I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Fourteen]

“Really, just what’s wrong with you?”

Hello, it’s Rururia. Though I’ve been belligerent about it from the start, I’ve become the Maiden of the Flower Scales. Every way I’ve tried to refuse has failed, and now I’m starting to feel like I’ll be a failure if I don’t give it my all.

“Good day, I am Rururia Talbot. Thank you for agreeing to instruct me today.”

Manners are the most important, right? Even if the person you’re speaking to just stares at you without introducing themselves, it’s still important to be courteous. And, well, if the famous heaven sent prodigy (sarcasm) deigns to teach me, then I’ll surely become more adept at magic, right? That’s what I’m hoping, at least.

“Huh? Did you really think that I’d do anything for you?” Solan snarkily retorted.

Ehh? You’re not going to teach me? Even though you came all the way over to the Knight Order’s training field? Then just why are you here?!

“…Well, then why are you here?” I asked plainly.

“…I came to speak with Lionel-sama.”

For some reason, it looks like he’d lost all his energy. Eh? What? Are his eyes watering? Did the Knight Commander – Lionel – threaten him?

“For now, why don’t you show me what you’ve got. You don’t even really need practice for something like affixing magic, after all.”

What a pompous genius! There are tons of things that us normal people can’t do you know?! Is this guy looking for a fight?! Do you want to get into a flashy squabble?!

He showed absolutely no desire to teach, instead planting himself down on a nearby bench.

Well, there’s nothing to be done. I don’t even want to learn from him. With that sour attitude, he probably won’t even show up for tomorrow’s lesson. If he doesn’t then maybe I can ask that knight from yesterday to show me instead. Hmm, yeah, I’d definitely prefer that.

“Well, then, I’m going to start practicing.” This said, I began silently practicing affixing magic.

Wow, it feels really good to move my body.

But what’s up with that guy? He’s just sitting in the corner sulking…well, whatever. It doesn’t matter anyway.

I feel oddly refreshed even though I’m getting all beat up like yesterday.

…Ugh, but geez, I don’t think I’m making progress at all!

Well, I’d give myself an A for effort. That should warrant a little break, right?

Meanwhile, for the whole hour that I’ve been training, Mr. Prodigy – Solan – hasn’t said a single word…it’s kind of amazing in its own way.

I sat on the bench next to his and sipped on the lemonade I’d brought from home. It was only slightly sweet, but very delicious. As I was drinking, I snuck a look towards Solan.

“…Why did…I mean, I didn’t…but for Irene…even so…” he murmured.

W-woah!?! Just what in the world is he mumbling about?!? He’s scary! S-C-A-R-Y!!

…Should I just ignore him?? I should just ignore him, right?? Is that okay?? Yikes! We accidentally made eye contact!! What’s up with those lifeless eyes?!? A-also, what’s with that black aura oozing out of him???

“…Now why is that? I…I do love Irene…”

Oi! Your magic is leaking out!! It’s denting the ground! It’s already wrecked that bench!! Have you lost control of your abilities?!

“Ahh…but why doesn’t Irene…love…me?”

…I see, I see. I’m getting angry again. I feel it starting to boil over. I don’t have anything to do with him or his murmuring, right? This training has nothing to do with it.

I moved closer to Solan, who was now rocking back and forth, his magic still overflowing. It was gouging out everything around him.

What’s with that magic around him? I wonder if it would hurt me if I touched it. It’s best to just ignore him for now.

“I…I…I…I DON’T KNOW!!!!” He suddenly shouted.

EH?!? This is bad!!!!!

I grabbed his robe with all my anger fueled might and slammed my forehead right down onto his.

“URGH!?!?” With a startled look on his face, Mr. Prodigy grabbed his head and crumpled to the ground. I let go of his robe, checking to see if his magic output had calmed down.

Good, exactly as planned. His magic is dispersing. I’ll headbutt him again if he loses control. My best friend Sara once told me “A magician can’t use their own magic if you rattle their head.” As expected, she was right…I’d have to make sure to tell her that her advice had come in handy.

“I don’t care what you do by yourself, but don’t cause problems for other people just because you can’t control your magic!” I yelled at him.

Tsk! Ugh, my head hurts!!! And my arms and legs got all scratched up too! All this before the festival…hmph!!

“I was just…” He began, mumbling some more while checking his wound.

Hey, Mr. Prodigy?? Wait, is he crying?! Knock it off! It’s like you’re trying to make me look like the bad guy!

“It’s not like I chose to be born with this much uncontrollable power!”

Ehh? Ahh, I guess that makes sense. No one could choose to be the kingdom’s strongest magician. Actually, he’s probably the strongest magician if we count the surrounding countries too.

“This world is totally UNFAIR!! Irene is the only one who really understands me!!! Irene is everything to me!!! If Irene doesn’t love me…then…then I!!!”

It’s like looking at my old self…how annoying. After being exposed to the world’s unfairness…all I could do was cry. I felt nothing but grief…unable to defend anything…so watching him cry just infuriates me…

“Hey, all that ‘Irene, Irene’ talk is annoying.” I grabbed him by the nape and dragged him to his feet. He had been so caught up in himself that when I shook him out of it all he could do was get angry with me. “The world isn’t fair. That’s just a given.”

His red eyes glared at me.

“Don’t just dwell on the problems. Resist the world’s unfairness.” I did my best to stomach these harsh words and glared right back at him.

He’s just consumed by anger, like anyone else would be. It’s just normal anger.

“Resist! Resist! Until the very last moment! Until you close your eyes for the very last time, you must resist!”

I probably don’t understand what it’s like to hold that much power. It must have been really painful to be called a “Demon Child.” How unfair that must have been. However, what I do know, I should clearly say.

“I might not understand your suffering, but I do know that for a woman, the most important part of love is not being clung to but protected. So, protect her.” I let go of his neck and he fell back into the bench with an exasperated look on his face.

Crystal-like tears fell from his eyes. Tsk, good grief…has he calmed down a little?

…Ah… ehh…I said some pretty improper things for a lady. I think that slightly aggressive style may have soured the mood a bit around here. Ugh, I can’t believe this. I feel cheated!!

“…Well anyway, it looks like the weather is taking a turn for the worse, so I’m going home.”

“…No, no, ehh? What??” Solan cried out as I hastily walked away.

Geez! This guy is such a baby!! Though, I prefer this to that gloomy attitude from earlier.

“What can I do for you, Solan-sama?” I asked, turning around.

“Ehh, erm, there’s nothing I want you to do…but are you really just going to leave after chastising me like you’re some kind of seasoned war veteran?”

I-I don’t know?? I’m a lady, the daughter of an earl, I don’t know anything about seasoned war veterans!!!

“That was the first time that I’ve ever been headbutted by a girl…”

Oh, come on, Solan. You’ve got a long life ahead of you. You’ll probably get headbutted a lot. Besides, just what are you expecting from me with those glittering eyes? Hey, could I gouge them out?

“This is…like throwing fists. It’s male friendship!” He sprouted suddenly.

“I’m a girl though!”

Hey, are you into this sort of play? Your face has relaxed a ton, Mr. Prodigy.

In an instant, he replied: “I’ve never been able to make any friends. Just what am I missing?!”

“Oh…it’s something like that. It’s alright, you don’t need to be ashamed.”

What on earth is happening?! Have you even been listening to me?! Why does no one around me ever listen?! Gah! I just want to go home!

What do I even say now? Solan must be trying to hide his embarrassment and hasn’t actually been listening to anything I’ve said. Wait, what’s with that look?!

…Don’t tell me. Does this troublesome guy actually think that I’m his friend??

Since we were ‘friends’ now, Solan skillfully cleaned and healed the wounds that his magic had caused. He even apologized for the trouble.

Look at that face. Honestly, he’s probably cuter than most of the ladies I know. I’m tempted to forgive him just because he’s so cute…but I don’t think I can. At least not yet. But he really is good looking…

After that, his demeanor did a one-eighty; even politely offering to teach me. Due to his lessons, I made quite a bit of progress with affixing magic.

If I keep this up, I really could become the Maiden of the Flower Scales. The Knight Order might even give me their seal of approval! The festival is only a little ways off. To think that someone like me – someone ‘magically tone-deaf’ – could come this far in only a few days…

W-woah, Mr. Prodigy is really amazing…

Unfortunately, the Knight Commander made an appearance in the middle of our training and said: “As expected of Rururia-jyou. It looks like you managed to tame Solan.”

Unbelievable! This was your plan all along, wasn’t it?! I know how vicious you are now, Knight Commander!

Then, at a later date, my brother visited me at the training grounds.

“Ah, big brother! I feel like I’ve been possessed by something terrible…maybe we should go to a temple…” I began.

“Before you do that, I’ve got you a present.”

…Lately, I feel like he’s been a bit cold to me. It might be because I made his career path harder than it needed to be.

Hey now, I see that grin.

He handed me a letter.

…Huh? It’s from Irene-sama.

Resisting the urge to rip it up, I opened and read it in one go.

Ehh, wait, what?

To summarize: ‘Solan’s become more honest, what happened?’ What did I do? I didn’t do anything besides headbutting him…so does that mean I should headbutt him some more?? I can’t guarantee that’ll work. If anything, a second headbutt might revert him back to normal.

Huh? There’s a P. S. too?

“Whoever Rururia-jyou declares to be her friend is the victor?”

…I didn’t want to see this!!

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Thirteen]

It’ll be a good day, right?

Despite my feelings, it was a refreshingly clear day.

I’m starting to wonder if I’ve been cursed. Maybe I should go pray at the temple or something…?

“Don’t lose focus at the training grounds, Rururia-jyou. You never know when a practice sword might come flying at you.” This strict instruction came directly from His Excellency, the Knight Commander. “But don’t worry, soon you’ll be able to handle anything that comes flying at you.”

Ehhh? I really wanted more of a “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you” kind of feeling!! I don’t want to train this hard!! Is this really necessary?? How many times do I have to say this?? I’m an earl’s daughter!!! I’m a lady!!! I’m not going to be a knight!!!

“I’m not happy about this at all! Isn’t that a big problem?” I objected with everything I had to no effect. He just glared at me. Hmph!

“Well then, Let’s begin. First off, Rururia-jyou, please show me your Affixed-Magic Circle.”

Ah…he completely ignored me. What’s more, training has begun. This is ridiculous, me, a noble lady in search of a spouse, wearing my brother’s childhood clothes. They are easy to move in though.

… As soon as I thought ‘If someone were to see me like this, they’d never marry me’ crossed my mind, the knight battalion came out and looked right at me!!

Y-yeah, I know it’s an unusual sight, and I know if I was in their position, I’d stare too…but, don’t look at me!!!

I tried to shrink away after being showered in unwanted attention, but the Knight Commander flew directly at me. This guy was out for blood!

Hey! Don’t come at me with no warning! You don’t have to be so aggressive, Knight Commander! Uhm, what should I do??

I tried to hastily cast affixing magic, but I underestimated my own ‘magical tone-deafness’.  All of my professors, who had thought that I was hopeless, were right.

I heard a loud crack as I climbed into my ragged circle,

Ehh, what’s this?? Is this the best I can do?? To be the Maiden of the Flower Scales, I’ll have to use affixing magic for at least an hour to scatter all the scales. Guh!! Knight Commander!! Why do I need to become the Maiden, or become a knight, a knight, a knight?!! Can’t I just quit??

The Knight commander looked on hopefully. He wasn’t at all fazed by the situation.

“Alright, it looks like your affixing magic isn’t strong enough. We’ll have to work on that.”

Ugh! Knight Commander!! B-but wait, that’s right! As far as the other knights know, I can’t even use affixing magic. “What? You can’t even do this?” they used to jeer. The rumors about me were about to change from being incompetent, to being at least a little bit capable…


“You can stand up to the Commander?!”

“I thought she couldn’t use Affixing magic at all, I guess I was wrong!”

“Actually, she’s not that bad.”

“Is she the Commander’s wife?”

Hey now, what was that last one?? What? “Any woman who can handle the Commander must be the Commander’s wife”?? Is that way of thinking normal inside of the Knights Order?

…Ahh, training has just started, but I’m already exhausted. I just want to go home.

“First, to reinforce your magic strength, vigorously smash down onto it with the sole of your foot.”

W-what??? Isn’t that weird?? I don’t understand what the Knight Commander is trying to get at!?!

“See? Like this, I’ll show you. Focus your power into your foot, then repeatedly smash down onto the circle to create more layers.” In a flash, right in front of me, he created a beautiful multilayered circle beneath him.

“Now then, Rururia-jyou, try to do it just like that.”

…Was that the whole explanation? Just “smash down” my foot??

“I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW!!!” I think that was my most powerful scream of the day.

After that, I accepted that the Knight Commander’s explanations weren’t going to get me anywhere, so I desperately tried to learn by example instead.

Ugh, even if I spent decades, I wouldn’t be able to use affixing magic! But why did all the knights offer to help us? Is it perhaps always this difficult? I can’t say for sure…

The Knight Commander and I stood atop our circles; each had multiple layers. This hands-on training was kind of effective.

Oh, the Knight Commander is actually kind of sweet.

…Wait, what am I thinking? There’s no way that’s true!

Then suddenly the circles disappeared! We quickly plunged ten meters before I heard someone yell “Cast Affixing Magic!” and we regained control.

Had the Knight Commander shattered my circle?

“When Rururia-sama’s circle disappeared, they fell!” I heard someone say.

(That’s right, we fell about two meters.)

I-I was doing it though!!! But thanks to the fall, I was battered and bruised. That counts for something right??? Ugh…I’m just some Festival Maiden, so do I have to practice multilayer circles?!? I don’t need to move around much, so do I really need rapid high speed magic??

Ugh…has it already been three hours? My circles have been shattered over and over, I’d fallen and even gotten bruised everywhere.

All while the Knight Commander watched and murmured: “Rururia-jyou, you have no magic sense at all, do you?”

Oh, you think so??? Well then let me quit!! Why are you so stubborn?!? I don’t want to over exaggerate and say I can’t do it, but how can I not want to give up?

“I-I just…I don’t know…if I can do this…”

I’m literally gasping for air, please won’t you let me quit!?!

“It can’t be helped. It seems this was too much for you.”

…I don’t know how to put this exactly, but if failure is how I can escape this suffering then so be it. Actually, I welcome it.

“I’ll leave tomorrow’s training to Solan. Unfortunately, I’ll be too busy myself.” Without any sign that he’d been in an intense training session, at least from my perspective, the gallant Knight Commander strode off.

As I was watching him leave, for some reason one of the knights came by to check on me. “Um…did the Knight Commander say tomorrow was good?” He asked.

“Yeah, that’s what he said.”

The knight looked at me like I was a pitiful child.

Hey, stop that! If you feel sorry for me then how about you take my place!

“So, who is Solan?” I asked.

“Ah, right. Solan is the Chief Magician’s adopted son.”

Oh, Irene-sama’s follower? I think I met him at that tea party. Yeah that’s right! I did know his name!! I know I asked, but I really wish it was someone else.

“…The Knight Commander said he was busy?” I asked.

“Yeah that’s right. He’s really busy with the festival’s security and escort preparations,” said the knight as he handed me a rag to wipe off with.

“Thanks for the towel, Sir Knight.”

With the way this knight watches over things, he must be a great help to that busy Knight Commander.

…But, do I really have to come back tomorrow???

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Twelve]

Now that I thought about it, I’ve had nothing but bad luck recently.

First, getting wrapped up in the (former) Crown Prince’s engagement annulment and, because of it, becoming His Majesty, the King’s official venting partner. Then, being asked by the Knight Commander to become a knight (to which His Highness, the Royal Prince had said “We’ll think about it later.”) Finally, being asked by Irene-sama, a duke’s daughter, if we could become friends while attending her tea party. (Hm? Did you think that I’d accept? Impossible.)

Since it was the social season after graduation, I thought I’d be looking for a marriage partner right about now. Instead, I’d made an enemy of His Highness, the Royal Prince – who declared me too “inappropriate” to be Irene-sama’s friend – and had to deal with the fallout.

Seriously?!? How in the world did this happen?!?

“Come to think of it, the Dragon Dance Festival is about to begin, isn’t it?” Mother asked leisurely, embroidering Father’s overcoat.

“I suppose it is,” I stopped my own embroidering, deciding not to dwell on the past but instead turn my attention to the upcoming festival.

I-it’s not just escapism, is it??

Before I explain the Dragon Dance Festival, I should explain the origin of our Lemaire Kingdom. While the exact number of years is unknown, about a millennium ago, our ancestors lost a war on the continent so they fled to this island to rebuild their kingdom.

That’s right, we live on an island kingdom that is surrounded by the ocean.

That said, we’re not located too far from the mainland so there remained a good chance of further invasion. Due to this, we developed a navy that had many a skirmish with the neighboring kingdoms of the continent.

Then, roughly four hundred years after the founding, some dragons built a nest on an island on the other side of the continent. Dragons were believed to be extinct during this time, so the people who encountered them were overwhelmed with fear. Terror and chaos ensued.

Furthermore, our elite Lemaire Navy, which had been patrolling around the dragons’ nest, was completely destroyed by a single creature that rose from the sea. It was a small wonder that our entire kingdom didn’t collapse.

So then, dragons can swim, eh.

Fortunately, our then-monarch – King Solomon – didn’t lose composure. He calmly realized that the dragons were not targeting our navy or extending their reach towards our island. Therefore, he ordered a complete ban on all contact with the creatures.

However, misfortune once again befell our kingdom.

Every year since the dragons began nesting on the island, the surrounding monsters grew stronger and stronger.

Prepare yourself, because then we did something amazing.

To restrain our neighboring countries, we made a feint: “Hm? The dragons? They’re our dear friends.” All this while we desperately trained our countrymen.

The navy was dismantled as it stood no chance against the sea monsters. In their place the Knights Order and Sorcerers Guild were established. Our people trained to the point that some vomited blood; this was true of nobles and commoners alike. Even those who looked like mere fishermen were actually monster slayers.

Cheers to King Solomon. Since then, he was called “The Wise and Prudent King,” or “The Greatest King of Lemaire,” or “The Fierce God of Discipline,” or “The King ‘More Dreadful Than A Dragon’”.

…I bet ‘More Dreadful Than A Dragon’ is what the people at the time really thought about him.

But I digress, in any case, there’s no doubt that we are intimately familiar with dragons.

Usually, dragons could only be spotted from a great distance (sometimes they were even mistaken for birds), but once every three years, young dragons flew in a formation over our kingdom. It was quite a sight to behold. This is why King Solomon’s successor – Queen Rururia – created the Dragon Dance Festival.

(Incidentally, my name comes from hers.)

The Dragon Dance Festival has become the most popular celebration in our kingdom, and this year’s will begin in a month. Usually, festivals would be held in each territory, however this time (“…for various reasons”) it was being held at the royal capital.

It would be my first time attending and it’s being hosted (in magnificent fashion) at the capital! I’m so excited I could burst!

“T-Trouble!!! Riaaaaa!!”

I feel like I can hear my big brother’s voice, but surely, I must be imagining it. I have to be, right?

“M-me? They want me to be the Dragon Dance Festival’s ‘Maiden of the Flower Scales’?” I repeated back to the haggard-looking civil servant. His eyes looked tired, with dark circles underneath them. I had been summoned to the Palace’s Administrative Affairs Tower.

“Yes, that is correct, Rururia-sama. You have been assigned the role of the Maiden of the Flower Scales for the capital’s Dragon Dance Festival.” He repeated emotionlessly, shuffling some documents around.

Tsk, I was hoping he’d say “oh, my mistake.”

“Please verify this official appointment letter. Here you go.” He said before fleeing like the wind.

W-Wait a second!! I didn’t agree to this!!!

It felt like my soul would fly away as I held the official appointment letter.

At that moment, someone appeared in the doorway. “Alright, so you’ve accepted?”

Y-you? The Knight Commander!! What’s going on here? No, I don’t want the explanation, but I want to know!!

“The role of the Maiden of the Flower Scales is quite the honor. Congratulations Rururia-jyou.”

Hmm?? How does the Knight Commander know that I was cast for the festival? …No, way!

When I asked him straight out, he offered up his confession: “I recommended you.”

What?! Why?!? The festival is at the royal capital!! Everyone across the kingdom is going to be there!! People from other countries too!! This kind of thing is supposed to be reserved for the royal family, a ducal house or even a sorceress. Just some kind of famous person, right??

When I continued to press him, I discovered that the Knight Commander apparently rammed my name through. Naturally, no one knows who I am. Even my title is questionable. He must have really stepped outside his jurisdiction to get his recommendation passed.

Why did you do this? I never asked you to!!

“It took a little while to convince everyone.”

No, no, no, no, no! Why are you acting like you did something great, Knight Commander? Why on earth would you do this? What possible reason could you have??

He ignored my resentful glare, beaming at me with sparkling eyes before saying: “You’ll be one step closer to knighthood.”

Hm? What? I-I don’t understand… hm… ah!

AAAH!” I let out a scream without thinking. I couldn’t believe what he just said! I think I understand what he was aiming for.

Let me explain…As I’ve said, everyone in our kingdom is disciplined and trained past their limits. Magicians are trained in both offensive and defensive spellwork, but their physical abilities are trained as well. Meanwhile, the knights are trained in swordsmanship, but they also know magic.

As a bare minimum, both magicians and knights must be able to use an ‘Affixed-Magic Circle.’ This allows them to stand and fight in the air! Since they have to fight sea monsters who can easily destroy ships, fighting in the air is necessary.

Perhaps you know, but…

When the dragons fly over during the Dragon Dance Festival, we scatter an imitation of dragon scales known as “flower scales.” This is the most exciting part of the festival. The two whose jobs it is to scatter these scales from the air are the Maiden and Knight of the Flower Scales.

Using one’s own power – the Affixed-Magic Circles – to stand in the sky, the two scatter the ‘flower scales’ down onto the people below.  In other words, if you can’t use magic, you can’t fulfill this role.

Do you understand now?

Ah, one last point. I’m really bad at affixing-magic, well that is to say, I’m really bad at all magic. I was so ‘magically tone-deaf’ my professors said, “You won’t graduate with a degree in Magic.” I’m afraid they were quite correct in their assessment. Actually, I wasn’t too sure how I had graduated from the academy after my performance in the subject.

To become a knight, affixing magic was necessary, but as someone ‘magically tone-deaf’ I can’t use that sort of ability. Likewise, to be the Maiden of the Flower Scales, affixing magic was necessary. In other words, he wants me to practice magic as the Maiden and then become a knight?!

He recommended me for this role so that I would have no choice but to hone my magic and eventually become a knight?

Oi, Commander, you know that this is the kingdom’s most important festival, right??

“At any rate, we can use the kingdom’s best training grounds without hesitation to help the Maiden learn affixing magic. You’ll be under my guidance, so come to the knight’s training field tomorrow.”

Ah, I hadn’t managed to hide my true feelings. I should have tried parlaying him after saying something like “It’s a great opportunity but…”

“Eh?? No, no way! What kind of nonsense is this?!? I’m a Lady, I don’t want to become a Knight! I r-refuse!”

Ah well, I can’t pretend anymore. I don’t want to learn magic! I’m terrible at it! I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of a crowd! I just want to be on the sidelines having fun!!!

I tried to convince the Knight Commander with all my might, but he wouldn’t budge. “The matter has already been settled.”

This is why I hate powerful people!!!

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I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! x Background Setting (3)

Irene-sama: In order to avoid the ‘false accusation’ route and make some female friends, she used her memories and prepared a bunch of sweets from her previous life. However, none of them became friends with me! OTL.

His Highness, the Royal Prince: He’s actually the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Knight Commander got involved this time because His Highness was distracted during diplomatic negotiations with other kingdoms. By the way, he also investigated the young ladies who attended the tea party. He’ll be back!

Knight Commander: It seems his potential bride or subordinate will do something interesting again if he (reluctantly) follows His Highness. Let’s play with my nephew for a bit…and ask him some things.

Sara Wales: My best friend, who has been interesting for a long time, became even more interesting! This is so much fun! That duke’s daughter is suspicious, though…so let’s reveal some of her secrets!

The Main Character (It’s Rururia…Right?): Don’t get me involved in this anymore. Make friends somewhere else. I just want to go home.

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