The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter Eighteen]

Spinoff #2: The Enslaved Witch Falls Victim to the Tentacle Elf

Lucian, the tentacle elf, lived in a stylish house in the Imperial Capital. Despite its old age, the property was well maintained. During my time at his estate, I helped Lucian with his research while also helping with the laundry.

While he told me it was okay for me to use my spare time to study magic, my mornings were filled with doing the washing. I also spent my afternoons participating in Lucian’s research. If my body had recovered from that afternoon’s session, then I would usually spend my evening with Lucian while he studied me. I didn’t really have any time to explore anything else related to magic.

As bleak as my situation was, the kindness of the servants who worked at Lucian’s estate was the one bright spot. The staff included an aging butler and his wife, who managed the estate… Another senior couple, who prepared our meals… There was also an elderly gardener and coachman.

Each had received an invitation from Lucian to come and reside at his estate. They had all taken him up on his offer, spending their golden years as his devoted servants. The coachman was an eternal bachelor, and the gardener’s wife had passed away.

Their children had all left the nest – their daughters heading off to get married and their sons leaving home to find work at other estates.

Ordinarily, servants were discouraged from marrying, so one would expect the sons to still be here if this were a typical estate. Lucian, however, encouraged his servants to marry. So the sons left their home to receive outside training, and even if they wished to marry, they were still allowed to come back.  

It was rare to see young and new servants here.

By the way, whenever I did the washing, I was usually tasked with washing Lucian’s and the other servants’ undergarments and accessories. The rest were my clothes which often got dirty. A professional laundress would come and take away the more valuable articles for cleaning – Lucian’s expensive clothes, sheets, the servants’ uniforms, and other expensive fabrics. Once they were clean, she returned them to the estate. 

Up until my arrival, the laundress had taken care of the garments that were now under my care. In other words, it didn’t really matter if I did the laundry or not…

The city was more modern than I imagined…

Going back, I think the reason that Lucian decided to hire servants who were past their prime had something to do with his research. No matter how distinguished a scholar may be, I don’t think that there were very many families with young daughters at home that would jump at the chance to live close to someone who devoted himself to the study of erotic tentacles. Even if their daughters were seeking work, it would be advisable to avoid taking a position at a place with erotic tentacles.

While it was rare, it was not unheard of either. From what I have heard, several young women have worked on the estate in the past. They weren’t slaves, though. They were former prostitutes who had been let go by their former employer… He had made their acquaintance at a shop they all frequented. They also participated in his research while working as servants at his estate.       

What kind of shops did they all frequent? Vulgar sex dens.

This seemed to have been a periodic occurrence, but they usually left to get married after working at Lucian’s estate for a short time. There was no passionate love affair that spurred Lucian to buy out any girls’ contracts. Instead, they agreed to work on his estate to tell subsequent employers that they had previously worked as maids.

Despite paying those who participated in his research quite handsomely, Lucian didn’t have any nonplatonic relationship with anyone. Aside from myself, no such girls were currently employed at the estate.

At least, that was what the other aging servants had told me.

Lucian claimed that he didn’t perform erotic acts on his participants indiscriminately. It’s clear that for him, such actions were particular…

It’s different with me, though, because he bought me as a slave. It’s hard to admit such a thing, but it must be said.

Despite all of that, it seemed like the aging servants hadn’t given up on their hope that Lucian might have finally decided to take a bride.

I, of course, harbored no such hope.

I mean, if you took the tentacle route, Lucian was the love interest. In other words, fate was on his side.

On the other hand, I merely sheltered the soul of someone from another world due to an accident… My existence, or lack thereof, hardly would impact the game whatsoever.  

Let’s put a brighter spin on things and assume that I was the main character of this spinoff. In the end, a spinoff was just a spinoff. There was no way I would ever end up the bride of one of the game’s primary love interests.

I couldn’t help but feel that I was reading the story of a recently sold slave who came from another world. Although this may not be your typical internet novel, I felt like the setting of this tale wasn’t that unusual. Assuming the protagonist was a slave, it seemed only logical to be used for erotic purposes. Wait… Was this story geared towards men?

However, it wasn’t like I came to be possessed in any ordinary way. I had a feeling that there weren’t many owned slaves floating around out there… In any event, could my possession not compare to that of an oppressed princess? Having the main character be both a witch and a slave… Wasn’t that going a little overboard?   

A poor body summoned against its willpossessedsold into slavery, only to end up being sold again… Who wouldn’t pity me…? 

Though it would help me understand why a contracted witch would turn to use complicated magic to earn money…

Money was essential for an enslaved witch, after all.

A slave can buy their own freedom with it.

You can’t blame an enslaved witch for knowingly taking the risk. However, for ordinary slaves, there was really no way for them to save up enough money. If they wanted any chance of gaining their freedom, they had no choice but to turn to dangerous magic.

Hence, I…

Ah! Ha…!

Green tentacles were crawling up my body. Dryad ivy, which grew in the courtyard of Lucian’s stylish estate, moved like a living being. It swiftly crept into the neighboring gazebo and ensnared my naked body.

One tentacle wrapped around my chest and began massaging me – first squeezing my nipple and then poking its tip. In their quest to bring pleasure, the tentacles quickly wriggled up to my unstimulated erogenous zones. Naturally, they zeroed in on my sensitive clitoris, dexterously grinding against me, providing ample stimulation. I had no idea how many tentacles actually penetrated me.   

One tentacle wasn’t that big, but the more tentacles penetrated me, the more stretched I became. Once they found a good spot inside me, they ground and wriggled against me…

Ahn! Ahhh…!”

The dryads that Lucian raised moved more delicately than their wild counterparts. He had been raising them to be like this on purpose.

Lucian conducted his research in this semi-outdoor gazebo because large dryads couldn’t be kept indoors… It’s not just because it’s easier to observe their actions under direct sunlight… Since you could see proof of their efforts otherwise as well. At night, the tentacled slime… Unless I thought about things completely unrelated to what was going on, I would quickly lose consciousness as I was that much overwhelmed by their torturous pleasure.

The pavilion, built in the courtyard, had a roof and was surrounded by a waist-high wall. It wasn’t apparent from the outside. The sound of voices, however, quickly permeated through the structure.

No matter how hard I tried to hold back my cries, I couldn’t hold them back completely. It was so embarrassing…

A semicircular stage jutted out from the wall inside the pavilion, taking up half of the room. If an outsider were to look inside the pavilion, they’d probably think it was an oddly shaped bench.

On top of this stage was the bed. It’s where I laid down or got on my hands and knees. Lucian conducted his experiments there.

Ever since I came to Lucian’s estate, I usually spent my days here on the bed while the dryads and tentacled slime had their way with me. It’s not so bad during the warm months, but winter was especially harsh…

Hah! Ahhh…!

There was a remarkably forceful thrust; the sensation of something coming out with a puff of air rendered me no longer able to stay on my hands and knees.

Hmmm… Let’s take a break.

I heard Lucian’s voice come from behind me; however, the tentacles continued their vicious assault. He pulled the dryads off me, and I instantly collapsed limply in a heap; my skin looked like they were minced meat.

This was the pinnacle of shyness play – being observed by Lucian from start to finish.

I always thought that he had happened to me by chance. Now I know that he was just continuing his old habit – watching as tentacled beings obscenely ensnared me. In addition to his shyness kink, he also had a thing for seeing me dressed as a maid. 

This was the farthest he’d taken his shyness kink…

Just as I thought, your bodily fluids helped my dryads grow. In terms of length and girth, the tentacles that pleasured you stand out from the rest. Even the other tentacles were growing much quicker than they did before. If being near you was enough to trigger their growth, then my thesis about the sudden increase in dryads and tentacled slime in the forest would prove to be correct…

He was using me as a gardening hack…?

As I laid limply on the bed, I listened to Lucian talk while he measured the tentacles.

When he had observed that I looked a little calmer, Lucian gently stroked my foot. I was utterly powerless. Regardless of how roughly or gently he moved his fingers over my skin, I couldn’t stop the jolts that wracked my body. At just a simple touch, my sensitive, exploited body trembled with pleasure.   

Which would you prefer first today? Me or the slime?

Ever since he had bought and brought me to his home, he asked me this question each time he allowed the tentacles to ruin me, all in the name of scientific experimentation.

We always started with the dryads first because they were good as foreplay. Dryad ivy produced a kind of aphrodisiac, so after the dryads have had their way with me, the regular sex would begin. As time went by, things tended to calm down, but it was still quite formidable.

The only way to calm things down was to allow the assaults to continue…

As always, Lucian wanted to know what I would like first – him or the slime.

There was only one possible answer.

I… I want the slime first, please…

I preferred the slime because if Lucian ejaculated in me, there was a chance I would get pregnant. The slime, if done first, acted as a sort of contraception.  

I see. You like the tentacled slime, don’t you, Aya?

No, I don’t.  

If I said that, he’d undoubtedly think that I was trying to engage in shyness play…


Before I had a chance to prepare myself, the tentacled slime suddenly slid its tentacles into my orifices…!

My openings, which the dryads had enlarged, were suddenly engulfed…  

Ah! Hah! Ahhh!

Continuing their crushing assault, I felt my ass being lifted into the air as the tentacles thrust into me.


Does that feel good? You’re shaking your hips quite a bit.

Ahhh! Haaa!

Something was coming out… I couldn’t take it anymore…!

That must have felt amazing… But we mustn’t let you lose your mind from the sheer pleasure of it all, so let’s stop with the slime for now.

He pulled the slime off me. Looking back, I had only been with the slime for a short time.

Despite the slime being removed from my body, I continued to convulse from the successive orgasms I had experienced…

You look like you could take a little more, Aya… I’ll take over from here. Please hold out a little longer.

Ah! Haaa!

Unlike the slime, he thrust into me in a hot and nerve-racking manner. The sound of his body meeting mine rang out. Occasionally he would grind into me…

Ah! Ahhh…!

Before I knew it, I had lost consciousness under the barrage of successive orgasms.

Later, after I regained consciousness and cleaned myself up, I somehow managed to choke down some food… That night I went to Lucian’s bed chamber to help him with his tentacled slime research… My day ended with feeling faint as he came in me yet again.

Every day I kept being assaulted repeatedly… I also never have any time to study!

What was I to do…?

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The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter Seventeen]

Spinoff #1: The Enslaved Witch Falls Victim to the Tentacle Elf

Author’s Note: Anna and Reinhardt do not appear in this story. This story, however, does take place in the same universe. Earlier in this tale, a tentacle elf and an enslaved Japanese witch were mentioned. This is their story.

This forest was teeming with tentacles. Over the past few years, there has been a marked increase in tentacled slime, green tentacled beings often raised by dryads.

If you walked through the woods, you’d wind up by the sea. Along the coast, a herd of medium-sized, tentacled Kraken seemed about ready to jump around.

Just so we’re clear – a small Kraken was basically a squid. I’d never seen a large Kraken before, but I’d heard that giant squids do exist. Medium-sized Krakens were slightly smaller than humans, but if you were to be attacked by a squad of this size out in the open ocean, you would almost certainly drown, so they do pose a significant threat. Therefore, I never go near the sea.

“Why do I avoid the sea?” The real question was why the tentacles became so fond of me.  

I wanted to tell you that I had absolutely no idea, but I think I might know the reason if I had to choose. My body contained the soul of someone from a parallel universe.

The soul of Aya Hanamura resided within me.

As I mentioned previously, my soul, or my consciousness, was otherworldly, but my body was essentially from this world. Aya’s soul possessed my body the same as any ghost. You may pity me for being possessed, but she somehow took possession of me just before I died.

In reality, just because she possessed my body didn’t mean she could see nor feel anything. Therefore, she had trouble knowing what was real or not. At least that’s what my master told me—that and how the cause of my death and soul transmigration somehow led back to this girl.

Aya was a witch, so now I am one, too. Instead of leading a free, independent life, I’d been bound to an older witch.

In this world, people who used magic were rare. Aside from nobles who possessed magical abilities and strong wizards who held a special status in the metropolises, those who showed magical skills in the superstitious countryside were persecuted and brutally murdered. Occasionally, you would even happen to come across places where parents sold off their daughters who possessed supernatural abilities. Those were where the buying and selling of apprentices usually occurred.

That is how Aya, an incredibly gifted witch, ended up as an apprentice. A unique item from a parallel universe sold for an enormous profit… That was to say. Initially, she was interested in using her magic to transport things between worlds. Although she never actually told me that last part, that was how her magic went awry.

Or maybe it was a success after all? Although she couldn’t summon materials, she succeeded in summoning my soul.

As a result, she lost her life, and she entered my soulless body.

She awoke in a strange land in a stranger’s body – my body. My master told me that Aya’s magic had backfired. She also said to me that there was no way for Aya to return home. At least there was nothing she could do to assist me with that task.

There was no point in crying about it, but my master did give Aya one sliver of hope – her magical abilities would manifest in the body that she now inhabited. Even though her memories would never return, she would know the chants, and she would be able to use magic.

In other words, if she could train the body she now inhabited, she might even be able to return to her world that way.

From that day on, my life as a witch’s apprentice began…

Enough with all the sad memories. I just wanted to mention how I ended up like this quickly.

Returning to the story about why tentacled beings held such an interest in me – the reason being that they could sense that I was from another world.  

Beyond that, I had absolutely no idea. The tentacles were drawn to my otherworldliness. It was the same way as how a cat would be drawn to a cardboard box.

Therefore, if I were to leave the safety of the forest, I would be attacked by them. As it was, my life as a witch’s apprentice was filled with being assaulted by tentacled slime and dryads daily!


The prospect of being dragged beneath the ocean waves was terrifying, but the tentacled slime and the dryads didn’t kill people. That wasn’t to say that there hadn’t been fatal accidents involving these creatures, but from what I’ve heard, you were far more likely to die in a traffic accident in Aya’s world than you were to be killed by one of these creatures.   

Moreover, while the immobile creature defended itself from assault, it was not uncommon for the hunter to be attacked mid-battle by some other beast.

These beasts attack from the front, but they would also try and attack from behind as well.  

My body may still be that of a young girl, but Aya was reasonably mature for her age in her world, so she wasn’t inexperienced in the least…

Suddenly a tentacled slime and a tentacled dryad appeared at the same time…! Their tentacles were even protecting their rears…  

How many tentacles were there!?

I can’t let them drag me into the middle…

I’ve never participated in tentacle play before…

Oh… Right!

There were no such tentacled beings in Aya’s world…

Ah! Ahhh! Stop…!

Once you’re in the middle, the tentacles begin to chafe…

They chafe against your clitoris and your skin, peeling it away…

Even if that happened, the tentacles wouldn’t stop.

No one’s ever actually died from having too much sex with one of these tentacled beings, however… To keep their prey alive, the tentacles would stop their sexual activities right before they actually killed their chosen victim.  

So it’d stop sooner or later… Right…?

Did the tentacled slime and dryads manage to capture you again?”

I was helped out of this situation by a handsome elf magician. He always came to the forest almost daily to research these tentacled beings.

Ah… Ah…!

Stay still. I’ll get them to release you.

One could instantly tell that he was an elf by the looks of his long ears.

Thank… Thank you, Lucian…

The tentacled slime and dryads hadn’t released me of their own volition. Instead, Lucian, the elf, pulled them off me one by one.   

This was the Nth time he had saved me from these beings. The first time we met, he heard me crying out while these creatures were molesting me. I was so mortified at the time that I could have died, but I’ve gotten used to it now.

It’s a shameful thing to get used to, but I’ve gotten used to it nonetheless…

But really… This was getting too ridiculous!

Even though Lucian kept finding me in these compromising situations, he had never once taken advantage of me…!

This was probably because Lucian was one of the potential romance interests in this otome game. I’m not sure if this was all taking place before or after the game, but I was the target of an R18+ otome game in the other world.  

Lucian was so handsome that he’d be impossible to forget. Regardless of whether he’s in 2D or 3D, I’d know his face anywhere.

Can you stand?


With Lucian’s help, I managed to stagger to my feet.  

You’re in no shape to do anything more. What about you head on home. I, too, have business with the witch, so I’ll accompany you.


Fixing my clothes, I stumbled forward.

Despite my slow, haltering gait, Lucian, the elf, walked beside me. Although he was the love interest if you followed the tentacle route, I thought he was still a good person… No… A good elf.   

I wondered what business he had with the witch.

After stumbling along for some time, we reached the witch’s house in the middle of the forest.

Oh, Professor! What brings you here?

The witch stood in front of her house, drawing water from the well.

About what we talked about earlier… I wanted to discuss it again if you wouldn’t mind.

What we talked about…?

The witch’s eyes darted to me.

Yes. I think it’s necessary for my research after all.

His research…? What…?

Hmmm. Well, it seems that you have helped me out again today. I swear… This child lives such a hard life here in the forest. This really is for the best. Well, as we discussed previously, it’ll cost you ten gold coins for the care I’ve provided up to this point.

That… That’s…

Here you are.

Lucian took a pouch from his breast pocket and handed it to the witch.

Ah, this is it.

The witch handed something to Lucian.


Lucian turned to me…

I’ve bought you from the witch. I want to study you.

I… I’ve been sold!?

I never thought of myself as simply an apprentice, but now I see that my body was for sale. I am no better than a slave. Lucian recognized the unique fondness that tentacled beings had for me, and he set about negotiating my purchase before he’d even decided to study me.

I understood now that the reason he never laid a finger on me was that he considered it dishonorable to engage in sexual relations with someone else’s slave. A slave was someone else’s property, after all

Now I found myself being resold to the elf…

From here on out, my erotic (and tentacled!) future as a slave and target of an otome game lay before me…


How does all of this relate to an otome game!?

What ended up happening with that game?

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The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter Sixteen]

Chapter Sixteen: First Intercourse of the Year 2019

“Princess Annelier, should I prepare?”

Ella called out to me once the sun was up enough while I was still nonfunctioning in bed.

…I wasn’t that comfortable, so I didn’t think that I was going to sleep in.

“…Please do…”

I stirred around as I got up. With a sheet wrapped around my body, I turned toward the bathroom connected to my room.

There, hot water was already being prepared.

Since there weren’t any extensive plumbing services in this world, warm water preparation was considered complex.

The water wasn’t brought down the hall; instead, it was brought up by buckets from the floor below. Each one was transported vertically to this room.

To add water in the boat-like bathtub, I needed to open a door on the wall to pull up a bucket from below via rope.

There wasn’t… A hot spring underneath… It was just coming from the room where they manually boil water.

Walking and carrying water to the tub would have been difficult, so when I saw the mechanism, I was impressed by the ingenuity of their makeshift shortcut.

On the other hand, all excretions were dropped from a bedpan-like toilet to be collected and lowered down… Obviously.

I always wondered what was going on under the toilet… So when I got the chance, I peeked and watched Ella and the rest of the maids from behind. I confessed the reason for my suspicious behavior, and they told me.

Once I was aware, I thought, “There are people under here!?” I shuddered, but after that point, there were no more collection people.

What’s down there now was… What felt like the presence of an actually a slime…

Yes… The thing everyone was familiar with… Mr. Tentacle Slime!

When I was made aware of the switch, I shuddered for a different reason.

…It won’t crawl up, right!?

A tentacle was creeping out from the toilet. To think this wasn’t a horror movie…

It was a different species compared to the dryad already in my room.

That’s right. That was always in my room now… Hehe…

On a serious note, waste disposal seemed very difficult in a castle with many people.

Until toilets with usable flushes and sewage systems become available, it will undoubtedly be challenging for everyone.

In the countryside, there were other ways to handle it… There should be a proper way to use it as fertilizer, but the vegetable garden and orchard in the castle weren’t that big, so they didn’t find an optimal use for human excrements.

I was surprised when I first heard about the vegetable garden and orchard in the castle… They used to deal with it by taking it just outside, but it smelled terrible, so that was a problem.

However, it seemed in the last year or so, the way of keeping a tentacle slime that liked human excrement had been formally introduced.

They were still waiting to see if it would be too much food, making it overly proliferate or anything, but the part where it only had a slight smell had given its value a favorable reception.

The people responsible for the installation of this seemed to be Prince Reinhardt and some tentacle slime researcher.

More or less, it was research to help people…

As I even had a child in this world, I learned more about it little by little… I likewise realized that I needed to bring in the knowledge I possessed that didn’t exist in this world.

After being washed clean and washed dry by the army of professional maids… “Princess Annelier, right this way.”

…They began to wrap a large sheet around my body.

Prince Reinhardt still wasn’t allowing dresses, down to underwear, to be brought to my room, but luckily he didn’t ban sheets.

That’s why I’m now living my best life clothed with a sheet as if it were the Ancient Greek’s togas or the saris worn by the Indians.

I didn’t really know how to put on a toga or sari, but I knew they were composed of a single cloth… And through much trial and error with the maids, we finally found a way that made it work.

However, if I moved too roughly, it’d still get dropped off. Prince Reinhardt allowed only a sheet; pins nor strings weren’t allowed… When I was finally given this small progressive step away from nudism, I actually cried out of happiness.

Though I still definitely couldn’t go outside like this!

I’ve been turned into a shut-in again…

The summers in this country didn’t get too hot, nor did they pass quickly… However, winter could sometimes grow too cold, so I earnestly hoped Prince Reinhardt would forgive me soon.

Basing it off what I remembered from last year… It should be soon.

I did have a fireplace, but just wearing a sheet was too harsh.

Maybe if it were a toga made from wool…? Ah!

My son Wernhardt was growing up well.

Since Prince Reinhardt wasn’t around during the day, sometimes the wet nurse would bring him so we could meet, considering I couldn’t go out.

It seemed as though Prince Reinhardt was, at the very least, tolerating that.

…I’m scared, so I don’t even dare to try breastfeeding.

“How has Wernhardt been doing?”

If I asked her like so, after she was done with preparations, Ella would tell me about everything she’s heard from the wet nurse. The information always included what he had been doing since the day before.

“Master Wernhardt is in good health again today. This morning was Master Wernhardt’s introduction for the new year ceremony, so when I visited his room to see if he was tired, he was already fast asleep.”

In her latest report, I felt as though two things happened that I should’ve been aware of…

“Prince Reinhardt…”

“What is it?”

As if it were a routine for a decent conversation starter, on my knees, I waited for Prince Reinhardt on the bed wearing a sheet toga.

Prince Reinhardt entered the room and looked at me… I swallowed my built-up saliva and started the conversation.

“Uhhh… Today there was a new year ceremony…?”

“There was. What about it?”

“Uhm… Was it alright that I didn’t go…?”

In the beginning, I was told to go to a few official events, more or less, to report on my survival.

Pregnancy, childbirth, and after birth were the only exceptions… Although I’m aware of that, it’s been quite a while since the delivery.

There was also the concern of my inability to understand the calendar in this country very well.

I thought a year constituted when the seasons made an entire cycle, but I honestly didn’t know when the year started because I was a shut-in.

It was commonplace, but the calendar never came up in my studies.

Furthermore, since I was made to become a nudist, I had only been self-taught in the latest.

Today was the day I found out… Today WAS the beginning of the year.

It appears as though yesterday was this world’s New Year’s Eve – the Winter Solstice.

In Japan, it would be equivalent to the day one would have taken a yuzu bath.

In this world… At least in this country, it seemed that the day after the Winter Solstice was the start of the New Year.

The first day of the year would only start at sunrise.

From there, the days would get longer as it preceded the coldest season that would follow.

The new year ceremony seemed pretty important…

Since I was pregnant last year, I hadn’t really been offered a choice.

“There’s no need to worry.”

Prince Reinhardt, with a single swing, instantly dealt with my concerns.

“Your recovery after childbirth was poor… You are still recuperating.”

What… What a big lie…!

…Even though Annelier’s body was as strong as ever.

However, even if he said that, wouldn’t there still be problems?

“In Wernhardt’s introduction, wasn’t I necessary…?”

“You don’t need to worry about that either. The wet nurse attended and held him; Wernhardt was very obedient.”


That wasn’t what I meant… Though it was good to know that Wernhardt’s a good kid.

That’s at least a little good.

“Is that it?”

“No. There’s one more…”

I also have to say this…

“Soon, just wearing a sheet would become too harsh, so can’t you give me permission to wear some clothes!?”


A rejection that fast…?

“However, it wouldn’t be good if you hurt your physical health in the coming cold. Since this is the start of the new year, I will grant your wish. On days colder than this, wearing only a cloak is permitted. On that occasion.”

Prince Reinhardt undid the toga knot on my shoulder.

It came undone, becoming loose and coming off me.

“You can’t wear this as well. Only the cloak. Naturally, I wouldn’t expect you to leave your room like that, but if I felt that you were wearing the cloak on top of this, then I’d be annoyed.”

Does a cloak equal a mantle?

Naked mantle…

…Was this compared to naked coat kinks?

It leveled up!?

“Alright, come this way.”


Since today was the start of the new year, this must be the beginning of the first intercourse of the year, huh?

I wondered if that kind of thing existed in this world.

He said it would serve as my new year’s wish; thus, he’d grant it… Still, I wondered if that actually existed.

When I moved, the sheet toga completely fell.

Through all the times I’ve approached Prince Reinhardt, I always end up being completely naked.

Breastfeeding was banned, so after some time, nothing came out anymore.

My breasts and body had already almost entirely returned to normal.

Annelier’s body wasn’t just rigid; it also seemed to be quite resilient.

Was this another otome game villainess cheat?

I wouldn’t say that I lacked exercise, though I do exercise unevenly… Even so, I was still surprised when I noticed that my figure was starting to return to normal.

“Prince Reinhardt…”

“What is it?”

“Uhm… You aren’t… You aren’t going to use the tentacle slime, right?”

“I’m not using it.”

Admittedly, making use of it was now futile.

Though unnecessary, I couldn’t pinpoint it for some reason, but I felt like Prince Reinhardt had been using it as a contraceptive without my knowledge… The tentacle slime box had been there the whole time, and yet for over half a year, it had remained healthy… Where was it getting food?

“…Why do you ask?”

“Nothing, it’s just… I’m not really getting pregnant… So I thought…”

“You’re right. A child is a blessing. Sometimes people don’t get pregnant for years.”

I did understand that, but the fact that I couldn’t go out unless I were pregnant still stood, right?

“While Wernhardt is growing healthy, rushing for the next child is unnecessary. You don’t need to worry about getting pregnant.”

What Prince Reinhardt was saying sounded fair, but was it really just my imagination that he’d been using contraception on purpose to extend my confinement…?

I slowly approached Prince Reinhardt on my knees until finally, I arrived next to him on the bed.

Just from approaching him, I already started to tremble…


At some point, Prince Reinhardt’s magic tentacles went around my back and suddenly penetrated me from below while I was on my knees.

Due to his sudden enterance, I unconsciously stuck out my hips and clung to Prince Reinhardt for dear life.

“Ah! Ahhh…!”

“This is why you can’t be free.”


“Because even getting forcibly penetrated like this without foreplay, your lewd self ends up giving in to pleasure. Aphrodisiacs aren’t even necessary anymore.”

“That’s… Because… That…!”

You trained me to be this way.

That what?”

Prince Reinhardt knew I couldn’t muster to be persuasive when I clung to his side, being rubbed, and squeezed by the magic tentacles.

“That… Prince Reinhardt…”

“Say it.”

Because for over a year and a half…

The whole time…

Prince Reinhardt had been the ruler of my world…

“Say it properly. I will grant your new year’s wish if you do.”

I already knew what Prince Reinhardt wanted me to say.

“I only…be..come…like this…for you… Prince Reinhardt…! Ngh!”

One tentacle inserted itself into my butt… Ngh!


“Ah! Huuu! Ah…!”

Both were thrusting violently in an alternating pattern…!

“You are mine. It would be good for you to understand that.”

“Ah! Ahhh…!”

One was stuck to my clitoris…!

“If you’re obedient, at some point, I’ll return your clothes. For now, mount me.”

“Yes! Yes… Ngh! Ahhh!”

As I was agonizing over the movement of the tentacles while clinging to Prince Reinhardt’s neck and shoulders, I moved to straddle myself over his rock-hard member.

But both my holes already had tentacles in them…

“Insert it in whichever hole you like.”

I chose to swallow him with my front… Having two fit in my butt would be difficult… I think?

Although two in the front was just as tricky…

While clinging to Prince Reinhardt, I grabbed his erect member and somehow guided it to the already occupied entrance.

I had some trouble getting in there, but the tentacle supported me as I went down…

“Haaa… Ah!”

No matter how many times we had done it, the second one was always painful…

Prince Reinhardt, on the other hand, looked delighted.

He’s a blood-born sadist, huh?

While crying, I clung to Prince Reinhardt from the front as he stroked my head and said, “There, there…

We kissed, and I felt myself swallowing something from his mouth.

My memory usually got fuzzy after around this much time had passed, so I assumed it was probably a type of drinkable aphrodisiac…

After falling asleep or fainting, should the tentacle slime be really cleaning me up as I speculated, it would most certainly be pretty challenging to get pregnant again… When I woke up, I was already exceptionally clean.

The first intercourse of the year wasn’t any different than usual.

Furthermore, the naked mantle I was allowed to wear was considerably warmer than the sheet toga… Though the whole situation felt a lot kinkier than I could have ever imagined.

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The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter Fifteen]

Chapter Fifteen: The Time the Sadistic Prince Cheated

The child was finally born.

The princess’ pregnancy was announced, of course, in the final month; Prince Reinhardt hadn’t been unreasonable, so I was allowed to serve him with just my hands, mouth, and breasts. Hence, the baby was born safely.

Should I have praised myself for learning to use my pregnancy-enlarged breasts to satisfy Prince Reinhardt without penetration? Should I honor Annelier’s strong body that was capable of servicing someone up until delivery? Or was it that Prince Reinhardt was just excellent at making me dance over the palm of his hand?


It felt like he carefully picked the time and played me into his hands.

Staying indoors while still not lacking exercise was only possible because… Ah! It was a boy that was born.

The king still seemed lively, so I don’t think Prince Reinhardt will be taking on the throne yet, but when our child was born, the surrounding people kept cheering, “A successor…!

He was just born, but you can already tell that he was a beautiful baby… His face, eye color, and hair color were all precisely the same as Prince Reinhardt’s.

No matter how lewd Annelier was, there’s no doubt that he was the father.

Please don’t resemble your father on the inside and become sadistic…

He also looked pretty energetic and robust.

That was undoubtedly due to Annelier’s gene, I think.

…But resembling your mom and being lewd was way worse than reaching your father’s personality, so please forgive me as you were born a man.

In hopes of growing up normal…!

My son, Wernhardt, to whom I pray for every day, was born in spring.

Passing through winter in pregnancy surprised me a little.

Where did summer go!?

I didn’t know this world, so I hadn’t realized it, but I heard that summers in this country were pleasant but passed by too quickly.

Me waking up in Annelier’s body seemed to have been around the end of spring.

Without knowing, summer and autumn passed, with winter coming at me for a surprise… Lastly, I had my child in spring.

Somehow… I lived in this world, and a year had passed.

Before my son was born, unbeknownst to myself, they already chose a wet nurse. She was the one to give my child his milk.

I also wanted to breastfeed him, so I secretly asked, and they let me do it.

Not being able to sleep together at night was unfortunate.

It hadn’t even been a month since the birth that Prince Reinhardt came and announced that our nighttime was still reserved for servicing.

After service, we would sleep together.

I was being hugged while having my hair pet on a regular basis… Sleeping together was a form of relief for me.

I also got used to servicing, so going on like this was nice… At least… That was what I thought…

“It will be fine from today.”


At night, I greeted Prince Reinhardt as he came into the room. With the usual planning for servicing in mind, I invited him to bed… But then he said something unexpected.


Did he not want me anymore?

Was this a dismissal notice…!?

Ah! No… I wasn’t employed in the first place.

We’re married… So a divorce..?

That reminded me of a year ago… When he said he wanted a divorce because he needed a wife that could give birth to a child… That was what he said!

A child was born… So now I’m being discarded…!?

“What happened? Making that kind of surprised face.”

“Uhhh… Uhm…”

“What is it?”

“Do you want a divorce?”


“Uhm… I want to raise Wernhardt myself, but would that be possible?”



Prince Reinhardt’s face looked kind of stern…



Did he not want a divorce?

“You’ve wanted a divorce with me… Like what you said last year…”

“Hu… Huh…?”

“But I said it couldn’t be done…?”

Things didn’t look so good. 

It was scary…

He had a pretty face, but Prince Reinhardt was…!

“Can you still not comprehend it?”

“Uhm… You said from today on it was fine, so… I thought you were saying I’m not necessary anymore.”

“What I meant by unnecessary was the servicing.”

“Servicing… Is it unnecessary?”


It’s not divorce…


He meant to say that servicing was irrelevant since… Oh.

“The doctor gave his approval. Take off your clothes.”

That old doctor…!

I told him that I wanted to know about this kind of thing first…!

“Undress. Your education, more than I thought, seems to be insufficient.”

Education… What kind of education did he mean…?

I somewhat felt like I was tearing up, but not resisting Prince Reinhardt has undoubtedly been ingrained in me… I gently untied my pajama ribbons.

While my heart thumped as I wondered what would happen, I got bare naked, waiting for Prince Reinhardt. He picked me up and immediately tossed me on the bed haphazardly.

The bed was soft, so it didn’t hurt. However, it had been a while since I was thrown on the bed like this… It was no surprise that I felt a little astonished.

I was startled again when after that, Prince Reinhardt pressed down on me.

Were we going straight for a session…?

“You can never leave me; your body knows it. While recovering after the childbirth, it appears as though you’ve forgotten… I’ll remind you.”

“Uhhh… I didn’t intend to say I wanted to leave…! It’s the opposite! The opposite! I said I didn’t want to leave our son…”

I was already married when I woke up here… I didn’t have room to think about being motherly due to the training, punishments, and services; however, I now fully well where I stood after giving birth.

My son was unbearably cute.

He was a child born with Annelier’s body, but he was still my child.

When I said that, Prince Reinhardt’s eyes narrowed.

“There were already plans for punishment tonight.”


What did I do!?

I have no idea why I’m getting punished all of a sudden…

Was it because the green tentacle plant wasn’t growing?

The green tentacle plant in the corner of the room got much more prominent, but of course, since the last month of my pregnancy, it had stopped growing.

Since it was still receiving water, it didn’t really wither… So for a while, it’s just been like this.

Making someone else raise it… I can’t bear to pass that kind of cruel responsibility to others.

“It appears that you have given milk to Wernhardt.”


It’s because of that…?


What should I do? Was that kind of absolutely not allowed?

“You’re mine to the very last fiber of your hair. Did you think it was alright to let another man suck on your breast?”

“Huh…? But he’s our son…?”

“Not even our son.”


Was it really because of that?

That was why the wet nurse was raising him…?

I didn’t know the rules and customs of royalty and nobility… There were no nobles in Japan.

Even if there were… I’d be a hardcore commoner…!

“Tonight’s punishment was to remind you of who you belong to, but… More than I thought, your discipline seems to have been completely lacking. From today, until I permit you, you will not wear clothes.”


A nudism command…

“Per… Permission plea…”

“No. Further, starting tonight, we’ll do aphrodisiac overdosage.”


Aphrodisiac… That’s no good…!

When I started trembling with fear because of the aphrodisiacs, something slimy started crawling on my skin.


A tentacle slime?

Once it started slipping around my body, I looked to see where it was coming from; I chased it to its source, and for a moment… My brain stopped.

“Pri… Prince Reinhardt…”

“What is it?”

“You have ten… Prince Reinhardt, you have tentacles!”


I tried to get away by crawling backward, but a tentacle from Prince Reinhardt’s hips coiled around my leg and stopped me from moving…!

No way… No way!

Prince Reinhardt wasn’t supposed to be inhuman!

“I can do this with magic. My friend was researching transformation magic and transferred this to me. Though it did take a while for me to be able to move them at will.”

That… That tentacle mania elf friend…!?

What transformation…

But the elf in the game also didn’t have tentacles!?

This must be the future… After the otome game’s original story ended… That’s the only explanation why things didn’t match what I know…

After that tentacle ending… Perhaps… The tentacle elf…

In my head, I saw an image of the elf that I still didn’t know the 3D shape of… But with tentacles.

I know I’m just trying to escape reality at this point.

That’s because in front of me… Was an actual Prince Reinhardt with tentacles…!

“You were delighted by the slime and dryad, right?”

I… I don’t think what I experienced was enjoyment…

I shook my head, but it felt like he wasn’t able to recognize my denial.

“I thought it would be better to discipline you, not with tools or other creatures, but by directly punishing you myself.”

I wanted to ask why he thought about that kind of thing, but the answer wasn’t important right now.

The more significant thing was why it made him think of growing tentacles… Research meant that it’s something that already existed…

Why did they think to make something such as tentacle growing magic…!?

How did he conclude that he needed to have it handed over to him…!?

If he answered that it was because I felt pleasure from the other tentacles, this would be a big misunderstanding. Probably.

Honestly, it’s because I’m actually a little lewd…


The tentacle that was coiled around my leg spread my legs open.

A thin one prodded my clitoris…


One about as thick as Prince Reinhardt’s rubbed against my butt hole…


It came in… Ngh!

“Ahhh… Ngh!”

The tip moved up my butt…!

“I also practiced magic with the tip of the tentacle. Today’s cleaning, I will do with magic.”

Prince Reinhardt’s tentacle was going to make my insides clean?


One tentacle was wrapped around my breast while simultaneously rubbing my nipple…

The other breast was being sucked on with Prince Reinhardt’s mouth.

“Ah! No…! Ngh! Don’t suck so hard…! It’ll come out… Ngh!”

My milk was leaking…

“This is mine, so it’s fine if it comes out.”

“Yaaa! Ahhh…!”

He bit at it… Ngh!

“Hmmm… The nectar is already flowing. I’ll put in the aphrodisiac now.”


A thin tentacle suspended a vial in front of my eyes.

Prince Reinhardt… How many tentacles do you have…?

You can move them as well as you do your hands…

Wasn’t this kind of a big cheat?

It’s as if he had a bunch of hands!

And they could use magic too!?

Since they’re tentacles, he looked like an actual demon lord!

“No! N…ngh!”

As the tentacles between my legs spread them open, Prince Reinhardt’s finger stretched the hole our baby came out of.

There, the tentacle thrust in a whole vial of aphrodisiac.

“Ah! No…! Aphrodisiac… No…ngh!”

“Don’t lie. You like it, right?”

“No! Nooo… Ngh! I’ll get too sensitive…!”

“Don’t worry. It’s alright to indulge.”

After it poured the medicine inside, the tentacle pulled out, and I felt my body steadily get warm.

Every part of me immediately began feeling itchy…

“No! Nooo…!”

“Indulge yourself.”

Prince Reinhardt thrust his entire length in me…!


“Indulge in me.”

Ah! Ahhh! It felt so good… Ngh!

He was going the deepest he’s ever gone… Ngh!

“Cumming…! Ngh!”

“I’m not asking your carnal self to resist. But don’t forget who the person giving you pleasure is.”

My butt… Both sides… Were being filled in… Ngh!

“Ah! Ahhh…!”

“…Anna, do you know who I am?”

“Prince Reinhardt… Ngh!”

Prince Reinhardt was going at it on both sides…!

“That’s right.”

“Prince… Reinhardt… Ngh!”

“You are mine. You must not forget.”

Rubbing… Ngh…!

Inside… Cumming… Soon… Ngh!

“Cumming…! Nghhh…!”

Everywhere… Felt… Good…!

When I woke up, I noticed that all my clothes in my dressing room next door were all really removed…

“I’ll return them once you’re pregnant again.”

I’m going to remain nude until I’m pregnant with his second child…!?

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The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter Fourteen]

Chapter Fourteen: Green Tentacles are Grown with Water and Love

The green tentacles are grown with water and love… It seems.

Although it existed in nature, it could be grown with just water if planted in soil.

However, if humans desired to raise it by hand, they told me one needed to add love to the equation.

It’s green, so it should use photosynthesis… I think?

Even though I was in a fantasy world, that fact probably wouldn’t have changed, right?

I heard if you placed it somewhere that had no light at all, then it would wither.

However, tons of bright light was unnecessary, it seems.

It would grow well in a dark and gloomy place, they say.

That’s because it was an erotic tentacle, right!?

So bright sunshine wouldn’t fit.

I got that information from Ella. I also obtained and studied a book written about dryads.

The author’s name of the said book felt like it was the same as the elf quest person, but I think it would be better if I acted as though I wasn’t aware of anything.

Yes, I am still Anna, inside the praised and pregnant Crown Princess Annelier.

It felt like I had rushed through a stable period, and now some time had passed. I think soon it should be fine to announce my pregnancy, but it still wasn’t being disclosed to the public.

Since the attempted assassination, I’d been continuously shut in under the guise of medical treatment, so I didn’t really need to worry about any official procedures. I didn’t get much attention, so I’m unsure when the visually visible pregnancy phase will be.

Honestly, at this rate, it felt like no one would know until the baby’s born.

We’re still at the pre-announcement phase, so as usual, Prince Reinhardt came to me for our sex training every night.

Even with the tentacle slime… Every. Night. It was to the point that I’m getting friendly with it… However, in the end, it’s still just a slime.

The dryad still hadn’t grown into an adult.

That’s the reason why I was staring at the dryad flowerpot I received from him.

It was just a bud when I got it from Prince Reinhardt, but now it’s become a sprout.

It also seemed to now be rooted.

It had leaves on its twenty centimeters long green stem with six shapes branching out from it.

It’s still got a long way to go, but the six shapes made me worry for the future…

However, I needed it to grow.

Soon, I should probably replant it in a larger pot with support stands just like how Japanese people planted morning glories.

“As I expected, it’s not growing.”


He spoke in a deep and resonating voice so close to my ear that it made me jump.

“Prince Reinhardt! You came… Since when have you…?”

“The maid called out to you, but you didn’t notice.”

“Pardon me…”

When I looked around, the maid wasn’t there.

Prince Reinhardt often disregarded my attendants… He usually starts exposing their little imprudences here and there, so she quickly retreated to safety, I think.

“I thought I would ask in person, but I see the dryad isn’t growing well. Are you taking care of it properly?”

“I’m taking care of it…!”

“For humans to raise a dryad, other than water, you need to add love. Are you giving it that?”


Prince Reinhardt asked with such a serious face that I was at a loss for words.

Should I just say that I have…?


He came here just to ask that… Then I suddenly realized!

The book didn’t say anything specifically technical… I thought “give it love” was figurative, but perhaps it was in a literal sense.

That would not be very good.

I am NOT doing it.

“You haven’t been doing it?”

“Uhhh… Uhm… It’s just that I’m not sure how to do it.”

“I didn’t think such a person would exist.”

Was this possibly a popular thing!?

…But Ella also didn’t know.

So it was something ordinary people wouldn’t know, maybe that’s why only Prince Reinhardt…?

“Neither the maid nor I know.”

“Hmmm… You really didn’t know?”


“Just do it now.”


Do what!?

Didn’t I just say I didn’t know how!?


“If you think a little, then you’ll be able to figure it out.”

Prince Reinhardt took the pot in his hands and sat on the bed.

“A grown dryad hunts for necessary nourishment by itself.”

Hunts… What do green tentacles eat?

“Dryads like human essence. Wild ones catch humans in the middle of the forest, give them pleasure, and wring out their essence. On occasion, they prefer women over men because they can easily get more bodily fluids.”

“Bodily fluids.”

Tentacles hunt body fluids.

If it prefers men over women, then…

“My researcher friend tested if anybody’s fluid was fine, but it seemed as though blood can’t raise them very well.”

Was that friend the target-elf-someone…?

“A grown dryad can acquire it by itself, but a young one must be given some to obtain nourishment.”

In other words…

Giving love meant giving bodily fluids…!

“I will watch to see if you can give it properly, so do it now.”

That means…

Another masturbation show…!

“Hu…! Ah…!”

I couldn’t put the flowerpot on the bed, so I put it on the floor.

I got naked and straddled it… Fingering myself in the process.

Prince Reinhardt elegantly sat on the bed with his long legs crossed as he watched me from behind.

He was nearby but not to the point of being at a close distance from me.

Prince Reinhardt was a prince, so perhaps he didn’t like doing things such as kneeling on the floor.

Was I at least correct in choosing not to be on the bed?

“If the pot isn’t overflowing to the point your fluids start dripping from the sides, then it isn’t enough. It’s still insufficient.”

…He’s a little far, but it seemed like he could see it clearly.

“Ngh! Nn..ngh!”

I rubbed circles on my clitoris while Prince Reinhardt observed my spread-out hole.

Honestly… I think I’m getting used to it.

It’s still embarrassing now, but my reluctance wasn’t the same as the first masturbation show he made me do.

I remember being tied up as a punishment just because I couldn’t do it.

Was that the beginning of the training…?

“What’s wrong? It seems you aren’t very wet.”

Ooops… It’s because I was thinking about something unrelated.

“It appears as though you can’t look after the dryad by yourself.”

What should I do?

Did I make Prince Reinhardt mad?

I felt like I would cry if he were… I turned my head to see, but I couldn’t see very well since I was on all fours.

So far, I’ve never seen Prince Reinhardt get mad.

He never acted violently, and even if there were punishments, he hadn’t pushed me away once.

Was I also in the clear this time around…?

“Hey, your hand has stopped.”

There was a creaking sound, a sign that Prince Reinhardt had gotten up.

Still, I couldn’t see his face.

What to do…?

“Uh… Uhhh… Ah…!”

“What a hopeless girl you are.”

My boundlessly stupid self panicked as I frantically masturbated while still on all fours. Prince Reinhardt came and picked me up under his arm… I think?

It was my first time being picked up under someone’s arm, so for a second, I had not been sure of what was going on.

His arm was wrapped under my chest, and there was a lot of pressure. My vision suddenly lifted from the floor, so I was pretty sure he raised me.

Probably, with one hand.

Prince Reinhardt was this strong…

Was he avoiding putting pressure on my stomach to be careful with our child?

I was being carried with one arm while masturbating on all fours… Stupid wasn’t a strong enough word.

As I remained dumbfounded, I was carried a short distance and placed on the bed.

I couldn’t stay on all fours, so I sat straight and finally saw Prince Reinhardt’s face.

As soon as my eyes met his, the corners of Prince Reinhardt’s mouth formed into a smile…

I was so nervous that I felt my heart almost pound out of my chest.

I’ve only seen Prince Reinhardt smile like this when it was time for punishment.

“If you aren’t able to do it yourself, then there’s no choice. I’ll help”

Prince Reinhardt brought over the flowerpot.

Without care, he placed it on the bed.

“Straddle it.”

“Ye… Yes.”

I was already straddling it almost immediately.

But since it was Prince Reinhardt’s command, I felt that regular straddling wouldn’t be good enough, so doing so didn’t make my heart settle down.

“Lower your hips more.”

More… If I do that…

I fearfully lowered my hips, and as expected, something touched me.


Just being touched made me scream.

Even if they were weak, they were still tentacles…

Even if they were short, they were still tentacles…

If I gave it nourishment like this, then it would move…?

“It’s probably not good for your womb to strain yourself. Cling to me.”

The tentacles started to touch me wantonly; Prince Reinhardt just took me into his arms.

As he stated, I tightly clung to him.

“Ah! Ahhh…! Ngh!”

Tentacles… They were indeed tentacles that sought my hole. They opened me up and wiggled inside, playing with my clitoris in the process.

No way… Weren’t they way too long…!?

Long… They’re definitely long.

Longer than before…!

“Yah! Ahhh…!”

The tentacles crawled in, rubbing and poking at my G-spot… Ngh!

“Agh! Ngh…! Ah…ngh!”

“You’re lewd, so you’ll be able to climax quickly. Do it now so we can leave it at this.”

Again, Prince Reinhardt suddenly lifted me. This resulted in the tentacles being pulled out of me.

While catching my breath, I leaned on Prince Reinhardt.

Tentacles were scary…

I came just like that

“Look, the dryad is finally growing.”

When I glanced over, the green tentacles were restless.

New and short shapes grew… While the first few became about as long as an arm… No way…!

With only that, it grew this much!?

“I assume you know what to do now. It was short, so I thought it would be fine, but from now on, just in case, use the slime before you do it.”


“Be… Before what?”

“What are you talking about? If you don’t continue to give the dryad fluids from now on, it won’t grow. So before that…”

“The slime tentacles before the dryad’s tentacles.”


“If you aren’t used to it, temporarily, I will watch. However, so you can learn to do it yourself, from tomorrow I will only watch. Ah, but of course, I will do the part where I violate you.”

Prince Reinhardt pulled the slime box closer.

“So tentacles after tentacles…!”

But even the tentacle route didn’t have continuous torture from two types!

No… There wasn’t even tentacle masturbation or anything!

This was against my will!

However, it being against my will still wasn’t an excuse…

Even though I wasn’t in the tentacle route, this further surpassed it… What should I do…!?

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The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter Thirteen]

Chapter Thirteen: Manjuukowai~ Tentacles Aren’t Made in a Day~

“Ah! Ah…! No…! Ngh!”

My name is Anna, and I’m inside the Crown Princess Annelier in the middle of a tentacle route run.

About that… Stories of soul transmigration often make you get used to your name and personality after the transmigration, but I don’t have Annelier’s memories. If no one else was around, Prince Reinhardt called me Anna, so Anna still felt like my own name.

However, I get the sense that it has lost its kanji.

Ahhh…! I know I’m avoiding reality too much.

But it’s because…

“Ah! Hnnng! Ngh!”

The slime’s tentacle violently twisted and turned as it went in and out, making all kinds of terrible lewd noises.

It’s not just my fluids; it seemed like the sounds were also coming from the slime’s gel…

I’m not using a balm today, but my butt was likewise making wet noises.

Two tentacles that seemed eager to join my backside were at my front; they kept pushing at my insides towards my butt. The lone one not only kept torturing the inside of my butt, but it was also cleaning it… Ngh!

If we’re to have anal sex, then using the slime is most convenient,” said Prince Reinhardt as he stared at my two holes being defiled by the tentacles.

“Ah! Ahhh…! Ngh!”

My butt, being ravished, felt good… Ngh!

It’s my first time having two holes attacked simultaneously… Any more than this, and I’d go crazy! Ngh!

I had something in both holes while wearing the chastity belt that didn’t move!

The only time it rubbed on me was when I moved… But the tentacle slime was different.

Even though they weren’t as big as Prince Reinhardt’s, they were still tentacles… They were long… Violently twisting and turning as they went in and out, so I just couldn’t… On top of the width being…

The tentacles made me feel too good… It was a disgustingly sweet pleasure!

What would I need to do if the other tentacles came out from the tentacle route?

In the game, there was a green, ivy-like, octopus-like monster, too.

There was an event where the player was restrained and violated by tentacles.

If that kind of thing happens…

“Ah! Yeah…! Cumming…! Ngh!”

I’ll surely cum repeatedly… Ngh.

Even now, the number of climaxes and twitching I’ve felt towards these tentacles were transcendent.

If this continues, I’ll cum constantly…

If I continued cumming this much, would the baby be okay…?

This was an 18+ otome game, so…?

Were other pregnant women really using these tentacles…?

The thin tentacle kept pulling back the skin around my clitoris. It poked at and teased it…

Being teased everywhere…

Cumming nonstop…

It was even poking my urethral opening… Ngh!

I can’t…

Anymore and… Ngh!


When I thought about wanting to give up, the tentacle suddenly pulled out of my butt.

“Cleaning is about done, it seems.”

As he held me from the back, Prince Reinhardt made me witness my debauched self with the mirror he brought earlier.

Of course, Prince Reinhardt was also looking.

I was afraid of the tentacles, but he said I needed to get used to them.

No… No! The translucent tentacles that kept defiling me were too nasty.

I could even see my insides…

I don’t want to get used to this…!

“Today, for the first time in a while, I’ll ravish your anus.”

As he pulled out the tentacle, my twitching butt hole could be seen quivering.

Prince Reinhardt lifted and lowered me down on his member.


The tentacle slime gel also served as a lubricant, so Prince Reinhardt’s length easily slid in my back hole.

This was the first time I’ve actually witnessed Prince Reinhardt entering my butt…

Of course, my front still had the two tentacles in it.

While several thin tentacles poked and teased my clitoris… Ngh!

My butt started slowly rocking back and forth as my hole swallowed Prince Reinhardt whole.

“Ah! Ahhh…! Ahn! Ahhh!”

Even though he moved slowly, I already felt that I’d cum soon!

…But didn’t I just cum?

It’s because the slime was still violating my front hole…

As to how I felt back then, two holes being entered simultaneously was not going to work out…!

“Ah! Nghhh! No! No… Ah…! More!”

Two holes at the same time were just too much, so why…!

“Cumming…! Ngh!”

The tentacle that was previously in my butt suddenly entered my front with the other two… Shloop!

It entered with resistance…!

I’m cumming…!

“Two…! Not good…! Ngh! I…! Ah…! Ngh!”

“Ah. You had two… And then mine… So now there are three. Anna’s very gluttonous.”

Prince Reinhardt whispered into my ear.

His voice was somewhat sweet.

“But it’s also nice to see you greedily taking it.”

Being violated by three at my front… It has pushed me to the point where I almost couldn’t breathe!

“What do you want to do…? How do you want to be done…? Say it, Anna.”


“Take it…”


“Three… Is… Too much…!”

I’ll break.

If I don’t, then I’ll go crazy…

I’m lewd, but this was too much…

“Take what out?”

“Tenta…cle! Ngh!”

“Is that so?”

The reflection in the mirror revealed Prince Reinhardt’s smile that showed his delight. It seemed significantly dashing than the norm.

“Even though it seems that you’re feeling terrific?”

“Not good…”

Cumming too much was no good…!

I couldn’t talk properly, so I just shook my head.

Prince Reinhardt said to get used to the tentacles, so if I asked him to take them out, wouldn’t he be mad?

Would he…?

I thought about why he didn’t seem angry, but I still didn’t understand why, so I turned and took a peek at Prince Reinhardt.

He kissed me.

But Prince Reinhardt didn’t like… Kissing… That… Much…?

His tongue came in contact with mine and raged as ours became entangled.


At that moment, every tentacle at my front slipped out.

I was cumming again…!

“You’re a bad girl, Anna.”

A string of our mixed saliva stretched as I unintentionally jerked away.

“That kind of face…”

What kind of face?

Even as I looked at the mirror, I still didn’t understand what he meant…

Lewd face…?

I thought about it again, but I still didn’t understand.

“Ah! Ahhh… Ngh!”

He suddenly started moving again, maneuvering me up and down, making my head blank…

“Do you hate the tentacles?”

“Nooo… Ngh!”

As he lifted me off from his member, I nodded my head.

The slime route was scary.

Slimes… As well as the others that came with it…

“Tentacles… They’re no good… Transparent ones… And green ones…”

“Green…? Dryad?”

Did he just say dryad? The plant monster…

“Have you used a dryad before?”



I shook my head.


“Is that so?”

The tentacles were scary enough…

I woke up and saw the box still on the bedside table.

Oh, come on! Prince Reinhardt’s tentacle slime box was left there.

He was probably planning to use it again soon, so taking it away all the time would have been a bother… Huh?

There was something next to the box.

…A flowerpot?

“Are you awake, Princess Annelier?”

Ella approached when she noticed that I had woken up.

“Would you like to take a bath?”

“Yes, uhm… About that flower pot…”

“It’s a gift from the Crown Prince Reinhardt. He said to give it water, and it will grow.”


“It seems to be a dryad sprout.”


A grow your own tentacle route…

What kind of…!

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The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter Twelve]

Chapter Twelve: Reality is Stranger than Otome Games (Part 2)

This world was very similar to the world I knew in 18+ otome games.

Otome games usually have seven targetable characters and hidden ones, and there were likewise orthodox routes and particular tastes.

The Prince Reinhardt route was commonly called the sadomasochist route, and it’s a particular taste-targeting route.

As the players understand his taste and personality, it would become apparent that Prince Reinhardt really wasn’t the main hero.

The main hero was the met and fell in love when you were younger type of orthodox scenario. He’s the eloquent, doting, and obsessive duke’s son.

He was Annelier’s childhood friend, despite her still being the villainess. I was already in the inner palace when I woke up, so I hadn’t had the chance to meet him. I didn’t have Annelier’s memories, so I had no idea if he really was eloquent or not.

The matter at hand was one of the three particular taste routes, an elf’s magic instructor-targeted scenario called the Tentacle Route…

Tentacle. Route.

It solidified its position as 18+ because of the creators who lost their minds and enacted tentacles in an otome game! Setting that topic aside, it’s the most fantasy scenario with an adventure and a quest.

Compared to the other routes, there were enemies the player didn’t meet and instead had RPG-like minigames to defeat enemies.

The love events came from whether the player wins or loses those minigames.

The trap in that scenario was that the player couldn’t reach the actual ending if they kept winning minigames.

If the player loses once, the event won’t happen…

An event where you get saved after being attacked and violated by a tentacle slime, a low-level monster that can’t kill people.

tentacle slime, as the name says, was a slime that can exert a tentacle.

People generally use tentacle slime’s gel for contraception, so they can sell them for a reasonably high price if one managed to hunt them.

However, tentacle slimes liked women’s fluids and discharge.

So if you lose, you’re attacked.

In that event, the player’s hymen remained safe. Still, they’re violated by a thin tentacle and be made to witness the embarrassing situation of being secretly satisfied from having all bodily fluids slurped.

Once that tentacle slime event was flagged, forced events like plant-type tentacles and aquatic-type tentacles attacking the player occurred. After the I can’t believe this is an otome game insane event have passed. The player reaches the actual end. The quest to play with tentacle slimes raised and trained by the actual target was waiting.

A regular tentacle slime can only use one human penis-shaped tentacle, but the actual ending tentacle slime was gigantic and had three thick tentacles…

The tentacles have tips in that shape. It penetrates two holes on top of a double penetration to violate the heroine. The quest and the performance, so to speak, were meant for a surprising climax.

The writer who wrote that and the producers who gave the green light were probably drained… I think?

That insane scenario was only for that target.

In Prince Reinhardt’s route, there were supposedly no tentacles nor anything.

Even though there shouldn’t be one…

Why was there a tentacle slime here!?

Prince Reinhardt said, “A friend brought it.

He said, “A friend raised and trained it.

Were you friends with that elf’s teacher, Prince Reinhardt…!?

I didn’t know.

The game didn’t say anything about that!

“It seems like you know something about this.”

“It’s a… Slime…?”

“That’s right. Common people use small ones, and nobles sometimes keep ones about half this size.”

“Huh? Nobles keep this kind of thing?”

“You didn’t know?”

Prince Reinhardt showed a slightly surprised expression.

“Your knowledge is sometimes imbalanced. Do you know what they are used for?”

I gulped, swallowing the saliva that built up over the suspense.

“It’s… Used as a contraceptive, right?”

“It’s also used for that, but is that all you know?”

What else was it used for?

It’s not for masochistic training… Right?

“They haven’t been in the palace because, as of now, I supposedly don’t have a child. Hence, I wouldn’t use contraceptives in sexual acts. I assumed they would consider me irresponsible to use it so selfishly. This thing’s gel makes a membrane inside a woman’s womb, so if you use it before intercourse, it can be a contraceptive. That membrane is strong and has magic, so it can also be used to protect a pregnant woman’s womb during intercourse. It’s effective even in small amounts, so I hear common people use it, too.”

With a pregnant woman…

The game didn’t even say a word about that!?

Was it because it wasn’t necessary?

That pregnant woman rape type of thing wasn’t in the otome game category!

The reality was stranger than the stories… No, stranger than any otome game I’ve known.

“Uhhh… Uhm. I’m still…”

“The doctor has approved. He thinks it’s about time.”

That old doctor…!

I wish you’d let me know before you’d told Prince Reinhardt…!

“The doctor also told me that it’s fine without using it, but I was still thinking of ordering one just to be safe. Fortunately, I was given one.”

My mouth was parched, but I still managed a gulp.

What did I swallow? Maybe air…?

The one that filled the box was bigger than the wild tentacle slime I saw in the event picture.

Maybe because it was raised…? I think…?

The ending’s tentacle slime was more oversized, but… That might have been an exaggeration…

It’s not as big as the picture, so maybe it won’t have three tentacles…?

It would be nice if it didn’t…

“You should be relieved. It will prevent your womb from being damaged.”


…Words were about to leave my throat, but I learned saying anything unnecessary was the same as digging my own grave, so I somehow swallowed it.

Words led to disaster.

Words always led to disaster.

“Alright, let us start. Open your legs. In whatever position you prefer is fine.”

“Prince… Prince Reiiinhardt…”

The slime was scary.

I did believe that words led to disaster… Remaining silent was golden. However, my silent obedience soon turned to regret…

I only had memories of this world after I woke up here – that’s not even half of a year.

When I woke up in Annelier’s body, I was already Prince Reinhardt’s princess, so my world was only within the castle.

Despite that being the case, I still didn’t know everything.

It’s safe to say that 95% of my knowledge was confined to my room.

As a modern-day Japanese person, the hurdle of such a strange slime creature was too high…!

However, it’s been ingrained in me that I can’t oppose Prince Reinhardt. So even though I thought it was scary, and even though I know I’d regret it, I’m still spreading my legs on the bed.

The gooey slime was set on my open legs…!


“Don’t stress. It’s bad for your womb.”

Even if you said that…

It’s because it’s moving weirdly…

“Because I’m scar…”

“There’s nothing to fear.”

Prince Reinhardt rubbed my stomach to calm me down.

“This thing doesn’t have the strength to hurt a human.”

“Yes… But…”

I couldn’t stop tearing up.

“It’s alright.”

Prince Reinhardt rubbed my cheek to try and calm me down again.

It was scary, so perhaps it was good that I couldn’t see the slime on my lower body…

The tentacle slime seemed to have extended a tentacle without me realizing it.

“Hie! Ahhh!”

I felt the slimy thing wiggle into me so much that it made me scream.

Not quite like water, but a remarkable thing slithered deep inside me.

It wasn’t as wide as Prince Reinhardt’s thing, and I didn’t really feel any pressure, but…

It was still a tentacle…!

“Ngh! Agh!”

It violated me as it wiggled, twisted, and turned.

It was slippery and scary, but…

“Ah! Ah! Yaaah!”

Annelier’s body was lewd, so it fixated on the pleasure despite it coming from a tentacle…



Another one came in…!

As the second pushed its way in, the pressure made it hard to breathe…!

“Being violated by a slime… Does it feel good?”

“Ah! Ahhh…!”

Slimes were already slimy, so even with two tentacles, they were still able to wiggle smoothly.

One after the other, it kept rubbing deep inside…

It felt good…! Ngh!

“Being violated by something other than me… Making that lewd face… What a bad girl.”

Prince Reinhardt was the one violating me, though…?

However, Prince Reinhardt’s lips took over my voice of objection.

Although I blamed him, I didn’t think I could even complain to Prince Reinhardt.

“You are mine. I can’t allow only a mere slime to taste you.”

After thoroughly playing with my mouth, he grabbed my legs.


The tentacles were still inside…

“No… Nooo! A third one will break me…!”

“Do you intend to deny me?”


I shook my head at Prince Reinhardt’s slightly scary voice.

“Only… Prince Reinhardt…”

I don’t want tentacles…

“Is that so?”

After that, Prince Reinhardt’s voice became calm.


Suddenly, the two tentacles were pulled out.

With that much stimulus, I came. I twitched down to my toes as a rock-hard length came in…


It was Prince Reinhardt.

“Ngh! Ah…!”

It slid deep as if it was lightly knocking on my womb.

Prince Reinhardt was gentle today…

“Prince Rein…hardt!”

“Are you not scared anymore?”

Instead of replying, I simply clung to him.

When I woke up, Prince Reinhardt was happy.


“I had no choice other than to use the slime for your womb, but it wasn’t so bad.”

That was what he said…

“You may have been scared, but it was to protect the baby in you. Just accept it.”


Does that mean we’re doing it tonight too?

Or rather… Until it’s born…?

This wasn’t the tentacle route… Right?

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The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter Eleven]

Chapter Eleven: Reality is Stranger than Otome Games (Part 1)

Prince Reinhardt’s training had ultimately become routine for me.

I also got pregnant.

…Or should I say I am pregnant?

Yes. Since I’ve woken up in Annelier’s body, not a single monthly visit came. The old doctor said, “Isn’t it because you’re still recovering from the poison?”

When I noticed, the pregnancy was already almost four months through.

I didn’t notice until that point because the morning sickness was mainly non-existent. There was also the fact that I was being overwhelmed by Prince Reinhardt every day; being sluggish became normal.

My recovery was slow, and besides my requests, the old doctor warned Prince Reinhardt to do it in moderation, but it hasn’t really been very moderate…

On top of that, I didn’t notice any symptoms besides the lack of monthly visits. Hence, I didn’t rush into getting medically examined.

There weren’t any pregnancy sticks or anything in this world, so…

It seemed like if there were still no noticeable symptoms in this world, the slow discovery of pregnancies was relatively common.

Once my stomach started to get a little bigger, only then did I notice.

Being that I was the crown princess, letting the pregnancy be overlooked this far was unprecedented, so the people around me were in a great rush when it was discovered.

Not to mention not recovering, Annelier’s body was even more arduous than I imagined!

That made the baby in my stomach more challenging!

Thankfully, despite the brutal acts of the daily lewd training, though calling it assault was a more fitting word — it managed to survive the early stages of pregnancy.

…When I found out, I was shocked at the reality that I was already at a stable period.

More or less, even in this world, people tend to refrain from sexual activities until you enter the stable period, so once we found out I was pregnant, Prince Reinhardt also didn’t offer any sessions.

Sessions are… You know.


“Anna. Undress.”


Right. About the sessions

The training was still being continued.

Since the sessions have stopped, my training has taken a change of course…

I squirmed out of my pajamas, making them fall to the floor. Afterwards, I was beckoned by Prince Reinhardt.

“Come here. I’ll put it on you.”

I approached Prince Reinhardt. He then wrapped a leather collar around my neck.

Yes, I’ve had a collar put on me like a dog…

This kind of play wasn’t in the original game, though!?

Indeed! If he only puts a collar on me, it won’t be a burden on my body…!

It goes without saying that it wasn’t enjoyable… Since I was completely naked aside from the collar.

Prince Reinhardt lightly pulled on the thin chain attached to the collar.

“Get on the bed.”

Of course, it didn’t end with just this.

“Crawl on all fours and hold it in your mouth.”


It’s also worth mentioning that my pregnancy still hasn’t been officially announced.

The declaration will come once I’m past halfway through the stable period and could no longer deceive people based on appearance.

If there were to be a miscarriage after it was announced, then it would be premature joy. It seemed to be a custom and was aimed to avoid conflict with the other rival houses, among various reasons.

Until then, the husband likewise wouldn’t change any of his behavioral patterns.

For Prince Reinhardt, that meant things should be like before; he would still train me every day.

For that reason, even after realizing the pregnancy… We’re continuing with a type of training that wouldn’t cause much of a burden on my body.

That was as precise as putting on a collar and servicing him with my mouth.

I’m training in fellatio.

I don’t know how Annelier was, but I had no experience. I was terrible at it, but it felt like I’d already gotten a lot better than when we started.

Prince Reinhardt was sitting on the bed with his thing fundamentally pointing up as if in preparation for war as I put the tip in my mouth.

I peeked at Prince Reinhardt, wondering if what I was doing was alright, and he gently stroked my hair to reassure me that I was.

Prince Reinhardt was happy about the pregnancy… I think.

Back then, he said, “Well done,” as he caressed my head, so…

If Prince Reinhardt was happy, then I was also pleased.

Yeah! The petting wasn’t because I was being treated like a dog!

…I think!

I engulfed his length with all the effort I could muster.

The whole thing simply couldn’t fit, so I just massaged the base with my hand.

I occasionally licked his frenulum and sucked the tip.

Prince Reinhardt seemed to like kissing and smacking sounds, so I made them on purpose.



Prince Reinhardt oozed a sexy breath as he suddenly clutched my head.

He shoved the entirety of his cock into my mouth as he came down my throat.

I did my best to drink it all.

It tasted so complex that it made me gag… I don’t think I’d ever get used to it, but Prince Reinhardt said, “Drink it.

I persisted and swallowed all of it. With teary eyes, I looked at Prince Reinhardt.

“Very well… You did well.”

After that compliment, Prince Reinhardt smiled and petted me some more.

This made me happy, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was being trained…

I’m aware that if I angered Prince Reinhardt, then he’d be scarier… So it’s better to be happy that he was delighted than to obey begrudgingly.

I think…? But who knows…

It would be nice if it ended with this, but Prince Reinhardt didn’t ever stop after one time.

My thoughts of Prince Reinhardt looking plain as portrayed in the game were a thing of the past.

The real Prince Reinhardt was incomparable.

Maybe it’s finally starting to steer in the direction of being an 18+ otome game…?

Even though there was no meaning in having it in the game, like how Annelier actually had excessively lewd qualities, were there those kinds of settings pointlessly put in?

“Alright, do you know what comes next?”

It’s mouth service round two.

Prince Reinhardt, who was previously sitting, was now lying down.

I slowly crawled up to him and got closer.

Servicing him was okay.

It wasn’t ideal, but I didn’t hate it.

The second round, though…

“What is it?”

Prince Reinhardt smiled while watching me as I moved slowly, clearly abashed.

Prince Reinhardt certainly understood that I was feeling flustered.

I think this was meant for me to be embarrassed in the place.

But if I said I didn’t want to do this, I’m not sure what kind of punishment I would get, so I just have to do it.

It wasn’t because Prince Reinhardt displayed any kind of violence, but because his punishments were more disturbing!

That’s the only thing I can say confidently!

I gave in again today and straddled Prince Reinhardt’s abdomen.

I positioned myself in a way that Prince Reinhardt could see my every move. He was so energetic down there that one wouldn’t know that he already came once before.

As I was straddling Prince Reinhardt’s surprisingly hardy stomach, my legs were pretty much open.

In previous sessions and training, I was too busy being educated and vigorously punished by Prince Reinhardt; it was only recently that I could calmly observe him naked. Seriously!? When does he even work out?

In the day, maybe…?

You keep on exerting yourself this much at night, but you’re still lively enough to exercise the next day, Prince Reinhardt?

Nevermind…! When Prince Reinhardt worked out it didn’t matter!

The problem was that Prince Reinhardt had a surprising amount of muscle. His abdomen was so broad that my legs were very open. Too open.

This was for service round two; like that, I bent forward and put it in my mouth.

With that, I was in the position of being on all fours with my legs wide open.

In other words, I’m in a position that showed off that area to Prince Reinhardt. With that, it can be thoroughly appreciated.

Of course, just normal ogling would be inexcusable.

“You’re quite lewd today.”


“Just from licking me, you’re already this wet.”


Prince Reinhardt put his finger slightly into my wanton hole, making a slight wet sound.

It let me know that I’ve indeed become wet despite him not touching me yet.

And just by being lightly fingered at the entrance, I already trembled and twitched. It went as far as he could tell that I was slightly cumming… 

“You really climax too easily… Even though I still have only touched the entrance.”

Too lewd! This body was too terrible…!

“Cumming’s fine, but you can’t forget your mouth’s duties.”


Once I stopped cumming, I continued moving my tongue.



Prince Reinhardt mercilessly peeled back the skin and teased my clitoris.

“Nnn! Ngh!”

I was stuck on the brink of cumming!

Cumming as he licked me was impossible!

“Didn’t I say you aren’t allowed to rest your mouth? I’ve been lenient so far, but if you stop your tongue, there will be punishment today.”


Once the word punishment left Prince Reinhardt’s mouth, I panicked.

Punishment signified stuff like continuous cumming or losing my mind in ecstasy over aphrodisiacs… It was like torture through pleasure.

Feeling too good and almost going crazy.

might actually be crazy.

I think Prince Reinhardt always knew when I was on the verge of going crazy with pleasure… It would be bad for my belly, but Prince Reinhardt would probably have no problem keeping me cumming without being rough.

While shaking and thinking about what to do, I inadvertently went back to neglecting the fellatio.

“Hey. You stopped again… Is it on purpose because you want punishment? Bad girl.”


I shook my head without my mouth letting go of it.

“Alright. Punishment.”

He pushed me over.

It popped out of my mouth, and I fell to the ground by Prince Reinhardt’s feet.

“Prince… Prince Reinhardt!”

I got up, noticeably shaking from panic. I looked up at the now standing Prince Reinhardt.

Prince Reinhardt was getting off the bed.

I kind of knew that today would turn out like this… Because the box carrying the collar had another box beside it!

On the bedside table was a big, strange box made out of some metal-like material.

As I was scared out of my mind, I dared not look at the contents…

Prince Reinhardt, as expected, opened the box.

“Your pregnancy hasn’t been announced yet, but upon being asked, I said we are intimate. An old school friend brought me something that I thought might be important eventually. I’m under the impression that my friend had raised and trained it. One that is not wild but has been raised this far is very rare.”

Prince Reinhardt opened the box and tilted it to show me what was inside… I was shocked.

No way… That…

But I’m not on that route!

Why was it here… That…

The sadomasochistic Prince Reinhardt route wasn’t the tentacle route!?

Why was that tentacle slime…!

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The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter Ten]

Chapter Ten: The Trapped Former Villainess’ Sweet Afternoon

I believe Prince Reinhardt just hated being bothered.

Even if he knew that I wasn’t Annelier, he wouldn’t divorce me simply because it would have been a bother.

In the beginning, that was what he said.

If he lost his favorite concubine… If Princess Annelier were to disappear… Then he would have to look for a new wife. It was along those lines.

I’m not sure if he had already noticed that I wasn’t Annelier at that point, though.

Perhaps if there weren’t anything nor anyone that would bother him if he got married, then maybe any woman who could have a child would have been fine with him.

Whether I had the qualities of a high-grade masochistic woman or not, the highly sadistic Prince Reinhardt for sure liked a masochistic woman… For now, I’ll set that all aside.

Quality begets quality, and I just haven’t bloomed!


About the real Prince Reinhardt, at night, just anything outside of the training and whatnot in the bedroom, I’ve barely had a chance to know him personally. However, during the daily princess education and stuff, the gossip I heard was that he was a serious, rigid, rational, and logical person. Exactly like how he was portrayed in the game.

He was rational and logical, so at first glance, he’d seem cold. That was the hard part because once you get close, he’d be affectionate. Once you pass the affection phase, erotically, he becomes very sadistic.

…Yeah, I haven’t seen Prince Reinhardt’s affectionate part yet.

He was instantly in sadistic mode!

He would have a gentle voice and facial expression, but his actions were always cruel!

That was one of the reasons why I wondered if there really wasn’t any love involved here.

Of course, for Annelier, but also me.

My body belonged to the villainess Annelier, and since her entire background was unclear, I felt like there weren’t room for any love to grow anymore.

Loving with just the body, it’s unfortunate, but…

Was it that I’d been trained to like Prince Reinhardt with more than just my body?

Happy to be praised, scared to be abandoned, I listened to what Prince Reinhardt said.

If I thought about it casually, I guess I do like him.

I just thought about how I liked Prince Reinhardt… Why? Of course, I think so, but…

Was I actually trained to think like this…?

I wouldn’t say I liked masochism, but I possess masochistic traits, so maybe I’ve come to like it a bit… I look at it that way, but it’s not a realistic situation for love to be born and grow.

To bring the topic back to Prince Reinhardt… Prince Reinhardt was serious, strict, rational, and logical.

The main thing was the last one: the logical part.

Prince Reinhardt was logical, so he tended to avoid anything that would be burdensome.

I’m not Annelier on the inside, but the people around me believed that I was the same. My body was, so he probably jumped at it and thought, “Why not just have a child with her?”

On the other hand, I don’t exactly know whether I woke up in the past or crossed between worlds and possessed Annelier’s body. What I know for sure is that I definitely have to live as Annelier going forward.

So, it would be lucky if Prince Reinhardt didn’t have a problem with me, who was different on the inside.

I don’t really feel the fear of being found out by Prince Reinhardt, who has had the most interest and contact with me. I felt no stress in that aspect.

…But with the training, presented a different kind of stress.

As for the maids and the original Annelier’s relatives, it would affect them terribly if they were to lose their positions, so I think they would have stayed silent even if they noticed.

Prince Reinhardt already dealt with everyone outside Annelier’s circle, so that was only a problem before he found me out.

I’m doing what Prince Reinhardt wanted, but on the inside, I felt like I was also starting to think that’s what I wanted, too.

So as for what Prince Reinhardt wanted, it was probably my pregnancy to push through without a hitch.

I should probably follow along with what Prince Reinhardt wished and just cooperate.

It would just be my theory, but wouldn’t continuing those intense training at night make it difficult for pregnancy?

I don’t clearly remember when or where, but I’ve heard about it before.

If you’re pregnant or at least trying to be, one should refrain from that kind of thing, so doing it in a non-intense way would make things easier, right?

I should recommend this to Prince Reinhardt.

It’s not because I hated the training nor because I always got squeezed until I felt like I was going to die!

It would only be because of logic!

Furthermore, the conversation with Prince Reinhardt should be right before training.

Prince Reinhardt wasn’t violent, so he would most certainly answer if I started a conversation right away.

However, he usually moved on with things quickly, so there isn’t any room for slow conversations.

As usual, in the middle and after are (omitted)…

Therefore, the perfect time to start a conversation was as we entered the room.

If I were to execute my plan like last time, then that would be an apparent mistake. It wouldn’t be the same this time around, so it’s whatever…!

Today, I sat on my knees on the bed as I awaited Prince Reinhardt’s arrival.

He had allotted my recent training time to dance lessons in nothing but a chastity belt with two thick poles sticking from inside me, so I decided it would buy me more time if I weren’t on the bed.

Additionally, the nighttime tools were already put in a box and brought by a maid in advance.

I wondered if they had any idea about the things in the box, but I wasn’t brave enough to ask.

The box was brought again today, so it’s safe to assume there will be training even if I stayed silent as usual.

Today was different. Before that, as Prince Reinhardt arrived, I instantly started by saying: “There’s something I would like to talk about.”

“What is it?”

Prince Reinhardt put a robe over his pajamas, sat on the bed, turned his body toward me, and waited for my response.

“Uhhh… Prince Reinhardt, I think you want to have a child with me, but…”

As I said that, Prince Reinhardt slightly widened his eyes as if he were surprised. He then squinted.



Was I wrong?

“You’re saying this now?”

“Was… Am I wrong?”

“You’re not wrong.”

Ah, good.

I was right.

“I thought I told you I would impregnate you but was it that you did not hear?”


Now that I thought about it, I felt like he said something about if I were to get pregnant, then it’ll buy time… It was along those lines.

“Sorry… I… I forgot.”

Uhhh. He’s staring at me.

“I kept pouring out that much seed every day, and up until now, you didn’t think that was my intention?”

“Uhm… It was more like it didn’t cross my mind.”

There really wasn’t any room to think, to be honest.


Uhhh… Prince Reinhardt’s eyes were half-open.

“And? Is that not what you wanted to say?”

If you looked at me like that, it’d only be natural that I’d find it hard to speak, Prince Reinhardt.

“Uhm… I heard that it’s difficult to have a baby if you’re too rough every day.”


Ah. He slowly started to smile.

That’s a good sign.

“Therefore, if you wish for a child, I felt that it would be better to refrain from doing a little bit more at night.”


This wasn’t good.

…That smile looks scary, Prince Reinhardt.

“This is the first that I’ve heard of how refraining will make pregnancy easier. This isn’t just a lie that you’re just saying because you dislike me, is it?”

I shook my head from side to side.

“Uhhh, uhm… When you’re pregnant, you refrain from that kind of thing, right?”

“That’s right. I’d heard it would certainly hurt the child in your stomach, so until the doctor gives permission, we’re not allowed to be strenuous.”

“So before noticing you’re pregnant, it should still apply…”

“I see. That’s consistent with reason.”

With a scary face, Prince Reinhardt reached his hand out to touch my cheek.

I trembled as he gently caressed me.

“That means you want to have my child, right?

…It’s embarrassing if you put it in such blunt words, Prince Reinhardt.

I realized that to live as Annelier meant I’d have to depend on Prince Reinhardt. It also seemed like I was trained, but still, saying it in that way was embarrassing.

“Anna. Answer. Now.”

Prince Reinhardt accurately sensed that I was embarrassed and was precisely forcing me more into it.

I nodded in agreement, but as expected, that wasn’t enough.

“Answer properly.”

“…I want Prince Reinhardt’s baby.”

Even this wasn’t enough.

Prince Reinhardt smiled in a way that wasn’t scary, but still, it seemed to be the wrong answer.

“Anna, beg me properly. In this kind of moment, what would be the right thing to say?”

I didn’t intend to, but I fully understood what he wanted to say.

If I don’t say it with embarrassing words, he won’t accept it.

…Since he’s the sadistic Prince Reinhardt!

“I want to be im… Impregnated with Prince Reinhardt’s baby. Please impregnate me…!”

“Very well. Let’s adopt your opinion, but you can only choose one. Do you want to be gently violated every day or to be violated roughly once in a while? Decide.”


Pick one?

Weren’t both terrible?

Not rough or not every day…

It’s Prince Reinhardt, so I have to say it in a humiliating way, huh?

“Which is it?”

What should I do?

If I repeat something that embarrassing, I’ll probably die of shame… But I might regret it later if I don’t think about it seriously.

If I said I wanted to be violated roughly, then will it become rougher than before…?

That wasn’t good.

I might die… And even if I didn’t, I’d probably break.

Even for the intense and passionate Annelier… More than that was impossible, wasn’t it!?

Every day won’t be more than what I’m used to – that is – not more than now.

If it doesn’t become harsher than now, the status quo would still stand, even if the severity wouldn’t change.

The result of the short meeting in my brain was unanimous.

“I want to be violated every day.”

…I ignored the embarrassment I felt.

“Anna, is the reason why you keep on inadequately begging me because you wanted to be punished?”

“N… no.”

“You’re a bad girl.”

“I’m not…”

I’m not…!

“I will allow a redo. However, punishment’s a punishment.”

“What is the… Punishment…”

“Take off your clothes, open your legs, and spread your hole with your fingers. Can you do that? I’ll have you do the same thing Annelier did on our first night. Afterwards, I want you to beg me in that position.”

It got worse…

Whenever Prince Reinhardt spoke, it wouldn’t end well if I were to disobey.

If I resisted, I just knew it would only intensify things.


It’s embarrassing…

“Can’t you do it?”

“…I can.”

While I could feel my eyes tearing up, I started taking off my thin pajamas.

My clothing that was only being held up by a string was removed in no time. Since I wasn’t wearing any underwear, I was instantly naked.

It may be too late to put this out there, but in my opinion, risque poses always felt so uncomfortable…!

I opened my legs as I took a peek at Prince Reinhardt.

He was staring intently.

…While feeling his gaze, I slowly spread my hole wide open.

“Prince Reinhardt… Please violate… And impregnate me every day…”

“Very well.”

Prince Reinhardt nodded his head in satisfaction.

Immediately, he got on the bed and pushed at my shoulders.

I fell over and found myself looking at the domed ceiling.

“Hold your legs up.”

In this position…?

“Like so. Pull your knees up to your shoulders and stick out your butt.”

Uhhh… Another embarrassing pose, huh?

I knew that he would violate me as I was in the following position, so repositioning myself was extra embarrassing.

However, just by obeying him unquestioningly, Prince Reinhardt looked like he was enjoying it more today.

I wonder if there’s a cure for sadism.

It couldn’t be helped, so I posed as Prince Reinhardt had ordered me to.

…It seemed like I was saved from dance training today.

“You’re lewd again tonight, huh? I’m not even touching you, yet you’re already wet.”


Prince Reinhardt suddenly thrust his finger in.

There was a resounding Schlick! noise that confirmed I was wet even before being touched.

“It seems preparation is unnecessary. As you pleaded, I’ll violate you. Watch as your filthily lewd lower mouth takes me.”

The purpose of having me in this pose was to let me see my hole as it took him in.

If I avoided looking, he’d surely be mad, but this kind of dirty play was too…

As I was about to close my eyes, I realized.

Prince Reinhardt followed my plea for daily violation, but I didn’t specify that he shouldn’t violate me roughly…!

“Uhhh… Uhhh!”

“What is it, Anna?”

“Be gentle… Please.”


Just before entering, Prince Reinhardt stopped, leaned forward, and looked into my eyes.

“Gentle, in what way?”


Was there any other way of being gentle?

“State it specifically.”


“Uhhh… Uhm…”

As if it were the first-time-around-sex-reward with the heroine…

No… I can’t say reward!

When I said reward to Prince Reinhardt, he made me cum for a tremendous amount of time!

That was torture…!

Not reward!

Not like a reward, but like… Like it’s with the heroine.

“…Like I’m your lover.”


“Please be sweet.”

Ah… I made a mistake.

If I remember correctly, he said he wouldn’t be nice about it…

“I’ll consider it.”

Was that not a mistake?

“But that will be later. For now, I’ll violate you.”

…What a terrible man.

“Na… Ahn…!”

I could hear the sound of my wet hole being pushed open as Prince Reinhardt came in.

“Take a good look at who’s violating you, Anna.”

I was deeply swallowing Prince Reinhardt’s thing.

“Ah! Ah… Prince Rein…hardt…!”

He pulled out his enormous dick, leaving just the tip in, and repeatedly thrust it back up to the hilt.

“Ah! Ah…!”

The more he violently thrust it in… The harder it rubs inside…! Ngh…!

“Don’t grind against me…!”


“I’ll cum…!”

Prince Reinhardt went deep in me as he incessantly ground down on my insides.

“Ah! Ahhh! Cumming…! Ngh…!”


Grinding on all…! The good spots…!

“Ah! Ahhh!”

“…Even if I’m not rough, you’re still lewd, climaxing so quickly.”

I can’t take any more…!

No more! Grinding…!

I was mistaken.

Even if Prince Reinhardt wasn’t rough, Annelier’s body was just too depraved, so even in moderation, it still felt intense to the point of relentless orgasms…

On top of that, it seemed like Prince Reinhardt was in stamina preservation mode… He continued even after I lost consciousness.

“You continued cumming even after you lost consciousness.”

That was what I heard as I woke up.

I hoped, and at the same time didn’t, that someone out there could understand this miserable feeling I was having.

After being crushed as I woke up this morning, I wasn’t good for anything outside of bathing and getting dressed.

However, following the afternoon princess training studies, once tea time started, something that hasn’t happened so far finally happened.

Prince Reinhardt called me to his office.

Tea-time together… What was this strange turn of events?

Perhaps he thought about how I said like a lover yesterday?

Although he didn’t take it as gentleness in bed, I was happy for our first tea-time together.

“Prince Reinhardt, she has arrived.”

As I entered, I thanked the maid who brought me here and opened the door.

“Annelier, come here.”

He called me Annelier as we were outside. I felt a little sad as I approached Prince Reinhardt.

I was surprised to see that there was already tea prepared for two on his office desk.

…But tea on his office desk?

There didn’t seem to be enough chairs.

As I was thinking, Prince Reinhardt suddenly lifted me in his arms.


“Last night, you begged me to do this right, so why are you so surprised?”


Right now, I was on Prince Reinhardt’s lap.


Was this really what I begged for?

Be friendly as if I were your lover – was this it?

So, it was this kind of thing.

I became teary and looked around at my surroundings.

This was the crown prince’s office, so even though it was break time, the chamberlains and officials were still doing different things, but…

I’m supposed to have tea on Prince Reinhardt’s lap while all those people could see!?

That’s too embarrassing…!

“I sent off the young and unmarried people, so it’s alright.”

No… No!? That’s not the problem!


Prince Reinhardt brought snacks up to my mouth.

If I don’t eat this…

I swallowed the saliva in my mouth as preparation for eating the snack from Prince Reinhardt’s hand.

I can’t seem to taste its flavor, Prince Reinhardt.

I’m sorry… I was mistaken.

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The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter Nine]

Chapter Nine: The Sadistic Prince Won’t Let the Trapped Former Villainess Go

“Can’t you put up with it any longer?”

Anna was clinging onto my arm, holding back her tears, and pretending as though she could still hold on…

However, she was already feeling convulsions in her lower abdomen, reaching into her legs.

When I whispered, she trembled with fear.

“I’ll have to punish you again today.”

Anna looked up with her moist eyes, asking for forgiveness.

This further stimulated my greed… Anna didn’t understand how irresistible she looked.

Anna really seemed afraid of the aphrodisiacs, so I knew none of it was mere acting.

Anna, who was frightened by, yet still clung to me, appeared unbearably stupid and cute.

To me, it was better not to refuseresistaccept with pleasure, but to be afraidashamed, and obedient.

Anna didn’t really hate it from the bottom of her heart, but she felt confused and frightened by her delicate body… That made me happy.

…She really was worth bullying.

Anna’s face didn’t show any signs of giving up; her head did not fall in shame once.

Still, her body proved to be more obscene than any other woman I’d ever known.

Who thought of putting an innocent soul like Anna in Annelier’s lewd body?

Was it a coincidence or a custom-made just for me?

Was she trying to drown me?

I’ve never been drowned in any woman before, but I’ll admit… I’m drowning in Anna.

I don’t just want to oppress her obscenely, but I want to commit to this girl.

I hope that she’ll be committed to me in turn, falling into the pleasure I gave.

Although I’m aware that it’s better not to fall, I still yearn to.

I want to commit a crime and ruin you with my body.

You can just fall for me and conceive my child.

“Or are you doing it on purpose to be punished?”

“I’m… Not.”

The childish gesture of shaking one’s head looked cute on her…

“You don’t have to hide it,”

I want to make her cry through it all.

“I’ll increase the aphrodisiac dosage today.”


Anna was good now, so it’s not in my intention to destroy her.

But the picture of Anna laying down as she is driven wild by the aphrodisiac – was a step past being irresistible.

I want to be that aphrodisiac.

The shame you would feel after you come to your senses would be good.

The lewder you are while indulging in pleasure with the aphrodisiac, the better.

And if it were because of me that you’d become lewd, it would be worth all the more.

I needed to use it carefully enough for Anna, who was highly affected by the aphrodisiac, to keep her memory alive after the had moment passed.

Still, I wanted to use it more, so I decided to get Anna used to aphrodisiacs.

I let her do tasks that I knew for sure she couldn’t do right and gradually increased the number of aphrodisiacs under the pretext of giving her punishment.

Once she gets used to it and develops a resistance, I’d be able to enjoy her stupor for a longer time. I can further increase the number of times we could do this.

Until then, Anna, frightened by the aphrodisiac-addled punishments, can likewise enjoy it as much as I could right now.

“Are you sure you don’t actually like it?”


I grabbed the ornament on Anna’s chest as she was dancing naked.

She gave a sharp, stiff response that confirmed Anna’s endurance over her body that was vulnerable to pleasure. She was such a mess that I wanted to mess her up even more.

“Do you actually like the aphrodisiac?”


“I should heighten your punishment for having been lied to.”

“Oh, that’s…”

“If you were to have liked the aphrodisiacs, then they wouldn’t be used as punishment. However, since you don’t like them, then they’re your punishment.”


Anna, with her moistened eyes, clung to me.

She didn’t seem to have realized that my words contradict each other, and I further thought that such foolishness was cute.

This was the first time I’ve ever felt this way about a woman, so I figured I was already drowning in Anna.

Taking advantage of Anna’s ignorance of my inconsistencies, I carried her straight to bed.

The punishment had already been scheduled in advance, so I had the tools prepared sooner.

Today’s were handcuffs, foot shackles, and a support rod to prevent her legs from closing.

I removed the key from the chastity belt, pulled out the tension mold, and then placed her in cuffs and shackles.

After putting a support rod between her legs that kept them open, I directed a command to Anna.

“Get on all fours.”

Anna seemed to like to be talked down on from behind, so I often made her crawl on all fours.

Anna wouldn’t… She couldn’t disobey my orders.

She would obey me even if she protested and was against what I wanted.

I don’t think she’s realized that her disdain stimulated my greed more when compared to if she was simply obedient.

While looking at Anna, who was scared out of her mind, I widened her hole and poured the aphrodisiac into her honeyed mouth.

It was a little more than yesterday’s, but it’s still far less than the original quantity I used initially.

There were still many ways Anna was easy to work with.

“It’s a double punishment today, so I’ll add some more aphrodisiacs on the way.”

“No, don’t…”

“No. I can’t spoil the person who is pretending to be Annelier.”

Anna moaned and laid her head down on the bed.

The image of her buttocks raising slightly every so often was intriguingly lewd.

“I’ll see how obscene you really are. Tell me when you can no longer stand it.”

I stroked her cheek as I looked at Anna’s second mouth, overflowing with wistful honey.

It’s been a month and a half since Annelier became Anna.

I didn’t particularly dislike Annelier, but now I don’t want Anna to go back to being Annelier.

–I suddenly recalled the news of Annelier’s downfall.

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