You guys…”

I heard the Margrave’s voice as well.

…Even though I was still in danger, I couldn’t help but smile. These were my own feelings, not the ones being carried over from the Dragon.


I can trust everyone to get me out of this.

I’ll have to do all I can as well, right? And my Dragon, too.

I stroked its scales and felt its pleasure.

Despite the situation, the Dragon was as carefree as ever.

…So, what do we do now?

I asked him, feeling myself message its back as if saying more or less, “I don’t know.”

…Was that right?

The Dragon blasted some loose black tendrils with his breath.

Wow! So hot! And scary!

The black tendrils scattered like dust when it was hit. But then it gathered again and reformed.

They’re invincible. This was impossible, as I thought… What will the Chief Magician do?

“Perhaps those black things absorb mass and magic, and these cracks in the air are where they aren’t at full strength.”

Really? Well, they seem pretty tough right now! Look what I’m dealing with!

“Can you try hitting the biggest chunk of the black object with Dragon Creath?”

Hmmm, I see. Instead of avoiding the tendrils forever and ever, we target the center.

Stab right into the throbbing core…

“Take care of that, and we’ll handle the rest.”

Hearing that and knowing everyone was counting on me… I had no choice but to do it.

Dragon, can you do it?

Instead of a response, I felt feelings of confidence and determination flow into me.

…I’ll take it. Alright then, let’s do it.

You understand my feelings too, right?

I’ll give my sight, my hearing, my everything to you, then.

In reaction to my feelings, I felt the Dragon looking through me.

I will keep my eyes on the black mass, so fly however you need to.

“Here we go.”


Though his response was brief, the Chief Magician seemed to understand.

I took a deep breath to build up my determination.

I didn’t say or convey anything, but I felt the Dragon head towards the black mass as I exhaled.

Countless magic circles surrounded the Dragon.

It seemed as though they couldn’t spread out like Dragon Breath, but they can move and change direction.

They won’t disappear.

The young Margrave continued to beat at the black hammer to shrink it down.

It wasn’t enough on its own, but still…

Many of the black tendrils were disappearing, and the Dragon sped up dramatically.

I’m happy that we can fly more easily now… Thanks, everyone.

It’s fun to fly together, and we understand each other.

I’m drowning in feelings of joy and exhilaration.

But I mustn’t lose sight of our goal.

Alright, let’s head for it.

After a brief pause, we descended through the air.

I tried to suppress the feeling of my stomach rising inside of me as I stared down at the black sphere.

As if to welcome us, several black tendrils rose toward us.

The large black being made my throat clench, but I tried to laugh it off.

It won’t stop us now, will it?

After weaving between the magic circles and black tendrils, at last, the black mass expanded out in front of us.

Let’s do it, Dragon.


With a high-pitched sound, pale light penetrated through the blackness.


The vibration shook the air like a silent scream.

We passed through, grazing against the surface of the sea. Two large magic circles deployed in the place where the black object had been.

 They funneled the blast of light into the sky.

A moment later, the shockwave hit.

The powerful blast buffeted my Dragon.

Uwaaah! Hey!

I’m shaking.

We’re leaning.

I got hit!

Owww! It hurts!

My stomach! The chains were tearing into my belly!

The Dragon leveled out back into horizontal flight, perhaps sensing my feelings.

I was nearly split in two… That was dangerous.

I saw the now calm spot where the black object once was.

There were no traces of it left… Just a broad, beautiful sky.

Finally… It’s over, right?

We did it! I’m alive!

“It’s a total victor, Dragon!”


What am I saying?’ I felt feelings of confusion transmit from him.

It just popped into my head…!


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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! x Background Setting (12)

Irene-sama: Damn! Has someone been gossiping? Huh? Do you have a runny nose? I’m sorry, dad!

Michelle-san: She loves research and had dedicated her life to it. As a matter of fact, the Head Researcher had a lot of discretion on how they spent their research grant money, so it was a very competitive position to obtain. Her main research topic was ‘The Interference of Space on Magic“, so she’s in a hurry to get on with this investigation, but that dumb Dragon… The Chief had us running late, but at least it’s an exciting research topic!

Protagonist (Rururia): Why am I here!? I haven’t done anything! And now this weird black thing was coming this way!?

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Sixty-One]

I, Rururia, am a weak lady who has been entrusted with questioning Dragons while everyone else watched from the sidelines.

Once that was decided, we had a great feast at the Margrave’s Estate.

The Margrave’s entire family surrounded me.

As I kept getting bombarded with questions from them, I wondered if I was deceiving them since I didn’t actually belong or if it was just my imagination.

…I don’t think so? Definitely not.

I felt like I was deceptive because ‘I’m just an Aristocrat’s daughter with no title of my own.’

I mean, I do have some weird titles, but I’m just a 16-year-old maiden who was an informal complaint listener.

I’m still under my father’s patronage.

Why couldn’t I have just stopped at that!?

“Rururia-chan! Watch out!”


“Rururia! Don’t forget to turn on that measuring device!”

“Do your best!”

As various spectators yelled out to me, I realized there really was no way of escaping this situation.

Looking back, I saw a concerned-looking Leonardo, the Chief Magician glaring with envy, the bright-eyed Michelle, and the shy young Margrave looking at me.

The muscled Margrave had not come today due to a relapsing illness.

Well, I hope he feels better soon.

Maybe then he wouldn’t drop down from high places anymore, right?

…Well, then! Let’s stop thinking about escapism!

Especially since there were three Dragons in front of me…




Wow, it’s my first time being so close to another Dragon.

…Someone! Brother! I’m scared! Save me!

“Do you think I would?”

My last hopes were crushed when my phantom brother responded negatively… However, I understood his decision.


My Dragon seemed happy. That’s good, right? It’s back with its friends.

The three Dragons; yellow, light red, and dark blue, were approached by a golden-brown Dragon. They sniffed each other as if confirming something.

The pale yellow one was smaller than my Dragon, while the red one was bulky.

The blue Dragon was puffing its nose… Ah! This Dragon was the one that was watching my Dragon at the Dragon dance festival and breathing on it! Possible!

The blue Dragon was looking my Dragon up and down like a judgmental mother-in-law. It must be him.

…But he’s not letting any unwelcomed breath out now, right? Was it because we’re close? Am I actually in danger here?

Ahhh. Whatever.

I wanted to hide behind my Dragon. However, there would a risk of being hit by its tail or wings if I did that.

That’s why I need to stay by its side.

This really doesn’t feel like the right atmosphere for trying to talk to them, does it!?

I felt a discomfort comparable to walking into the middle of a group of people I didn’t know.

Alright. I’ll just say I couldn’t hear what the Dragons were saying.

If I just activate the measuring device nearby, that’s enough to complete my mission, right?

I decided that was enough, and not knowing what to do, I just looked around.

I’m now in the Frontier, at the pier closest to Dragon Island.

From here, I can see the black sphere everyone was so concerned about, floating just above the water’s surface.

…What was it really?

Occasionally, a black tendril would emerge from the surface, moving as if it’s searching for something, then disappearing after.

Uwaaah. It’s creeping me out with the way it’s moving. Ahhh. It looks so weird…

I regret saying the Knight’s Tower sucked and wasn’t good enough. I want to go back there…


The dark-blue Dragon came close and barked.

Ooooh! That startled me! It was pretty loud.

Was it barking at me??

…Was it mad about my Dragon’s collar? I can’t do anything about that!

The dark-blue Dragon came closer, studying my face as if it could read into my heart.

Wow… That’s a lot of sharp teeth. I can really see them.

…Please don’t eat me! I don’t taste good at all!?



Just as it had with my Dragon, the blue Dragon looked me up and down, humming as if it was happy about something.

Unfortunately, I don’t understand what that Dragon expression meant.

Did I pass its inspection!? Or did I fail!?

…Either way, I just want to get out of here!

Eventually, the Dragons just flew away.

…And they left my Dragon behind. Well, I guess I was expecting that, oh well…

“Lady Rururia, did the Dragons say anything…?”

“No, I didn’t understand anything.”

“Huh! Figures…”

It was the Chief Magician that had said those figures.

He looked at me with great envy that Dragons had just surrounded me.

Rather small-minded, wasn’t he?

That’s why I had suggested we trade places before reaching the Dragons.

But the Chief Magician had been shy about it, declined, and slipped away.

“Just what was up with those Dragons…?”

The young Margrave looked anxious.

What’s the deal? He seemed weaker than me, a helpless maiden, which was part of why I had to face those Dragons. Why was that?

“Well, Chief, keep it together… Margrave, we’ll take over from here.”

“Hmmm. Look here, miss.”


Michelle had already taken the measuring device from me and was headed back to the dock.

Wasn’t she getting ahead of you there, Chief Magician?

“Chief! Leonardo! Here!”

Michelle raised her voice with a mixture of surprise and joy… What could it be?

At that call, the two-headed towards the dock.

The Margrave and I stayed behind.

Yeah, no problem, just go ahead. Not like I mattered or anything.

The three adults were busy examining the measuring instrument, trying to cast some kind of magic circle around the black object.

“…If you’d like, I can show you around here? Only if you want to, though…”


I fully agreed to the young Margrave’s suggestion.

He seemed happy but weak, flashing an effeminate smile at me.

…Why was he more innocent than me? Well, anyway… I’d love to go sightseeing rather than just standing around here!

Wow, I’m excited!

Will the Dragon follow me, too? I thought, but I saw him rolling around in the sand in the distance.

It seemed like he’s having fun. Just don’t blast any sand over here!

I left the Dragon behind, with the two of us making our way along the beach.

The Margrave began to talk about the history of the Frontier and the seaside.


Oh, yes…

I see…

Personally, I’d love to try out a water slide… But that might not be possible with the black object around.

The people here were known to make incredible pots of seafood under the fire… But we can’t call any fisherman to make us some while that black object was here.

…Wait? Doesn’t that mean I still can’t really sightsee!?

Maybe this situation was scarier than I thought!?

What’s that in the sky, the ghost of the trip I won’t get to experience?

…I guess it’s not that scary, though.

“…Must be boring, huh? All of my talking…”

“Ah, no. Not at all.”

The young Margrave looked down sadly.

Damn. He knew I wasn’t listening at all.

He may be a boy, but he’s still a Margrave. I need decorum!

“Well, it’s difficult to make history sound interesting!”

“…So, it really was boring then… I’m sorry…”

Ahhhhh! I just dug my own grave!

Uwaaah! You! Were those tears in your eyes!?

As I panicked, the Margrave began speaking with his head downturned, eyes moist.

“Actually, there’s something I wanted to consult with you about Lady Rururia…”

“A consultation?”

“Yes… I’ve been weak and unreliable for a long time… And I’m just frozen with the crisis my parents were experiencing.”

Ooops… Did he start telling a story? I didn’t get any of that… Oh, well.

But whenever I looked at that big hammer on his back, it’s hard to call him weak.

He didn’t notice me looking at him as he continued to talk.

His cheeks then flushed red.

“At that time, it was Lady Irene who appeared heroically to help me.”

“Oh, really?”

So, Irene-sama had made her way this far out?

I think I heard something about that… I forgot, but Irene-sama said she was trying to break something. Nice work!

“She was so kind to someone as pathetic as me… I longed to be with someone as dignified and brave as that.”

“Hehe… Excuse me.”

Brave…? I can’t. I can only remember her as Sara-chan’s crying subordinate.

Uhhh. I just have to endure this story.

OuchMy chestI’m trying so hard to suppress my laughter!

“I want to be a man suitable for such a sublime goddess! Please teach me how to control a Dragon!”

“Pffft! Hahahaha!”

I couldn’t. I gave in and laughed hysterically.

I mean, Irene-sama being a sublime goddess….. I can’t. Those words don’t describe her at all!

I placed both hands over my mouth, trying desperately to suppress my laughter while the Margrave looked pleadingly, his eyes downcasted.

“Can’t you help me…? She’s truly like a rare flower…”

“Gahahaha…! No way! Not at all!”

I’m imagining Irene-sama up high, a crown of flowers on her head, laughing…

I… I can’t! No matter how many times I try, it’s still funny!

“But, I can’t give up… What is it!?”

“Gahaha! What!?”

The Margrave turned to look at the sea, surprised. I turned to look as well, still suppressing my laughter.

The black sphere that had been floating in the sea… Its shape had changed as if it was being crushed.

A long black, belt-like tendril emerged, and it was coming this way…

What? Coming this way?

“Oh my, God! It’s coming this way!”

I took the Margrave’s hand as we both screamed.

Why… Why was it coming here!?

Go over to the Chief Magician instead!’, I thought as the black object came this way.

I really wish I didn’t come here… I need an out!!!

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