Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely [Chapter Six]


I knocked on the entrance to his study. Albert-san, who was already inside, opened the door for us. Allen and I entered the room to find my father at war with a pile of documents.

I’m really sorry for disturbing your work~ But I wanted to ask about the pet as soon as possible!

“What’s wrong Rose?”

“…Well, you see…Father, I have a request!”

“A request? You haven’t asked me for anything since that fever. I’m so happy! Well then, what do you wish for?”

I’m grateful for the fever because I’d learned about the reincarnation. It wouldn’t have surprised me if prior to that I’d been a selfish and demanding child.

“…Well, um…for my sixth birthday, I would like a pet!”

I’ll tell him boldly. I’m pretty sure that my doting father won’t refuse, but in my previous life, I was someone that relied entirely on myself. For that reason, making requests like this did not come easy to me.

“A pet?”

“Yes! I want a cat or dog. I promise to take care of them properly.”

“Please~” I added, looking at him cutely with upturned eyes. Father fell over abruptly.

“A-albert! M-my daughter!!”

“Aa~ Milady is truly lovely.”

Father and Albert-san came over and patted my head.

“Of course, I’ll get one for you! Rose, I’ll get you any present that you wish for! Look forward to your birthday.”

“Father, thank you. I’m so happy! I love you!”

“Is that so! I love Rose as well! I’ll prepare an unparalleled pet for you!”

… Unparalleled? What does that mean? Well, it’s fine as long as I get a pet! I’m looking forward to it~

If only I’d paid a little more attention to the word ‘unparalleled’ at that time, then my actual birthday might not have come as such a surprise. The only thing on my mind then was that I’d be able to raise a pet and play with it to my heart’s content.

“Isn’t that great, Rose-sama?”

“Yeah! Let’s take care of it together Allen.”

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13 thoughts on “Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely [Chapter Six]”

    1. Lololol~ I actually thought he would get her a tiger or something but now a Fenrir seems more likely~

  1. I had forgotten their ages….

    So you are telling me that not only a 5 years old boy talks and behaves like that but he can (and is allowed to) make tea by himself…?

    Just when did he have the time to learn? I would think you’ll need to be around 10 years old to be an apprentice at something.

    It just seems weird to me to put your young daughter with a young boy, leave them on their own almost all day long and not expect love to happen…?

    I mean I’m not complaining, I like stories like that, but from a parent’s point of view it just doesn’t make sense XD

    1. Yeah, that’s a good point! It doesn’t mention if Allen is older than her or not, but he probably should be if he’s apprenticing already?? As for her parents…well…they get weirder and weirder every chapter LOL

      1. I remember her mom saying Allen was the same age as Rose when she introduced him, that’s why it’s so strange to me.

        I found her dad in this chapter really funny, he is definetly an overly doting parent LOL

        But yeah, they probably lack common sense, I can’t wait to see what kind of over the top pet she gets XD

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