I’ve Been Reincarnated as this Game’s Villainess, I’ll Train the Main Capture Target to be a Yandere [2]

Title: I’ve Been Reincarnated as this Game’s Villainess, I’ll Train the Main Capture Target to be a Yandere

Original: 乙女ゲームの悪役キャラに転生したので、メイン攻略対象をヤンデレに調教します。

Author: 黒井雛


A transfer student, the heroine of this game, has arrived.

I won’t hand over Tamaki.


“――Suzakumiya-sama!! In the cafeteria, the president and a transfer student–!!”

You’ve finally come, transfer student.

I smiled at the breathless student who had rushed to deliver the report.

In this otome game 「Prisoner of the Birdcage」a commoner girl enters a school for the children of the wealthy elite. Due to her attempts in reforming the rampant abuse of power taking place, those in charge fall in love with her. I was reborn as the villainess, Suzakumiya Suzune, whose expulsion is a necessary condition for completing the game.

Reigning at the top of the academy because her family owns the largest corporation among those enrolled, she puts a collar on one of the capture targets – Genbuin Tamaki – whose family cannot stand against hers and humiliates him by making him her dog. A darkness grows in Tamaki because of this humiliation and loneliness from the lack of his family’s love, but he is saved by the heroine and falls obsessively in love with her.

Because I liked Tamaki myself, I couldn’t tolerate such a development and trained him to become obsessed with me instead. So that he could only see me, so that he couldn’t see anyone but me, to act in such a way.

Today, we would see the fruits of my labor.

Entering the cafeteria, I saw that a crowd had gathered at the center of the room. However, a path was made when they noticed me. Truly like a queen…when I think of my own position, such a moniker doesn’t seem incorrect.

The moment I saw what was at the center of the crowd, the corners of my mouth rose.

Tamaki was grabbing the transfer student by her neck while another council member desperately tried to stop him.


Tamaki, who had ignored the fellow student council member’s voice entirely, turned to look at me when I spoke.

“I don’t know what happened, but I don’t want you acting violently against a girl.”

“…Don’t stop me, Suzune.”

He tightens his grip on the transfer student’s neck and looks at me with bloodshot eyes.

“This one told me to drive you out of the academy!! She said that you were evil!!”

Tamaki’s words are just as expected.

“Yeah, you got angry for me. Thank you.”

Tamaki was not swayed at all by the words of the transfer student. Firstly, that’s the very best outcome.

“However, she’ll die if you don’t stop. I don’t want Tamaki to become a murderer.”

The transfer student’s face had turned a deathly pale, the way she’s opening and closing her mouth looks painful. I don’t really care about her safety, she’s a hindrance after all, but I don’t want Tamaki to become a killer. He clicks his tongue at my words but releases the transfer student, throwing her down. She falls on the floor and the student council officer rushes towards her to look after her. I exclude them from my field of vision and approach Tamaki.

“――Un, Tamaki. Good boy.”

“…What’s with that, treating me like a child or dog.”

I hug Tamaki who has endured so well, he desperately tries to straighten his back as I stroke his head, appearing reluctant to accept my behavior. However, he bends down for me, who can’t completely reach, so deep down he might not be as unwilling as he’s leading others to believe. Not just his heart, I can see his mouth relax.

His jet black hair is soft and smooth to the touch and feels good to stroke. As I stroke his hair, I can feel him also fiddling with mine. His touch is gentle and it feels comfortable. It’s somewhat strange, almost like mutual grooming.

However, our happy time is immediately ruined.

“Stop treating the president like a dog in public, Suzakumiya Suzune!!”

Before I knew it, the transfer student had recovered, raising her voice while glaring at me.

Treating him like a dog――I’m convinced by those words.

This girl is a reincarnated person.

If not, she wouldn’t judge the mere act of stroking someone’s head in such a manner.

“Treating me like a dog…”

In fact, it’s Tamaki who raises his voice, deep with anger.

“Didn’t you just say so yourself?”

“I don’t want to hear it from her. It’s unpleasant from someone I don’t even know.”

“You’re a selfish one, aren’t you.”

He chuckles, unconsciously smiling at that.

――She knows a lot about Tamaki, because she’s a reincarnated person.

I think that, but don’t say anything. And, I’m sure I know more about Tamaki than she does. After all, I’ve been by his side for the last five years. Besides, I love Tamaki much, much more deeply than the transfer student does.

“――Nee, transfer student.”

Unlike the sweet tone I use with Tamaki, I address the transfer student with a voice as cold as absolute zero.

“You’ve been denouncing me and even said that you’ll have me expelled, but what have I done exactly? I knew about you because a common person transferring here is rare, but you and I are meeting for the first time today.”

The game has already been distorted. It’s different from the one a reincarnated person would know. So how is the transfer student going to condemn me?

“Because you treat the student council president like a dog…”

“I’ve never been treated like a dog!! I’m going to kill you, you bitch!!”

“Tamaki, be quiet for a bit…and, what else?”

“You’ve abused your power and thrown this school out of order!!”

The answer is as expected. The transfer student really doesn’t know anything.

“I haven’t done anything. However, if I sometimes get preferential treatment for being a Suzakumiya, is that a crime?”

The Suzakumiya Suzune of the game abused her power in various ways. However, while I put in the utmost effort into crafting a birdcage for Tamaki and myself, I did not do anything like that. At most, I exerted some influence in putting those who either liked Tamaki too much or inconvenienced the two of us in their place.

Ultimately, those students who had transferred out left due to their parents’ decision because they didn’t want to go up against the Suzakumiya family. I didn’t personally have a hand in any of it.

It looks like some of the students that follow me and Tamaki himself, due to his gloomy personality, commit various bad acts from time to time, but I overlook it. Because after all, I love the Tamaki that goes on rampages for my sake. It can’t be helped.

Apart from that, aren’t I a nice person?

I didn’t want to give the transfer student any openings when she arrived.

Fundamentally, I don’t care about any humans that aren’t Tamaki.

Only Tamaki is important. Only he has to stay by my side.

That’s why, I won’t allow the transfer student to steal him away.

I haven’t done anything, but the name Suzakumiya is too powerful. I’m given preferential treatment because of it. Due to this, my companions from less important families abuse the power of the Suzakumiya family. Instead of denying them, I simply accept these privileges without complaining. In a sense, it’s not wrong to say that I am both the origin of and at the top of the school’s caste system.

“――But, fine. If you say my existence is a sin, then I will leave the academy.”


Despite being unable to respond before, the transfer student’s eyes widen, shining with hope at my words. It was Tamaki who raises his voice, heavy with fury and sorrow.

My love increases seeing that face: looking like he’s going to cry, completely unbecoming of someone nicknamed the “Emperor”. His body, that I’m hugging, is trembling.

‘Are you going to leave me behind? Are you going to throw me away?’

His eyes seem to be asking me.

Tamaki is adorable. Lovely. He always has been and always will be.

Does love have a limit?

Every time that I’m with Tamaki I think I’ve reached the limit.

You really are stupid, Tamaki.

I won’t ever be able to let you go.

“But, at that time I’ll take Tamaki with me.”


I turn to the transfer student and smile carelessly.

“You can reform the school when I’m no longer here, be loved by those in charge and do whatever you like. Do as you please. I really have no interest…however, you can’t take Tamaki. I won’t let you have him.”

Saying this, I look from the transfer student to Tamaki and back. She gently pinches her cheeks with both hands.

“…Nee, do you hate it?”

I had spoken with conviction before, but now anxiety is seeping in.

“Would you hate transferring to another school with me? Instead of going with me, would you prefer to stay here and continue as the student council president?”

“――There’s no way I’d hate it.”

Tamaki firmly hugs me while responding with the answer that I had wished for.

“No matter where it is…Suzune, if you are there, then I want to be there by your side.”

The answer is as expected. Nevertheless, it makes me want to cry. I’m so happy that I want to cry.

“Thank goodness. …Hey, you understand, right?”

With my hand on Tamaki’s back, I laugh at the transfer student.

“Tamaki is mine…If you try to take him away from me, I’ll use everything in my power to eliminate you. Just remember that.”

The cafeteria went quiet.

Tamaki disentangles from me, before taking my hand and pulling me along. Ready to leave, I want my feet to move faster. I want to be alone with him as soon as possible.

As we turn our backs to the cafeteria, we hear the transfer student yell out.

“President, you are being brainwashed by that woman!! You’re being treated like a dog!! That’s not true love!!”

Those words strike my heart deeply.

“I will free you from that girl! I will save you!”

“――Who asked to be saved?”

Next to me, Tamaki emits a cold voice, the likes of which I’d never heard before.

“If you want to chastise me for acting like a dog, go ahead. If you want to say that I’m brainwashed, go ahead. But I’m happy. I’m happy being by Suzune’s side. Even if it’s wrong, I won’t ask for salvation.”

Tamaki says without so much as glancing at the transfer student and we briskly leave the cafeteria.


When we enter Tamaki’s room, he pushes me down on the bed and roughly kisses me.

I understand that he wants me from the bottom of his heart.

I’m happy.



However, there is something I need to confirm.

“Tamaki, if I, if I were really brainwashing you, what would you do…?”

The transfer student’s words weren’t wrong.

“If it was true that I really induced an obsession with me, what would you do?”

What I had done was by no means correct. I understood that it was a detestable and dastardly act.

Despite that, I want Tamaki. I wish for him to only look at me.

Would he disdain that sort of me?

“…I told you. Even so, I’m happy.”

He instinctively avoids my gaze but grasps my chin, tilting me towards him. I smile at him, full of love.

“It doesn’t matter even if it was brainwashing. For a long time, I was starving for love. I wished for it. I yearned for someone to love me. Suzune. No matter your intentions, you were the one who gave it to me.”

Tears spill from my eyes at his words.

“I love you. I don’t care if it’s different from a normal love. I can’t be separated from you. Even if I am someday ruined, I’ll be happy. If I’m with you, I don’t mind even falling to hell――I love you, Suzune. I love you.”

I was anxious of the transfer student’s arrival. But at the same time, I had been looking forward to it.

Even after she arrived, Tamaki didn’t change. Even in the face of the truth, he told me he loves me.

“Me too. I love you too, Tamaki…”

At this time, Tamaki became all mine. Forever and always, only mine.

And, I had won the gamble.

The birdcage was complete. A sturdy cage that cannot be broken from the inside or outside. A birdcage for two, where only two people exist.


During a moment of intimacy, I stroked his adam’s apple.

“Let’s…put a collar here. A leather one with my name engraved.”

For the color, black would be good. Surely it would look good on Tamaki.

“Alright…in exchange, you wear one too.”

Saying that, Tamaki licked my neck.

I shivered and unconsciously let out a little cry in response to the pleasant sensation. Tamaki gave me a small smile.

“For the color, red would be good…with my name carved on it, a matching collar…let’s place a special order.”

We live inside a birdcage.

Those people who point out that the world we see is narrow, that we’ve never seen a world beyond this cage, I want them to leave us alone. Because they don’t understand. They can’t comprehend how much happiness there is inside this cage, how wonderful it is. They just don’t understand.

Notes: I laughed a little too hard when Suzune said that she’s basically a good person besides the yandere raising. This took a bit longer than expected, but it’s finally finished! Thank you so much to everyone who left likes and comments! I’m so glad you enjoyed the story (❁´▽`❁)✲゚ Hope the sequel lived up to your expectations!! The editing was a little rushed, so if you see any spelling or grammar issues, feel free to let me know 〔´∇`〕

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