Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince

Title: Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ~The Substitute Princess’ Peaceful Life in the Detached Palace~

Original: シンデレラの姉ですが、不本意ながら王子と結婚することになりました~身代わり王太子妃は離宮でスローライフを満喫する~

Author: 柚子れもん



Right in front of the prince, who had come to take her away with the glass slipper in hand, Cinderella elopes with the wizard! The prince, who couldn’t leave empty handed lest he become a laughingstock, decided to take Cinderella’s not mean stepsister with him instead. They returned to the castle, got married, and lived happily ever after…Not!

You’re not going to love me? Of course, I know that. I’m just aiming for a peaceful divorce with tons of alimony. Feel free to get a mistress or concubine in the meantime.

The new princess enjoys her peaceful palace life, managing her field and fishing, but for some reason, the prince’s cold attitude begins to thaw…?

This is the story of Cinderella’s older stepsister, whose feet won’t fit the glass slipper and who doesn’t have a pumpkin carriage, reluctantly marrying the prince, while trying to find her own happiness.

*This story is the serialized version of the one-shot with the same name.


  1. Cinderella’s Stepsister is Taken By the Prince
  2. Cinderella’s Stepsister Attends an Impromptu Wedding
  3. Cinderella’s Sister Becomes the Princess Consort
  4. The Princess Consort Builds a Ranch
  5. The Prince Worries
  6. The Princess Consort Greets the Prince at the Royal Villa
  7. The Prince Discovers an Unexpected Side of the Princess
  8. The Prince Appoints an Exclusive Knight
  9. The Prince is Served Food for Commoners
  10. The Prince’s Shocking Visit to The Princess
  11. The Princess is Afraid to be Present in the Seminar
  12. The Princess Receives Instant Princess Education
  13. The Prince Dances with The Princess
  14. The Princess Asks the Alpaca for Healing
  15. The Prince Realizes The Princess’s True Value
  16. The Princess is Attacked by a Number of Invitations
  17. The Duchess Stops The Prince
  18. The Princess Heads to the Summer Villa
  19. The Prince Regrets the Past
  20. When You Wish Upon a Star
  21. The Princess Works for a Tired Prince
  22. Meeting The Princess of Another Country
  23. The Prince, Worried About The Princess’s Safety
  24. The Princess Solidifies Her Determination
  25. The Princess is Publicly Condemned
  26. The Princess Tries to be a Villainess
  27. The Princess is Surprised by Others’ Evaluation of Her
  28. The Midnight Bell Finally Rings

*I came across a translation of the one-shot version and absolutely loved it! Thankfully, it’s a pretty short story. Hope you guys like it (*≧▽≦)