I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Fifty-Two]

Idle Talk: It Doesn’t Matter, So the Magician Observes

Chief… It’s time to talk to him.

Lurking in a pillar near the Knight’s training grounds, I called out to my own boss. It’s been two hours already.

It was time to get to work.

“You, you idiot! I can’t talk to him!”

The usually strong-willed Chief yelled at me, his face turning red.

Yes, yes. You need some time to prepare yourself.

Jeez, not being able to talk to them because you liked them too much, what kind of kid are you?

You are the Head of the Chief Sorcerers, aren’t you? Although you don’t seem like it now.

“Well, it’s not so much as a beautiful body alone, but the beautiful scales… Every one of which is perfectly composed and harmonized to protect against magical interference…”

Alley Bezalel, our nation’s proud Sorcerer, begun muttering about his observations of Dragons.

I, a.k.a., The Commander’s Dragon Officer, omitted the praise of Dragons and only wrote down actual observations.

It’s one of my jobs… To keep an eye on the Commander’s Dragon enthusiasm for when he gets out of control.

He’s a Great Sorcerer, and I usually respected the Commander. Even though he’s the same age as I am, he’s discovered several new complex magic, and so on.

But right now, I don’t respect him at all.

It would help if you were a little more dignified, not hunkered down to look at it in secrecy.

Oh, that’s because if I didn’t do it like this, the Dragon of my dreams will see me.‘ Yeah, that’s also disgusting.

If it weren’t for that, the Chief Sorcerer would probably be popular with the ladies. I’m looked at this red-gold-haired, beautiful man in front of me dryly.

Even though he’s got an adopted son, he’s still single. Definitely. It’s because he’s such a Dragon maniac.

… If you gave me a piece of those good looks, I would put it to better use. That’s what you call ‘a waste of talent‘.

Anyways, I hope someone would replace my post in watching over the Chief who was obsessed of Dragons soon.

It reminded me of the Deputy Commander and his colleagues, who made me the Commander’s Dragon Officer with a smile.

Yeah, I don’t think anyone was going to take over! I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to find a way to make it work.

I wonder if I could get a… Dragon allowance, or something.

But even if my salary increased, it’s not like I’d have any hobbies, or a girlfriend. So there’s nothing for me to spend anything on.

I’m depressed whenever I remembered my lonely self.

…Yeah, okay. Let’s escape reality for now.

The leader was now praising the Dragon, so you can ignore him and not have a problem.

I looked at the training grounds, where the Chief was watching intently.

The Dragon… Well, let’s just put it aside for now since there was that girl…

“I told you! You’re not in the right place!”


For some reason, it looked like she was trying to convince the Dragon.

…Yeah! A new perspective! That’s the one who they call the Dragon Knight’s Bride! Or was it Savior’s Saint!?

Not long ago, I thought she was suicidal… Errr, funny girl. She cane to the Sorcerer’s tower out of the blue and told the Chief about the Dragon story herself.

People with two names were bound to be different, after all.

Yeah, yeah! It’s a good thing that you have an embarrassing nickname like the Knight Commander or Chief Sorcerer, ‘The Magician of Fire‘.

Oh, here’s the Knight Commander himself.

Speaking of which, those two were supposed to be engaged to marry. She’s the Dragon Knight’s Bride, after all.

Huh? But lately, she seemed to be in Solan’s room a lot…

No, no, no… Solan’s supposedly solely focused on Lady Irene, right?

I looked at the girl’s face. She looked harmless… Women are so terrifying.

As I trembled with such fear, I heard the sound of teeth grinding from the side.

It wasn’t a ‘You were the same lonely bachelor, you traitor!”, but an ‘I envy you for approaching the Dragon so proudly!‘ kind of teeth-gnashing.

Jeez, you have many exciting stories to share with your fellow Knight Commander and son, but aren’t you a little bit too interested in Dragons, Chief?

You were supposed to have come from a Family of Genuine Magicians, right? So, you really don’t need to try hard, do you?

Well, it’s not something for me to worry about.

And so I was taking it easy.

Then bad one came.

Although it should be far away, the density of its magical power, the pressure… The pressure of this thing that looked like a mere boy, made me fall to my knees involuntarily.

That’s the rumored Dragon, huh?

As soon as it’s confirmed, I’ll report it to the Knight Commander and Chief Sorcerer as quickly as possible, wait… Both of them were already here!

What should I do when they’re both here as it showed up?

And while I was confused, the Knight Commander rushed to the boy; both of them disappearing to nowhere.

Well, I’m relieved for now.

And what about the Chief? As I expected, I looked at him, and sure enough, he was covering his face with his hands.

Yeah, I knew that.

When they summoned the Evil Dragon, he was depressed because he couldn’t observe properly during the battle. After all, the magic power was too rough…

When they came back, the Chief was not in the room, so I was still able to make progress, though.

But the other day, when I came here, he was so frustrated that he was late to the party because he was desperate to get away from his mother, Her Excellency the Left Field Marshal, also known as the ‘Twin Peaks of Nightmares‘.

And now, it’s finally appeared in front of your eyes. On top of that, it was moving.

I an only watch you with warm eyes, Chief.

This situation would continue for a while, so we took him to the office while we still had the chance. We did just that.

After working long hours of watching Dragons, the other work had been piling up.

“Commander! Let’s go!”

Since he bore a higher rank than me, I called out a few words to him before I dragged him away.

But there was still no reply. I knew why, too.

Come on, Commander! Let’s get some work done!

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Fifty-One]

“In other words, Lady Rururia, who made me an outcast, is now the owner of a Dragon.”

I didn’t catch a single word you said, Your Majesty.

It’s Rururia here. I’ve been meeting with His Majesty at the training grounds lately, so I have become somewhat accustomed to it recently.

I’m not sure what you mean by outcast, Your Majesty.

I don’t remember doing that.

As soon as I arrived at the Royal Palace, I asked the Knight of the Guard for just one thing: ‘Please present me to His Majesty

His eyes followed me, as if saying, ‘She’s pushing her luck.

(Incidentally, the Gatekeeper of the Palace Gate who passed by before looked at me curiously as I appeared alone.)

Oh, wasn’t she? Knight of the Kingsguard… I totally understand.

I know it’s impolite for me, a vassal and a lady, to call His Majesty the King, the Pinnacle of this Country.

But it can’t be helped.

So, I had no choice, really no choice, but to summon Dadra.

…In fact, I had just started walking towards the door of the Palace.

Then, out of nowhere, Dadra flew and tried to follow me, breaking through the walls. Finally, understanding, the Knight of the Kingsguard disappeared in a flash.

He left behind his trembling colleagues.

And so I was brought to the Knight’s training grounds.

In the corner, they’d prepared a tent and luxurious table and chair for His Majesty (and me).

…Of course, they took care to make sure that the Dragon could see me.

Oh, this tea is delicious.

“Lady Rururia, you’ve been excluding me. Even though we would have no shortage of things to talk about.”

…A little persistent, aren’t you, Your Majesty?

“I’m sorry for causing you trouble,” I already apologized.

But now you’re even sulking, Your Majesty…

More importantly, was it okay to hug a cushion when someone might see you from here? Is your dignity okay?

I didn’t mean to exclude you, Your Majesty… I don’t even know what you’re talking about, though? And since there’s no need to talk about it, I’d like to take this back to Dragon Island.

Hmmm? That’s right! It was a blind spot!

I’m sure His Majesty would order me to bring it back!

Then I’m sure the Knights and Sorcerers under the King’s command will be able to return the Dragon to the Island!

That’s it! Your Majesty, please!

I started to plead, and His Majesty sighed.

“I can’t just force it to go back”, he says. “It’s time for you to live in the Knight’s Tower for a while, Lady Rururia.”

…Whaaat! I’m a lady, you know!?

“What do you mean…? I have to live in a sad and disgusting Knight tower!?”

“There’s no other place larger than the training grounds where you can be ready for anything at a moment’s notice.”

I know, but I don’t want to know!

I expressed disgust with my whole body, but His Majesty still said the words of finality…

“This is my decision.”

Ptooey, stupid authority!

One person and a Dragon. One of which was too big in the middle was left behind on the training grounds.

His Majesty was apparently busy with the post-war efforts.

I’ve been thinking about it. Yeah, I had been.

I’m more concerned about the fact that His Majesty muttered ‘Nightmares… When I come back, one-half of the nightmares…’ but then he muttered out, ‘Sooner or later, Lady Rururia will be too…’.

What the hell happened?

And what is this too

Just tell me that part!

In the tent, troubled by His Majesty’s mysterious words and struggling with the reality of having to live in the Knight’s tower from now on, Dadra peeked in with an innocent look as if to ask, “What are you doing?”

…Yes, if this guy goes back to his Island, everything would be fine…

Hmmm… Yes, that’s what I should have done.

I laughed at the thought and stood up shakily.

The Dadra stepped back a little bit.

I’m going to make this guy understand that it’s be better if he goes home

Determined, I clenched my fists.

“I told you! Don’t you understand? Just because you can’t see me, doesn’t mean I’m gone!”

Dadra tilted its head at me, who was screaming.

No, no. Be calm. Be cool… Be cool! Rururia!

Take a deep breath and calm down. Relax, me. If you get excited, you’ll lose.

“You know what I mean? Even if you can’t see me, I’ll be fine!”

“What are you doing…? Lady Rururia.”

During a yelling session with Dadra, I heard a voice from behind me.

Wow! The Knight Commander! I haven’t seen him since the time with the Heavenly Eye Dragon.

I wonder where they went after that?

“What? I’m trying to make this crappy Dadra understand me! It better go back to its home.”

“…It just looked like you were just stooping over, hiding, and flexing your biceps to me.”

Even if you’re the Knight Commander, I want you to understand this much at least… Ah! Sorry! Stop it with the murderous intent!

“Well, you see. I was trying to get them to understand me physically since it didn’t seem to understand my words!”

It was a good idea! I said with a smile, but he didn’t seem very convinced.

“…What the hell was that? With broken words… Stooped over… That’s how you think you’d get the Dragon to leave?”

The Knight Commander placed his hands to his forehead and thought about it… Huh, you don’t have to take it so seriously

“First, this Dadra here, it follows me everywhere, so I’m going to make it say ‘I understand!’ whenever I say I’m fine even when it can’t see me.”

“…Oh, okay.”

I was about to explain but was interrupted… What? Did you get that, Knight Commander?

With a big smile, he said, “I guess you’re a Dragon User, after all, Lady Rururia!”


No, no, no… What? How can that be?

That’s funny! No matter where you look, we’re not even communicating, let alone having the capability to control it!

The Knight Commander clasped my hand and nodded, even as I tried to disagree.

“I see, I see. You called the Dragon during the festival that one time, and you called one during the Evil Dragon Summoning. Yes, a Dragon User.”

…If you say it that way, it might look like that, but the facts were a little more different…

At the time of the festival, the Dadra came down by chance, and at the time of the Evil Dragon Summoning, I didn’t know that the Heavenly Eye Dragon was coming…

I didn’t know what to do with the mistaken Knight Commander to the point that I almost fell to the ground.

I’m not sure why, but the Knight Commander was holding me up.

Hmmm? Why?

“It’s dangerous.”



When I looked behind me, I saw the Dadra happily wagging her tail while coming down.

…To where I was just now!

You stupid Dragon! You were about to crush me!

I got the Knight Commander to put me down, so I could shout at Dadra.

“Hey, you! Dadra! How different do you think your body is from mine! You almost crushed me!”


“I… You… Big…! No! You crushed almost me!”


“…Why are you speaking in broken words?”

Crap! You didn’t get it at all! You stupid Dadra!

And the Knight Commander! Don’t overthink it! It seemed like it understood me, didn’t it!? But it didn’t at all, though!

As I was raging in frustration, the Knight Commander seemed to notice something.

“Wasn’t it usually enough to make anyone understand the master-slave relationship with these things?”

Said the Knight Commander.

The next moment, the same sludgy, deadly air I felt when I first met the Knight Commander began to shower Dadra!

I was in the killing range, too, by the way!

The Dadra stiffened up in surprise.

“What a quiet Dragon.”

Oh, that’s because of your murderous intent, Knight Commander!

The Knight Commander, approached Dadra and stroked his nose. Dadra was left at the mercy of his touch.


All of a sudden, the Dadra squealed as if he realized what was going on.
It’s like… It finally remembered who strangled it at the festival.

As if looking for an escape route, his eyes turned to me.

I’m not sure what to think about that, Dadra.

I can’t help you amid all this murderous intent because I can’t move either.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find a way to make it work.

Don’t look at me like that… I’m sure you’ll be fine.

I’m just going to tell the Knight Commander, okay?

“Uhm, I think Dadra is scared of you.”

“…Oh, I’m sorry. I must have interfered with your training.”

No one was being trained.

There was some sort of misunderstanding, but the murderous intent subsided right away.

Me and the Dadra seemed relieved… Huh? Only then were we able to communicate? That’s right, as living creatures, we both felt the threat to our lives in equal measure…

I feel a little closer to him, so I stroked his nose.

It’s all right now, Dadra. It’s going to be okay.


Happy chirping, Dadra. Oh, yeah? Were you that scared? I was, too.


I feel like my left hand, which did the stroking, shone.

Oh, so you made a contract.

The Heavenly Eye Dragon popped out from the shadow of Dadra.

…Heavenly Eye Dragon!

Wait, what is a ‘contract‘? I haven’t exchanged anything!

Wow! The Dragon Crests are glowing! Come to think of it. I forgot they existed!

I have a bad feeling about this! Take it! Somebody take it, ehhh!

Hmmm, Dadra. It’s a good name.

A boy with a convincing face, a.k.a., the Heavenly Eye Dragon.

…Uhm, what do you mean?

I never gave it any name like that!!!


Something passed by me with great speed.

I knew it. It’s the Knight Commander again.

Oh… That looks like a lot of fun!

The Heavenly Eye Dragon happily met the Knight Commander’s sword. Just like that, the two of them disappeared into the distance with incredible speed.

Once again, the Dragon and I were left behind.

…Left behind?

With a huff, I turned around and met eyes with Dadra.


Heavenly Eye Dragon! You’ve forgotten something!

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Fifty]

Thank you for your concern. This was me, the fully recovered Rururia.

After the incident of the abandonment of the Dadra, the two and one defenses were lifted and put on hold after Sara-chan’s ‘I’ll look into it.’

…Yeah, yeah, yeah! Why, hey! You can choose Return the Dragon to Dragon Island!

Oh, I’m wondering what to do with the existence in front of me right now.

What’s so fun, with the Dadra looking at me while wagging its tail.

Huh? What’s wrong?

…This Dadra… For some reason, when I disappeared, it lashed out.

What the hell was that? Am I your mother, Dragon!?

I don’t remember giving birth to such a huge one! And I’m an unmarried girl!

…So, I had to sleep outside in a hurry, the daughter of a nobleman.

I’m glad it’s summer… Hey, that’s not good at all! But it was surprisingly calm and easy to sleep!

I don’t know where in the world I can find peace of mind.

No! No! That kind of place was what you make of it!

Yes, turn away this Dadra and make peace in your own home again, Rururia!

To express my determination, I pointed my finger at the Dragon.


Kyuuu? No, not that. You stupid Dragon.

You can’t just tilt your head back and coo all cutely like that. It’s no use!



Hey, that hurt! Jeez! What’s this all of a sudden!

When I looked at the ground, I saw something curled up on the floor. What’s this?
It’s probably a letter that hit my head.

But why was it cylindrical? While thinking, I unfurled it.

For some reason, some candy came out.

Th… This is!?

The candy was wrapped by the letter, but someone was thoughtful enough to put the candy in wrapping paper, so that the letter doesn’t get sticky.\

This work, where the letter was carefully cylindrical, so that it does not wrinkle…

The culprit… My brother!

From the yard, I looked around at the pillars of the house where someone could hide, as well as the trees’ shadows, but there were none!

Hmmm, I placed my hand on my chin and thought about it.

It’s still just candy, no matter how nicely wrapped it was.

It’s not only candy, but also a letter, so it’s light and can’t be thrown from so far away.
However, considering the pain of being hit, the momentum seemed to have been built up.

Did they use some kind of tool?

Or was it just a product from harboring a grudge?

…Hmmm, the mystery deepened.

Where did they throw it from? And where are you… Brother

“Hey, Ria!”

I questioned myself when I heard my brother’s voice from above my head.

I looked up to see my brother peeking out from the second-floor balcony.

Really! Did you drop it on the second floor from there!? That’s why the momentum was…!

Hey, brother! Don’t throw things from the second floor again, okay!?

“Brother! No matter how much of a hurry you’re in, it’s just too much! Think about your sister’s head… Dropping that from the second floor?!”

I said, with my fists raised. His eyes conveyed that what he did normal.

It’s not normal at all!

“I wouldn’t go near a Dragon. Unlike you, I’m weak!”

“I’m weak, too! The Dragon can take anyone down in one fell swoop!”

I cried out a resolute protest against such terrible rumors.


What in the world does my brother think I am, eh?

“Okay, read it.”

Said my brother as he withdrew his head.

I don’t want to get involved with Dragons. I envy you! Brother!

However, it can’t be helped. I saw the crest of the Royal family, so I think I really have to read it.

Uhm, what?

“Come to the Royal Palace early. From the King who couldn’t join you.”

What’s this bitter-looking signature?

It’s longer than the letter itself.

I knew it!

The Heavenly Eye Dragon has come, and the Dadra was right here, right now!

…I don’t have the option of not going…

I have a grudge against the Dadra, which was the cause of everything.

Come on, Dadra! Don’t chase the butterflies so happily!

That’s a flower bed over there! Do not go in! Don’t break anything!

Oh, it’s incredible what you can do in the sky!

I am running on the road to the Royal Palace with a fixed magic circle. Why on earth were there are no carriages available?

No, no. No matter how mediocre my family was, there should always be carriages to transport nobles, right?

The Dadra destroyed the roof!

I was called by the King and got on a carriage to head to the Royal Palace.

Yeah, that’s normal behavior!

However, at that moment, that stupid dragon broke open the roof of the carriage with his claws.

That’s right! This guy gets restless when he can’t see me!

I was careless… oh, my carriage… That was the only carriage belonging to our house… I’m so sad.

Even so, now can I understand the feelings of the people inside when a covered carriage suddenly became a roofless carriage?

I didn’t want to figure it out!


The Dadra peered at me inside the open, roofless carriage.

…Heavenly Eye Dragon, could you tell that Dadra something for me?

At this time, I thought I should go without a roof, but the driver had already run away.

…But I have to go to the Royal Palace.

I also have to travel in a way that the Dadra can see me…

And that brought me to the present, where I’m moving with a fixed magic circle… Because I could only think of that!

“Mom! What’s that?”

“I’m sure there’s some reason… Don’t point at her.

Ah, the voice of a purely curious child and the gentle voice of a caring mother. My heart tightened.

Huh? Why wasn’t the Dadra getting attention as much as I am?

That’s because my blood, sweat, and tears worked hard to teach him the appropriate distance!

Flying at that distance, it looked like it was just a big bird.

It seemed that the distance doesn’t really matter to it. The point was that it could still see me.

What on Earth made you like that? You, Dadra

And, in this situation where I can’t see the Dadra, I’m the only one getting strange attention.

Only a Knight or a Magician would be able to move to the Royal Capital with a fixed magic circle.

Even by mistake, it was not what a noble’s daughter would do.

I’m so graceful to be able to endure the quiet voices and suspicious looks.

I have to escape to the Royal Palace quickly!

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Forty-Nine]

While hurrying to the garden, to the back of my brother was me. Rururia.

When you found out what happened to your weak little sister, you even wanted to whip me to death, brother.

But he’s not the kind of brother I can complain about.

I don’t think I can say anything to my brother, who had grown up with me, wearing such a desperate face after seeing me for the first time.

…Well, most of the time, I never really had the energy to say anything, so it’s okay!

“…That’s why Ria can’t move right now.”

“Yeah, you can’t meet Ria, so give up and go home.”

“That’s right! Go home!”

What was that sound?

The voices of three people who felt like they were trying to get rid of someone or bullying the weak.

Who the hell were you?

Their identity was revealed when my brother turned at full speed into the corner of the garden of our house.

Three people surrounded a light-green lump.



The Dadra, the Dumb Dragon, should be a fearsome one, but he’s shown signs of being confused by the momentum of the three of them. He was fidgety as if shrinking from the prominent figures.

This really doesn’t look like a Dragon

The three of them seem to have noticed my brother with me on his back.

“Oh, brother. Is there a problem? Please leave it to me.”

“Yes, I’ll turn it back now.”

“Of course! If it’s just this one Dragon, it’s nothing to worry about!”

They nodded at my brother with a three-way smile.

An older brother who can only give a dry laugh at them. Do your best, guys.

“Tell him that it would be a bad idea to send the Dragon with a connection to Ria home.”

…You can say, ‘Hey, Brother, just say it…’

My brother whispered to me after I said the obvious to him.

My brother looked at me as if he were looking at a villain who had said something outrageous.

What? Wasn’t it funny? Isn’t it somewhat outrageous that I’m the one being outraged?

“What do you mean…? To the Demon King, to the next Chief Sorcerer, to the next Family head of the Duke? Do you want me to die?”

My friends, what are you to my brother?

How could you risk your life just to argue with me? And what do you mean by that?

“…As far as I can confirm, this is the only Dragon in Lemaire.”

“Then, I guess we should send him home. I’ll seal the bracelet.”

“Of course! We’ll send the Dragon packing!”

Ooops? The story kept going on as I’m glaring at brother, right?

Dadra looks at me as if calling for help.

I thought Dragons were supposed to be at the top of the food chain. Never mind.

Goodbye, Dadra.

You were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I completely disregarded my brother’s request, and was already too busy seeing the Dadra off.

Hey, hey. No bullying.

I knew it. The Heavenly Eye Dragon was descending upon us.

He appeared softly in the usual appearance of a boy with straw-colored hair.

I want to thank you for taking care of the Evil Dragon, although I don’t know how you did it.

But in normal times, I’m just saying! I just wanted you to say you were coming!

At the appearance of the Heavenly Eye Dragon, Sara-chan glared, Solan likewise looked ready for battle… And? What about Lady Irene?

I found her, hidingBehind a treeThat was quick.

No, but Heavenly Eye Dragon, and the Dadra… I was wondering what it was this time, but the world shook.

“…Ria… I… I… I can’t…”


My brother collapsed while still holding me on his back.

My older brother fell to the ground. I also fell along with him…


Hey, at least put me down!


Two people staring.

While one was hiding.

Brother collapsing down.

And then there was me, who had unwillingly fallen on top of him.

A smiling boy and a Dragon that was trying to hide his tiny body, faced us.

…What is this situation?

I want to raise my upper body for now, but I mustn’t forget, I’m still unwell.

I can’t get up!

Dude, somebody! Hello, kind person!?

My wishes were in vain as everyone was still wary of the Heavenly Eye Dragon.

And you were so heroic just a second ago! I cried a bit…

You don’t have to threaten me so much. I won’t do anything, you scaleless ones.

That’s right, Sara-chan. Can you please stop increasing the number of shadow people with you?

And Solan… Let’s stop deploying a lot of magic circles, okay?

…Shall we let Lady Irene come out from behind the tree first?

Even in such a tense atmosphere, the mediocre boy’s face still had an extraordinary air around him. The Heavenly Eye Dragon smiled at me.

Nevertheless, you’re looking unusual, scaleless child.

“This was deep. Why…”

I felt breathless, but I was graceful enough to reply. I’m so graceful.

…I felt a little uncomfortable, but it was just all in my mind. That’s right.

However, Heavenly Eye Dragon…

This can’t be helped because I can’t get up on my own right now…

Should I just get over it and sleep here as is!?

…No, I can’t escape from reality, okay?

“…So, what do you say your purpose is?”

Sara-chan asked, still glaring, in a tense voice.

If you smiled more softly, the Heavenly Eye Dragon would surely respond.

“Since it was necessary…”

That said, the Heavenly Eye Dragon stroked the Dadra.

…Huh? Do you mean to me? Huh? That… Dadra?

No, it’s not necessary by any stretch of the imagination. No matter what you think, it was not required. Please, it’s not needed.

Hmm? Wait…? So, what does that mean?


A cloud of dirt smoke covered the area in front of me.

And the back I’ve recently relied on, ahhh!


Ah, the scaleless one from that time?”

You are slashing at the Heavenly Eye Dragon… Are you going to be okay? Knight Commander!

The Knight Commander’s sword was stopped with only one arm, how amazing! Heavenly Eye Dragon!

And… Ah! Our garden! I’m so sorry, old man Tom!



The Knight Commander slashed at the Heavenly Eye Dragon, despite the misery of our garden.

Heavenly Eye Dragon just took it happily.

Ah, my brother! If you don’t run away, you’re going to get caught up in this…!

No answer. He’s fainted already.

Oh no, it looked like an extraverted human and an actual extraverted human were running up into the air and colliding.

I couldn’t see it at all, but that’s how it sounded to me.

Solan had set up a barrier around us, so it seemed like we were safe for the time being.

…By the way, could you help poor me up?

“This is! A battle between men over a maiden, a fight between man to man!”

I heard a terrible delusion next to me… When did you come from behind the tree, Lady Irene?

And I’ll remember that nonsense later, okay?

Well then.”


Yes, while the Heavenly Eye Dragon told us refreshingly, he left while fighting the silent Knight Commander from beginning to end.


Huh? What about the Dadra?

When I looked up, I saw the light brown Dragon, who seemed to be in good spirits, even though the Heavenly Eye Dragon had left him behind.



Ahhh! Wait a minute! Heavenly Eye Dragon!

Even if I asked, I knew I wouldn’t be able to see the Heavenly Eye Dragon anymore…

You must be kidding!?

That Dragon left him behind!

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Forty-Eight]

Hello, everyone! Please excuse me as I greet you from on top of my bed. This is Rururia speaking.

After the fierce battle of the Evil Dragon Summoning Turmoil, I collapsed as if I had fallen apart.

I thought I was confident in my health, but…

Father hurriedly requested someone from the temple to examine me, and a priest came to our house… Because I couldn’t move.

Then, the priest who examined me said, “You’re overworked.”

…Huh? I’m supposed to be a 16-year-old girl… And yet, I’m overworked…

My older brother was present at the diagnosis, so I cast my particular curse of unattractiveness on him.

What a horrible older brother! I hope he stays single for the rest of his life!

“It was crazy while you were gone, Ria.”

That was Sara-chan, who was able to get a job as a diplomat before she knew it.

I’ve heard that His Imperial Highness, and aide Necro have defeated the country that has been funding the Fallen Hero gang.

Wow, how amazing.

“Well, that’s right… Ria. I told you that you shouldn’t drink that supplement in a short period.”

That’s Solan, who has had a huge success in defending the Royal Capital.

He assisted the large-scale barrier team with the Left Field Marshal and succeeded in sealing the magical attributes of the demons, albeit temporarily.

I don’t know what that means, but it sounds incredible.

You’re in the ladies’ quarters, you know? But let’s leave it alone for now.

“Lady Rururia! I made some rice porridge for you!

Lady Irene, who guided the aristocrats as a Duchess, jumped in.

I’ve heard that she and the Right Field Marshal made a great effort on the front line to silence the opposing nobles.

Wow, how amazing.



…Huh? Isn’t everyone too amazing?

Sara-chan’s already working as a diplomat.

Solan seemed to be working as an assistant to the Magic Division Leader.

Lady Irene seemed to be working to succeed the Duke’s family.

What? Huh? Was it that bad that I’m not working at 16 years old?

No, no, setting aside Solan, wasn’t Sara-chan and Lady Irene’s only choice was to get married?

To be honest, I couldn’t think of Sara-chan being married, but Lady Irene was different.

Because, Lady Irene, didn’t you have a lot of potential husband material?

“Here, Lady Rururia! Open your mouth!”

Lady Irene fed me a thick soup-like mixture.

Solan looked at it and at me with envy.

Oh, it’s delicious! Home cooking by Lady Irene!

Hahaha, Solan! How was that! You must be jealous!

Envy me to your heart’s content!

…Ah, whoops, I got carried away.

Before Solan can make a magical runaway, Lady Irene, won’t you please bring that rice porridge here?

“Oh, rice porridge, huh?”

Sara-chan was intrigued by the rice porridge that Lady Irene mentioned.

Her face bore a cold smile as if an Old Evil Dark Dragon saw a thief trying to steal a gold nugget in front of her.

“Ah! Please forgive me!” said Lady Irene as she hid behind…

…That’s right. Suddenly, one of the servants who had come to my house had left a stuffed animal that seemed to have been specially made. It was not cute and had a vicious face that resembled a real bear.

And for some reason, something red was sticking out its mouth and nails…

Yes, something.

The name Grizzly was given to it by Lady Irene.

It seemed to be a kind of bear from another world… By the way, it appeared to be ferocious.

By all means, it’s a stuffed animal that seemed to have a bad reputation with maidens, but Lady Irene appeared to have liked it.

You have a strange taste as always, Lady Irene. She muttered, ‘This is fine like this too…’

Personally, I’d say otherwise!

Why was it like this? It could have been something a little cuter, or prettier!

And, as a matter of course, my brother placed it in my bedroom.

…Hey! Don’t put this kind of thing in my bedroom!

I’m scared! Petrified!

Sometimes, I’ll wake up, and my eyes would meet that thing, and I would scream out loud!

“Hey, Irene? Didn’t I tell you not to use otherworldly terms?”

Sara-chan squinted with the face, as mentioned earlier.

Under her pressure, Lady Irene was in hiding already, but even Solan, who was next to her, turned blue. It’s a total fluke.

“Yes, Ma’am!”

“Yes? Ma’am!?”

Irene placed the bear’s bloody right arm on its forehead, covering its eyes.

Solan, being pulled along, was upset and placed his left hand on his forehead, too.

“…Hey, Irene. What’s ‘Yes, Ma’am‘?”

“It’s what you say to a woman who you should never go against.”

Lady Irene, even if you say it in a tiny voice, Sara-chan can hear you…

I heard a new scream, and while I would think that this was an injured person’s house, it calmed down.

Ah, it definitely feels like I’m back home.

Oh yeah, I was exhausted, but with a foot’s notice, I still reported to His Majesty.

The Knight Commander carried me.

…No, of course, I hesitated to appear in front of such high-class people like that. However, I was sure that I would fall asleep should I be taken down, so I chose the one who gave me a stomachache from the stress. I’m so grateful!

And so, while feeling the subtle gaze of the Prime Minister on me, who had done the hard job of taking the decoy, I heard what happened to the country while the Knight Commander, the Commander of the Magicians, and I were not present.

After all, as the Rat-man said, a horde of strengthened demons had rushed in to Lemaire.

Of course, His Majesty, who was expecting this, had prepared thoroughly and laid out a defensive front in various places, so he could successfully intercept them. That’s His Majesty for you! That’s precisely what I predicted!

It seems that the Dragons came to the reinforcements when the offensive and defensive movements continued, and they were exhausted by the battle.

…When the Commander of the Magicians heard that, he covered his face with his hands, but I’ll pretend I didn’t see it.

However, even with the help of the Dragon, the momentum of the demons did not decline.

When I started thinking about this, it seems that the monster suddenly became weak.
Perhaps when the Heavenly Eye Dragon appeared here and suppressed the evil dragon, the Knight Commander reported.

…I pretended that I didn’t see when the chief priest who heard that stepped on the ground with a smile.

Yeah, it looked like our country was okay!

Case closed! That’s what they call it!

Recalling that time, I felt refreshed and ate the rice porridge.

Anyway, this food made by Lady Irene was delicious!

“Lady Irene, Lady Irene. This was delicious.”

“Huh, really!? I’m glad Lady Rururia was pleased!”

Grizzly turned to face this way.

…I’m scared. I don’t have to reply to him, right? Lady Irene?

“It would be even better if you had soy sauce…”


…No, that’s fine. Can’t you get away from that thing, Lady Irene?

Soy sauce?”

“Yeah, fish sauce was good, but soy sauce is the best!”

Solan turn a questioning look at me and Grizzly, but Irene just continued.

“But there are no soybeans to be found anywhere…”

“What’s that?”

Sara-chan was interested. Perhaps she was intrigued by the word anywhere. Lady Irene, who was over the stuffed animal, responded adequately.

According to Lady Irene, it was possible to have a conversation by blindfolding Grizzly and thinking of Sara-chan’s gentle face.

…Yeah, I won’t say anything anymore.

“It’s a plant, isn’t it? It’s a round seed in a half-moon-shaped pod about the size of…” Using the bear’s claws to indicate its size, “Hmmm, about 5 cm?”

“…Then it might be a grain grown in the Gaya district of the continent.”

“Hmmm, really!? I couldn’t find it when I looked?”

“Oh, it’s for feed. They wouldn’t introduce such a thing to nobles. However, because it’s meant for feeds, I can’t guarantee the taste you’re describing.”

Hearing that, the Grizzly drooped down.

“In that case, I might be able to do something about it. Because my teacher started a new research.”

At those words, Grizzly began to celebrate.

Lady Irene, was that it that made you happy…? Was soy sauce that delicious?


While being satisfied with the meal, I asked the maid, Magna, to lower finished dishes.

“It was delicious. Thank you, Lady Irene.”

“Hehehe. It was no problem.”

Lady Irene was smiling at me while making me that green tea.

Solan wiped my mouth with a handkerchief as if I was dumbfounded.

Sara-chan adjusted the cushions that she set up so that I could eat casually.

Oooh. Oh! That’s because that was all you can do, wasn’t it!?

When she was grinning to herself, Sara-chan looked a little dubious.

…Hmm? What’s wrong?

“…It’s a little loud out there, isn’t it?”

I didn’t hear any noise outside, but wow! There was already a stranger in the corner of the room before anyone noticed!

Sara0chan waved at him, and the stranger disappeared like smoke.

…I feel like you’ve become a true diplomat, Lady Sara-chan.

“…I suppose so. This…”

Said Solan, who stopped in the middle of a sentence…

Finally, I faced Irene, who came out of the shadow of the stuffed animal, and nodded.

…Huh? What’s wrong? Guys? I can’t feel anything…

“Please stay here, Ria.”

“Yes, you’re injured anyway.”

“Yeah! Leave it to us!”

“Oh, okay…”

I’m an utterly sick person who certainly had difficulties getting up. That’s why.

That said, the three of them went out of the bedroom.

I can’t say I cared, but I’m starting to get a little sleepy, probably from eating so much.

Well, I don’t know what it was, but I’ll leave it to you guys. You all can do it.

I was just about to fall asleep when…


“Ri- Ria!”

The door opened vigorously… This is an injured person’s room, you know?

There was my brother, whose face was pale.

I’m gripping my stomach as usual, but what’s the matter?

“I know you’re sick! But!”

My brother approached me with great vigor.

What made him act like this? I’m a little scared because he seemed so eager.

“I can’t do anything anymore! Please help me!”

My brother appealed to the sick while half crying.

Huh? Really…

Just what’s going on?

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Forty-Seven]


I felt it shaking.

I slowly opened my eyes and closed them slightly at the dazzling light of the sun.

I smelled the faint scent of a shore and heard the sound of water hitting something.

“You’ve awaken, Hero-sama.”

I turned my head toward the voice and saw Io, my Green-headed subordinate, being quite close to me.

Apparently, we’re on a ship.

“I haven’t heard from the others. Most of them must have been destroyed by the denizens of Lemaire.”

He said it like it didn’t matter.

Oh yeah, some got crushed, too.

“I guess that’s the end of my contract with you.”

“Then why did you save me?”

Io looked at me curiously, as if he had just realized it.


After saying that, he fell silent.

As far as I can see, there was no sign of a single demon in the sky.

If the original plan had succeeded, there would have been a whole sky full of demons looking down at us.

Oh, well. I was beaten.

With a long sigh, he turned to meditate.

In my mind, I could see the face of that girl as if to say that she would never give in to us.

I haven’t seen eyes like that in a long time… It made me feel nostalgic.

As I did so, a series of faces that I couldn’t remember where they were from came to my mind.

A former Lord to whom I’ve sworn allegiance.

A former friend to whom I entrusted my life.

Good people, I’ve saved with my own hands.

And for last…

My wife and son who were brutally murdered.

Since when did I forget about them?

I was hailed as the Guardian of the Continent and rejoiced in the heat of battles.

I had a reason and something to protect.

Although it was barely there, I wasn’t able to make it to the other side. I guess that was why…

Yes, that was probably why…

The Lord, whom I praised, said: ‘You are no longer my child, begone monster.’

My trusted friend said, ‘I envy you, but most of all, I fear you.

Betrayed and in despair, I was confronted with a wife and child who a mob of people had killed.

At that moment, I lost the very something that made me wish to go on…

I lost the country I was supposed to protect, the people I loved, and I spent the rest of my days like an animal.

I destroyed countries for revenge, killed people due to resentment, and tried to destroy everything wretched in mind.

But gradually, the feelings that should have been deeply engraved in my heart faded away.

Everything became nothing, and my mind became a sea of numbness.

And then, before I knew it, I forgot all about it.

I forgot about my revenge for being abandoned by my country.

I forgot about the bitterness of being betrayed by a friend.

I forgot about my wife and child’s loving faces.

All that was left was the emptiness and the urge to destroy everything.

I thought that we could destroy the world with this plan, and that would be the end of it all…

I tried to get up while mocking myself when I realized that my right arm was missing.

Ahhh… That young female wounded me.

The way she fought in her madness was just like me, but she never faltered.

Thanks to that girl, huh?

I felt terribly amused. I coughed whenever I tried to laugh.

For some reason, I’m exhausted…

Exhaling deeply, I closed my eyes.

Seeing Hero-sama with his eyes closed, he stopped steering and sat down.

I’m tingling where the Red-haired one hit me.

I told you I’m not good with sorcerers, didn’t I?

When I held the tingling spot, I felt the blood seeping out.

The bleeding needed to be stopped immediately.

I thought about it, but I used all the coagulants I had on me earlier on the Hero, so…

There’s not a single one left for me to use.

I don’t know why I did it… But I did.

I smiled thinly, my ribs aching. This was from the escape… From being caught from the fall.

It’s not like me to put my body on the line to help a client who hired me for money.

It’s really not like me.

It’s all the fault of that damned, strange, little girl.

It has to be.

What I did to that little girl, I’ve done to others.

Happy guys who just happen to simply be passing by.

It’s easier than you think to take what’s important to them.

So I killed them, destroyed them, stomped on them, and left only one behind.

Then, they’ll have to come to me alone. Out of desperation. Out of revenge.

So, it’s only natural that I kill their dearest friends.

I could have seen them hating me, resenting me, trying to kill me, and I could assure them that this was how the world is.

Not that weak, reckless little girl, though.

She had intense eyes.

With eyes straight ahead. But there weren’t any hatred, nor resentment. She came to crush me with all her might.

However, she brought her friends with her.

I really don’t get it. What was that girl…

Thanks to her, our plan is now dead and buried.

I spent years preparing for the Hero’s request to destroy the world by gathering people, disturbing countries, and killing people.

The war between the Empire, the Imperial Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Lemaire were all a cover for that.

Amid this war, all the countries would have been attacked by demons strengthened by the Dragon Vein, with no way to stop them.

And even to stop the resurrection of the Evil Dragon…

It was supposed to ravage this world.

That was its purpose.

What the hell is going on here?

There was no war, the demons didn’t take them by surprise and have probably all been defeated by now, and the Evil Dragon wasn’t resurrected for some reason.

It’s all because of her… All because of that pitiful little girl.

She was an anomaly in my world.

How annoying… I must have messed with the wrong person… But if I hadn’t…

Curse it all…

So much blood has come out, I feel like sleeping…

The Hero wouldn’t be woken up by this. The sea is too calm for that.

It looks like I won’t have to paddle for a while.

Then I guess I can sleep for a little while.

Both commanders forced their way across the ocean, and as soon as they returned to Lemaire, they stopped by our house to call him.

Even before I could report to His Majesty.

The Knight Commander was still carrying me, but it couldn’t be helped since I can’t move my body right now!

Please be my feet for a while, Knight Commander!

“What can I do for you, Old man? You’re all torn up!”

The boy who has grown a little since then rolled his eyes and exclaimed.

He’s our apprentice gardener, in case you were asking.

I didn’t hire him. It’s just that Grandpa Tom, the gardener, happened to find him and brought him here.

“I put a bunch of stuff in that bastard.”

It wasn’t a fist, though.’ I said, barely able to keep from laughing since the boy’s eyes widened to the point of it almost spilling out. His mouth curved up in a smile.

“You’re a fool, young lady. I can’t believe you kept that old promise.”

“Yep, I did.”

“It’s like you said even when you’re not feeling up to it. It’s necessary.”

“That’s right!”

“Thank you for keeping your promise…”


You’re still the same crybaby.

I tried to pat his head but realized that I couldn’t reach it. The Knight Commander’s shoulders were too high up!

I thought, but the Knight Commander bent down a little so that I could reach the boy.

“I’m just keeping my word, you know.”

I pat the boy’s head.

It was an impossible position, so it was just patting instead of completely messing with his hair.

Still, he silently accepted my hand.

As I did so, I suddenly felt as if someone was laughing at me.

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! x Background Setting (9)

The glowing Magic Stone that the Main Character had: A magic stone used to inform the Leader of the Sorcerers of its location. If it were a normal one, the enemies would’ve noticed it, so I made them think it was just a magic stone for light, but it emitted its wavelength of light. It was too weak to be detected by itself, so the two Commanders waited quietly nearby. To use it, you just have to hold it with your hand, how convenient!

Sorcerer Commander (male): When I entered the cave, I got excited because there was a mural of a Dragon and another Dragon, but I’ve tried to relax when I saw the situation. When the other guys tried to scratch the wall with magic attacks, it was useless. The Knight Commander almost lost her temper when she gouged the wall. But after I defeated him, I tried to appease myself by taking the wall painting home, but I was so shocked when it fell and broke into pieces! It was quite a shock…

Knight Commander (female): The Knight Commander was a confusing person, but I’ll show her off here. She is equipped with armor made from the skin of a legendary sea monster called Hydra, enhanced with magic. It was made in perfect condition. But in the end, she was kicked and even had her ribs broken.

Protagonist (Rururia): I’m too tired this time for that… Too tired… So much…

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Forty-Six]

I regained my composure and searched the bag of magic stones, thinking of launching an attack on the enemy.

We… We are out of magic stones!!!

I threw quite a few, but none of them hit the rat-man. I don’t understand.

Oh, don’t bother. It was useless to simply worry.

Thanks to the outsiders, there was plenty of stones lying around here. There’s no problem at all!

“He… Hey quit it! Throwing rocks like that is dangerous!”

“Hold still, you goon! I can’t hit you like that.”

It’s hard hitting a rat-man running away from you.

I’ll just give him a lesson, it’s not like I want to knock him out.

Ahhh! I hate myself for being so horrible at throwing!

If I can’t hit you, then I should just throw an enormous rock!

I’m a genius!

Now that it’s been decided, all I have to do was implement my brilliant idea!

I searched for a stone that looked good while trying not to lose sight of the rat-man.

There was a fist-sized rock that looked like it would be easy to throw.

I’ve chosen a fantastic stone! The rat man’s face turned blue at the sight of it.

This one would bring down the rat-man, for sure!

I swung and threw the stone!



I looked in the direction of the voice, and my eyes met with the Green bastard’s, who was holding his head, groaning in pain.

Did it hit?

I’m pretty sure he wasn’t in my line of sight.


I’m a natural at this!

A single rock, a single shot. I did it!

The Green bastard with bulbous veins popping up from everywhere came running towards me!


“You won’t escape me!”


The Sorcerer Commander deployed a magic circle around the Green bastard. To avoid it, he moved away from me.

Thank you very much, Sorcerer Commander!

I ran as fast as I could, taking advantage of the precious opportunity to escape.

Phew. I think I’ll be okay after all this, seeing that there’s no one else around me.

Now, let’s find what hole that rat-man has gotten himself into.

So, with determination, I took my first step forward.

The ground seemed to have gotten kind of shiny

“He… Hey, Sis!”


I’m in the summoning formation! Oh no!

It’s glowing, that means it… It… It has been triggered!

“Ha-ha-ha! You are an idiot! You stone-throwing hag!”

The rat-man’s pathetic demeanor had changed to one of great pride.

I’m vivid, but I can’t deny it! I’m such an idiot!

Seeing this, the Knight Commander tried to remove the Fallen Hero from the battlefield.

However, there was a sudden pressure from above within the summoning circle.

Both the Knight Commander and the Fallen Hero who were within the summoning field fell to their knees.

The Sorcerer Commander, the Green bastard, me, and everyone in the camp, as well.

What the hell?

I can’t get up!

“Come on! The time has come! Evil Dragon, come back to life!”

As the rat-man beckoned the ritual, while alone outside the summoning circle, it shone brightly!

Yeah, my mistake.

The Dragon that was unsealed in the Empire was intimidating, but it didn’t harm us, so I’m sure it will do the same this time.

Such naïve thoughts were blown away when I saw a being about to appear from the summoning formation.

It was horrible, fearful, disgusting, dreadful, and unholy.

It was indeed an Evil Dragon!


Rang a voiceless roar that drained every ounce of strength from my body.

It was a fear akin to the fear of death itself.

In despair and fear, a vicious and ugly jaw stood right before me.

Help me!

I’m sorry!

A thin, straw-colored boy, who did not resemble the jaws of the enormous Evil Dragon, landed on the ground.

The next moment, the Evil Dragon was sucked into his right hand and disappeared.


What the hell?

While I was astonished, the boy smiled at me and just disappeared.


He vanished.

What was that, Tenryuu-sama?

Wha… What… What just happened?

They had been fighting to the death just a moment ago… But they seemed to have been paralyzed by this situation.

I turned my gaze in confusion, looking to them for answers.

Somebody tell me what the hell just happened!

Reality was heartless.

Like a lost kid in the park, I was met with suspicious glances from friend and foe alike, as if it was all my fault.

It feels a little like Deja vu…

I don’t know anything. Stop staring at me, everyone!

I made a big fat X with my arms, but it didn’t seem to have convinced anyone.

At least the Knight Commander and the Sorcerer Commander should believe me.

It was the Knight Commander who was the first to break free from the slightly relaxed atmosphere.


The Knight Commander instantly closed in on the Fallen Hero and slashed at his right arm. He then crashed into the wall with great force!

Apparently, the Fallen Hero just got kicked.

The Fallen Hero staggered back with a ghastly smile on his face before being blasted from the Sorcerer Commander.

In the midst of all this, the rat-man was nowhere to be found.

The bastard has escaped!

The Knight Commander and the Sorcerer Commander came before me. Their equipment were in tatters, telling me that it was a fierce battle.

Uhm, there’s a hole in the wall where the Knight Commander hit it. Do we have to go through there?

The Fallen Hero and the Green bastard were face to face.

Of all the people here, only four of us were left standing.

I’m sorry, but I’m going to sit this one out…

A severe atmosphere filled the air like there was another fight about to start. But before that, can I just say something?

I’m still confused because of the sudden appearance of Tenryuu-sama.

They all don’t say anything, but what was that all about? I was about to die, what should I do!?

The entire cave began to shake, though I don’t think it was in response to the cries of my heart.

Kyaaa! We’re about to be buried alive!

“It’s going to collapse! We have to get out of here!”


The Sorcerer Commander restrained the Knight Commander by her shoulders as she tried to have a go at the Fallen Hero again.

“Hold tight, big sis!”


Taking a glance at the Fallen Hero who was still staring at the Knight Commander, the Sorcerer Commander closed his eyes tightly.

When I opened my eyes, the madness I had felt when I was fighting was already gone, and I was back to my usual self. The same applied to the Knight Commander.

He was silently carrying me on his shoulders.

And so, we hurried to the hole that the two Commanders had made.

As I was being carried, I made eye contact with the Green bastard supporting the Fallen Hero, not moving from their spot.

Large boulders start falling from the sky, one after the other.

Yet he showed no emotion, just a blank stare directed towards us.

I just kept on looking back at the Green bastard…

Until the moment when the boulders obscured my vision.

While being carried by the Knight Commander, I asked my friends if this was the right thing to do.

Of course!‘ Nobody said. So I, myself, had to answer in response.

I’ve done everything I could.

I’m being carried on her shoulders, my stomach screaming under the pressure, but I don’t have the energy to react to it.

I can’t wait to get home and greet everyone.

I want to sleep with peace of mind.


I want to… go back home!

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Forty-Five]




Both of them clashed their swords in silence, the Knight Commander and the Fallen Hero.

I can feel the tension from here!

It seems like the Sorcerer Commander used some of her magic to dissipate the impact.

“Hey, come on! Rai, you bastard! If you destroy this summoning formation, the Earth’s Veins will spiral out of control! Think before you fight!”

From the magic circle of the Magician Leader, a thin blue-white light traveled straight ahead and hit the enemy!

“Ouch! Ow! I can’t do it! I can’t avoid it! I want to flee!”

There were screams from what appeared to be sorcerers and soldiers. Let’s leave them be.

No, no, Sorcerer Commander.

Didn’t you just say something life-threatening and vital?

Everyone here seemed to be ignoring it, so even if it matters, it’s pointless.

“I’ll wipe you out, so come at me!”

“Hoho, then come as you like.”

The Green bastard made the flames cover his sword again, entering the bosom of the Sorcerer Leader. He blew away the fire with his magic, swinging the blade to her arm.

When the two sides separated, the pale blue light split in all directions and pursued the Green man as if to surround him.

I heard screams that sounded like ‘Ahhh’ and ‘Yaaah‘ But I guess they were fine.

However, the Green bastard easily let go of his sword, throwing numerous tiny daggers at all the pale lights to cancel them out!

It’s a battle of non-humans, that’s all I can say.

My mind was not ready for this.

Where is my safe zone?! Where is it?!

While I was looking for it, the Sorcerer Commander spoke to me.

“Hey, big sis!”


When she called out to me, I looked over to see the Sorcerer Commander, who was beating an underling into a coma with her fists, without using any magic.

Sorcerer Commander… Where’s your sorcery?

You throw that magic stone, little girl! There are a lot of wimps here, so no worries about throwing that!”

“Understood, Ma’am!”

That’s what was said to me…

That’s it, isn’t it? Aside from the Green bastard, the little goons heading towards the Sorcerer Commander seemed to be stuck in a dead-end.

Ah, that’s it, then. A while before, the Fallen Hero spoke to someone called Torque.

You want me to interfere with your preparations?

I then moved to the shade of a rock where I could hide outside the summoning magic circle, which was probably my safe zone.

Now, I’m going to throw it at all those people who were sneaking around and clumping together.

Ping… Pong!

Huh? What the hell is that?


“Waaah! Hot, hot, hot!!!

A tornado of flames appeared, trapping about two people in the area where I threw it!

What the hell did you put in this bag, Soran?!

It looks like it won’t instantly turn into charcoal, so it’ll hopefully stay on until the end of the battle!

‘If you’re confident that you can survive this, then we won’t hold anything back!

All right! I’ll throw as hard as I can!

Get ready for it, you Evil Dragon-loving underling fools!


That was rough. I need to catch my breath.

The ritual people were lying on the ground, unable to fight.

Hmph. That sounds like a good result for me.

On the other side of the safe zone, the outsiders were still in the middle of their brawl.

This looked like an excellent place to watch the spectacle.


Waaah! Careful!!!

Something hit the rock I’ve been hiding on!

I’ve honestly had enough!

“You’re just an ordinary person. It would be best if you were careful.”

“I really think they’ve forgotten about us…”

“Looks like we are in deep trouble…

“Yeah… I can’t even use magic right now, so it’s even more of a problem.”



I’ve turned around and gazed at the person I’ve been talking to.

There was a restless, rat-like man with emaciated cheeks, dark circles under his eyes, a thin body, and a slightly low hairline, hunched over and looking for a safe place to be.

You’re…! You’re the Torque that the Fallen Hero ordered to prepare for a ritual, huh?

In short…



You seem shocked, rat-man. You looked pretty relaxed a while ago for someone trying to revive an Evil Dragon.

Well, now… Fight me!!!

“Ouch! Stop pulling my hair!”

“Shut up! You won’t succeed in your filthy rituals!”

On the side of the battle within the outsiders, a microscopic struggle was being fought.

No, no. This is very serious, alright?

I removed my hand from pinching his cheek, grabbed the collar of the rat man’s dress, and tightened my grip.

“Come on, now! Spit it out! Why can’t I use my magic right now?!”

“I’ll tell you, but let me go first!”

No way, you liar! I’ve met your kind in the past!

Well, Master Aide Necro used to say:

If you’re not sure about the truth, just say something and see how they react.

No, I was taught a little better than that, but I forgot.

But let’s give it a try on this rat man!

“So, by using magic!?”

“You know we can’t do that!”

Let me try something else.

“Then it could have something to do with summoning the Evil Dragon?”

“No that’s not the reason why!”

Oh, I’m getting close, huh…

“No way, maybe there’s a third sacrifice?”

“No, that’s not it too!!!”

Not this one, either…

“So, to maintain the summoning ritual in order?”

“No, no, no! Absolutely not!”

For a guy who said he wouldn’t talk about it, he’s been saying a lot…

Hohoho, so that means…

I smiled at him, this poor rat-man.

“If we can knock you out or render you unconscious, we win.”

“Why are you so vicious?!”

Whoa, he almost shook me off him.

Men and women were pretty different. Indeed, I’m already getting tired from the effort.

Not for me! Cha-ching! Soran’s extraordinary Energizing Medicine!

I gulped and wiped my mouth roughly with my sleeve. It’s surprisingly delicious!

I threw the empty bottle at the rat-man. But sadly, it didn’t hit him.

As I felt better, I leaned in to give him a poke in the head. But the rat-man just tried to keep his distance, as if frightened.

You aren’t terrified of a poor little girl like me, are you?

I’m just going to shake your head a little… Fufufu

“Wa… Wait!”

The rat-man tried to restrain me with a wave of his hand.

What’s this? Stalling isn’t allowed, okay?

“By now, your country is already full of demons! Don’t you dare!”

I hit the rat-man who was trying to continue.

What is it that you’re trying to say? Spit it out!

My king can see all through this…

Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness, the Chief Priest, the Prime Minister, the Chancellor, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Knights, the Sorcerers…

The people who have been protecting Lemaire so far…

Sara-chan, Soran, Lady Irene…

The people who had my back despite my selfishness.

It’s because I’m here today, safe, that I can thank all of them.

So, why would I be worried about my country when there are such great people protecting it?

I laughed at the teary-eyed rat-man who was holding his stomach.

Don’t underestimate my country!

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Forty-Four]


I can feel a damp smell in the cold air surrounding me. I was shaking and shivering as my consciousness came back to me.

In my blurry vision, I saw that some people were surrounding me.

When I tried to sit down, I realized that my hands and feet were not tied together.

Does this mean my condition was different from the others around me?

You’re more than welcome to underestimate me, so that’s not a problem.

When I turned around, I saw that my body was only scratched up. The tendons in my legs that I were most worried about seemed to be okay. Oh, thank goodness!

Ahhh! Oh, no! My arm, my leg!

I’ve got scratches on them!

I’m sure the Knight Commander will be angry with me… Soran will be mad at me… And Lady Irene will be crying.

Oh, and Sara-sama… She’ll very likely even put salt on my wounds.

I know it’s for disinfection, but…


An absurdly stern voice orders me.

You’re talking to me, right?

He seemed to be waiting for me, as I was upset to have woken up to several scrapes and wounds.

“Seeing you come here by yourself reminded me a little of the old days.”

There he was, perched on a craggy rock, in what was probably a cave deep underground.

He was keeping his distance, though… But it’s not like he was trying to torment me. He hasn’t even drawn his sword yet… If he gets any closer, he’s toast!

This is great! I’m already so far ahead of you in so many ways.

I don’t even care; it’s me, the Trapped by Bait!

“Do you understand the position you’re in?”

“I’m not sure if you’re an ally, or…”

At my words, the people around me became frantic.

What is this, an escort? But this guy doesn’t seem to need a companion. Oh, and there was those scary guys from earlier.

But he was unfazed, and with a light tap of his fingers, he was able to control his surroundings. How much control does he have?

“I am Alcaeus, the Fallen Hero, and a past Guardian of the Continent.”

I knew it!

I heard that he was active as a Guardian of the Continent many decades ago, so I expected him to be more like a grandfather, if not a withered tree sage…

And what are those two arms… Logs? Isn’t that too much muscle? His face barely shows his age, but no matter how you look at him, he’s still mature.

On top of that, combined with his aura of intimidation, he looks like a giant demon. What’s with this guy… He’s frightening!

I’m going to be okay, right? The Commander can win, right?

With a graceful movement, the Fallen Hero descended from the rock and came near me. Smooth joints, I see.

Doesn’t he have a weak point somewhere?

With no killing intent, the hero simply leaves.

However, he looks much, much more threatening than the others who came before him.

I was now being rolled right in the middle of a magic circle of some kind, still some distance away from the Fallen Hero coming to my side.


Now’s the time to use it!

From the back of my right hand, I pulled out the necklace that Soran gave me.

Wrap this around your neck as you see fit, and you’re ready to go.

I also took out the bag of magic stones for the attack.

All right! I’m all set!

“Hoh, you’ve got some good stuff there.”

He stopped and looked at me with a bit of admiration, not at me, but at Soran’s unique necklace.

“Hmmm! A friend of mine made this for me.”

Now you’re done for! I thought, but the looks around me were of tranquility.

I get it, alright? You just wait and see it!


“You didn’t make it.”


The impact sent them flying away!

I couldn’t pass the stone, so I rolled around and hit the rocks.

Ouch! I hit my head!

Who is it? Who dares to take a weak girl like me by surprise?!

Whoa! I just broke a diamond!

Thank you very much, Master Soran…

“Wow, that’s amazing, huh? It also nullifies sword attacks. I want it…”

Slowly, I got up.

An annoying Green-headed figure jumped to the scene.

I knew it was you, Green guy!!!

I glared at him and his frivolous face. It has hardly changed since that time, twisting into a grin.

“The other stones have anti-magic, as well. That’s a lot of power.”

The Fallen Hero calmly analyzed the situation in a soothing voice as if nothing had happened.

So, it’s not a problem that one of my men suddenly slashed at you?

Manage your men properly! You Fallen Hero!

“It’s been a long time since we’ve met.”

“Don’t talk to me like we are close!”

The Green man sneered happily as if he had heard something interesting.

The green bastard talked to me as if this tragedy had never happened… As if he were talking to an acquaintance he hadn’t seen in years.

To this guy, he just doesn’t care at all!

I feel like they are desecrating everything I hold dear, and it makes me sick. But maybe it’s because I was prepared for it… That I’m dealing with it more calmly than I thought I would.

I feel like snarling at the green guy, but I’m going to take it easy.

“Oh, by the way, Hero-sama… Why haven’t you summoned the Evil Dragon yet?”

Suddenly, he looked away from me to ask the Fallen Hero that.

How could you say that? No, I’m glad I had an extension, though.

“No, there’s something I need to ask this girl.”

He looked deep into my eyes, even though he was still far away from me. Inevitably, I looked back into the eyes of the Fallen Hero.

The unfathomable emptiness of it all made me shiver.

But still, I can withstand his gaze.

I stared back into those eyes with fierce intensity.

The Fallen Hero, who had been expressionless the whole time, seemed to smile faintly.

“Are you aware that I will combine my Dragon Crest with your Dragon Crest to revive the Evil Dragon?”

“I know. But I won’t allow you to!”

“After the ceremony, your life will be reaped.”

“I will not die!”



This time, I saw the sword looming before me.

The second time, I was blown away, but I could hold on for three turns.

Not again! I’m talking to you right now! Diamonds aren’t free, you know!

How bad can you be, you Green bastard?

He looked at me with the same flirty smile he had a moment ago, but with a bit of annoyance.

“Hey, hey, you’re too weak. How do you plan on stopping us?”

Snap, snap!

He cast fire on his sword and swung it at me. The attack broke two other magic stones.

While that sword’s lit, I’ll distance myself from that dangerous Green bastard.

It’s too hot! Stop it! You’re burning me!

“I wonder how I’m going to survive this…”

Even though he didn’t hit me directly, the Green guy looked down at me without sneering as I was already getting torn apart.

I guess so…

I know all too well that I don’t have enough power.

“You’re weak, too, you Green bastard. I know it!”

Slowly, I stood up.

I was so weak that my feet trembled after only three attacks.

I knew it… There’s no way I can hit that guy directly.

“But you know what?”

I brushed my hair up to look more desirable and confident.

I couldn’t tidy myself up very well because it was all tangled up in the dirt from rolling around too much, but that’s okay.

I can see the magic stone in my grip becoming more and more luminous.

Just a little more…

Pointing firmly, I declared in high spirits…

“I’m not the one you’re fighting! But more erm… Even scarier people!”


I can hear the explosion and its impact from behind me.

That scared the shit out of me! What? What just happened?!

“You’re safe, Lady Rururia.”

“Are you alive, big sis?”

I saw the light blue and red heads in the dust cloud.

They’re here! It’s the Commander of the Knights and the Commander of the Sorcerers!

No, no, I’m not okay at all! I thought I was done for! I can’t take this anymore!

The two Commanders came to my side in synchrony through a large hole on the cave wall.

Seeing the two of them in front of me made me feel so safe. Thank you very much!

Puffing, I placed my hand on the large rock on my left side to catch my breath.

But there was no rock there to support me, so… Ahhh!!!

Ah, scary!

I almost got crushed…

“Those guys seem like a lot of fun.”

“You’re covered in bruises.”

“Before you do that, look at this! This rock! It almost crushed me with its killing intent! Please direct the same killing intent at them, Knight Commander!”

The Sorcerer Commander, who never touched the large rock next to me, looked at the enemy with displeasure.

Angered with my scrapes, the Knight Commander unleashed his fury!

Huh? The sense of security I had just now is…

“I wonder what’s coming next… His strength rivals Rumer’s!”

The Green bastard spun his sword around and spoke to them as if to provoke a reaction.

“So, you’re Io of the Dead, one of the fallen heroes, huh? I’ll obliterate you!”


Yes, he’s been provoked by this feeble being.

The Sorcerer Commander raised her magic power and got into a fighting stance, while the Knight Commander was silent, but you could see the fire in his eyes.

The Green bastard looked at me without looking at the two who provoked him like that.

“So, Lady… Are you just going to hide like that?”

“No! You’re so rude! You Green snot!”

Green?!” Without looking away, I continued.

I placed all of my energy into it and kept going.

“I swore I would surely hit you, at least once!

In my mind, I saw the boy with kind friends and tears in his eyes.

Ah, the time has finally come… Though it’s not quite the punch I swore to give him.

“Look at them! Now that these two are here, it’s the end for you and your schemes.”

Hold out your hands as an offering to them. They are the strongest in our country. You should shudder in fear.

Yeah, I don’t mind the stares from the front two. I don’t mind it at all.

“In short, this situation right here is my punch in your face. Get it?”

All right! I said it. Take that!

Get ready for it, you Green idiot!

This is it! Since I’m not hitting you directly, this is my maximum best punch for now!

I confronted and glared at the Green guy.

Hehe! Eat this, you Green idiot!

Now, now… How does it feel to be beaten by someone as weak as me?

I don’t know what he was up to, but at least his plans to resurrect the Evil Dragon are over.

By the Lord Commander of the Knights, the Lord Commander of the Sorcerers, and by my hand, as well!

“I’ll have to live up to your expectations, Rai.”

“Ain’t that so, Ali.”

The Sorcerer Commander and the Knight Commander turned around and smiled at each other.

Oh yeah! Get them, you two!


The Fallen Hero, who had been very quiet until then, suddenly burst into laughter.

Hey, you scared me! Don’t laugh so suddenly!

“I never thought I’d see her again! You got me there, Io.”

“Glad, it worked out, Hero-sama.”

The Green bastard responded with a bitter face. Haha! Of course, it’s going to work!

Of course, I believe you! Commander of the Sorcerers! Commander of the Knights!

“Torque, use half of them to advance the ritual. The rest should be with Io.”

“Hero-sama, can you do it alone?”

When the Green man said that, the Fallen Hero laughed ferociously.

He quickly pulled out a giant sword that I wouldn’t be able to lift even if I used both hands and stared at the Knight Commander with madness in his eyes.

“You’re mine.”


The eyes of the Knight Commander looking back at him gradually became more ferocious.

Oh, no! Knight Commander, you look like trouble!

“So, that means I’m in charge of dealing with you guys.”

“I’m not much of a sorcerer, am I?”

A sorcerer leader who wore lightning and deployed multiple magic circles.

I’m still in the chikakunin!

I couldn’t see at all which one of them made the first move.

I just heard a crash and felt the impact.

The two of them clashed!

Alright, alright, alright. I’ll be hiding now!

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