I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! x Background Setting (2)

His Majesty, the King:

Irene’s followers are increasing every year, I’m so worried about it but can’t even complain. His problem was solved by Rururia!

Her Majesty, the Queen:

Although she loves her son, she dotes more on the intelligent Irene. She’s upset at her stupid son because she wanted Irene to become her daughter-in-law.

His Highness, the Royal Prince:

He’s happy that Irene’s engagement is finally gone and serious about winning her over. Thought a strange young girl was approaching His Majesty, but was slapped by her when he tried to find out the details of what was happening. He’s never been hit by a woman before and is shocked!

*It has come to my attention that I’ve been misreading this kanji the entire time. This person is the Royal Prince, meaning the King’s younger brother. OTL. I’m so sorry about the mix up ≦(._.)≧

Knight Commander, Lionel Arestant:

He’s had to deal with Irene’s followers, getting more and more troublesome missions because of them. He’s happy because he’s found a ‘first class ingredient’ and desperately wants to make her his bride or subordinate.

Protagonist, Rururia Talbot:

Is thinking “I shouldn’t have done anything” and wondering why everything has ended up this way. She just wants to go home.

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5 thoughts on “I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! x Background Setting (2)”

  1. 2nd Prince is a creep and Queen is a simp. Sounds like number 2 is similar to his mom. King and Knight commander are hilarious.

    1. Thank you for bringing this up! I was trying to figure out if I should make an announcement, but I think I’ll work it into the next chapter.

      So the second prince is actually the ROYAL prince, which means he’s the king’s little brother. Which makes sooo much more sense because the king said he disowned the only crown prince, which wouldn’t make sense if there was a little brother.

      But actually, that makes it worse, because this dude’s an uncle going after a teenage girl.

      I am so, so sorry about the mistake. I’ll make note on it next chapter (m。_。)m

      Though on the Queen – yeah, I don’t particularly like her. Maybe she’ll redeem herself, but she’s kind of meh

  2. Its super interesting every chapter . I totally love this! When will be the next update? Anyway, God bless your hard work 🧡💛

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