I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter Forty-Seven]

Chapter Forty-Seven: The Heroine of a Fool (Part X)

I woke up to the sound of Kaname’s angry voice.

“You… I was called by Takemiya, only to find out that you slept in a place like this… I told you that everyone needed to be there because there’s a requisite meeting at the Student Council today!!”

“…Shoot!! I forgot!!”

I completely forgot that the schedule had changed because of Bushi Niki’s subcommittee meeting… Well, what time is it now?

I jump up in a hurry while wiping the drool from my mouth.

“Oh, it’s already over…?”

“It’s already over!! I’m wondering if you even know what time it is now.”

When I looked at the clock, it was already past seven o’clock in the evening.

Apparently, I was asleep for quite some time.

…Why was it only done on such a special occasion? I used to go to the Student Council room every day until yesterday.

“I called your cell phone many times, and when I thought it finally connected, Takemiya told me to take you home, and when I came, you didn’t even notice the incoming call, and you were in his bed… You fell asleep on his bed… Ayaka, why are you at this place?”

“That’s because I came here to skip classes…”


Oh, no. Kaname. He’s so angry.

It’s only natural because I missed an important meeting… But only because I’ve worried, causing me to sleep in a place like this.

Anyone would get angry.

Why am I so stupid?

I really hate myself.

“I’m sorry, Kaname!! Please tell me the details of the meeting!! I need to make sure I can make up for this…”

“…I don’t know you anymore.”

Kaname’s voice was so cold. It was something I had never heard before.

“I don’t know any stupid woman who flirts with another man, all the while skipping an important meeting.”

After saying that, Kaname turned his back to me.


Kaname, go.

Throw me away and go.

–I knew this would happen.

I was prepared.

I knew this day would come from the first day we met.

Because being the Empress was too out of reach. I can’t get away from my stupid self.

See, this is what it’s come to… This is the best way for him, after all.

I’ll accept Kaname’s choice… Because that’s the way for him to be the happiest.

I want you to be happier than anyone else.

I have to laugh and accept our separation.

“–Be aware of your position.”

When I grabbed Kaname’s arm, what came out of my mouth was an Empress-sama line I saw in the game.

“It doesn’t matter how you feel. As long as I am the heiress of the Hououin family and you are the second son of a concubine in the Ryudoji family, you are my dog.”

It was the line that Empress-sama says with a sneer, as she refuses to let go of her dog.

…No, I don’t want to.

I don’t want to let Kaname go.

I want to live with you next door… Even if it means depriving Kaname of happiness.

Ah, I’m terrible. I didn’t want him to know that I was such a selfish and horrible person.

But it’s impossible… It’s impossible for me. I can’t imagine a life without Kaname next to me.

If Kaname leaves me because of my stupidity, then I will become Empress-sama this time.

It’s okay. Himeno-chan has trained me to become Empress-sama.

I can play the role of Empress-sama if it means that I can keep Kaname.

Forget the me, who is stupid, and show him that I am the perfect Empress-sama.

“You are my toy. My cute dog. Therefore–”

After saying that, I was at a loss for words.

In the original game, Empress-sama would have already laughed and continued her monologue like this.

“I won’t let you go easily.”

However, while saying so, Empress-sama actually relinquishes Kaname easily.

She did it with extreme ease without showing any remorse.

“Easy – No, I won’t let you go for the rest of my life.”

The words that came out were not the lines of Empress-sama, but mine.

It’s not the words of the noble and cool Empress-sama, but my stupid and disgraceful words.

My tears and snot were running at the same time.

The hand I used to grab Kaname’s arm was trembling.

–I’m stupid. I can’t be as cool as Empress-sama.

“But don’t give up your endless nagging…”

Ah, I’m foolish… I can’t believe I just finally became aware of it.

“I don’t want to be separated… But I’ve liked you… Since long ago… In the sense of love.”

It was a clear fact that I was in love with Kaname.

“–So don’t be attached to other people!!”

Before I knew it, I was in Kaname’s arms.

“If I’m yours, then you’re mine, not that… That Do-Me woman, that Takemiya… Sainohara, and Sukeda, because of them… I should be the one taking care of you…!”

Kaname hugged me painfully.

It was hard and painful, but the heat that came from Kaname was so warm that my tears welled up.

“I’m the only one who can take care of you!”

–Ah, it’s strange.

As expected, this world is far too far from the original game.

I reached for his cheek while he was hugging me.

“…Kaname, why are you crying…?”

It’s strange.

It wasn’t necessary to hug the heroine while crying pathetically, but it must have been the end of the Yandere route when that happened.

Kaname in the game was a stubborn character who didn’t show tears even in front of the heroine despite being in an unhappy situation. No matter how much the heroine moved him, he kept desperately trying to keep his crumbling mask as the President until the end.

…But now, Kaname, why are you crying like a child in front of me?

“Kaname… Don’t cry.”

“…I don’t want to hear that from someone who’s dripping with tears and snot… I’m afraid you’re the one making me cry.”

The tightness of the hug got stronger. Wait a minute! My internal organs… Will come out…!

“Erm, Kaname… You know, your arms…”

“I can’t abandon you… Stupid. You’re the one who left me alone, so why should I be blamed…”


“…I’m your dog… You must be responsible for picking me up… You must not let me go now.”

Kaname’s voice got even huskier as it trembled terribly.
…Losing an internal organ or two might be my form of compensation. It’s my punishment for making the merciless Kaname look this pathetic.

I can’t believe that not having lunch with Kaname would weigh him down this much.

…I’m sorry, Kaname. I felt a little happy at the thought of that.

I’m terrible for being happy that Kaname’s crying and trembling so much because of me. I’m a terrible owner.

“…You don’t like to be treated like a dog, but you always act dog-like when stuff like this happens…”

“It’s convenient for you, too, to pretend to be the owner even when you’re not, so… It’s the same for you, isn’t it?”

“Well… I guess that’s right.”

…Now that I think about it, I think our relationship has once again become strange. It’s far from the game and, in a sense, distorted.

However, as I’m stupid, I can never be noble and beautiful like Empress-sama, so maybe that’s all right. Because if I really were like Empress-sama, then I wouldn’t have been able to build this kind of relationship with Kaname.

“Ayaka… Ayaka…”

I’m sure that Kaname would never call my name repeatedly just to confirm my existence.

–But I think about it a little bit.

Empress-sama must have had special feelings for Kaname, so she treated him like a dog.

And because of her pride, she couldn’t express her feelings because of his mental strength.

Otherwise, all that was left was to release him.

In that way, she couldn’t do anything but wish for his happiness in such a roundabout way.

…It’s all just my own guess.

“Hey, Kaname… I have a favor to ask of you.”

“…What, Ayaka… If you want me to stop hugging you, I will reject it. This cannot be vetoed.”

“It’s too much pressure, I think you’re going to push out all of my internal organs, but that wasn’t what I was about to say… Kaname… Stay next to me for the rest of my life and take care of me… Promise?”

“Enough of your silly questions. Who else can fill such a troublesome role?”

Kaname smiled happily.

I’m stupid. It was so hard-core that I couldn’t be healed even after I was reincarnated.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not become a beautiful and noble Empress-sama.

But I think I’m the happiest idiot in the world.

“I’ll grant your wish… So Ayaka, stay stupid for the rest of your life and always stay next to me.”

The person I love will be next to me forever.

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I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter Forty-Six]

Chapter Forty-Six: The Heroine of a Fool (Part IX)

Above me, who was left all alone, the bell signaling the end of lunch break rang.

“…I wonder if I should move to another place for the time being.”

The teacher might find me here. The safest place is…

“Why are you here, Takemiya? You should be in class right now.”

“…What is the Stupid Empress doing here? This is my place.”

As a result of deciding where I should hide, I came to the greenhouse via the elimination method… I can’t say the same when I’m talking to other people, but I think I become too big-headed when it comes to Takemiya.”

“…Well, I mean. Even if it’s Takemiya… If I try to think of this as animal therapy…”

“Go home… Or else insects might come out.”

“Uh… I wouldn’t say I like insects… Well, it’ll be okay as long as I just stay far from the plants.”

…In the first place. The gardener employed by the school takes good care of this greenhouse every day, so there is no way that plants can get insects. I just happened to be unlucky the first time.

Because of that single trauma, Takemiya was able to monopolize such a wonderful skipping place… Let’s recover the wasted time from now on.

“This bed is awesome, yes please!”

I jumped on the sofa bed that was nearby.

For this dog, the greenhouse, which is a public place, was personalized that even a large sofa bed for napping was placed here.

To make matters worse, when you go to the Takemiya route in the original game setting, you will see a depiction of Himeno-chan and Takemiya smiling on this bed.

It wasn’t very becoming of high school students.

What deplorable public morals!

I don’t know if it’ll ever happen… Or rather, I can’t punish you directly because it’s a future that I 100 percent know shouldn’t happen, but I’ll confiscate this bed with the authority of being the Empress at this moment!!

It’s all for returning this dog to a healthy path and for the rest of my brain, which is tired from thinking too much… In other words, I need a nap!!

“…My place to sleep during the day.”

“Hmm–, you could use half, Takemiya. Since it’s so big.”

This is such a big bed that your body won’t hurt no matter what you do.

I think I can take a nap even if I’m only using half of it.

“…Really stupid.”

The dog is saying something uncute, but I can’t hear it. Do other people also ignore barking dogs just to fall asleep?

…Oh, but before I enjoy my elegant Siesta time, I had something I wanted to ask this dog.

“Hey, Takemiya… Why do you like Himeno-chan so much?”

“…What do you mean?”

“No, well, it’s because Himeno-chan is a pervert. Don’t you get disillusioned when you see that?”

I think there’s a limit to how much you can be a dog character. If anything… No, it’s more of, Himeno-chan being an out-of-the-box pervert… I wonder why Takemiya is still able to show the same kind of love.

Is that all because of the game’s coercive powers? If so, I feel a little sorry for Takemiya. Beyond love, it’s like a curse.

“…She’s a Do-Me, but… Himeno-chan is Himeno-chan.”

However, the words that came from Takemiya were clearer and undisturbed than I had imagined.

“I’m just straight and honest with yourself… She helped me when I was having the hardest time… That was when I fell in love with someone for the first time in my life… Disillusionment, there is no way that can happen to me; it’s impossible. Even if it doesn’t pay off, I’ll keep… I’ll keep on liking only Himeno-chan.”

Takemiya’s face with his narrowed eyes was so terrible that it wasn’t even in the stills in the original game.

“I see… I don’t really know.”


“Oh, no, I’m not talking about Takemiya’s feelings towards Himeno-chan. It’s just this story that I just remembered.”

A story that has been completely twisted and is now utterly collapsed in this world where the game was supposed to be set-up.

Not only me and Himeno-chan but also the existing characters have changed considerably from the game.

…Including Kaname, one of the main and existing characters.

That’s probably why I don’t understand the situation even more.

What to choose and how to live in this world where there aren’t any three choices.

“…Well, no. Let’s just go to sleep, then think about it again later.”

…They say that if your eyes get cold, one may suddenly miraculously heal their idiocy and come up with the idea that will make everything work.

No, I know that’s impossible, but for now, I just want to give up thinking for just a little while.

When I wake up after school, I’ll face Kaname.

As Sukeban Macho-san said, I should make a clean sweep of my heart.

So just for now… Let me escape from reality a little bit more.

“Hey… Wait… Don’t sleep…”

I slowly slipped from the edge of consciousness, ignoring what Takemiya was saying in the distance.

–As if protecting Himeno-chan, Kaname was standing in front of her, staring at me.

“Oh, the dog has come to look at eyes of its owner.”

The words that came out of my mouth had a glamorous sound, including pleasure.

Ah, this is Empress-sama.

It’s not me.

This is the image of the rightful Empress-sama who was expelled when the game was completed using the main route.

“…All right. I’ll let you go. Be by the side of the lady who made you able to look like that. My father and I aren’t so narrow-minded as to terminate the contract just like that. First, we’ll have to cut our ties with the Ryudoji family, causing you to lose a lot of money.”

After saying this, Empress-sama turned her back on Kaname and Himeno-chan, leaving the school in a dashing manner.

She never turned around. She never lost her dignity nor confidence.

Oh, she’s so cool.

Until the end, Empress-sama remained as Empress-sama.

She never clung to anyone nor shown any weaknesses.

Empress-sama was a solitary villainess.

Everything is just a means of amusement for Empress-sama.

She wouldn’t have clung to a dog with a narcissistic ego.

In addition, Empress-sama had the power and strength to live without worrying about anything, nor did she ever need to lean on someone.

…Then, what about me?

I just bear the same appearance as her. The contents are still the same as in my previous life, so can I really live like Empress-sama?

I could also choose to be alone, strong, and beautiful.

…But only in a world where there is no one next to me.

“–Hey, stupid!! Wake up!!”

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I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter Forty-Five]

Chapter Forty-Five: The Heroine of a Fool (Part VIII)

“…I don’t really want to have lunch with Himeno-chan forever. Somehow, this just happened because the flow.”

I planned on eating with her only once since it was the first time, but after that I actually planned to eat again at the cafeteria with Kaname.

However, every time I was focused on “pushing” Himeno-chan away, I ended up eating lunch with her like this.

So, I can only hope that it doesn’t happen again tomorrow.

“…That’s a lie.”

“Ah, I’m not lying!”

“The Hououin Ayaka I know is a girl who can assert herself more clearly… Even though a group of well-trained beauties surrounded her, she didn’t bend to them. I don’t think such a girl would be swept away just because a perverted woman forced her.”

“What? Are you looking down on me? Are you treating me like trash?”

“…Himeno-chan, shut up for a moment.”

“Ah! It’s such a pleasure! can’t believe that even such a stupid girl is treating me harshly…”

…We can’t make any progress like this, so let’s just not pay attention to Himeno-chan anymore. She seems to like being treated like garbage being rolled around.

“Well… You’re going out with this perverted woman, so I’m sure you already have some idea? Otherwise, I’m not very convinced.”


“…Can’t you open your heart to your best friend?”

“…That’s cheating, Sukeban Macho-san.”

“…I have no idea.”

I can’t believe I’m her best friend… If Sukeban Macho-san says it like that, then I can’t help but ask if she really meant it.

“It’s just… I don’t know if I have the right to stay next to him… I feel like my presence might deprive Kaname of his potential.”

No matter how much I liked Kaname or how much I deepened my bond with him as owner and dog, I really thought it would be only for a limited time before the otome game started.

I thought that when the heroine finally came to this school, then I’d have to follow my destiny.

From the very beginning, I’ve always believed that it was decided that I would break away with Kaname someday.

When Himeno-chan came, being as far away from the original heroine as she is. Or from the moment I was reborn as Empress-sama, the otome game settings were getting more stranger and stranger.

I don’t know, and it’s really gone haywire.

Should I keep up with this strange setting I’ve set for myself as before?

…Or should I let Kaname go because he’s no longer tied to the game’s original setting?

“…What a strange girl. When I tried to separate you from Kaname, you insisted that you would never leave him. It’s too late to back out now, isn’t it?”

“It’s different from that time… Because Kaname’s world is bigger than how it was then. Now Kaname can get along with anyone wherever he goes.”

I’m stupid, so I don’t know.

What’s the best path for Kaname?

I wonder how I can make him happy.

Kaname said he didn’t need happiness if it meant I have to sacrifice myself, but I keep thinking it’s good to keep a distance without changing schools.

…Ah, but I don’t want that.

I want to be near Kaname.

I don’t want to leave him. I’d be lonely.

I don’t want anyone else other than me to be next to him.

I don’t know what I want to do because my way of thinking’s become so messy… I’m stupid, after all. I can’t believe I don’t even know myself.

They say idiots could only get better when they die, but since I’ve already died once, I wish I could’ve gotten better. Then maybe I could have chosen the best path.

“…Really, you’re so clumsy that it makes me sick to this situation unfold. You, and Kaname-sama, too.”

Sukeban Macho-san let out a sigh of amazement and patted me on the head… Ugh, it hurts! My neck is going to break! Ouch!

“What’s important, for the time being, is what you feel. That’s all that matters.”


“But, nothing! You’re the one who clung to me saying that you were lonely to have lunch alone when Kaname-sama was elected to the Student Council. You know what you don’t like. At the very least, you need to explain the reason to him properly.”

As he spoke, Sukeban Macho-san grabbed Himeno-chan by the neck. She was irritated after being left unattended for too long.


“…Stop making strange noises… Anyway, I’ll take this perverted woman, so cool down and think carefully until you see Kaname-sama after school. I’ll tell the teacher that you will be absent from the afternoon classes due to poor physical condition.”

After saying that, Sukeban Macho-san dragged Himeno-chan, who looked so enraptured and unpleasant, away.

…I’m worried about Sukeban Macho-san’s future, but is this okay? I wonder if that Do-Me will make her the new target.

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I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter Forty-Four]

Chapter Forty-Four: The Heroine of a Fool (Part VII)

“–What, why are you crying?”

Before I knew it, my tears were already pouring… I tell you; my lacrimal glands are as loose as ever.

“…Kaname, he’s gone…”

“Instead of crying over such a thing, you should just chase him! I’d be happy to stay here all day to make up for your absence!”


But… I wonder if I have the right to chase after him.

If I cry, I think Kaname would throw away whatever it is that’s burdening his heart and would simply forgive me kindly.

…But I wonder if that’s a good thing.

It’s the best way for me, but not for him.

Whenever thoughts and questions like these enter my mind, I get stuck and become unable to move.

“…You and the President can’t help yourselves.”

As I silently cried, Aina-chan let out a deep sigh, shocked at the state I’m in.

“For the time being, I’ll make tea… Baumkuchen, you can eat mine too, so please just eat and stop crying.”


“I’m going crazy… You guys were close enough to remind me of impure heterosexuality.”

“…Isn’t it too old-fashioned to call it impure heterosexuality, Aina-chan?”

“…I’m glad. You seemed to have cheered up enough to make fun of me. As a black tea drinker, I’d say it’s blasphemous, but I’ll pretend not to see you pour twice the amount of the recommended milk to the tea today. …You like it better that way, don’t you?”

…Aina-chan, you’re really nice like a…

Mother… ha, I would definitely like to call you my sister.

In the end, Kaname didn’t come back. I just chatted with Aina-chan, and before I knew it, the day ended. Both the milk tea and Baumkuchen were delicious but were a little salty.

“…you know, Himeno-chan.”

Today is another day of eating a boxed lunch full of ingredients that seem good for beauty. I opened my mouth because I suddenly had the urge to ask a question that’s been on my mind.

“Himeno-chan is living a life that’s totally far from the original game, but… Don’t you ever think that’s wrong?”

“Huh? Why do you think so?”

Himeno-chan frowned as she threw the boiled wings’ bones (apparently, they’re rich in collagen) into the empty box.

“It is for the convenience of this world that I was reborn as the heroine of the game without my permission, and I don’t even know for what purpose it was done. So, I’m just going to live the way I want to.”

“…I see.”

“…Well, that’s just my story. I think you can think more about it and try to get closer to how the Empress-sama was. Starting with the whip…”

“Wait a minute. Empress-sama didn’t even have a whip. That’s just Himeno-chan’s desires.”

You’re unwavering, Himeno-chan. It’s the unshakable perversion of a Do-Me.

Regardless of her hobbies, I would like to emulate her impregnability.

…I wonder if I should be detachable like Himeno-chan.

Ah… I’m tired of worrying about it. I want someone to tell me the correct answer. At the very least, I wish I had choices like in the game.

“–Empress (LOL), with Himeno Saiki… Hey, let me see your face.”

The sudden voice I heard from behind came from a friend I knew very well.

“Oh, Sukeda Banko!? Have you come to cripple me!? Are you going to hurt me until you break my bones with that well-trained arm!”

“…Himeno-chan, what’s wrong with your face? You can’t show that face to in public.”

“…What a disgusting girl. She’s somehow worse than what I’ve heard.”

“Oh, those sharp, disgusted eyes! Nice! I’ve been thinking about you for a long time, but this is really nice! Please hit me in the face just once!”

“…I won’t.”

“Why…! …Oh, I see! Neglect play! This is neglect play!”

…Sukeban Macho-san, I can’t do anything about this kind of perversion, even if you looked at me asking for help like that. I’m sorry.

Sukeban Macho-san and Himeno-chan’s straight-forward habits… I’m a different vector from Empress-sama, but I have the same specs… I can’t get stuck in my habits.

“Sukeban Macho-san… I think it would have been better if it’s only the two of us here…”

“…No, it wouldn’t make sense unless Himeno Saiki is here, so I’ll let you hear it again, Empress (LOL)… No, Hououin Ayaka.”

Sukeban Macho-san, who seems to have decided to leave Himeno alone for the time being, looks straight at me.

“Are you going to have lunch with Himeno Saiki from now on? …Leaving Kaname-sama alone.”

What Sukeban Macho-san said pierced my heart.

“I know that meddling in other people’s friendships is too much even for me. It was four years ago, and I really understood your feelings. So, I kept silent for a while and just watched you two, but… I think the current situation is really too much. How should I put it…? Even if you do choose to leave him, it’s too abrupt.”

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I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter Forty-Three]

Chapter Forty-Three: The Heroine of a Fool (Part VI)

This really feels like the choices for an otome game…

That I understand, unless it’s a very perverse game, choosing to have a meal with Kaname is a good option for me.

It’s because I’ve known that cute dog for seven years, and I love him more than anyone else.

If you can go to the Kaname route rather than the Himeno-chan route, you should go there.

…But I…

“… I’m sorry, Kaname. I’m going to eat with Himeno tomorrow.”

I found myself saying so.

“…I see.”

Depending on the setting of the level of difficulty in “The Prisoner of the Miniature Garden,” you can see the favorability rising and falling depending on the choices you make.

The best choice lets out a bright, high-pitched sound.

When it was the normal choice, there was no sound.

When it was a bad choice, it was a dark bass.

Of course, there is no way those sounds will occur in reality.

However, at that time, I felt like I heard a low note indicating that I chose the wrong option.

… That’s weird.

“Today’s lunch box is full of collagen for beautiful skin! Now, make your Empress skin smooth and plump.”

“…No, wait a minute! That doesn’t mean you should only put Jokbal and Genge in a lunch box!? It doesn’t look like a girl’s lunch box!”

“Oh? But the taste is delicious.”

“…It’s delicious, but what isn’t it girlish?”

“Haaa… I wonder how pleasant it would be if you struck my face with your fine-textured white fish-like hands until my cheeks swell red…”


“Huuu… Those eyes that are full of disdain… It’s wonderful… It’s too humiliating and pleasant to be looked down on by a fool. I feel like I’ve opened the door to a new sexual feeling…”

…Why did I do to find myself having lunch with this pervert for a week?

“Himeno-chan… About the costs of the lunch boxes…”

“Oh, it’s okay because the Director is shouldering the cost of ingredients.”

“(It seems like I just said something ridiculous…) No, I didn’t mean that. And tomorrow, I…”

“Well, it’s good because I can cook more amazing dishes. After all, special lunch boxes are only specified for my favorite queen. I don’t care whether the Director has shiny skin or now.”

“Is the Director eating the same lunch box!? Well, I’ve been curious about it for a long time, but what does your… hey, don’t do that here!!”

…Ah, I didn’t hear about the truth about the relationship between her and the Director… I also couldn’t say that I would be eating at the cafeteria tomorrow.

When I was with Himeno-chan, there were so many things that we could talk about that the conversation always gets spirited away.

“Himeno-chan’s bento… Same… For the Director of the school and the Stupid Empress…”

…And I always feel the hateful gaze of her stalker dog.

Takemiya, were you really that kind of character in the game? You seem to have retired from your graceful self when you were on the original target route… No, just like how Himeno-chan doesn’t notice Takemiya’s stalking eyes, the game’s heroine was dull and disinterested. He’s only complaining with his eyes, so since this situation appears harmless, then it’s probably harmless.

…I don’t care about abandoned dogs. He’s like a wild stray dog that no one has picked it up. Although he cries pathetically in the box, and my desire to protect is being aroused, I can do nothing since he only has eyes for Himeno-chan.

The problem is my own beloved dog.

“…Oh, you know, Kaname…”

“…Shut up and do your work.”


It’s been a week since then… Even if we’re alone after school, we don’t talk much outside of work…!

What should I do? Seriously, this rebellious period again…!

“Oh, Kaname… I’m sorry…”

“… I’m sorry for what?”

“It’s because you’re angry, right?”

“I’m not angry… Why would I be angry?”

…No matter how you look at it, you’re obviously angry! Kaname!

Whenever you call me “omae” instead of “temee”, is a characteristic that manifests whenever you’re the angriest!

This is… That? Is it the result of the bad choice I made?

This is what happens after a single mistake!? God!

“Oh, you know, Kaname… To Himeno-chan…”

I think tomorrow’s the last day we need to have lunch together.

My words were drowned out by the sound of Kaname hitting the desk.

“Don’t mention that name in front of me!”

The voice was so loud that for a moment, I was genuinely afraid of Kaname, to the point that I jumped without thinking.

The next moment, Kaname widened his eyes in surprise and turned away.

“……Sorry, my voice got too loud.”

“…No, no….”

What should I do? The silence is too heavy.

…Uhm, someone, please help me…

“–I hope you’re not doing anything weird! …What is this atmosphere? It’s not like you two.”

–Hooray! A savior–!

Aina-chan, seriously! Nice timing!

“… You’ve come at the right time, Sainohara. I’m sorry, but could you change with me for the Student Council room today?”

“I don’t mind… Are you all right? President, you look pale.”

“It’s a mental thing, so if I sleep, I’ll get better… I’m sorry.”

…Oh, you’re leaving?

Isn’t this a flag where Aina-chan gets in between and helps us make up?

“Well, I guess ….”


Kaname seemed like he was holding back words that he actually wanted to say.

“I’m sorry… For yelling.”

Then he closed the door.

“…What happened to you guys? Really.

There’s only one door between us, but Kaname felt so helplessly far away.

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Translator’s Note:

Genge (eelpout) is a deep-sea fish which used to be called “the lowest of the low.” By peeling the skins and deep frying them with batter, it has a crispy, fluffy and moist texture.

The difference between omae and anata is that omae is very easily considered rude. That is, if someone doesn’t care about the pronoun, if it’s a friend, he will not care about it. While, the word temee てめぇ, also written with kanji as temee 手前, is essentially a very rude way of saying “you.” It’s way more rude than saying omae. That’s why it’s scary because the usual Kaname is rude, but the angry Kaname is not.

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter Forty-Two]

Chapter Forty-Two: The Heroine of a Fool (Part V)

“…You’re doing pretty well today.”

When I was having lunch with Kaname as usual, he said this to me.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen you like this since middle school.”

…Really? Is it that different?

Well, I was surprised by Sukeban Macho-san.

“No… Actually, in the morning, Himeno Saeki rushed into the dormitory room and fixed my appearance for me.”

Kaname’s expression became grim when he heard my words.

“Hey… That perverted woman, did she really think I couldn’t go to the dormitory for girls, so she went and did that? Tomorrow morning, get out earlier than usual. I’ll pick you up at the entrance.”

“No, thank you! You don’t have to do that! …Himeno-chan isn’t such a bad girl.”

She’s indeed a Do-Me, and I was almost made to wear red pin heels, but she dressed me up, and it’s not that I can’t understand where she’s coming from.

Above all, she is one of the few, if not only, reincarnate that I know of. If you can have good company, then it’s better than that.

“…How can you be calm when you are told that you’re going to be trained to become a Do-S in public? She’ll take advantage of such a perversion if you don’t refuse her clearly.”

“No… But, well, the mental damage is not that great.”

…Rather, let’s not say that the yodarekake caused more mental shock on me than she did. But today’s hamburgers will never be spilled on my uniform…! Never!

“If you don’t mind, then that’s fine, but… stop putting all of your vegetables on my plate. Eat it all.”

“…But I don’t like sugar-glazed carrots and sauteed shiitake mushrooms. Aren’t they good? Kaname, you like this one too.”

“Tsk… Eat your salad properly.”

Hooray…! I can’t do anything about it, can I? This is all that I can eat.

But it was painful just to leave it, so I’m glad that Kaname ate everything else.

“–What are you doing, you?”


I felt a lukewarm breath around my neck!

“Hi, Himeno-chan.”

“I can’t believe you dislike vegetables… You’re really not like Empress-sama; you’re a person who needs a lot of training. You’re…”

How come there were no signs! Before I knew it, you were already behind me!?

“It seems that you’re conscious of eating vegetables in salads, but that’s alone is not enough vitamin C. It looks a lot because it’s raw, but it looks much lesser when cooked. Besides, carrots are said to be more nutritious when heated only. Shiitake mushrooms and other mushrooms are low-calorie and rich in fiber. You have to eat them properly.”

“Ku, you know a lot, Himeno-chan.”

“That’s just common sense… You are my ideal in appearance, so I need you to maintain your beauty. If that white and beautiful soft skin becomes covered with acne because of your inappropriate eating habits, I’ll get angry.”

“…Hey, don’t try to sit next to Ayaka without permission, perverted woman. This is not a good place for you to come to.”

At last, Himeno-chan caught sight of Kaname and raised an eyebrow to him dexterously.

“Oh, are you so narrow-minded that you can’t even let a lonely student who doesn’t have many friends yet sit with you, Student Council President?”

“It’s not a matter of my vessel. It’s a rule. This is a special table for the Student Council. General students are not allowed to use it.”

“…Then why is Hououin here? Even if her family has power, she should still be treated like an ordinary student.”

“Ayaka is the General Affairs of the Student Council that I appointed. Unlike you.”

“Yeah… I did think her uniforms were different, but if that’s what happened… then it’s troublesome.”

…That’s weird. This is a situation where it wouldn’t be strange if flags were inadvertently raised, but Kaname and Himeno-chan’s voice are only thorny… Why?

It felt like a blizzard was blowing.

This is a conversation between the main hero and the heroine, right?

It’s not sweet at all, but… What was it when we first met?

“It can’t be helped… I’ll take care of this.”

In the end, it was Himeno-chan who broke the tension.

…I’m relieved, that’s good… Now we can continue our lunch peacefully…

“So, Hououin Ayaka. Starting tomorrow, I’ll make you a nutritionally balanced lunch box, so you have to eat it.”


“…Wait a minute, perverted woman. What are you…”

“If it’s not in the cafeteria, then there are no rules. I will prepare a lunch box with outstanding beauty effects, so please look forward to it.”

“Hey, Himeno-chan, wait…”

Oh, my! She just said it and went away! I couldn’t even answer anything!

…To what extent are you going to go at your own pace, Himeno-chan?

However, I’m in trouble.

“…Hey, Ayaka. This might sound unilateral, but I’m not going to let you deal with such perversion.”

“…Well, no, I don’t think it’s like that. She said she’d make a bento for me.”

…It’s bad to waste lunch.

But I’m afraid to go alone… I know!

“Kaname, let’s have the boxed lunch tomorrow, and the three of us will eat together! Then…”

“I absolutely don’t want to.”

What? Kaname?

“…That’s how much you want me to get along with that perverted woman. I definitely don’t like her.”

“What? No, that’s not what I meant…”

I don’t think Himeno-chan could make Kaname happy. I just wanted him to be there for me as Kaname…

He ate some shiitake mushrooms with a very disgusted face. You don’t like it? Is it because you don’t like it, but you still ate it?

“I won’t go… You do whatever you want. You are free to have lunch with anyone.”

What should I do?

I feel like I can see the choices for otome games in the air.

What about tomorrow’s lunch?
Eat bento with Himeno Saeki←
Eat with Ryudoji Kaname at the Cafeteria

This is what it says! …But which is the right option…?

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I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter Forty-One]

Chapter Forty-One: The Heroine of a Fool (Part IV)

…Uh, why do I have to be ambushed by a pervert in the morning? God, did I commit such a sin in my previous life? (Don’t tell me it was the sin of laziness…)

Oh, please help me! She’s looking at me from top to bottom, and the way her eyes trailed felt as if she were licking me! Someone, anyone, please come to the girls’ dormitory right now!

“…I just warned you yesterday, but it hasn’t been fixed at all.”

With a sigh, Himeno-chan took a brush and a comb out of her bag, not a whip.

“Come here! I’ll fix your hair for you”.


“The Empress can’t come to the school like this… not at all.”

Himeno-chan’s quick but polite hands straightened the tangles without giving me any pain at all.

…Ah, what?

“Hi, Himeno-chan?”

“I wonder why your hair looks like this… Your ribbon too! It’s crooked, or rather, it’s a vertical knot! Even your shoes are dirty, too.”

“…Can you fix it? Thank you… Why are you trying to put me in red pin heels?”

“That… I was going to make you step on me instead of just thanking me.”

“Don’t casually come at me with your perversions!”

Himeno Saiki… What a scary girl…!

…But the neat and tidy hands that adjusted my appearance were very polite. Though I’m not still supposed to be unsure about this girl, right?

“…Okay, that will pass. Then, it’s time to go.”

“What? Where are you going?”

“It’s been decided that we’ll be going to school… If you don’t go early, you’ll be late.”

…I don’t know what she meant, but it’s been decided that we’ll go to school together. Huh?

I’m not sure, but let’s open our doubts from yesterday since it’s a good opportunity.

“…Himeno-chan. Himeno-chan is also a reincarnate, right?”

“Reincarnate? …Oh, I have memories of my previous life. That’s right. That’s why I didn’t come to this school immediately.”

“Somehow… It doesn’t look like you were the girl gamer type, so how do you know what the game is about?”

Honestly, I couldn’t help asking because it was strangely unavoidable.

Himeno-chan is a pervert, but she doesn’t smell like an otaku. Rather than playing otome games, it feels like she would be more interested in adult 3D.

She’s from a race I’ve never met before… I mean, if I lived normally, I wouldn’t have met her either. That’s natural.

“That’s right! If you search for ‘Queen’, ‘Dog’, or ‘SM’ the game always appears in the search results, it’s obvious how it caught my attention.”


…And, of course, Himeno-chan was Himeno-chan! Well, I won’t stick to asking what she was initially searching for.

“Until then, I wasn’t interested in 2D, but when I saw the illustration of the Empress that came from the game, I was startled… This person was the Ideal Queen I was looking for! I just bought it on impulse online. I played it repeatedly in search of the punishment ending.”

“…Well, didn’t you fall for another capture target? There were a lot of handsome people.”

“It’s impossible… Or rather, I’ve never tried another character’s route.”


“How could I choose to expel the Empress? I’ve seen other bad endings, but I’m not interested in any of the happy ones.”

…She completely denied the significance of the existence of otome games!

Wait, so many things are flying so fast that I can’t catch up with the plunge…!

“Unfortunately, the actual Empress is quite different from the game… Well, that’s okay. I didn’t really play otome games, but I enjoyed the training aspect of it in my own way. The more difficult they are, the more I trained them. Isn’t that right?”

…Don’t do that. Stop licking your lips. Please don’t do that. Your eyes are so scary. I’m having chills.

I mean, if you’re going to train someone anyway, you’re going to have to get a dog…

“…Hi, Himeno-chan! By any chance…”

Just when I was about to mention him, Keisei Takemiya himself came about.

With his tail wagging between his legs.

“Shall we go to school together?”

“…Why do you come from the boys’ dormitory in the opposite direction every morning? I’m tired of getting into it. I’m busy raising a queen, so I don’t have time to worry about you.”


It seems that Keisei Takemiya finally noticed me… His eyes only see Himeno-chan.

“–Ah, Empress… Why!”

“That’s because she’s the ideal person I’ve been looking for. If you understand, then please go away.”

…Wow, Hime-chan, you’re cold towards Takemiya. You’re even waving your hand as if you’re driving an actual dog away.

And Takemiya… I can see his imaginary ears slowly going down. I feel like I’ll be able to hear a sad whining sound at any moment.



“I won’t give up!”

Takemiya dashes away… Hey, that’s the opposite direction of the school. Where are you going?

And Takemiya… He would be full-on crying right now if I hadn’t seen it wrong. Huh.

“…He’s a man, and I’m not interested in dog attributes at all, so please give up quickly. He’s so persistent.”

“Hi, Himeno-chan, aren’t you too cold towards Takemiya? I feel sorry seeing him cry.”

“Not at all. Since the first day of my transfer, I’ve been chased around even though I don’t remember saving him from being bullied a long time ago. I only remember being jealous of someone that was being bullied at the time, and I just wanted to be the one being bullied instead. No matter how much I explained, that dog wouldn’t listen at all.”

…Uh-huh. So that’s the reason you protected him from getting bullied… you’re a much more pleasant and perverted Do-Me than I thought!

Or rather, no matter how perverted or how cold you were, Takemiya, who kept wagging his tail, is also amazing… He was basically licking for your love.

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I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter Forty]

Chapter Forty: The Heroine of a Fool (Part III)

I immediately hid behind Kaname and trembled. Apparently, the heroine was from a terrifying race.

I really don’t want to get involved very much.

“No… But even if the contents are stupid, if the specs are like Empress-sama’s, depending on the training, and if it’s by my skill, I’m sure you’ll become the ideal Empress-sama.”

“Hi, Himeno-chan, I think it would be better for you to be around the Vice-President than me!”

I decided to sell Aina-chan to Himeno-chan, who was talking to herself to my horror. Being trained as an S is no joke… For a moment, I even wondered if I should push Kaname too, but I rejected that thought.

I mean, Kaname can’t be happy with this kind of heroine… Or rather, I’m not too fond of the fact that Kaname would be made to have to laugh and oppress Himeno-chan. I still find it better to have him be beside me.

“His peaceful and gentle philanthropic reputation is an act! In reality, he’s a split personality, black-glasses-wearing person! He’s the perfect person for Himeno-chan.”

…Well, he’s a stupid tsundere, though!

However, Himeno-chan, who only knows Aina-chan through the otome game, does not know that actual situation. In the game, he just had a double-faced personality. (The motion is not really… It’s a game, so it can’t be helped because there aren’t many patterns, so please interpret it conveniently.)

Aina-chan… I will never forget your precious sacrifice! Now, let free your hidden Do-S and be happy. If it were you, you’d laugh so hard and have enough vigor to whip her!

…Oh, but even if you become a Do-S, I hope you don’t forget to bring me snacks. For the next one, I want to eat macaroons with raspberries.

However, even though I desperately recommended the Vice-President, Himeno-chan laughed with her nose held high.

“I want to be oppressed by the Queen. I’m not calling a man.”

Apparently, she was more perverted than I had imagined.

…Aina-chan, you have a neutral feminine face, so I don’t know!

I’m sure that the SM Queen fashion look will look good on you. Only your breasts, if you can manage something that’ll produce milk.

“…When I think about it carefully, I’ve been burning to train a fool to be a Queen of Do-S… the thought of success would tickle any M’s heart. While I’m enrolled at school, I’ll train you to be my ideal queen.”

I am Empress (LOL), not Empress-sama. I’m not a queen.

Stop licking your lips as if you were looking and aiming at prey. Please don’t come near me.



“I’ll leave the rest to you!”

“What!? …Ayaka, hey, wait for me!”

I won’t wait! I need to run thirty-six meters to escape!

By forcing Kaname to switch places with me, I could get away from that pervert and the consequences of getting my uniform dirty. I got rid of two birds with one stone! I’m smart! …Oh! Someone caught my clothes!

“…What do you get by calling someone a split-personality with a loud voice?”

…When I looked back, I saw Aina-chan angry and with his lips pulled.

“…Was Aina-chan there?”

“I was there! I was watching a skit that I didn’t really understand! Why did I have to be involved in that?”

“No, because, you know, I think it’s the perfect role for Aina-chan who wanted to become a Do-S. Himeno-chan is cute. So, it’ll be good.”

“Who said what, and when did I ever say I wanted to be a Do-S? No matter how cute her face is, I’ll only feel sorry for someone with such a perversion!”

“Hey, Vice-President-sama, calm down. The skin that you always wear is peeling off. Don’t let the known gentle philanthropists yell in public.”

“Did that just come from the person who shouted I had a split personality in public? …That’s enough already. It’s too late. It’s ridiculous to try and cover things up. In fact, there are no students here who look surprised even as I’m speaking like this.”

“Oh, Aina-chan. Character development declaration? I think it’s good. Actually, I like Aina-chan’s realness better than his outward appearance. From now on, show all your tsundere attributes. You’ll probably become more popular. Maybe.”

“Tsunde… Who’s a tsundere? …I’m already angry. I bought Angel Heart macaroons as a snack today, but I won’t give any to you.”

“What!? Well… Maybe there’s raspberry…?”

“Yes. Of course. It’s the most popular flavor.”

“Aina-chan, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I apologize, I’ll reflect on myself, so let me eat macaroons!”

“I don’t know.”


…And after all that, I was caught by Kaname and squeezed dry.

I managed to persuade him to forgive me, but only for the spilling. It seems like I’ll have no veto if I get dirty again… Uh…

And, for some reason, the Tsundere Aina-chan gave me a raspberry macaroon. He said, “I’ve bought enough food for the people here, so I have no choice but to do it!” …Aina-chan’s kindness pierces my heart. I’m sorry, Aina-chan. In my attempt to sell you to a pervert.

The pervert disappeared before I knew it.

I have a terrible feeling.

“–You’re quite slow in the morning. No, starting today, you must go to bed early and get up earlier. That’s why your appearance is always so messy.”

“…Why is Himeno-chan waiting in front of my dorm room?”

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Translator’s Note:

A Do-S acts in a similar manner to that of a sadistic dominatrix and princess, such as whipping at her submissives and expecting them to follow her orders to the letter.

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter Thirty-Nine]

Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Heroine of a Fool (Part II)

“Why are you here!? You said you couldn’t have lunch with me because you were with the school director today!”

“I made sure to finish everything quickly. If you’re left alone, it won’t be a good thing… As I expected, you got your uniform dirty, and what was the line that you just said? You’re making unnecessary remarks to the new students. Do you really want to be expelled from school? Ha?”

“…Oh, Kaname, you’re mad? Is it because of the meat sauce on my white uniform or about what I said?”

“It’s definitely both!! You idiot!!”

Oh, please stop it. Stop hitting me on the head with the Harisen during the conversation.

It doesn’t hurt. It’s more like having my scalp massaged. It feels good, but the abdominal muscles of the people around us who had been laughing since a while ago are about to collapse!

“Wait a minute!! It’s a misunderstanding about the meat sauce on my uniform! Please don’t assume that this is my fault. It was inevitable…”

“Shut up!! The result is still the result. In the first place, I don’t think you’ve taken any measures to prevent yourself from getting dirty. Now that I know that it’s no use just to keep on telling you what to do, I’ll take other measures… Behold, this is the custom-made yodarekake that I had them prepare along with my Harisen. Be sure to use it every time you eat.”

“A yodarekake…!? No, no, a normal napkin would do! I’m already 17 years old!?”

“I’ve told you about it countless times, but I guess it’s because you don’t have a napkin around your neck that you always got your uniform dirty!! Who do you think applied for it every time!!”

Someone, please help me.

Because of my childhood friend, I was coerced to be looked at as a baby in public.

It’s decorated with lace and has a beautifully elegant design, but a yodarekake is a yodarekake.

But please, someone, in my stead, please explain that the current situation was really forced majeure!! No matter what I said, Kaname wouldn’t listen!!

…The waiter there, explain that it wasn’t my fault this instant!! Don’t tremble while you’re holding your stomach!!

Hey, Kaname, don’t try to hang that thing around my neck!? I really don’t want to…!!

Uh… Kaname, before I knew it, you grew up to have such a perverted habit? I’m despondent as your owner.

…If this is the result of my bad discipline skills, I should just be content with accepting the slapstick… No, I still don’t want that! Please go back to the usual cute and normal dog that you were! These weird dog attributes that you’re developing… No, thank you!!

“…Come on.”

It was the heroine who kept silent throughout the argument that broke through the chaotic situation.

“–Don’t be silly!!”

When the heroine shouted those words angrily, Kaname and I stopped fighting and turned to her.

“The director hasn’t asked me to reform this school no matter how long I waited, so I had to ask him myself if I could come to this school. Why is the Empress like this?”

“…this person, too.”

Kaname nodded because we both knew by heart.

Words that ordinary people couldn’t have understood.

Apparently, Himeno Saiki is also a reincarnate. It’s just as expected, but I can’t believe it’s being revealed here.

…The reason the director didn’t ask her. It’s because we don’t need it- the reformation of the school in its current situation.

“Hey, you!!”


I was glared at while also having an index finger pointed at me. Without thinking, my back straightened up.

I was scared. The heroine’s eyes were stinging.

“You haven’t dried or combed your hair properly!!”

“How did you find out!?”

I was amazed by the unexpected situation.

It’s not just Kaname, but I can’t believe that even the heroine whom I just met in such a short time already noticed… As expected, the heroine has a keen eye for observation.

“Anybody can tell!! Ahoge! And your shirt! It’s not fitted and is sticking out right at the edges!”

“Wow, I didn’t notice…”

“And the fan!! What’s with leaving the store tag on it? Are you that stupid?”

“No, it’s troublesome to take it off… You’re observing a lot.”

As if exhausted by my words, the heroine sank on the table.

“…Why is the Empress such an idiot… What am I here for?”

Ugh… It’s kind of heartbreaking.

The sad voice that she muttered in a drooping tone stimulated my guilty conscience.

After all, if you are reincarnated as the heroine of an otome game, the first reaction is to be excited. You’re looking forward to having the end of the game that would make you happy.

However, we don’t need the academy to be reformed, which is a prerequisite for the otome game… There isn’t any caste system either. Even if I were to be kicked out, it would take less effort to do that compared to the original.

I’m sorry about that.

However, my guilt was blown away by the words of Himeno-chan.

“I came to this school to experience the ending of the ‘Empress’ Punishment…!”


“Bad End 1,” also known as the “Empress’ Punishment End,” is an ending for when the heroine fails to capture the game’s main target.

The heroine, who failed to expel the Empress from the academy, is forced to crawl around the school on all fours with a dog collar around her neck.

At the end, which was also called the SM End, she was trampled down by the Empress’ red heels in the public circle.

I wanted to experience it…

“I wanted to be treated like a dog by the Empress while being looked down upon with curiosity by everyone around me!! I wanted to be trampled on with those beautiful legs!!”

…Pervert!! She’s a Do-Me!!

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Translator’s Note:

A Do-Me queen is a submissive person in the BDSM scene who is more intent on receiving attention and pleasure than giving it. You learn something you everyday, huh?

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter Thirty-Eight]

Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Heroine of a Fool (Part I)

“No matter what, such a disposition is wrong!!”

“Oh, this academy is where upper-class children go to. I don’t need a waiter who acts like that. What’s more, this kind of failure towards me… it’s only natural that he should be dismissed.”

“Oh… you’re that great!?”

“–yes, I am.”

I folded my favorite fan, which had been covering my mouth, and held it against the transfer student who was barking at me, who was wearing a fearless smile.

“Remember well and wake up from your ideals, you mutt of no blood. My name is Hououin Ayaka. I dominate at the top. At this school, I am the law.”

–It’s decided.

I’m cool!?

I seem like an actual Empress, don’t I?

It’s finally here. The heroine, Himeno Saiki.

Finally, it’s time for me to bloom into a poisonous yet splendid evil flower.

…Well, I was wondering if the game would even unfold because the precursors were all too far from the original story. As a result of my relationship with Kaname, Sukeban Macho-san didn’t even call for Himeno-chan. (Well, I don’t think Sukeban Macho-san would have called out anyone anymore even when they come in contact with Kaname.) In the first place, I didn’t get in touch with Himeno-chan at all, so I didn’t even get to make the first move like at the beginning of the game.

However, what a frightening force the game has.

The Empress tried to fire the waiter who accidentally spilled water on her, while the heroine stopped her. That was the event in which the identity of the Empress was revealed. Wow.

…Hmm, after all, I’m destined to be the Empress (LOL, no, of course, I am). It can’t be helped. Now that it’s like this, I have to endure my grumbling stomach and rally. I can’t go against the game correction.

The battle between the Empress and the heroine begins here! Now, I have to turn into a vivid poisonous flower and rise beautifully!

I, Hououin Ayaka, as my name suggests, will fly off like a beautiful phoenix!!

…It would be a lie to say that I am not sad about eventually being expelled from the school, but I have indeed been treated like a fool by everyone thus far. As a result of the game correction, I’m sure everyone will be bewildered by my talent as a flourished Empress.

It would be better for both of us to start over from scratch. I will reign supreme at the top of the school this time.

Come on, let’s play!!

It’s the beginning of a fun otome game. It’s good to have my supposed way of life impressed on everyone’s eyes!

…But why are the ordinary people around me looking at me with grins on their faces?

“Empress-sama (LOL)… You’re dressed up, but it doesn’t look right at all…”

“Oh, that’s meat sauce… Oh, that won’t come off, that stain. Even though the Student Council uniform is white… The Emperor will scold you again.”

…Let me explain the current situation.

As a royal element in our school, those in power, such as the “Student Council” and “Discipline Committee” are given uniforms different from those of ordinary students.

The Student Council’s school uniform focuses on “pure white”. It seems that the white uniform feature of the male characters was an important moe element in the game.

In the original game, Empress-sama had a special status and was dressed in gorgeous custom-made uniforms.

However, in the name of ‘Discipline’, I have been forced to take the position of ‘General Affairs’ that the heroine was supposed to be given later by Kaname. That’s why the whiteness for the Student Council’s uniform is so bright that it’s clearly seen when it’s dirty… It just briefly appeared at the end of last time. Now that I think about it, was it a flag?

The spaghetti with meat sauce, which I had eaten just now, spread out to my chest area from the collar to my white uniform’s ribbon.

–No, I’m going to get in trouble with Kaname!!

In the game, only the edge of Empress-sama’s clothes got covered with water.

However, I forgot about such an event happening, or rather, I was completely caught off guard. I was so surprised by getting splashed that I accidentally turned over the plate of spaghetti I was eating.

In a hurry, I was able to remember the event, immediately threw a dismissal order at the waiter as to what happened in the game, and successfully caught the heroine’s attention. Still, the mess that was made wasn’t restored.

I ended up saying all of those proud and cool lines of Empress-sama with the smell of meat sauce wafting from me. What a tragedy!

…Hey, waiter. You’re not laughing at me, are you?

Who do you think is to blame? I won’t have you fired. The most important thing is that I ended up getting into the event because I got angry with you for approximately the same reason as in the original game.

Kaname will definitely get in the way, and that won’t do at all!

“–That’s strange!”

However, Himeno-chan ignored everyone’s reaction and was still able to say the proper lines as she did in the game.

Well, that’s the heroine for you.

Don’t worry about everyone’s allusions… Or maybe this is also the force of the game. It’s a bit scary thinking about it.

“Thinking that power is everything is wrong! If that is the system here, then I’ll change this school!”

“Oh? What could a commoner like you do?”

I raised an eyebrow and gave a charming smile of mockery.

It’s quite complex, but it’s okay. I must make this expression because I am the Empress. Yeah, sure.

Oh, this is amazing. So far, except for meat sauce, it’s just like the game. Maybe until the end…

“If you go against me, I will do my best to crush you. It would be best if you stopped before you regret it. Do not go against me… Aghhh!!”

The lines, which were supposed to be cool, were interrupted by the sudden impact that hit my head, and a pleasant spangling sound echoed throughout the dining room.

…Wow, what an amazing sound.

And contrary to the sound, it didn’t hurt at all. It was just from the shock.

…It was truly a custom-made product that achieves the maximum effect with minimal damage to itself. Where on Earth, and how much money was spent to get something like that?

…Well, let’s stop escaping from reality soon.

“…Hmmm, you got your uniform dirty. How many does that make? Ah? This? It’s a custom-made item.”

When I turned around, Kaname, with a demon’s appearance, was there with a giant Harisen in one hand.

…No! I want to run away!

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