I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! [Chapter Six]

Chapter Six: A Work Invitation (*Date)

“T-thank you very much for your invitation today…”

“Please, Euphemia-jyou. There’s no need to be so nervous.” Reginald-sama said, perhaps because he liked taking care of me and because I was definitely nervous.

If you want me to not be nervous, then don’t invite me to the royal palace in the first place. But I swallowed those words and instead replied with the plain: “Thank you for your concern.”

Rather, there wasn’t any other way I could reply.

“But, Reginald-sama, I’ve heard that you have something to talk to me about…what could it be?” One of his valet’s pulled out a chair and I took a seat. He was smiling, but in some sense, that was extremely scary. His beauty is ridiculously powerful after all. That’s what I thought about as I awaited his answer.

Though, in the first place, the letter I had received from him that night didn’t say anything explicit like: “I have to speak with you about something.” I’d only heard a few days later – from a servant at the royal palace – that he apparently wanted to meet and speak to me as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to write something that important, I thought. Though, in his case, maybe it was intentional. It really seemed like this person could have a black-bellied side.[1]

“That’s right. Actually, you see, I’ll be going to explore some cities – including the royal capital – soon.”


“To decide this year’s venue for the Fairy Festival,” he answered.

Rather, the Fairy Festival has already arrived? Come to think about it…there’s only three months until the event. I’d forgotten about it due to the shock of recalling my previous life…

Even if I do think about it though, I can’t do anything about the game’s events starting.

The game took place when the heroine, Ginger, was fifteen years old. The villainess, Euphemia, is incidentally the same age. I’m fifteen this year, but I had been too late to notice that I was in a game and then distracted by my sudden engagement to Reginald-sama.

Well, in the game, Euphemia used her parent’s authority to make Reginald-sama her fiancée. If she hadn’t forced him, then their engagement wouldn’t have been decided so quickly, but right now…

I need to think about this situation and shake my head several times. Reginald-sama, in the meantime, looked at me warmly. Uh, I hate that gaze.

“I’ve been thinking about the festival quite a bit. It’s the King or Crown Prince’s job to decide the main venue, but it’s always been unavoidably boring. There are a lot of security procedures that go into it, you know.”

Wow, what a straightforward way of speaking. As I thought this, I waited for his continuation. Somehow, I had a bad feeling, but I decided not to dwell on it. Letting certain thoughts go was an important part of being human, after all. Yes, in order to survive, you must take in certain pieces of information and ignore others. Huh, is that wrong?

“Moreover, father can’t go with me this year, so I’d be alone…Are you catching my drift?” Reginald-sama said with his ridiculously kind-looking smile.

I shook my head. I didn’t know. I couldn’t even imagine. I shook my head firmly forcing myself to believe that. But, he continued without any particular concern for this.

…You know, you’re still the hero of an otome game. It’s important for you to understand a maiden’s heart.

“What I mean is, I’d like to go see these cities with you, Euphemia-jyou. I want to get closer to you as your fiancé…and if I’m with you, I doubt I’ll be bored.”

“…Reginald-sama, please at least try to hide your true intentions.”

You could have just stopped after saying you wanted to get closer. I glanced at him, but he had that same smile on his face.

…I hadn’t seen this particular smile in the game either.

Rather, Reginald-sama was a doting character who spoiled the heroine thoroughly. There weren’t any black feathers mixed in with his angelic wings!

“…Wouldn’t it be alright for me to go with my big brother?”

“Why would you go with your big brother? I don’t really want Euphemia-jyou to go with anyone but me.”

Had I been an ordinary aristocratic lady, I would have surely turned red and replied happily in the affirmative. “Huh?!” However, I was an original Euphemia Aiden, who made a name for myself as an ‘eccentric lady’ in social circles. There’s no way I would react like everyone else.

“…Now that I think about it, it seems there are various gourmet dishes in the cities we’ll be visiting. There are a total of three cities nominated this time and each has its own specialty. I’m sure everything will be delicious.”


“Moreover, it’ll be my treat. Don’t worry, I have some pocket money that I’ve made through investments.”


“Several servants from the palace have recommended restaurants to me as well…They all seem delicious.”

“I-I’ll go! Please let me go!”

Why do I feel like I’ve just been played with? Furthermore, how had Reginald-sama become so adept at handling me in just a few weeks.

…Who spilled that Euphemia is crazy about delicious foods? A servant of the Aiden family…no, it couldn’t be. He might have heard through the Queen, because mother has a good relationship with her. It’s also possible that father let it slip.

…There are too many leaks to determine the source.

“Then, I’ll compile a schedule and send it to you later. For now, let’s have some tea.” As Reginald-sama said this, the chamberlains lined the table in front of us with desserts and teas.

…I’ll forgive you just this once!

Thinking this, I reached for a Madeleine.

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[1] Someone who is kind and honest on the outside, but has a manipulative streak on the inside.

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I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! [Chapter Five]

Chapter Five: Exhaustion and an Invitation from My Fiancé

“Ah! I’m tired!”

“Euphemia-sama, if you have time to laze around then please quickly change your clothes.”

“…Cynthia, you’re the same as ever. I just want to relax a little.”

For three hours I had been interrogated by mother and father. They kept digging for information about my meetings with Reginald-sama until I was exhausted. After already having to keep up appearances in front of Reginald-sama, a tea time for recapping with my parents was just…well, I couldn’t help but be exhausted.

The brownies were delicious though.

“In the first place, it certainly seems like His Highness has his own flights of fancy. There are undoubtedly more proper aristocratic ladies than Euphemia-sama.”

“Yes, I know that well.”

After getting up from the sofa, I asked Cynthia to remove my dress and accessories. That’s right, the Euphemia of this world is a famed ‘eccentric.’ She certainly comes from a prestigious family, but there are many young ladies whose manners are superior to hers. This is especially true among the daughters of the ducal houses; they had young ladies far more proper than her.

…If Reginald didn’t have that personality then surely, he wouldn’t wish for her.

“It’s just as you say, there are many young ladies who are better choices than me…”

“Who said that?”

“But no one other than His Highness, Reginald-sama, can decide.” I sighed as Cynthia untied my hair. She, who had heard me sigh, seemed to have a question mark over her head.

…That’s right. Only he can decide and only he would choose me.

“…Reginald-sama does not seem fond of ‘perfect’ noble ladies. He seems to want someone who isn’t too ‘perfect.’”

“Well, that’s…”

Cynthia’s words confused me. I mean, I already figured, but the Crown Prince of our country shouldn’t have such peculiar tastes in women. In the first place, being Reginald-sama’s wife would mean becoming the Crown Princess. Only those ladies who were closed to perfection should be permitted. People who need to be taken care of, like myself, need not apply.

“That just means that Euphemia-sama is perfectly to His Highness’ tastes. You’re well-known for your eccentricity. You don’t care about appearances and are always focused on eating delicious food. There isn’t another aristocratic young lady that needs to be taken care of to the degree that you do.”


“You walk around the residence in your sleepwear and don’t correct your sleeping habits. Further, your eating habits are also terrible…No one other than me can take care of you anymore.”

“…Hey Cynthia, are you holding a grudge against me, or something? I feel like your words are seriously malicious…”

“That’s not true. There isn’t any malice.”

Ignoring my question, Cynthia heads to the vanity to store the accessories that I had previously been wearing. They are often stored in the vanity drawer. I stared at Cynthia’s back.

“At any rate, if you want to deny it then please learn to be a bit more reliable first. Please correct your personality. Please work hard so you don’t require me to take care of you any further. Please aim to become more educated like the Madam.”

“…I can’t hear you.” I sighed and changed into my nightwear. Yes, fine, she was right. I should refute her only after I become a bit more reliable. I know, I know…but I don’t have any intention of changing myself!

“Oh, that reminds me, Euphemia-sama. While you were having tea with the Master and Madam, a royal courier arrived to deliver a letter. It seems to be from His Highness…”

“Tell me something like that sooner!”

I ran towards Cynthia while yelling, but she just laughed. “Hahaha…”

…Was it perhaps intentional? I really felt it might have been, but Cynthia wasn’t really the kind of maid that played nasty tricks like that. Maybe I really had forgotten. Pondering this, I took the letter that she handed me.

I hurriedly opened the letter. While reading the contents, I felt my face becoming more and more pale.

No, no, Reginald-sama…

We just met today, right? For the next invitation to come so soon…

“Euphemia-sama, what does it say?” Cynthia asked me.

In answer, I rushed towards her and cried: “…I’ve been invited to the royal palace once again?!”

She, who had heard my screams, simply looked surprised for a moment but then immediately smiled and said: “Is that right? Let’s go then, shall we?”


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TOC: Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince

Title: Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ~The Substitute Princess’ Peaceful Life in the Detached Palace~

Original: シンデレラの姉ですが、不本意ながら王子と結婚することになりました~身代わり王太子妃は離宮でスローライフを満喫する~

Author: 柚子れもん

Link: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n6122go/ 


Right in front of the prince, who had come to take her away with the glass slipper in hand, Cinderella elopes with the wizard! The prince, who couldn’t leave empty handed lest he become a laughingstock, decided to take Cinderella’s not mean stepsister with him instead. They returned to the castle, got married, and lived happily ever after…Not!

You’re not going to love me? Of course, I know that. I’m just aiming for a peaceful divorce with tons of alimony. Feel free to get a mistress or concubine in the meantime.

The new princess enjoys her peaceful palace life, managing her field and fishing, but for some reason, the prince’s cold attitude begins to thaw…?

This is the story of Cinderella’s older stepsister, whose feet won’t fit the glass slipper and who doesn’t have a pumpkin carriage, reluctantly marrying the prince, while trying to find her own happiness.

*This story is the serialized version of the one-shot with the same name.

Chapters (Total: 28 Parts)

  1. The Prince Takes Cinderella’s Sister
  2. Cinderella’s Sister’s Instant Wedding

I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! x Background Setting (2)

His Majesty, the King:

Irene’s followers are increasing every year, I’m so worried about it but can’t even complain. His problem was solved by Rururia!

Her Majesty, the Queen:

Although she loves her son, she dotes more on the intelligent Irene. She’s upset at her stupid son because she wanted Irene to become her daughter-in-law.

His Highness, the Royal Prince:

He’s happy that Irene’s engagement is finally gone and serious about winning her over. Thought a strange young girl was approaching His Majesty, but was slapped by her when he tried to find out the details of what was happening. He’s never been hit by a woman before and is shocked!

*It has come to my attention that I’ve been misreading this kanji the entire time. This person is the Royal Prince, meaning the King’s younger brother. OTL. I’m so sorry about the mix up ≦(._.)≧

Knight Commander, Lionel Arestant:

He’s had to deal with Irene’s followers, getting more and more troublesome missions because of them. He’s happy because he’s found a ‘first class ingredient’ and desperately wants to make her his bride or subordinate.

Protagonist, Rururia Talbot:

Is thinking “I shouldn’t have done anything” and wondering why everything has ended up this way. She just wants to go home.

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Seven]

Idle Talk: It Doesn’t Matter, but the Young Man Has Stomach Troubles

Oh, my stomach really hurts.

From the moment that my little sister was born into this world, my life has been a series of trials.

It goes without saying, of course, that my sister, Rururia, was a very cute baby. All she did was babble and play with the dragon plushie that our mother had made for her.

The trials only began after Ria started acting on her own initiative. The second we took our  eyes off of her, everything started going off the rails.

(She said that she hasn’t done anything, but that definitely isn’t the case.)

The time when she had just learned to crawl was still alright. Our gardener, Tom, had one day found Ria sitting near the flowerbeds. Of course, all he had to do was pick her up and take her back to her bedroom. The solution was simple. And the damage was isolated to the mansion: that is, father’s stomach starting to hurt and mother fainting.

The real troubles came after she could walk on her own…just remembering it hurts my stomach…

As the only daughter of Earl Talbot, Ria, who should have been carefully guarded, managed to smuggle herself onto a merchant ship headed to another country. Father’s subordinates had come quite close to adopting her themselves.

When I asked her what had happened, I couldn’t make heads nor tails of her peculiar way of thinking. All I got was “The hinterlands were frozen” and “I did it with all my might.”

But I’m the one that always has to go collect her?!

At the time, I had seriously considered letting her get adopted, but when I think back on it now, that level of chaos was still cute.

The real test came after Ria made friends with the Demon King.

You might be confused about this name, but she’s a noble girl who is the same age as Ria. The demoness is the daughter of a neighboring Earl. It’s honestly a mystery how such a terrifying girl was born from a knight famed for his straightforward personality.

Yes, everything started getting out of hand after becoming friends with the demoness.

One day – with a simple “I’ve done it—” – she’d gathered a group of vigilantes in our fief that was about twenty people strong. I ended up having to scout people for the organization as well as put out the flames of chaos at our own home.

Then one day, it was: “They were bad people.” When we investigated her words, we found a wreckage that was once a group of pirates. They seemed like they were headed to a different territory, so I’d hurriedly warned those in charge over there. I wonder if we prevented some kind of conflict…

Then, she found some smugglers and said: “They were selling something strange.” We arrested them because they were selling illegal drugs, but let’s be clear that the credit goes to me. I took care of all the heavy lifting while mother and father simply fainted again.

All of that has been settled, however…family meetings became mandatory at our house because of such antics.

After a certain incident happened, everything quieted down for a bit. Though, I started to take certain actions in advance, just in case something occurred. Maybe some events have happened that I’m unaware of, but I’m pretty confident that they shouldn’t affect our territory directly.

“Big brother, are you listening?”

Ria asked indignantly as she threw a piece of chocolate into her mouth…I’m more or less an aristocrat, so I pick one up and carefully chew it instead. Seeing Ria’s happy face as she attended the academy made my stomach clench a little, but it turns out this worry was not misplaced. Somehow after graduation she became His Majesty’s ‘exclusive venting partner.’ She was assigned that kind of honorable role that would allow her to be in close contact with both the King and commander of the knights.

While as a result our family had bettered our relationships with high ranking people, I would personally like for her to stop getting involved in these troublesome events.

Really, I truly want you to stop getting involved.

“Ah, I’m listening, I’m listening. You were just saying that His Majesty, the King, invited you for a consultation and then you were invited to join the knights by His Excellency, the knight commander.”

…From everything she has said, it seems that I’m probably not conscious enough of the current situation.

Please stop, unlike you, I’m quite delicate.

“It was terrible! Don’t you think? I hated it! He directed his killing intent right at me! Even though I’m a lady!”

It was a well-known fact that Ria was not ladylike in the least, but it seems that she’s taken to calling herself ‘a lady’ recently.

…That’s a subject that your brother doesn’t dare interfere with, my dear sister.

There’s no lady in this country who can tolerate the killing intent of the strongest knight in our kingdom. No, not the country, they probably don’t exist in the entire world.

Becoming the daughter-in-law of the Arestant – the knight commander’s – family would be a big deal, Ria.

…Wait, if he’s my sister’s husband then he’d be my younger brother. That knight commander would be my brother-in-law.

Impossible. Absolutely not, my stomach won’t be able to handle it.

My stomach is sure to explode the day that such a powerful man calls me his “big brother.” Father and mother will pass away on the spot.

“Runaway with all you have. Do your best, Ria.”

My sister seemed to support this statement. While I tried to calm my aching stomach, she threw another chocolate into her mouth.

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I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter Four]

Chapter Four: Studying Stupid Things (Part II)

Just as I had felt relief, Kaname dropped a bomb on me. “…But that’s why you have to study harder than anyone else.”

What’s wrong with you?!

“Well, you said it yourself; I’m pretty good for my age, right? Then why…?”

“—Because you’re stupid.”

…You just raised my morale, so why are you lowering it again so suddenly? I suspected that he was making fun of me, but Kaname looked unnaturally serious.

“Listen up, stupid. I’ve spent the last couple of months with you and learned something… There are two kinds of fools in this world: one that can be corrected and one that – no matter how hard they try – can’t.”

…Isn’t it too sad to call them uncorrectable? Humans have infinite potential, and sometimes effort transcends ‘possibilities.’

If you cut them down like that…

“—And you are the latter. It’s impossible to overcome it completely, but it can be alleviated.”

Hmm? Do you mean me?! I was the uncorrectable one?!

No, no, wait, stop looking at me with pity! I’m only ten years old! There’s plenty of room for growth from here on out (I’ll just put on the shelf the fact that I was stupid in my previous life), so don’t give up on me after just a couple of months!

Kaname ignored me – who was holding my head, half-crying – and continued speaking. “That’s why you need academic achievements. You need to become the best in your peer group.”

… Let’s see…

“…What do you mean?”

“It’s simple. What would you think if a wonderful inventor, who would leave his name in history, were a surprisingly bad person in his private life?”

How did the topic of an inventor suddenly come up? I don’t understand, but I’ll still try to think about the answer to Kaname’s words.

…A great inventor who is a bad person? That’s not really…

“Well… I’d think that heaven didn’t give them too many gifts. It’s a shame, but I’d feel a little relieved.”

I felt a little down as I recalled my previous life. Of course, I couldn’t do such a feat as to leave my name in history, and I didn’t have any family background or beauty (I can’t say it myself, but I’m practically the most beautiful girl in the world right now! You must be jealous, guys!)

I was just a fool at that time.

There are people like me who didn’t do that well, so it’s unfair that people who leave their names in history don’t have the option to do so secretly! Yeah. I think it’ll be frustrating to be a genius and to be a perfect person, even on the inside.

“What if you were a person who came from a prestigious family and had the perfect face, but the brain’s contents were too disappointing?”

“Hmm… My family and face were given to me at birth. I didn’t cultivate them like the inventor with his own talents. Generally, in modern-day Japan, there aren’t really any ‘safe’ families exempt from atrophy. Appearances also change as we get older so it’s not an absolute asset. If it’s just those two things, then bad things can still happen to them.”

“…Then, what if they were good at studying?”

“Well then, yes… That can be forgiven. There are three special beauty points.”

It can’t compare with great investors, but if you have such a good point, then you can just close your eyes if you feel a little useless. If you only keep on boasting about your family and appearance, rather, that’s a typical villain trait… Huh?

…A villain? Huh?

“…You know yourself well.” Kaname shrugged, looking sideways at me, who had unconsciously wrinkled my eyebrows. “That’s why you need to be able to solve high school problems to some extent to be an acceptable person even if you’re a fool.”

Hey, what? What is this?

“…Can a fool be forgiven?”

“That’s right. The slightest weakness can make your strengths that much more pronounced. Human beings have longed for ‘geniuses’ since ancient times. If you become a ‘genius’ in terms of studying, people around you will close their eyes when it comes to negative things.”

…It is true that there is only a fine line between a fool and a genius. Even in the previous life, many eccentric people were called ‘genius’. Even when they acted foolishly, people would say, “he is a genius, so his mind is different from an ordinary person’s.”

In school, good grades are a kind of weapon. If I can’t solve high school-level problems smoothly, then I might not be able to intimidate the students around me and become Empress-sama and rule over the academy…

Even in fiction, boasting only about family background and good looks is the standard role of any typical villain. I am the Empress-sama. I can’t be such a lump-sum villain, but…

“…But I still think it’s quite unreasonable to go up to high school level topics at this age…”

…I also want to put off studying high school sciences…!

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I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! [Chapter Four]

Chapter Four: Marquis Aiden and His Wife

“Euphemia, how was your meeting with His Highness?”


After my tea party with Reginald-sama had ended, I returned to the mansion. There, I was met with my smiling mother. No, if you think for a moment then you’ll realize that this isn’t good at all. Since she had been standing near the entrance right after my meeting with the Prince, she had surely meant to ambush me.

…She’s definitely still holding a grudge about me brushing them off and withdrawing to my room after my first meeting with Reginald-sama.

Yes, yes, I understand.

Euphemia’s mother – Mercia Aiden – looked just like her daughter. She was a beautiful woman with fluffy, waist-length brown hair and blue eyes. Though she was born into the family of a mere count, father had fallen in love with her at first sight and desperately pursued her.

She cherished her only daughter; anyone could see this affection reflected in her eyes. “Well? We’re talking about our cute and charming Euphemia, so I don’t think you made any careless mistakes? However, if you run to your room, then I’ll be worried…because I won’t be able to see my cute Euphemia’s face.” Mother said with a loving gaze.

Her expression was so beautiful that the nearby maid sighed in admiration. As expected of a model aristocrat: mother was both well-educated and possessed a kind personality. If you’re asking why Euphemia didn’t inherit these traits, then…well, one could guess the cause quite easily.

“I’m sorry. I had a bit of a rough time during the first meeting…so I wanted to be alone.”

“I’m sure, but please understand, to be treated like that by Euphemia hurt me and your father deeply.” Mother put her hands on my shoulders and shook me slightly. Ah, my head is shaking…

“Y-yes,” I replied, with her words in mind. That was the only possible response. Father and mother were generally nice and reasonable people, but when it came to their daughter, it was like they didn’t understand their surroundings to a ridiculous degree.

“Ah, Euphemia, you’ve returned home. You’re very cute today too.”

“…Father, didn’t you see me this morning?”

“Euphemia and Mercia are so adorable that I never get tired of seeing them. I could watch you for hours.” This was Gideon Aiden, Euphemia’s father, who had just come down the stairs that was located near the main entrance.

He was a dandy older man with a wonderful personality and incredible skills, which he used to further develop the Aiden marquessate. That being said, he was blinded by love when it came to his wife and daughter. This person is my father. By the way, mother is two years older than father.

“Ah, my cute Euphemia. Could you tell us about your meeting with His highness? My Euphemia is extremely cute, so I’m sure he liked you as well.” Father had a happy expression on his face as he said this.

…No, you shouldn’t say that to your daughter who has started off as a ‘younger sister’ or ‘pet’ rather than ‘fiancée.’ However, in front of my parents who looked so happy and expectant, it’s not like I could just say that.

…In their case, beauty was certainly a weapon.

“Euphemia, we’ve prepared your favorite sweets and tea in the greenhouse tea room. Let’s talk more while eating together.”


…Ah, by the way, I had eaten desserts with Reginald-sama earlier. I’d always thought this, but the skill of the Aiden’s chef was wonderful. It might have been because Euphemia had always asked them so earnestly to cook such complicated dishes that easier items had become a piece of cake for them. The desserts were usually both aesthetically pleasing and delicious.

I would have loved to attend, but…

“The chef baked brownies today…I’m sure they’ll be delicious.” Such were the breathtaking words of mother. However, brownies were not the sweets that our chef excelled at. Rather, they were my mother’s favorite.

“Is that so? Then maybe I’ll join you.”

“Yes, my dear husband, by all means.”

It seems father would also be joining us for desserts. Uh…I don’t particularly want to talk about my experience to be honest. But brownies…it was a very attractive offer. What should I do? Certainly, there had been no brownies in the lineup at the palace.

…So, well, it’s alright, isn’t it?

“May I have some brownies as we speak?”

“Of course.” My mother answered in the affirmative without any hesitation.

Okay, okay! We’ll use a slightly enhanced version of the story. Let’s deceive them well. Besides, if I don’t go then the brownies will disappear. Brownies are something that must be eaten while they’re fresh, after all.

“We’ll listen to your story about His Highness.”

Therefore, I ignored mother’s terrifying words for the time being.

…Mother, there are matters in this world that are best not asked about.

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Six]

“I’m very sorry for not being there, Rururia-jyou.” The Ice-Cold Knight (LOL), Lionel Arestant, apologizes.

Next to him is me, Rururia, a sixteen year old maiden who is currently troubled by His Majesty, the king’s complaints, which I have been listening to time and again.

“His Highness isn’t one who normally goes out of his way to do something like that, but there’s no telling what he’ll do if Irene-sama is involved.”

If you knew that then why did you let me walk alone, Mr. Knight Captain. Is what I’d like to say with some cold-hearted sarcasm.

“Though, I thought it was the same for Your Excellency, the Knight Commander.”

“??? What was the same??” It’s not particularly cute if a big guy like you tilts his head like that. Even though he’s expressionless, it’s strangely annoying that he’s a bit maiden-like.

“I meant, I thought you were another follower of Irene-sama.”

When I said this, the knight commander frowned as if disgusted. Apparently, it was his job to stop her followers from creating chaos. He was doing this with all his might apparently. Ah, do your best…

Is something like that okay to delegate to the commander of the knights, though?

“Why would you think that?”

“Ah, at the graduation party, I was terrified by Your Excellency’s murderous glare. That was why.”

This makes the knight commander suddenly come to a stop. Eh? What, what?

Wait, let’s take a look at his face…Wow! Somehow I’m feeling really happy right now!!

“Well, I was aware that you noticed me…but it seems that I erred in my haste. I’d hoped that you had understood.”

“So, what were you trying to communicate?” I’m not entirely convinced by this turn of events, so explain!!

“At the graduation party, I was just trying to signal to Rururia-jyou that you shouldn’t perjure yourself.”

You just looked straight up murderous!! Please take a proper look at me. I’m just a sweet lady, no matter how you slice it.

“What would you have done if I couldn’t withstand your murderous gaze?”

If the witness had collapsed at a time like that then the wrong person might have been punished. The knight commander should have absolutely told me in a more relaxed manner!!

“That’s why I said before, I thought you’d understood as I’d hoped.”


The knight commander closes the distance between us after turning around. Of course, even though he was close, he was maintaining the appropriate space as a gentleman, but his towering height gave off the illusion that there was no escape.

“I thought Rururia-jyou would be able to handle it. In fact, you didn’t even scream.” He looks at me meaningfully. “Even among my subordinates, there are few that are able to withstand such pressure.”

Geh! You hit me with something like that?!

“Yet you endured it even though you’ve had no formal training.”

The glint in his pale blue eyes was gradually becoming more and more suspicious to me. Then, the knight commander gently grasped my hands. I was tense and an unpleasant premonition was washing over me.

“Rururia-sama, it’s not too late! Why don’t you aim for becoming a knight?!”

…That’s it, I’ve already exceeded my daily tolerance! Let. Me. Go. Home.

As we were returning through the royal family’s secret passage, the Ice-Cold Knight (LOL) had asked me to become a knight.

Um…you do know that I’m an Earl’s daughter, right??

“In actual battle, courage is more important than skill. I believe Rururia-jyou has courage that is rarely seen. So please, won’t you become a knight!?”

“I refuse.” I said flatly. I heard something that sounded like a compliment but I won’t acknowledge it.

I want to go home. Big brother, please help me!!

…Even my hallucination of him won’t appear, damnit.

I was frustrated by the persistence of the knight commander, and said “You know, most noble ladies don’t become knights, right? I’ve never wanted to become one myself.”

“Ah, I’m sorry…it’s just, if you had a swordsman’s arm…”

Oi! Why are you being this stubborn?? It’s making me a little bit interested, you know?

The knight commander sighed in melancholy. What’s happened?? “…You would have become my ideal woman.”

Phew! I was going down a dangerous road!! I’ve never been so glad that I was weak before!!

“What is Your Excellency, the knight commander’s ideal woman?” This is curiosity, okay? I’m just asking because I’m curious.

The knight commander’s cheeks turned a little red and he looked away embarrassedly. “A woman who has the courage to fight anyone and who can fight me.”

That’s hopeless!! In the first place, does the knight commander even understand how strong he is?! You want someone to train with you, who returned after subduing a stray dragon by yourself?! A woman who can fight dragons…doesn’t exist in this kingdom.

Oh no, wait, there is one.

“Then, how about Irene-sama? Her magic is first-class. She could probably even fight a dragon?”

“Well, I’m sure she could, but I don’t really like her ability.”

Oh, so for you, likability equals how someone fights. Is your brain all muscle too you muscle loving bastard? So that’s why he wasn’t married or even engaged at twenty-four years of age.

“And, after all…”


When I’d thought that I heard a sound like something ripping through the air, I found that the knight commander was holding a knife to my neck. What’s going on here?

I couldn’t react. If I moved even a little then my neck would have easily been sliced off.

In addition, is the man in front of me the knight commander who was just speaking to me a while ago? Murderous intent poured out of his body towards me mercilessly.

…I’m scared, I’m definitely scared…but I’m also kind of annoyed.

I don’t know why he’s suddenly aiming his murderous intent at me. I don’t have any intention or dying here at all!! Only my mental fortitude suppresses my body from trying to escape with all it’s might. My throat was cramped by fear and I couldn’t physically do anything except let out a pitiful voice, so I began steeling my nerves.

With all my might, I glared at the knight commander.

“Yes, it has to be like this.” He muttered with a fascinated look on his face. “I’ve been searching for a woman just like you.” His murderous intent was erased so seamlessly, it was it had never been there in the first place. “Those glaring eyes are great. Beautiful.”

The knight commander gently put his fingers underneath my eyes, as if he was touching something precious that he loved.


I’ve snapped. I’ve really snapped.


“W-what? Rururia-sama?!”

I thought I’d be unable to do anything with my weak hands so I put all my strength into my foot and kicked this muscle brained idiot’s (knight commander) shin. “How many times do you intend on hitting me with that murderous intent?!!”

I tried to kick him again but he evaded. No, just let yourself get kicked. Read the damn mood.

“I-I’m very sorry! It’s just, I just thought it’d be fine if it was Rururia-sama…” At my glare, the knight commander promptly shut his mouth.

Where are you going to find a woman that remains totally calm in the face of murderous intent?! There isn’t anyone like that, is there?! I may look fine, but I was scared! Don’t you get it?!

“Please never do that again. I refuse to train with you, so please understand that I will never become your ideal woman!!”

The wife of this muscle-for-brains would only have a hard time! I can’t do it!

Muu…that’s disappointing…”

Don’t pout Mr. Ice-Cold Knight (LOL). There are many wishes in this world that don’t get granted.

“Oh, I know! If the assistant knight commander position is no good, then why not start off as an apprentice?”

I’m not going to start off as anything!! Can someone please teach this muscle-brained idiot what ‘giving up’ means?!

I burned the ‘Recommendation for Knighthood’ that was sent to our house at a later date. I really don’t feel bad at all!!

Of course, in front of such an incomprehensible gift, father, mother and big brother all fainted.

This is all because I’d become His Majesty’s exclusive venting partner!!

…Don’t you think?

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This Time, I’ll Definitely Protect my Wife and Daughter!

Title: This Time, I’ll Definitely Protect my Wife and Daughter!

Original: 今度こそ、妻と娘を守る!

Author: yui/サウスのサウス

Link: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9204ef/


I had lost everything. My life had been a series of tragedies since my wife was killed: I couldn’t properly face my daughter and I eventually ended up framed by another aristocrat. Right before my execution, I managed to help my daughter escape, and thought at least I’d accomplished that much.

Then, I regained consciousness. I had traveled back in time.

“This is…” I’d checked both the calendar and surrounding scenery multiple times before walking over to the mirror. My appearance greatly surprised me.

“I’m sure I was executed…what happened?” Yes, I’d been executed. The reason was that my daughter had committed crimes against the woman her fiancé – His Highness, the Crown Prince – was cheating on her with, while I had mismanaged my fief’s funds and stolen from the kingdom.

These charges were false, but by the time I’d realized what had happened, it was too late. I’d at least helped my daughter escape before I climbed the steps to the gallows.

Everything had been orchestrated by those who were hostile against our ducal house. I completely fell into their trap. I’d died after becoming too complacent. Even my daughter who had escaped could only resent them without recourse for her entire life.

However, when I’d regained consciousness, I found myself in a young man’s body. I was in a room that was both very familiar and should no longer exist: my childhood bedroom. The date on the calendar told me I had gone back twenty years in time.

…I was now ten years old.

I couldn’t understand what was happening. I was stunned. Then, someone knocked on the door before entering. It was a nostalgic person, our butler from when father had run the house. “Good morning young master.”

Jiiya…is that you?”[1]

“Yes, it’s jiiya. Is something the matter?”

“…I had a strange dream. Just how old am I now?”

“That’s certainly an odd question. Young master turned ten this year.”

“Ah…I’m sorry, I guess I was still sleepy.” I shook my head to demonstrate to him that nothing was amiss.

Somehow, I had apparently gone back in time. Or, did I just have a premonition of the future? No, even though it seemed unbelievable, I had gone back to the past. My memories of adulthood were too clear for any other explanation.

However, this time…maybe I can save them.

My dear wife and daughter.

I had been married twice.

The first time was to my beloved fiancée. I’d adored her and she felt the same for me. However, one day, on her way home from a tea party, her carriage was attacked by thieves and she was killed.

Though they were soon caught and executed, it didn’t shake me out of my depressive episode, which lasted quite a while.

At the time, our daughter had been four or five years old. I’d wanted someone else to guide her in her mother’s place and stupidly welcomed another woman into our house as my wife.

This was where my mistakes began.

I had no idea at the time, but my new wife began abusing my daughter in the name of education. I didn’t notice because I’d put some distance between her and I. When I saw my daughter, who looked more and more like her mother each day…I couldn’t help but be reminded of my beloved dead wife.

My daughter was always well behaved in front of me and it seems that my second wife threatened the servants, so no one reported the abuse to me.

At that time, I thought all was well and told my daughter about her engagement with the Crown Prince. She lived up to the expectations of those around her and perfectly gained the abilities required to become Queen. Still, I could not be honest with my daughter, whose mother’s death had killed a part of my own heart.

Then, one day, I’d heard a strange rumor.

It was said that the Crown Prince was ignoring his fiancée in favor of a common woman. When I’d first heard about it, I’d laughed to the point I snorted, but then when I looked into it, the rumors had turned out to be true.

What was worse is that the reputation of my daughter, which had previously been good, had seen a sharp decline. When I’d investigated further, I found that people were intentionally spreading rumors that my daughter was bullying that woman.

The investigation revealed many suspicious points.

For example, the career and social relationships that the common woman possessed were just strange. Eventually, I found out – from my more skillful subordinates – that while she was born in this kingdom, she was likely to be from one of the countries that we had conquered earlier.

In fact, that common woman had the coat of arms engraved upon her body; proof that she was a member of that fallen country’s royal family.

What surprised me even more was her connections. All her friendships were with powerful men; the prince and his entourage of young noblemen. Further, that woman had a secret meeting with the head of a family, who was deeply hostile to our ducal house.

Combined, this was all deeply unpleasant. Therefore, I’d tried to deal with it on my own, but it was already too late. My daughter had been abandoned by the Crown Prince at one evening party and was convicted of bullying the common woman favored by the prince. She was arrested, while at the same time I was jailed for misappropriating my fiefdom’s funds.

Fortunately, the watchmen at the prison were my loyal subordinates, so I hatched a plot to break my daughter out while I acted as a decoy. I had her run away.

“Father!” I still remember her expression at that time; she’d looked extremely frightened.

This girl I’d looked at properly for the first time in a very long time had become a beautiful woman who looked just like her mother. At the very end, I could only say to her: “I’m so sorry about everything until now. I’ll be fine, my dear daughter.”

Seeing my daughter’s heartbroken expression as I said that…I could only smile when she finally ran away.

I was relieved that my subordinates were able to smuggle her out.

Please live.

Even now, I’m unsatisfied. In the final moments before my death, I could only regret that I hadn’t loved her properly.

After making a calculated fuss for a while, I was caught by some other prison guards and returned to my cell. I was just relieved to hear the rumors that my daughter had escaped.

Then, a while later, I was executed.

Hatred and regret…I could only pray for my daughter’s happiness.

I had returned to the past with memories of my future. Eight years had passed since I’d first woken up.

My wife and I were able to safely get married. This second wedding was burned into my mind more vividly than the first.

My wife in a white dress, the oath, the kiss…everything looked clearer to me.

This time I will protect them.

My wife held my hands as I said my vows. Her eyes were full of compassion. “My dear husband, it will be okay,” she said later. With just those words, it seemed the weight on my shoulders had disappeared.

She might have spotted my unease and therefore comforted me. She’d brought such light and warmth to my heart without even realizing it. My tense heart relaxed at her words and on that day, I fell in love with her all over again.

We had a daughter a little while after we got married. The timing was the same as before, so I was incredibly grateful. I’d wondered if our child would change if there were deviations in the timeline; I’d worried my daughter wouldn’t be born.

Thankfully she was. Just as before, we named her ‘Rosemary.’

Rose grew up quickly. In the last timeline, I was so busy with work that I couldn’t see her much when she was a child. This time, however, I desperately finished work and returned to the mansion to spend time with my wife and Rose.

My wife and I are like eternal newlyweds, by the way. Just the other day, I was delighted when the doctor informed me that we would be having a second child.

Everyone was pleased to have a new family member.

When I told Rose that she would soon become an older sister, she – who had just recently started speaking – said “Yay! Olda sista—!”[2]

My wife and I stroked her head lovingly.

It was around that time that the wheels of fate began turning.

One day, when my wife – who had entered a stable period in her pregnancy – said that she wanted to attend a tea party in the neighborhood, I’d had a bad feeling. So, I gave her permission, but only on the condition that I could follow.

Our daughter also accompanied her. Rose was comparably reliable for her age and therefore in the perfect position to reign in my wife, who was sometimes quite the eccentric.

We increased the number of escorts on the way back and had them lay in wait.

Thankfully, the party had gone off without a hitch. When my wife and daughter decided to return home, I accompanied them in their carriage. It had turned out that my unpleasant premonition proved correct.

The carriage suddenly came to a stop and the outside got quite noisy. I told my family to wait inside and lock the door as I headed out.

As expected, it had been the same ones who had killed my wife in the previous timeline. However, with the escorts that had been secretly deployed, the quality of protection was overwhelmingly different. They were suppressed immediately.

One of the escorts tied up the man who appeared to be the boss of the group. He brought him towards me and I realized that he was the same man who I’d hit in anger during the trial. He had been the first to be executed.

In the previous timeline, my anger had gotten the better of me and I’d had him killed without properly asking…

“Who hired you?”


“Alright, keep silent. I’ll listen to you slowly at a later date. Take them away.” With those words, the thieves were taken away.

When I returned to the carriage, my wife and daughter were anxiously waiting for me. To ease their nerves, I gently smiled at them.

“Dear husband, is everything alright?”

“It’s okay. Everything has been settled. Now, let’s go home.”


“It’s alright Rose, don’t look so uneasy. Father will protect you no matter what.”

She nodded innocently at my declaration – yelling out “Yeah!” – and I wondered if I’d managed to ease her worries.

My wife still looked concerned, but relaxed visibly when I held her hand and smiled.

In that way, the first tragedy was avoided. That said, it was probably a planned attack. Let’s sniff out the organization responsible. With this in mind, I returned to our house with my precious family.

After just a bit of violence, the thieves became more honest. Apparently, the request was made by a house that harbored hostilities towards our family.

However, I was aware that a group of thugs would not be believed in a court of law. There just wasn’t enough proof. So, for the time being, I handed them over to the kingdom’s troops, asking for both their punishments and a thorough investigation.

Then, I ordered my subordinates to find out the weaknesses of that house. Thanks to these excellent individuals, information was gathered quickly. Honestly, I was amazed at the degree of information that they had been able to gather.

At first, I’d thought to take away one of their beloved family members as revenge. Then I realized that it would make me the same as the other person so I abandoned this route. Instead, I’d decided to destroy their standing by accusing them of fraud, but I delay their punishment for just a little while.

The reason for this was because my daughter had just been selected as the Crown Prince’s consort candidate. This was because – at least at present – there was only one family that balanced out the royal family’s power and had a daughter that was the correct age.

It goes without saying that I refused at first, but eventually I had no choice but to accept because the King was so persistent. However, I’d added some conditions.

First, the relationship between Rose and the Prince would remain that of fiancée ‘candidates’ and their engagement would only proceed if neither party found someone they loved before graduating from the academy.

Second, if either person found someone that they liked but tried to break the engagement via unreasonable methods then appropriate measures would be taken.

Surprisingly, the King agreed to this.

Honestly, I didn’t want to give my beloved Rose to that stupid Prince. But it can’t be helped, because I need this timeline to be at least somewhat similar to my memories so as to exact appropriate revenge.

However, I was firm in telling Rose that she was simply a consort ‘candidate’ and that if she had someone whom she liked then she could tell me.

The Prince seemed to believe Rose was his official fiancée, but I don’t really care about his misunderstandings. I left it alone for the time being because it would be convenient for my plans.

Well, it would still be most ideal if the Prince decided not to do anything, but as it turned out, his fate was unavoidable.

It had been a while since Rose started attending the academy. As a parent, I was lonely, but I still had my younger son and daughter. (Though I still wondered when Rose would come home.)

One day, I received a message from the subordinate I had secretly made Rose’s escort. He reported to me that the Prince was spending time with a common woman.

When I heard this, I immediately requested an audience with the King and reported the matter. He was in a cold sweat and tried to stop me, but a promise was a promise.

Rose didn’t particularly like the Prince either, so it was fine.

In the end, the King said he would put the matter on hold, so that day ended up a wash. Afterwards, I requested audiences several times without receiving a response. Then, the day of the abominable evening party had arrived.

When we’d entered the venue – I was escorting Rose – all eyes were on us at once. Well, her fiancé, the Prince, had left her alone and escorted another woman, so of course people would be curious.

After a while, the Prince made the same declaration as the previous timeline.

“Rose, I am breaking my engagement with you! You have always bullied Marie! I will expose this wickedness!”

The venue was abuzz at the Prince’s words.

When I discreetly looked at a certain individual – one of the people who were hostile towards my family and perpetrators of tonight – they were smiling at the situation. Seeing that, I inwardly smirked.

Now, let’s settle this!

“Your Highness, please wait a moment. I would like to hear more of that story.”

After I’d said this, the Prince glared at me, openly hostile. “What?! I won’t revoke this cancellation or your daughter’s punishment!”

“Your Highness, it seems that you are operating under a mistaken premise.”


“In the first place, my daughter and you were not even officially engaged.”

The venue is once again set abuzz. Well, that’s natural, after all, everyone had been treating her as his fiancée up until this point, therefore, they were surprised at the sudden turn of events. Some people even seemed to think that I was lying so as to avoid punishment…

Like this Prince in front of me. “Don’t mess with me! Where’s the evidence of that—?”

“Right here.” I took out the pledge, which His Majesty, the King, had signed.

The Prince, who had been shouting until now, was confused when he saw that the document was genuine. “But! My father—”

“I understood Rose properly, didn’t I?”

“Yes, Father.”

“Then why didn’t you deny it?!”

“I didn’t feel the need to as I was not engaged to Your Highness to begin with.”

“But, you’re in love with me, right?”

“Huh? Why? What would I like about you, Your Highness?”

“But you’ve been bullying Marie because of that burning jealousy!”

“No, I wasn’t jealous. Whether as a member of the opposite sex or as a human being, I’ve never liked Your Highness. My type has always been someone cool, like my father.” Rose smiled as she said that and I was involuntarily pleased.

Her type is like me, huh…?

The Prince, who refused to give up, was still trying to push the events in his favor. Well, it can’t be helped…

“Your Highness, my daughter never bullied anyone in the first place.”

“That’s not true! Marie said—”

“That girl named Marie is deceiving you to frame our family. Is that not right, Duke Montest and Count Heidert?” When they were suddenly accused, the two heads of their families, denied is resolutely, as though in righteous fury.

“What is with this story?”

“It’s totally false.”

“That’s alright, I’ve already proven that it was your work. There’s evidence. I’ve recorded your secret conversations and submitted it to the King, so please speak with him instead. I’ve also made your wrongdoings public…well, please do your best.”

“W-wha?!” They both exclaimed in unison.

“Guards, arrest them.”

The guards, who had been awaiting my words, took the two of them in. The entire venue became quite noisy afterwards. However, it seems that the Prince has yet to give up.

“B-but Marie…”

“Your Highness, I don’t have too much free time, so I’ll state this in brief. That young woman is the former Princess of Arubahelm, a country that our kingdom previously conquered. She’s here for revenge on this country. Isn’t that right, Marie-san? Oh, you don’t have to bother making an excuse. Why don’t you just show us that emblem on your arm instead?”

When I said that, she turned her gaze towards me and laughed. “My, I’m quite surprised. How did you find out?”


“Ah, Your Highness—I’m sorry. It seems that I’ve been exposed. To be perfectly honest, it’s exactly as that man has said.”

“No, it must be a lie…”

“I got closer to you to avenge my homeland. I wanted to become Queen and throw this country into economic collapse…well, it’s impossible now that I’ve been exposed. It was so easy to trick you. We had a good time, didn’t we?”


“Even though I did such a good job…well, it can’t be helped now. Oh, and Rose-sama, I never had a chance to tell you, but I like you quite a bit. If your personality was just a little bit more distorted, I’d like you even more.” She said as she was taken away by the guards, leaving the absentminded Prince.

Only the poor, deceived Prince was left onstage.

“Rose, for the time being, let’s go back home…”

“Yes, Father.”

I held hands with my daughter as we returned to our home. I’d finally protected the family that I loved…

After that, the Prince was put under house arrest and deprived of his right to inherit. Though, the truth seemed to be that he was mentally scarred after being betrayed by that woman and could not leave his room.

The aides who had been unable to stop the Prince were punished by their own houses.

It seemed that the (former) Crown Prince’s younger brother would become the next King, but regardless, I didn’t want Rose to marry into that kind of family.

Rose fell in love with a classmate – the son of a Count – and they eventually got married. When I was sad about giving my daughter away, my wife comforted me.

Even so, Rose’s partner was a good man, so I couldn’t help but like him.

When our two younger children grew up, I retired and leisurely spent the rest of my life with my dear wife.

I still sometimes wonder why I got the chance to start over.

There were so many pieces that I’d never grasped, but in the end, when I looked at my laughing wife next to me, all the need for answers melted away. Next to my children, lively grandchildren and wife, I passed away.

My last words had been decided a long time ago.

“It was…a happy life…”

I protected that which I could not in my previous life. My dear daughter from the first timeline, I will greedily pray for your happiness.

Please give her happiness…

With that, I finally closed my eyes.

[1] An affectionate term for an older male servant.

[2] Meant to be baby talk/babble for “older sister.” Sorry, I’m not great at this.

*More one-shots available here and on Patreon.