I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Thirty-Seven]

We finally arrived on the land of Lemaire Kingdom.

…Ah, I’m finally back home.

His Imperial Highness said I do not have to come to tell my greetings nor report to His Majesty and His Chancellor. Very well! I decided to hurry to my information expert Sara-chan to determine what I should do and where I should go.

…Oh, I almost forgot that I have to visit someone before that… I feel heavy… But I still have to go…

I’m in Count Wale’s Royal Capital Villa.

“…I’ll do it wherever I go.” Sara-chan somehow strangely held her head. I offered her some tea to drink. I understand that the servants could serve it, but still…

I have a right to ask. Sara-chan, please answer!

Sara-chan looks at me suspiciously. I feel very sorry for myself, trying to overpower everything and take anything that I have.

“Yes, Sara-chan, this is it.”


I hand her some books. Latest Dragon Observation Material of Magic Division Commander and the First Edition Biography of the Wise King of the Head Priest. Sara-chan has wanted them for the longest time.

“How did you manage to get this? I thought it would only be available after six months?”

“…I contacted them directly.”

 I buried my face in the cushion, remembering how mentally exhausted I was at that time.

The Head Priest, with a smiling face, politely taught me from the beginning to the very end. However, he kept palming the oath off me and forced me to take it to the gods, all the while asking me, “You like our temple, don’t you?”

…Thanks to the Priest who shouted, “You’re crazy!” that I was brought to my senses and was able to run away. Thank you.

At first, the Magic Division Commander showed me the materials as usual, but as soon as he noticed my “Dragon Crest,” He almost dragged me into the terrifying door just behind us. I was petrified. What was he going to do?

“You like our temple, don’t you?”

I was apprehensive about the thought of the aftermath of my supposed disappearance that the Head Priest lost me. Was what happened okay?

 While I surrendered to those terrible memories, it seems like Sara-chan had finished reading.

“…I see.” She instantly burned the handed materials with magic flames. Yeah… I understand the necessity, but someone wrote those with all their effort, so I’m a little sad.

“I’ll explain.” Sara-chan stepped on the tiles by her feet; suddenly, a map appeared. I’m dealing with Sara-chan, so I don’t want to dig into why she had this all set up.

 I reckon that maps that spread out on a desk are a national secret. It was a precise map that aroused sufficient suspicion as to why she has it. Oh… I’m not too fond of all this. What are you doing, Sara-chan…

 But Sara-chan couldn’t hear my voiceless scream. She put her finger on the map, just around the Colossus Ruins.

“Here, the Dragon Seal was made at the Colossus Ruins… The one that you opened.”

“But Sara-chan, this is a false accusation!” Sara-chan completely ignored my objections. It feels like I’ve experienced similar emotions quite recently. Sara-chan moves her fingers from the Colossus Ruins to the left and right, just like the flow of a road.

“It is said that the Dragon Vein was flowing in Ancient times starting from the Colossus Ruins.” Pointing back to the Ruins, she lowered her finger down the map. “Furthermore, just below that is East Lemaire. And…” She again moves her fingers back and forth from East Lemaire, like the flow of the road. “From East Lemaire, the Dragon Vein is flowing… Do you get it?”

“Yeah. Thanks to the easy-to-understand map.” 

Sara-chan sits down again, saying that it’s “the main subject”. Why do I act as if I understood everything? Stop. Main subject? What does she mean? 

“There must be a pair to your Dragon Crest. East Lemaire probably sealed it.”

“Eh… it was sealed?” I have doubts about the past form. So… Maybe.

“Yes, that damn case five years ago. There is no doubt that the Fallen Hero had a Dragon Crest at that time.” Sara-chan looked into my eyes. That case? I looked down a little.

 “Maybe this time in the place where two Dragon Veins overlap, we should use your Dragon Crest and Alkaios’ Dragon Crest to summon the Evil Dragon.”

Does that mean that if I go there, it might help the Evil Dragon be reborn? Sara-chan, unnaturally bright, told me what she thinks I should do.

“Hey, Ria. The other party is that Fallen Hero, isn’t it? Not only his armed forces, who were called Guardians of the Continent, but also the organizations under Io of the Dead are so powerful that they cannot be underestimated, right?”

Sara-chan gently took my hand. Her hands were a bit cold… I wonder if Sara-chan is also nervous.

“So, you shouldn’t interfere in this.” Her voice envelops me. Sweet, soft, and gentle. But you know? Sara-chan, I can’t do that.

 “You are necessary for the resurrection of the Evil Dragon. If you stay in a quiet and strict prison, you will not be hurt, and we will settle everything.

“…You’ll ruin all their plans, won’t you?”

Sara-chan’s face darkened.

Sara-chan always protected me without my knowledge. Even now, she’s still trying to shield me from everything and lock me up somewhere just like that. But it seems that only I can do the checkmate – the final move.

“…Apparently, every country is in hiding… Neither Lemaire nor I have grasped where they are.”

“In that case, wouldn’t it be better if you used me as bait?” I squeezed Sara-chan’s hand to warm it up a little. I looked straight into Sara-chan’s eyes and said the most selfish thing ever.

“They are waiting for me at the building. I decided way back then; I’m going to hit that green bastard with one shot.” I grinned while Sara-chan rolled her eyes towards the sky.

“…I know. That expression on your face tells me that you’ve already decided on everything.” I laughed lightly. Sara-chan hugged me tightly, with tears spilling from her eyes, unlike the usual Sara-chan I know.

“…Please just come home!”


 “…When it rains, it pours…”

“…Yeah… I know…”

 Carefully stepping away, Sara-chan, as usual, looked at me with a smile similar to an old Evil Dark Dragon that tried to eat prey that keeps on trying to escape unsuccessfully. Brrr…

 “If you die, I’ll kill you.

“I’ll do my best not to die.” I held her hands again and looked at Sara-chan’s eyes. She looked worried. I smiled.

“It’s okay; I will do everything in my power to return home.”

I’m in the Magic Tower Laboratory in the Royal Palace.

“What? Bait? You!?” Screaming so, the tea that was brewed for me was poured too much and overflowed, spilling from its sides by Soran, who was looking at me with a stunned face. Well, I didn’t expect anything else. Although I feel sorry for Soran, who was so surprised that he froze, but I still have something to ask.

“Well, that’s the situation. I wonder if I can get a little magic stone so that I could protect myself…”

“Oh, is that so.” Soran was offended by me. Ah, did I say something impossible… Was it that expensive… 

Soran glared at me.

“If your friends want something, and they ask you about it, won’t you take advantage of it? Wouldn’t you?” 

With an offended face, Soran repeated the phrase I said to him before. Oh, does he remember? It’s a little embarrassing to repeat it.

“Ask in your usual arrogant manner.”

“Well, don’t blame me.” I reached out my hand to Soran and spoke harshly. “I need one of your usable magic stones.”

 “Where are your manners?” Soran hit me in the forehead. What for? He told me to say it like that!

While I was rubbing the stricken part of my forehead, looking at him with a grudge, Soran began to mutter with a serious expression.

“…After all, it is necessary to invalidate physical attacks… After that, with offset magic for each attribute…” He started to pull out expensive gems with incredible speed and began to create complex magic circles on them… Ah, no, even such a precious thing… Wow, are those diamonds? Huh! Pink diamonds!?

“Oh, Soran, if it’s too expensive, then …”

“The more expensive a gem, the more advanced magic you can put in it, so deal with it.” While saying so, he piled up magic stones with complicated magic circles one after another. But, can I handle it?

“Soran, I don’t have the confidence that I can handle such complicated magic stones.”

“That is expected. So, the defense system will be attached to this necklace, so it will automatically protect you.” While talking about it, he dexterously attached magic stones to the chain, which also seems expensive. 

…The necklace turned out to look rough and sloppy. Will I really need to wear this? What have I done?

“I’ll put attacking magic stones in this bag, so all you need to do is just to throw them properly.”

Great. Then I’ll be able to handle it, too. I wonder how incompetent Soran thinks I am. I, of course, understand that he is correct, but still… 

 Soran takes my right hand and taps it lightly. “If you put it in here, you won’t even be able to notice it. So just for this first time, just put this necklace in.” 

Oh! Magic circles appeared on the back of my right hand! Soran also threw the rough necklace into the bag. This is amazing! …Ohhh! The chain is arising from my right hand!

“…No, this is no good… I need more…”


He looked at the attacking magic stones and repeatedly threw them with a wistful expression on his face. Then, he turned to me. His eyes are fixed on one point. “Give me a little more time for attacking magic stones.”

“Well, yes, of course… Just don’t overdo it, alright?”

Although I asked for it myself, the jewels were piled up too high… I started to worry about various things. 


Soran grabbed me by the collar and threw me out of the laboratory.

…What the?! 

“I’ll prepare everything. Someday you’ll thank me.”


He shut the door in my face. I am stunned, but the corners of my mouth naturally lifted.

It’s Soran…

How can I not thank him?

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I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter Fifty-Two]

Chapter Fifty-Two: Heavy Feelings (Part II)

“What? …Kaname, you wouldn’t do that. After all, you’re too kind.”

“…Even so, just in case. What if?”

I can’t help but feel pain shoot through my heart because of the trust that she directed straight at me.

An assumption is only an assumption. It doesn’t always happen in real life.

…But I know that if Ayaka actually had someone she deemed more important than me, that assumption would definitely come true.

I’d rather destroy her perception of me than have her be taken away by someone else… Because I already have such selfish desires in me.

If I were to be cornered, I would definitely do something that would betray your trust.

I’m not a man worthy of your trust… What kind of reaction would you give if you knew that?

Will I disillusion you?

“Well… Then, I’d probably protest for the improvement of the situation? I would want to go out at least once a month.”

“…Hmm, I’m determined to lock you up, so I can’t accept that.”

“Oh, you can’t even let me even if it’s just once every month!? Yandere… They’re really too narrow-minded… Well, then…”

Ayaka was groaning with her arms folded, having no idea of the things that were in my heart… Eventually, she laughed and continued what she was saying.

“Well, in the end, I’ll probably struggle as much as I can, give up and accept the situation? …But Kaname, if I can live alone with you, then that’s not bad.”

…I wonder how stupid this girl really is.

How did you come to that conclusion?

“…I don’t understand how you can even say such a thing. You’ll be locked up. Locked. Up.”

“What? Because it’s Kaname. If it were you, I’d eventually forgive you, maybe.”

“…Even if I went so mad as to hold you captive? How can you say such words so easily? Ayaka…”

I can’t understand.

Such a criminal thing should be rejected and kept away from everyone.

No matter how hypothetical the situation I gave was, how could you take things so lightly?

“…Because you’d still be Kaname, right? It doesn’t matter if you became mad enough to lock me up.”

Ayaka said, tilting her head mysteriously at my former question.

“Kaname, as long as it’s Kaname, no matter what it is, eventually I’ll forgive you no matter what you do… Because I love you.”

–Ahhh. Really, you.

“…How stupid are you?”

“What? Why are you cursing at me!? This is the part where you’re supposed to be so touched that you’d be moved to tears!”

…You’re a fool, Ayaka. You’re really stupid.

You didn’t even realize the darkness in my heart at all, yet you accepted me so easily.

You’ve made me feel forgiven despite not knowing that I have these ugly feelings for you.


When I hugged the warmth in the shape of her in my arms, I felt something warm spilling from my eyes.

–Ayaka, you’re hopelessly stupid.

Please, continue to be just as stupid in the future.

As long as you can keep staying stupid beside me, then I’m sure I can keep this ugly feeling hidden from you.

I can stay by your side as the “gentle Kaname” that you see me as.

…So, please.

“…you’re weird, Kaname.”

Please, continue to be unaware of my heavy feelings in the future.

So, that I can patch up myself to be what you want…

So, that I can keep being the hero you want…

“…Well, that’s cute! As expected, you truly are my dog!”

…Even if you do notice it, you will indeed accept it readily, while saying, “Kaname is still important to me.”

“–Ayaka. What would you do if I said you’re already engaged to me since way back?”

“Ahhh… Well, I’d be surprised, but it’s a possibility with father and Kaname being who they are. I think you’d both be arranging matter to make that happen from the shadows. The both of you.”

“What if I say it’s actually true?”


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I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter Fifty-One]

Chapter Fifty-One: [Extra 3] Heavy Feelings (Part I)

“Thank you… I’m glad she has you, Kaname-sama.”

–I think it was probably at that moment, when I heard those words, that my life started.

It’s been more than ten years since I was born in this world as “Ryudoji Kaname,” and even when I had a voice, I wasn’t always sure if I had been alive until that moment.

I didn’t have anything.

I had no joy, no sorrow, or even hatred for my unreasonable fate.

There were just endless resignation and a slight irritation like the remnants of being human. That was all I had about me as a 10-year-old boy.

A cold, inorganic, monochrome world, simply absorbing knowledge mechanically, is my “natural” everyday life.

I didn’t even know that I wanted anything else other than that. I didn’t know about the rest of the world.

I taught you… Ayaka. It’s you.

Because of you, I understood my emotions.

I learned everything from you; this brightly colored world and its warmth.

I was able to become a “human” because you were next to me who couldn’t help but be so stupid and troublesome that I had to take care of everything for you.

…Ayaka. You keep saying that this is an otome game that you played in your previous life, but I just can’t believe it.

I know you’re not lying.

In fact, even when your knowledge of the game came off the track in various ways, the future you said still happened.

…Yet I can’t imagine that there would be an “I” who hasn’t met you. What’s more, that I would love another woman other than you.

I’m sure that wouldn’t be me, even if we share the same face or situation. He and I would just be strangers who remember each other.

Because I was born by you… As I am now.

“–Yes, it’s heavy. It’s hard.”

I rested my chin on Ayaka’s head, who is gently protesting in my arms.

“…Well. Just shut up and turn into a human hot water bottle. I’m cold.”

“No, let’s just raise the temperature! Don’t be stingy!”

“Ah. I think it would make sense for the Student Council members to serve as models for saving electricity. In times like this, we should be eco-friendly. It’s a matter where the initiative should start from the ones that stand at the top.”

“Oh, I see… Wait, no, no, no, no. I mean, even the dormitories are fairly well-heated. Also, Aina-chan will scold us by saying, ‘Impure heterosexual relationship is against the school regulations!’ He already told me off the other day.”

Tsk… I can’t believe this foolish habit of hers.

That guy Sainohara said unnecessary things to Ayaka again…

Then, it’s time to make the next move.

“…Do you hate it?”


“Ayaka… Do you hate me for doing this?”

When I deliberately said it in a slightly sulky tone, the stupid Ayaka immediately smiled broadly.

“I can’t hate you~ I’m in trouble, though. Do you want to be attached to me that much? I see. I see. Then it can’t be helped.”

…That was easy. As expected, you’re such a fool.

When I put my weight on Ayaka, who was basking in her good mood, she yelped like a frog who is being crushed.

“…Kaname! It’s heavy! Heavy!”

Ignoring the voices of protest that rose once again, I just enjoyed the warmth that is Ayaka in my arms.

…If I don’t feel this warmth regularly, I feel restless.

It was after the incident with that Do-Me woman the other day.

Sainohara told me to at least let her have lunch with others, but it was a severe problem for me.

“That’s right… I’m heavy.


Because I want to monopolize everything that is Ayaka.

“…What? Uhm… It’s true that it’s heavy, but I actually think you’re too thin for your height? If you’re saying that you’re fat, then that’ll make 70% of the students in this school fat, too. So, don’t worry about it too much, okay? If only you could lighten the weight on me a little bit.”

“…That’s not what I meant.”


Ayaka, who was confused because she didn’t understand the meaning of what I said, broke into a bitter smile.

…You know, don’t you? Is this just another flow in the game’s story?

I’m sure I’m much heavier, narrower, and helplessly dependent on Ayaka than she thinks.

Not only with her opposite sex, which could develop romantic feelings for her, but even the friendships she has with the same-sex makes me miserable.

“…Kaname? What’s the matter?”

“…No, it’s nothing.”

‘…Even if you want me to leave, I’ll never go away, Kaname.

What suddenly came to my mind was Ayaka’s words when I told her to leave me alone when we were both in middle school because I was being isolated when she still chose to stay beside me.

…What would her expression be like if I said I wanted to go back to those days?

In those days, the two of us were alone, and we only had one another to rely on.

I don’t want anyone to get close to you.

Only look at me.

The love we have now isn’t enough.

Eros, Philia, Storge, Agape. I want your everything.

These kinds of feelings always exist within me, and sometimes it feels like I’m going to burst with even the simplest triggers that come my way.

I always have the urge to let go of myself and take everything that was and is Ayaka, leaving me with a dirty and sinking feeling.

…I get scared that someday I might hurt and frighten Ayaka away.

“Hey, Ayaka… What if I locked you up somewhere so that you couldn’t see nor hear anyone, but me?

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I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter Fifty]

Chapter Fifty: [Extra 2] A Dog of My Own

“Oh, the dog has come to bear the eyes of an ordinary man,”

What I said at that time was real.

“…I’ll let you go. Stay by the lady who made you look like that. My father and I are not so narrow-minded as to break the contract. If we cut off the Ryudoji Family, you will lose a lot of money.”

But when I turned my back, something warm rolled down my cheek.

My dog, which I have loved since I was 10.

I thought I was showing my love, but to him, it seemed like I was only out to humiliate him.

So, I’ll let you go now.

I never wanted to hurt you.

…Ah, but I’m lonely.

I feel very lonely about letting go of my beloved dog.

“…What a strange dream.”

When I woke up, I was already in tears.

The farewell that happened in my dream was a sad one.

I was a rich lady who kept a boy of the same age around as her dog in my dream.

“…I’m just a simple office worker who doesn’t have anything to do with such things.”

Maybe it’s because a nerdy colleague of mine spoke passionately about an otome game called the “Prisoner of the Miniature Garden.”

I’m wasn’t really interested in the game in general, so I just ignored him.

“Your face is completely different! But the atmosphere is the same. It feels like you could totally be the Empress!”

Because he said such a thing… Maybe that’s why it left a strange impression on me.

“But… In my dream, I was quite immature. That’s why he ran away.”

I couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Maybe she couldn’t help it because she was just a teenage girl, but it’s only natural that her dog would want to run away from her. In my dream, I was imposing my love on him.

If you want your love to be accepted, you must first give the other person the form of love they want. Only then will you slowly have to encourage people to accept your love.

“…Em, Empress-sama… Have you woken up…?”

–Yes, just like how I am now.

“Yoshimasa… I wonder who allowed you to speak? The punishment isn’t over yet.”

Yoshimasa’s handsome face, who had been left tied up in tortoiseshell rope binding, became distorted by my words.

This pathetic appearance was so lovely that I almost wanted to forgive you, but I have to be patient. I shouldn’t let him be spoiled.

“Why am I angry? Yoshimasa… Why did you want to dismiss me?”

This man abused his position as the President of a Parent Company and had the President of my company dismiss me even when I wasn’t at fault for anything.

Isn’t it just to discipline a dog who would do such a thing without asking his owner?



“Because… I couldn’t allow you to attract other men without my knowledge anymore…!”

Yoshimasa explained, wriggling like a caterpillar, still being tied up.

“…It bothers me when you don’t listen to me whenever I ask you to be part of my family as my wife…! At the least, you still wouldn’t listen to me even when I asked you to be solely my exclusive secretary…! Whenever I go to your company, you get angry at me for coming to a measly subsidiary company… Now… I’ve already reached my limit…!”

…Oh, come on. Aren’t you ashamed that such a big man is so pathetic as to cry this shamelessly? I can’t believe that this is the President of a fast-growing high-tier company, not to mention the apple of every female employees’ eyes.

I like to own things that fall in love with an ordinary woman like me, and even though I wouldn’t say I like saying it, but I haven’t met many of those, except for you.

In contrast to the me in my dream, I wonder if I’ve trained this one in the wrong way. I spoiled him too much. He needs to understand his position again.

“Yoshimasa? Who is your owner?”


“Who is better, you or me?”


“Then you should know that you have no right to meddle in my business.”


…Oh, you don’t have to look so depressed. That’s how you look when you’re about to cry yourself out.

I can’t believe that a man who has everything exposes himself in such a pathetic manner to me, who is completely ordinary… What a thrill.

“…It can’t be helped. I’ll take the employment examination for your company next month.”


“But, I’m not going to be a secretary. If I’m going to get in, it’ll have to be a regular job. I can’t give that up.”

“It’s enough as long as the Empress-sama will be at my company! Thank you!”

…I always end up spoiling him like this.

He’s such a nuisance for a dog… But he’s cute no matter what he does.

When I unfastened the string I tied him with, Yoshimasa hugged me vigorously.

“…You… When will you learn to stay?”

“Ah… Empress-sama… I love you.”

“…Stop calling me Empress-sama.”

“Why? You deserve the title of an Empress. The name ‘Queen’ is too mundane for you. A noble and dignified, beautiful person. My ruler. I will be your servant… your dog forever.”

…You’ve been very devoted.

His appearance that looked like he was royalty when we met feels like a lie.

That’s how well I trained him… It means that I got into the gap in his heart well, but even so, it’s still too appropriate.

Doesn’t it feel like you’ve existed solely to be with me?

“…You’re really a bad dog.”

Gently, I reached out to the wide of his back.

My dog.

My very own adorable dog.

No matter what happens, I won’t ever let you go.

…Even if you wish to be freed, like that person did in my dreams.

“–I’m asking you to call me by my name… Stupid.”

When I buried my face in his warm chest, before I knew it, my dream that felt like actual memories disappeared into oblivion.

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Prologue]

We were sitting inside the carriage on the way back from the Fairus Empire.

It only took one word from the twins completely changed the atmosphere from fun to oppressively heavy.

Because of the Colossus Ruins incident, the meeting was interrupted; the Kingdom of Lemaire declared non-participation, and we had no choice but to return to our Kingdom immediately.  His Imperial Highness said, “Handle the continental dispute on the continent,” but I think he was just being flashy.

What made me feel so was the fact that His Imperial Highness winced for a moment after hearing the name Alkaios. Perhaps this situation had turned more severe for the Kingdom of Lemaire than the greedy ex-wise man or the drunken Count had expected. If this hadn’t happened, I don’t think I would have returned home in such a way. In short, we arrived home faster than we had planned.

In a fast-paced, swaying carriage, I was thinking of him; that damned green man. I thought about the past, which I couldn’t and must not forget.

I’m not particularly eager to talk about the past. It’s painful, prickling, and above all, it’s irreversible. At the time, I was forced to do something unreasonable by that green bastard, being the arrogant child that I was.

I had a powerful friend. Her name was Sara-chan. I realized too late that I was as omnipotent as she is.

…Oh, I want to hit my past self.  At that time, I was playing spies. When I learned the word spy from my brother’s story, I remember I went around like an idiot and called everyone my friend. People were not offended. They laughed, accepting my words, and became my friends.

I misunderstood the kindness and started to act carelessly. I was looking for people I thought were terrible and exposed atrocities that I believed were bad… I didn’t doubt that I was justice incarnate, even when my father and mother fell senseless each time; even when my brother was trying to talk some sense into me.

Yes, I didn’t understand any of them.

I could never forget my attitude towards people; I manipulated them as I wanted. I furthermore bear responsibility for the orders I had given as part of the Count’s family. Those were caused by I, who was so young and irresponsible…


It wasn’t I who paid the price.

It was too late when I learned that it was better to stay away from that organization. I was only interested in it because of my curiosity. I was standing alone in the hut, where I was hiding without any permission.

– Surrounded by a sea of blood.

Sam who laughed as if it couldn’t be helped.

Old Tran who told me that I was like a granddaughter to him.

Sania who was as bright as a flower.

Dan who said I looked like his sister.

Aisa who always made her hands into fists while saying, “Leave it to me.”

Uto who constantly made delicious sweets.

Zack who gave me a pat on the back while saying, “Rely on me.”

Gundo who stroked my head like I was a child.

Lallana who, roughly speaking, shook off the dust and dirt off me.

Everyone died. It was something I couldn’t wrap my head around, but at some point, when the stench of Iron hit my senses, I realized that they were no longer in this world. Tears gushed from my dazed eyes, and I couldn’t stop them.

You are the Count’s child, yes?” The murderer was still before my eyes. Нe had narrow eyes, and his presence seemed to be everywhere. He talked to me with ease alike to that between close friends… Even though he had just killed my loved ones…

“Your friends… I wish it were different.” Soitsu kept getting closer and closer to me, disregarding the puddles of blood…

“It’s just a coincidence, okay? That happens.”

That happens

These incredible words stunned me… All I could do was look at the man in front of me. The haze covered my eyes, I was terrified, but I still saw him. Soitsu changed his expression slightly and looked into my eyes.

“Maybe you think it’s unreasonable?” I felt an indescribable discomfort under the gaze of the grinning Soitsu. He seemed to have touched on something unidentifiable and terrifying… I just wanted to escape somewhere.


It felt as if I were to look away or moved back, it would somehow firther destroy everything I had cherished. So, I couldn’t move. I couldn’t take a single step. Soitsu came closer to me.

“The world is full of unreasonable things even if you don’t know about it.”

He threw cruel words towards me with a normal voice, as if he was simply saying something mundane like how flowers are beautiful.

“I’ll keep you alive. So, could you not follow me? Place yourself out of the way.”

He swung his blood-stained sword and put it in a sheath. I wanted to yell at the bastard who took away my loved ones. I tried to reach the enemy, but my body was frozen.

“Wha… What do you mean?” He touched the blood on my cheek with his thumb.

“What I meant was that you’re only alive simply by my whim, understand?”

Soitsu then happily spread the splotch of blood across my cheek.

“Hey, do you still feel that I was unreasonable? Do you feel humiliated? How do you feel?”

I felt intense anger that I had never felt before. Gathering all my energy while focusing on the memories of the people I’ve lost, I was able to glare at Soitsu with hatred. He began to cackle like crazy as if he had heard an interesting joke.

“Ahahahahaha! Ahahahahaha! Hahahaha! Okay, that’s good!?”

When he stopped, Soitsu waved his hand.

“Do you hate me? Want to kill me? You can’t do it now, though?”

I realized that he might kill me, but I couldn’t stop glaring at him.

“…Then, I’ll wait, yeah? What a brave lady.”

After he let out those words, a pulse went down my spine, and my consciousness faded.

The last image that was burned into my eyes was Soitsu’s out-of-place bright green hair.

When I came to my senses, I was in my bed. Sara-chan, with an ashen face, held my hand. My mother cried and hugged me tightly.

– The scene of how I lost them was still clear. Hollow eyes, flowing blood, a mouth that can no longer speak, hands that can never be held.

I could not accept it, and I didn’t want to put up with grief, so I retreated in my shell.

An expressionless Sara-chan hugged me with tears forming at the corners of her eyes, she muttered an I’m sorry.

My mother gently stroked my hand when I couldn’t say any words. My father and brother had to say something as Lords, but they did not utter a single word. They just indifferently started the post-processing.

– Then time passed.

When I came to my senses, everything was over.

Sam, Old Tran, Sania, Dan, Aisa, Uto, Zack, Gundo, and Lallana

The friends who helped me at the time… mourning over them would be one day too late. It made me feel bad and embarrassed. We had a good time. With all that help they gave me, I wasn’t able to properly mourn everyone who died because of me.

Sara-chan gently held me back and told me to stay with my father, brother, and mother when I said, “I have to go.

…I know they’re all worried about me… But I’m sorry, okay?

I have to go there by all means.

A rugged rock was placed on a hill with a beautiful view. The cool breeze was blowing through it. Sometime before, the mountain was even overflowing with flowers. Escorted by a knight, I approached the memorial monument.

It wasn’t just my friends who were killed. According to Sara, it was a demonstration to take away something. Mass murders occurred in various places. My friends were just one of the cases out of many. I gently stroked the surface of the memorial monument. I had no idea what to do with the scale of what I had done.

It’s your fault!” A boy shouted at me with a frail and shivering voice. I held back the knight and looked at the boy.

 “You… You were involved! But you didn’t die!” The boy glared at me. He hated me from the bottom of his heart. Tears were overflowing from his eyes. I took that hatred for granted.

“You! How dare you refer to the young lady like this?!”

“It’s all right, Kite.” I pushed down the knight’s sword with my hand. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, while I asked myself…

Should I surrender to hatred like this boy?

…No, of course not.

Should I kill the green bastard who killed everyone?

…No, of course not.

Should I dive into self-pity as if it’s not my fault?

…No, of course not.

What should I do?

After thinking about it, I went to the boy and knelt down in front of him.

“Lady Rururia!” I ignored the panicked Kite and stared only at the boy in front of me. Sore weakened eyes filled with tears… Eyes that should be looking cheeky instead… Young cheeks with dried tear stains and the same brown hair as the one Sania had.

“Sania’s younger brother, Sais, right?”

“What?!” The boy, Sais, was visibly shaken. Even if an aristocrat somehow knew the name of a commoner, no one would have thought that said noble would likewise know the name of her younger brother.

“Sania’s death is my responsibility.”

Those words finally came out… I reckon this is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. The boy gasped at these words. I looked into the boy’s eyes with all the strength I had.

“The guy who killed everyone is much stronger than me, and I could not overcome him.”

I had been thinking about it for a long time, but it was still painful to put it into words. These words were the reason for giving up. Therefore, I wanted to think that everything was all right. But I still didn’t understand whether I should face the anger and sadness sitting at the bottom of my stomach, or not. I was sure the boy whose sister was unjustifiably taken away acts precisely because of that.

“I can’t return your sister.” I looked him straight in the eyes and touched his cheeks wet with tears. It was different from hatred, and it was also different from resentment… Well, was it perhaps the closest thing to the feeling of being unforgiven?

“But I can promise one thing,” I laughed so that I could look more confident, “I will hit the guy who killed everyone!”

“Wha… What?”

…I got a slightly dull reply, but I didn’t care.

Kneeling, I put my hand on my heart and continued. “I swear to you that I, Rururia Talbot, will hit that damned green man.”

That was it. I was entirely convinced. That was what I was thinking of doing with that bastard!

“I swear, I’ll never give up until my very last breath. No matter what dangers I’ll face, no matter what evils I encounter, even if I am killed.”

I remember the faithful knight Kite who muttered something to the boy who, again, burst into tears with a stunning face, “Because the young lady is…”

I turned around before he could finish and went home.

The boy’s reply was irrelevant because it only matters what I do.

Yes, I’ve decided.

I will hit that green man’s unreasonableness with my unreasonableness!

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I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter Forty-Nine]

Chapter Forty-Nine: Aina-chan’s Heart (Part II)

Recently, the President didn’t seem like himself.

I looked back at the good old days… It was painful to watch him being so upset. No matter how hard his situation got, the former, doll-like President would have never expressed his emotions the way he was doing now.

…Well, when I heard that the reason for his demeanor was because he couldn’t eat lunch with Hououin Ayaka, I was quite dumbfounded.

President. How greedy are you that you even made becoming a fiancée of someone without her knowledge a habit? On top of that, the cause was her eating a bento with a friend of the same gender… Although, I wouldn’t deny that she’s quite a pervert… You could at least allow her to eat with others.

…The President, who at first seemed to be receptive, was, in fact, quite narrow-minded.

Hououin Ayaka being held by the President from behind may look like a father caring for a young child to outsiders, but to me, it was the opposite. In other words, he was a big child clinging to his mother, asking to spoil him.

…Well, I can’t really be one to talk.

“…Why are you taking pictures of Aina-chan?”

“Do you dislike it?”

“Not really, but…”

Since it’s a big deal, I’ll save this scene on my smartphone, too.

It’s rare to see the President act like a child. No matter how much I’d feel inferior to the President in the future, I can just feel calm by looking at this image.

When I looked at Hououin Ayaka, who gazed back with a bewildered expression, and the President, who was suspicious of my intentions, with wrinkles forming between his eyebrows, a smile naturally fell on my lips.

The President who has now experienced love has become more pathetic and uncool compared to before.

…But I can’t help liking how the President has become.

The students who took pictures and went home must feel the same way.

Because the President, who expresses his emotions simply by the words and actions of the Hououin Ayaka, is very human and lively.

“…Well, it is a present, Hououin Ayaka. As always, your intuition about food is amazing. I bought two types of cheesecake, one of them being a rare kind. Which one would you like?”

“Oh, I can’t decide… Rare! …No, I still want to eat baked food.”

“…I’ll just order another one and share it with you.”

“Oh! As expected of Kaname!”

…No, that isn’t necessary. I could just cut it in half.

Perhaps it would be unwise to say that to the President who is aiming for something, so I shouldn’t say that.

It wasn’t long before I found myself having a front-row seat to a feeding fest.

“Well then, I’ll go and make some tea. The President takes it straight, while it’ll be double-milk tea for Hououin Ayaka.”

“Ah, Aina-chan is making tea without me saying anything…! And you’re even letting me have double-milk tea?!”

“I’m the one who will end up doing it anyway, so it’s the same even if I initiate making it from the very beginning. As for the double-milk tea… Black tea is something to enjoy, so I thought it would be better to respect individual tastes than to simply follow the right way.”

…Since you looked so happy drinking the milk tea that I made.

“Thank you! I love you, Aina-chan!”

I guess it’s not just my imagination…. I’m a little saddened by the words of kindness that she directed at me along with her big smile.

You were the first person who allowed me to live my life as I was by affirming what I was trying to achieve through acting… You were the one who indirectly freed me from my complex towards the President.

I know that the “love” you hold towards me and “love” you feel towards the President are different.


“…President, please don’t stare at me like that.”

“…I’m not glaring at you.”

“If the President wants milk tea, as well, then I’ll make it for you.”

“…Straight is fine.”

The pleasure of being looked at with jealousy by the President is far superior to the pain I feel in my chest, so I won’t dare to name this stabbing feeling.

“Then, please wait for a moment. I’ll prepare some tea for the both of you.”

Above all, I feel calm and happy when I see them getting along well and looking happy.

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I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter Forty-Eight]

Chapter Forty-Eight: [Extra 1] Aina-chan’s Heart (Part I)

There was a time when I was suffering from a hopeless sense of inferiority.

No matter how hard I tried.

No matter how good the performance I act out is.

I was in despair before his unrivaled existence.

If he had at least looked down on me, then I might still have been saved. At least then, my heart could have believed that I was still better on the inside.

But he didn’t even acknowledge my existence. No, it wasn’t just me; he wasn’t interested in anyone. He couldn’t see anyone in his eyes. That made me even more miserable.

…Yes, of course, I was aware of his unhappy situation. In terms of familial love, I was more blessed than anyone else, but that fact was no consolation to me at all at the time. Even though he was miserable, I was jealous of the strength of his unyielding resilience.

I didn’t like myself thinking that way. I didn’t want to admit my ugliness.

That’s why I jumped at the idea of studying overseas and spent three years at the middle school there.

Even after returning to Japan, I tried to distance myself from him by choosing a specialized department different from his.

And it was a success. At least I finally had a peaceful school life that I haven’t had since I was in elementary school.

–This was it.

“–Vice-President, Aina Sainohara.”

I listened to those words in despair.

…Why do they keep me close to him?

“Vice” means pushing me into a position that clearly indicates that I am inferior to him.

I don’t want to get close to him…!

I don’t want to feel inferior again…!

No matter how much I rallied against it in my heart, the election result is absolute. I was not allowed to decline.

I went to the Student Council room in despair that day.

…It’s strange, though.

From him… I feel more peaceful now that I’m a lot closer to him than in middle school, where I kept running away from the President.

“–I hope you’re not doing anything strange!”

Whenever I brought a gift, I always said that as a greeting.

…I mean, I wasn’t suspicious of them one bit. I was just ashamed of saying that I’ve brought my gifts with me. Isn’t there any way of saying it without sounding unnatural?

–However, today, it was an unusual sight that came into my vision.

“Wow, it’s Aina-chan! What do you have there? Cheesecake?”

“I’ll apologize on her behalf, Sainohara.”

“…No need. What are you two doing? It’s strange, no matter how you look at it.”

Is… Is there something wrong with my… gut feeling?

No, I don’t think so!

“Why are you two sitting in one chair! What’s with the short distance between you two!”

…It was like seeing a ghost.

I don’t feel nor see any sexual nuances with Hououin Ayaka typing out materials on her laptop while in the President’s arms, who is signing documents, but it’s obviously inappropriate and an unusual thing to do in the Student Council room.

“…It can’t be helped. This is more efficient because I can see Ayaka’s mistake faster… Ayaka, that’s not a mathematical formula.”

“Oops! Thank you, Kaname. I couldn’t think about it very well since I’m doing two things at once.”

“This much is normal, isn’t it?”

…No, it’s not normal to all. Where are you looking at, President?

I mean, they almost had me convinced for a moment, but wouldn’t it be better for the President to check it out later? I think it would be inefficient to keep working like that.

…But unfortunately, I couldn’t put it into words.

“…Really. You can’t be without me.”

The President rests his chin on Hououin Ayaka’s head and declares that… It’s a bit greasy.

The relaxed face of the President who has the most diligent features in the school, may appeal to women to the point that it would color their cheeks red, but for me, who is of the same sex and knows his past… I’m sorry. In all honesty, I found it a bit disgusting.

After clearing my throat, I decided to act as an honorable Vice-President.

“…it’s good to adjust for efficiency, but please be mindful of the eyes of ordinary students. If the President of the Student Council does this, it would be unbecoming.”

“When we started working in this position, a bunch of regular students actually came here, but all of them just took pictures with their smartphones and went home smiling. For some reason, they also encouraged me.”


…I was too late…!

I can’t believe other witnesses have already seen this… At least be proper when there are visitors. Apart from the foolish oddities of Hououin Ayaka, the President ought to be fundamentally a man of common sense. Why doesn’t he know that this is strange?

“…Well, this is all the result of how much I endured over our fight the other day.”

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The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter Eight]

Chapter Eight: I Couldn’t Dance Well

My history and geography teacher was a senior man, while my literature and poetry teacher was a senior woman. Both the manners teacher and dance teacher were middle-aged women.

It seemed that my dance teacher had a male assistant, but he wasn’t taken to my place.

Of course, my doctor was a senior man, which never changed.

There were no doubts that all the maids were women.

Before I was aware of it, more than half of my guards were women.

When I woke up, I remember all of them being men, but unconsciously, the number of women increased. It seemed that their work was divided, so the men were outside while the women were inside my room.

I might not meet men normally. I could only guess that there were men outside because of their voices.I think they knew it would be bad if they met me since the only people allowed to be around me were either women or senior men.

I understood it well now. I thought they used to cut corners before, but there was nothing they could do.

Even though the original relationship between Annelier and Prince Reinhardt was cold.

I didn’t know why but… my character touched Prince Reinhardt’s sadistic chord. If he weren’t interested in me, all of this wouldn’t have happened.

…I still don’t want to believe that I have masochistic tendencies and that Prince Reinhardt liked it…!

Stop, I don’t want to think about it anymore.

I just want to talk about the current environment around me.

I was not dissatisfied with the women and senior men around me, but I had one problem.

I had no dance partner.

The dance teacher was a woman, and when she taught women, she would usually ask her assistant to be the student’s dance partner.

But, the assistant wasn’t taken to my place.

So it was either the teacher became my partner, or I had to practice without a partner.

As a result, I almost always practiced without a partner.

There were many movements in need of male strength to support the female. Even if my female dance teacher tries the male steps, she couldn’t play the male role all the time.

Unfortunately, practicing on my own didn’t go well.

I could dance, but it was hard to improve, so I couldn’t dance well at all. 

Would I get better if I had a partner? Ugh, I didn’t know. There’s just no doubt that my improvement’s slow because I don’t have a partner.

The teacher also said so.

But just like that evening party, there was a strong possibility that I had to dance from now on, so I have to learn how to dance well.

It was necessary to get a dance partner.

And the person I could ask



Prince Reinhardt cut off my request sullenly…

Ugh, I felt like that.

Even if there was a possibility of it affecting his mood, I still had to try my best to bring this up before training.

Prince Reinhardt was a sadistic, but serious man.

In the game, he insisted on doing exercises and had been studying hard since he was a student.

It seems like he has always behaved like a prince and worked hard in everything he did… He never cut corners.

That was why I rarely met Prince Reinhardt in the daytime.

If I wanted to ask for his help, it would have to be at night… And by then, my choices would be before or after the time of training with Prince Reinhardt.


I couldn’t ask while I was being trained.

He’d tell me to beg him, I’d be bombarded with indecent words… I might not even be able to say any words at all, but just shout, “Ah… Ah…”

I’d just faint and lose my soul. I’d be too exhausted to even speak. My body was really licentious… I never broke… Annelier was quite sturdy… I’m always so tired that it would be impossible to think of something else.

Whether training or not, the serious Prince Reinhardt was perpetually violent that I can’t even move on my own will. Finally, he would clean my compliant body and embrace me as I slept. 

If someone would only see this part, we would look like a normal couple… 

That would be terrible.

If all went well, the heroine would have been rewarded after training, but even if I was trained hard every night and fucked violently because of my licentious body, I’d still feel the shameful orgasm… Compared to the heroine, my experience was too tragic…

Sometimes I’d cry when my sensitive parts were bullied too much, and whenever the orgasm was too strong. I haven’t even shown my ahegao face… What would he do if I had shown him that…?

No, no, my story went awry again.

Anyway, I had no choice but to ask him just before our training started… On the bed at night!

Even if it would end negatively, I had no other choice but to do it like this.

Ugh… It was a terrible failure…

“You can’t have a man as your dance practice partner.  As I had said, you can’t stand in front of a man until you have closed your licentious hole.”

As I remembered the chastity belt I wore at the evening party, I turned pale.

“If you need a man to practice dancing, you must be able to dance calmly with your holes closed firstly.”

“If… If I do so, then can I practice with…”

Wait, wait, if I don’t wear it, I wouldn’t be able to go out… And if I do wear that, then I would be able to go out and dance, so I have to practice dancing with it first…

Wait… To practice dancing… I had to practice while enduring that…!?

Shouldn’t he put the cart before the horse?

“Your licentious face while wearing the chastity belt will seduce men, so I can’t show you to other men. Let them stay away from you when you are dancing cause I don’t want them to remember your appearance while enduring it. Anna, this is all because of your licentious body that can’t stand even the barest stimulus.” 

It’s Annelier’s body that’s licentious, not me…

“Let me discipline you so that you can dance with a chastity belt on.”


“Stand up.”

I stood by the bedside just as Prince Reinhardt asked.

Now I was naked, only wearing a chastity belt.

Of course, the chastity belt filled my vagina and butt hole with a dildo.

“You look licentious, Anna. Can’t you put up with even such slightest stimulation?”

Reinhardt patted my cheeks, which thrilled me.

I felt a stimulation stronger than what the dildo gave… I’m becoming odder than before…

“But it was because…”

I clung to the gown that Prince Reinhardt was wearing.

He was so sly… being the only one that was dressed…

“Well, all right. I didn’t have any expectations for your nasty body from the beginning. If you can’t stand this, do not go outside. Let me continue to discipline you slowly.”


“Let us start from the simplest step.”

Prince Reinhardt took my hand, held my hips, and began to dance.

“Front, right, back, left, and repeat.”

“Ah… Ugh…”

“I know it feels good today, but go. Move your legs.”

“O… Okay…”

Naked, only with the chastity belt, feeling the dildo rubbing between my legs, I danced with Prince Reinhardt…

It was too shameful, and I was nearing the brim of my consciousness.

“Ah! Ah…”

“What’s the matter?”

As Prince Reinhardt’s sweet whisper reached my ears, my nasty body reached its limit.

“Ah… Cumming…”

My collapsed body as I was hugged and supported by Prince Reinhardt.

“You really can’t stand it at all… I need to punish you today.”


When I heard that word, my holes twitched as if expecting it to happen. 

No, no, no! 

I didn’t expect it!

I’m not a masochist.

“Hmmm, it’ll be set for tomorrow. Until you can dance.”

What will happen tomorrow? Without any suspense, it wouldn’t be training.

“Well, let’s discard the belt. Today, remove it by yourself.”

“Ye… Yes… Your Highness…”

I couldn’t go against him…


The two-headed dildo slipped out with strings of my love juices, with the chastity belt falling on the bed.

Prince Reinhardt took my hands…

“About today’s punishment, let’s do the thing we haven’t done for a long time… Tying you up.”


What would happen after that…?

“…Then, let’s add a lot of aphrodisiacs today.”


“No, no!”

Absolutely not!

You can’t use aphrodisiacs!

“It wouldn’t be a punishment if you were to react happily. It is difficult to punish you except for aphrodisiacs, Anna. “

“Ahhh… Nooo…!”

Even if I got better at dancing right away, since I couldn’t stand that while dancing, I was punished continuously, and… Aphrodisiacs were also used…

Suffering all that, I felt like I was about to break…

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The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter Seven]

Chapter Seven: The Trapped Former Villainess is Being Trained (Part III)

I was brought to one of the several break rooms around the hall, which was part of the evening party venue. The moment the door closed, the thread of the dildo broke, and my waist almost gave out.

I clung to Prince Reinhardt, and he hugged me, preventing me from collapsing.

“It was as I said, right?”


While clinging to Prince Reinhardt, I managed to raise my numb and drowsy head to look up at him.

“If I had allowed you to walk freely, you would have been caught by Barnabash.”

Oh… I guess if it hadn’t been for Prince Reinhardt, then I might have been unable to escape from that.

Although even if I were to be forcibly taken out to dance at the evening party’s venue, it wouldn’t be just the two of us. If we talked, I wouldn’t know what kind of grudges towards the heroine he would have said, and I also wouldn’t know any of our secrets that he might’ve divulged. 

Certainly, it might have been dangerous…

But I didn’t think I would have to wear such a lascivious chastity belt for that!

You should have just told me to stay by your side because it’s dangerous!

If you had told me that, then… I wouldn’t leave your side…

“If you had told me that… I would have stayed even without…”

Even if I had courage, my body was too weak to say anything strongly.

“Because you’re foolish. I can’t trust you.”


Prince Reinhardt just told me that I was foolish…

Did he find out that I am not the real Annelier?

Was I foolish because of that?

Because I did everything that he said I should?

Am I foolish?

Isn’t Prince Reinhardt too cunning?

Even so, he didn’t need to ask me to wear the chastity belt, did he?

After all, he is the person who surpassed Barnabash!

“Then, is this enough…? Please remove it…”

“Well… You want me to pull it out?”

An inconclusive stimulus always cornered me, so I tried my best and nodded while bending over, enduring the pain.

Prince Reinhardt’s voice seemed to be restricted, so it might not be allowed. 

As usual, I was in a trance.

The hole through which the dildo penetrated was hot from within. It itched. Although the dildo couldn’t move, it was still hard for me without stimulation.

The pressure inside and the stimulus of rubbing was not enough, which made it feel more painful.

“Hmmm, alright, let’s remove it.”

I was relieved that Prince Reinhardt agreed to my request.

I was guided while waddled to the inner side of the bed.

…Why is there a bed in the antechamber?

I tried to calm down and rest on the bed for a while.

…It seems to be meant for people who were too sick to party…

I tried to think so, but it really didn’t look like that was the case.

It was for a tryst.

This room was built for that

Prince Reinhardt sat on the bed and looked intently at me.

“Lift your dress.”

I felt ashamed just by the thought of lifting the skirt of my dress.

But if I didn’t do as he said, Prince Reinhardt wouldn’t remove my chastity belt.

I knew that… Even though a moment ago it seemed like we were getting along.

I felt so ashamed that my face was getting hot, I had to endure it and lifted my dress in front of Prince Reinhardt.

He had seen my underwear before the evening party, so it’s not a big deal…

I tried to think so, but I couldn’t help but wonder if my appearance was embarrassing… If the sight was too embarrassing.

To remove the chastity belt, even my drawers had to be pulled off.

“Open your legs. I can’t take it out if they’re tightly closed… Or maybe you actually wanted to keep it in?”

I shook my head in a hurry and spread my legs.

“Hold it, too.”

The slip was also lifted with my skirt, and my drawers were pulled off and dropped at my feet.

There, the chastity belt was finally exposed.

When Prince Reinhardt inserted and rotated the key into the keyhole upfront, I felt the latch unlocked and the belt on my stomach loosen.

The dildo was slowly pulled out.. And slowly…

Prince Reinhardt started ridiculing me.

“Oh, the vaginal fluids at the tip of the dildo could be pulled out like a thread, Anna. Your vagina is so lascivious.”

He described it while mocking me. Even though I couldn’t see it, I imagined it and trembled with shame.

When the chastity belt dropped to the floor, and I thought I could finally exhale, Prince Reinhardt grabbed one of my legs and raised it high.


“Show me well― Oh, because your holes were used to being filled,” I was like a dog with one leg raised… I felt a hot shame spread over my body, “Isn’t it unsatisfied because I pulled it out…?”

My face was brought closer to his, and he whispered to my ear… It made me tremble.

He already observed my holes closely. However, I felt more ashamed of it when I heard his words.

As Prince Reinhardt said, the holes in which the dildo was pulled out were opened wide and empty.

“Ahem, you want to be fucked, right?”

I tried my best not to nod.

“Don’t be stubborn. Both of your holes had plenty of aphrodisiac put in them.”


I was stunned by the words I heard.

The reason why my insides were so itchy and hot was because of the aphrodisiac…!

“Ple… please don’t use aphrodisiacs anymore…”

“You hate aphrodisiacs, but your ass has just begun to accept me. I think it will not be so painful with aphrodisiacs.”

It would be nice if you didn’t use my ass!

“You can go back to your room without it… but I don’t have much time because I have to go back to the party, so… I would have to fuck one of your holes here.”


I felt both my holes shaking.

It seemed that they wanted to be fucked by Prince Reinhardt.

“Only one hole. Choose now.”

Only one.

No, even if he said so…

“If you don’t make the decision quickly, someone might come in. You know, the door is unlocked.”


I put my sights on the door.

My raised legs were faced towards the door…

“If the door were to be opened, your holes would absolutely be seen… Are you staying silent because you want to be seen?”

I shook my head violently.

“If so, choose now. Which one do you want me to fuck? Your pussy? The asshole?”

If I didn’t choose quickly, other people might see me…

Which one…

“The… The hole upfront…”

“Say it in a complete sentence.”

“…Please… Fuck my pussy…”

“Alright. You said it well.”

Prince Reinhardt relaxed, and with his one hand, took out his big erect cock, cradled me and let me straddle him.

“Keep your posture and sit down.”


I could feel my hole that was widely opened, it guided his tip… If I sat down now, it would definitely come in.

I swallowed what little dignity I have and sat down slowly.


It was big, thick, long, and hot… It felt good whenever I rubbed it…!

“Ah, ah… Ah, ah… Good!”

“You can move as you like.”

Through all my babbling, I heard his lascivious voice.

It felt too good, and I couldn’t stop…

“Ah! Ahhh! Nice!”

It felt so good…!

“Aha, I feel so much pleasure inside you. I can’t help but… let it out inside.”

Suddenly, Prince Reinhardt thrust his hips up. I felt him pierce my uterus and I almost lost my consciousness…

Prince Reinhardt took me back to the Crown Princess’ room, carrying me horizontally… I couldn’t stand after he was finished with me.

Even if I could stand up, I couldn’t walk at all.

If I opened my legs even a little, his semen would drip down my legs.

Prince Reinhardt was to return to the evening party, but before he went, he whispered in my ear that I should wait in the room.

He also told me to not masturbate by myself, and that I had to wait without my clothes on if I wanted to be fucked again…

The maids took off my dress, bathed me, and helped me wear my nightwear.

I think they knew what had happened while bathing me, but again, nothing was showing on their faces.

While bathing, they poured something into my front hole and back hole without changing their expressions…

Well, even if this is the job of the maids. I never knew that they’d be this calm and desensitized.

Really professional…

On the bed with a canopy, I wondered how to deal with my sleepwear.

Maybe the aphrodisiacs were still working; my ass and vagina were still itchy…

I wanted to have something inserted in it.

I wanted to be fucked violently…

But I couldn’t masturbate by myself and I have to stay naked and wait for Prince Reinhardt.

If I didn’t do as he said, he might not help me calm down.

I feel scared.

What should I do if he got more impatient and bullied me? 

I had to do what Prince Reinhardt said. I thought so as I took off my nightwear.

I wondered what position I wanted to be fucked at… I crawled on all fours, a position where it would be easy to fuck my ass.

It was because of the aphrodisiac…!

I didn’t know how long had passed, but my legs and hands were shaking.

Suddenly, I heard the noise of the door opening. Someone was coming…

“Ah… Your highness…”

“Were you obedient? Anna?”


“Come on, let me have a look.”

Prince Reinhardt grabbed my ass and widened my hole.

“Did something leak in? It seems to be too wet.”


I shook my head to show that I didn’t do anything.

I heard the sound of Prince Reinhardt’s clothes hitting the floor.

“It looks like you’ve been waiting for me obediently, so let’s give you a reward. It seems to be wet through, so let me rape your ass with your vaginal fluids.”


Suddenly he inserted his cock through my vagina, and it went straight to the inner side.

Since my vagina was too wet, it swallowed the cock smoothly even if it inserted abruptly…

However, he pulled out immediately.


My vagina grew empty, and my hips shook.

“Do you want to be fucked here first?”

“Ah… Oh…”

When his tip came into my ass, it stimulated me more…

My asshole was different from the pussy; even if his cock was covered with love fluids, it couldn’t go in smoothly, but he still screwed it in as if it was a vagina.

“Ah… Oh…!”

“It seems like you had an orgasm as I came in.”

“Ah! Ah! I’m cumming… Cumming…!”

“Well, let’s do it as much as you like!”

Slap! Prince Reinhardt’s skin slammed into my butt…


It came again and again…

No… I can’t… I’m becoming strange and crazy…

I didn’t know when I fell asleep.

I didn’t even know if I actually fell asleep or just fainted… 

When I woke up, I was in Prince Reinhardt’s embrace.

I felt hot as I thought of what happened last night.

I moved myself away towards the middle of the bed, subtly and gently.

I thought it might be okay to protest a little…

So even though Prince Reinhardt was sleeping right now.

“I don’t like aphrodisiacs… I don’t want to use it anymore…”

“…Do you hate it that much?”

He said it before opening his eyes, which shocked me.

“…Yes, I… hate it… It made me feel odd…”

“I am controlling the amount, and you’re obedient and cute when you are odd. You’re licentious, but shy and stiff.”


“That’s good, too.”

Prince Reinhardt came and stroked my hair.

…It would be dangerous if I got tricked by that…!

“Don’t be a sourpuss. If you continue staring at me like that, I’ll want to fuck you again with an aphrodisiac.”


That is…

What kind of expression was in my eyes…?

“…You’re totally egging me.”

Prince Reinhardt kissed my cheeks and the corners of my eyes.

“You worked hard last night.”

I was probably wrong in feeling happy just because he complimented me.

However, this weird feeling came up again.

As I thought…

“Have I already… been trained…?”

“You’re wrong.”

I wasn’t muttering for a reply, but Prince Reinhardt answered it immediately. I was surprised and stared at his blue eyes.

“Your training is not over yet.”


“You still have room to grow. Your body is licentious originally, but your soul is much better.”

Wha… What was he saying?

“I thought about disciplining you more severely, but it might be good to enjoy it for a long time. Mysteriously, I wanted to spoil you… So, I decided to discipline you slowly.”

Prince Reinhardt whispered to me sweetly… I was stunned…

“You can rejoice, Anna. You can still aim for heights.”

I don’t want to aim…!

The height of such masochism!

“Again, you look at me like that… Do you want to be fucked? All right, open your legs.”

“No… Nooo…”

Prince Reinhardt…!

Eyes filled with tears and despair are different from being lustful…!

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The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter Six]

Chapter Six: The Trapped Former Villainess is Being Trained (Part II)

It’s time for the night party.

I waddled to the party at the time of admission.

With tears in my eyes, I entered the venue as Prince Reinhardt’s consort and walked to the royal seat.

The thing between my legs rubbed my insides with every step that I took…

Since I was still under medical treatment, I was exempt from dancing. It was absolutely impossible to dance with this in!

“Erm… Ah…”

At the moment I sat down, a small voice escaped from my lips…

Prince Reinhardt, who sat next to me, gently held my hand.

Even if I was treated tenderly here…

If I didn’t have to wear such a nasty chastity belt in the first place, It wouldn’t be so hard!

Generally speaking, even if I knew I couldn’t trust him; it wouldn’t mean that I could go away from Prince Reinhardt.

I was still alone and didn’t know where or who I’d end up being with!

I would be more afraid if Prince Reinhardt left me.

So desperately, I held his hand back.

When I glanced at him, he looked back with a gentle expression, seemed to be intoxicated, which made me feel as if I misunderstood him.

No, no. I wouldn’t misunderstand him.

For Prince Reinhardt, I was just a training target worth torturing, a partner for a political marriage.

He couldn’t get divorced from Annelier because of the political marriage, so even if he knew that I was not Annelier but was actually a different person, he had to re-educate and keep me beside him.

I wondered if my training alleviated his anxiety…

As Prince Reinhardt said before, besides training, our nights will not be light games, but tough. Maybe I could have a grace period for a while if I was pregnant?

Oh, I’m not pregnant yet.

Even if I’d been impregnated on the first day, it might be a little later before I could find out.

I had died from poisoning once, so there really hasn’t been anything strange even if everything went wrong.

Lately, it’s been too intense every night… But on the contrary, if it could be adjusted even a little and for me… How about…

No! I don’t want to be fucked! 

However, if he actually isn’t a sadist, then I can’t help but think that it was a waste that I had put up with all these hard nights for nothing.

When the training suddenly started, I felt it was forceful and fierce, but…

It felt good despite the waves of shame.

It was a shame that I came as soon as I was told all those embarrassing things. I realized that it was nasty, which made me so ashamed… It was too embarrassing and made me too uncomfortable and pained.

Yeah! No one would be happy to be forced unreasonably!

Not everyone would have accepted this as easily!

I admit that Annelier’s body is licentious and eroge, but I believe that it wasn’t because I didn’t like the body, but because Prince Reinhardt is kind albeit sadistic.

He blamed me until I cried, and when I did start crying, he would be kind and spoil me afterward…

He was a sadist, but would also be kind to me, which made me confused.

Ah, uh… If so, it would seem like I was liked by Prince Reinhardt, wouldn’t it?

Was it because something strange was inserted inside me that my thoughts are now going strange?

First, I have to get through the party now. 

Since it was my first evening party without knowing anything and being inexperienced, I wasn’t allowed to walk around on my own. If someone were to greet me, they would do so from the other side. It was the only fortune during this unhappiness.

Prince Reinhardt held my hand… He wouldn’t let me go anywhere alone, and would answer any follow-up questions for me.

At the evening party, not one person told me, “Nice to meet you.”. 

Since no one was meeting me for the first time, Prince Reinhardt said that I didn’t need to say hello and speak.

The information that Annelier had lost her memory was still kept hidden.

Under such circumstances, even though I felt it was unreasonable for me to appear at this party, I couldn’t slack off and still had to do the minimum things… Otherwise it would worsen Annelier’s position. 

If I did nothing and left the party as is, I’d be branded useless and they’d recommend that Prince Reinhardt should divorce me, then he’d have to marry someone new… What?

Isn’t that better for me?

Well, there’s no use in concealing the truth…

The news I had lost my memory would eventually leak and spread around.

On the contrary, in anticipation of this secret being leaked and spread around, with the tacit understanding, it seemed that he had already intended to keep its exposure to a minimum degree so that I could show some face, “Because of what happened to me, my body is weakened and under medical treatment.”

I was ordered to say, “Thank you for your concern.” if I needed to answer someone who was showing their concerns and sympathies for me. 

It did work on most people.

The last boss, however, would not be so simple to deal with.

“Thank you for the welcome party today, Prince Reinhardt… And Annelier, it has been a long time since we met.”

“It’s really good to see that you are well, Barnabash.”

In retrospect, the conversation with Prince Barnabash of Balzal began with a familiar and a friendly mood, but only his words were friendly… The air was tense from the beginning.

“You seem to be quite tense, Annelier.”

So sudden…!


“You are well-informed, Barnabash.”

Before I could say, “Thank you for your concern,” Prince Reinhardt answered, covering my words with his.

Well, Prince Barnabash had just come to the country.

If he heard the news after he came here, it would show that he was well-informed, but if he had known that before coming, it would mean that he had been looking into the country.

I felt the cold sweat drip down my spine.

I have never been in such a confrontation before…

“I was taken care of by her while studying abroad, so I was concerned about many things. I feel sorry for you, Reinhardt.”

“It was a bad epidemic, fortunately, it didn’t spread. It doesn’t move, but Annelier hasn’t recovered completely. Barnabash, I think you also need to pay attention to epidemics.”

Well, ostensibly, I simply fell down, which may be because I had caught some kind of sickness from the epidemic. After all…

It would be a huge scandal if the Crown Princess was poisoned.

I hoped he could have at least let me know about it first, that kind of thing… I was really surprised.

Oh, but maybe it was really “ostensible.”

The people who had said their sympathies never said these kinds of words to me, neither to Prince Reinhardt.

Barnabash probably knew everything.

Even if he knew, he would still masquerade… Sure enough, I can’t negotiate. 

…By the way, Prince Reinhardt.

Why did he start stroking my hand ever since Barnabash came?

Stroking, stroking…

Was there anything strange that happened between them?

…When my hands were stroked gently, I felt myself getting thrilled…

It felt weird…

“It’s a pity what happened to that Mia.”

Well, if I was affected by the epidemic, then maybe that meant the heroine was also affected.

It was announced that she died of illness, but in fact… She also…

“The important thing is that Annelier was saved, and you need not say too much.”

“I can see how in harmony you two are.” Barnabash said, with his sight set on our entwined hands.

Well, his stroking showed that we got on well with each other.

“I am a little surprised you’re getting along well after you got married.”

“She is my wife; of course, we are getting along well.”

“Yes, that’s right. I’ll try to emulate you when I get married, Reinhardt. But… Annelier, you feel like a different person than the one I knew when I was studying abroad.”


I felt like I could hear the sound of my heart all of a sudden…

When I involuntarily turned my eyes away, glancing at Barnabash, he was squinting and looking at me.

Somehow, I had a feeling of being suspected…

“Maybe it’s your misconception. She’s currently sick and weaker than before.”

Despite my nervousness, Prince Reinhardt replied confidently, while smiling at me.

“Really? Annelier.”

“Y… yes.”

I nodded along.

“Well, I also want to talk calmly and slowly with Annelier. Could you invite me to a cup of tea before I go home?”


Oh, no!

I couldn’t say anything, so Prince Reinhardt was the one who answered.

“Barnabash, Annelier hasn’t fully recovered yet. We also have to make arrangements to be able to hold a tea ceremony, so we may not be able to do that in the meantime.”

I wondered if that would end the talk with Barnabash, but the enemy was too strong; the battle with the last boss was not over yet.

“Well… Then, could you dance with me tonight, if only one song?”

Uhm, impossible…

I have already learned how to waltz, but I don’t think I could show it in public yet. Above all…

I couldn’t dance with something like this inserted in me…!

In that moment, the hand stroking my hand moved casually to my thighs…


I felt a shock run through me and I trembled. I was grasping for any possible reason to decline.

I care more about the thing in my body!

In front of Barnabash…

However, Prince Reinhardt’s hand made a casual and unscrupulous movement again.

My legs are going to give!

“Oh, Annelier. Are you tired…? You look pale.”

Prince Reinhardt!

This hateful man!

“Sorry, Barnabash, will it be okay for you two to dance next time? I want to let Annelier take a rest. I don’t want her to overdo it.”

But I’m glad that he was able to refuse the dance…

“Okay. That’s a pity. But I understand that Reinhardt wants to take good care of Annelier, so let’s not overdo it. Maybe some other time, then.”

“Annelier, let’s rest in the antechamber. Excuse us, Barnabash.”

Prince Reinhardt stood up and escorted me away from the situation.

Finally… It ended…

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