The Third Prince is Too Dazzling! I Can’t Look at Him Directly!

Title: The Third Prince is Too Dazzling! I Can’t Look at Him Directly!

Original: 第三王子は発光ブツにつき、直視注意!

Author: 山田桐子



Lina, the daughter of an impoverished count, can see the auras of people that she interacts with. She goes to the royal palace one day and meets the third prince, Gilbert, who has an aura too dazzling to look at. Taken aback, Lina is unable to look at him directly, but dismisses him as ‘someone who has nothing to do with me.’

She had planned to return home as soon as her business at the palace was completed, but…

Translator: Robert F.

Editor/Proofreader: Rei


  1. Chapter One: Is This the Beginning of a Scam?
  2. Chapter Two: I Promise I Won’t Go Home
  3. Chapter Three: I’m Fine Being an Outsider 
  4. Chapter Four: The Dazzling Light is a Human Being 
  5. Chapter Five: The Day I Became a Lady (Hohoho~) 
  6. Chapter Six: A Dangerous Date!
  7. Chapter Seven: People Who Go Tough on the Sickly
  8. Chapter Eight: Secrets are Secret for a Reason
  9. Chapter Nine: Candela Man Strikes Back
  10. Chapter Ten: The Inside Story (Gilbert’s Diary)
  11. Chapter Eleven: The Five Seconds Before Jumping in With Both Feet
  12. Chapter Twelve: To the Limits of My Noodle and Beyond
  13. Chapter Thirteen: Exercise Prudence Upon the Signing of Contracts
  14. Chapter Fourteen: Fear it, Dread it, That Day Will Come
  15. Chapter Fifteen: I’m Honored To Be Remembered So Fondly
  16. Chapter Sixteen: The Inside Story, Glenn’s Heart of Hearts
  17. Chapter Seventeen: Key Items You Can’t Be A Happy Camper Without
  18. Chapter Eighteen: The True Power of the Glitter Effect
  19. Chapter Nineteen: Please Refrain from Using Weapons
  20. Chapter Twenty: Near Misses and Double Lives Go Hand in Hand