After My Son Broke Off His Engagement, His Former Fiancée Proposed to Me

Title: After My Son Broke Off His Engagement, His Former Fiancée Proposed to Me

Original: 息子が婚約破棄したら、その婚約者にプロポーズされた。

Author: yui/サウスのサウス



My foolish son broke off his engagement in public the other day. Therefore, to make amends (as both a father and a King) I summoned his former fiancée, Libel, the daughter of a duke, to the palace. I said she could ask for anything…but got an unexpected reply?

“…My apologies, Libel-jyou, could you please repeat that? I think I misunderstood.”

“My hope is to get engaged to Your Majesty.”

These words left me stunned.

I, Leonardo Bararak, am the King of the Bararak Kingdom. This year, I’ll be forty.

The person who has proposed to that me right now is the daughter of Duke Lionel Vescator, our kingdom’s Chancellor, Libel. She’s sixteen years old this year.

Ah, this is insane. I just got proposed to by my best friend’s daughter.

“…Oi, Lionel! Did you know about this?!” I look at the third party here, Libel’s father and my best friend, Lionel.

“Well, she’s been saying it for a long time now, and I just can’t refuse her. Didn’t you say that you would grant her any wish in apology for the scandal caused by your own son?”

“But that…”

Yes, my son – Rudolph – who was this kingdom’s only prince, was the one who had caused this problem in the first place. He’d told his fiancée, Libel, that he intended to abandon their engagement and did it at an evening party, in front of all to see.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, Rudolph then began to condemn Libel for bullying some common woman that he had been getting intimate with recently.

Of course, there was no evidence. Libel’s innocence was quickly proven, but I’d called her to the palace at a later date to make amends and said: “You can ask for anything. Please tell me what you wish for.”

And the line that got thrown back at me? That she wanted to be engaged to me.

I had completely annulled their engagement and after his stunt, I made sure that he could not become the next King by removing him from the royal family. That being said, I don’t have any other children. My wife, the former queen – who’d had stable political backing – died when Rudolph was young. Therefore, I had no choice but to take a concubine now.

“But, I’m the father of your former fiancé…that, and are you really alright being the wife of a man who is the same age as your father?”

Just being the father of her former fiancé would cause someone’s head to explode, but I’m even the same age as her father. Wouldn’t a young lady like her be better off with a younger man…?

Libel shook her head, as if to deny these thoughts. “I have always loved Your Majesty. Do you remember the first day we met?”

“The first time…wasn’t that when you came to meet Rudolph?”

“Yes, His Highness, Prince Rudolph…No, I suppose it’s just Rudolph now. After he bullied me, you stroked my head as I was crying and said, “I’m sorry that my son has given you such a hard time. I’m very glad that a cute girl like you will be my daughter in the future. Thank you, on Rudolph’s behalf.”

Rudolph had been a bit domineering since his youth. It was probably because I had spoiled him. As I was afraid that he would do something, I’d followed him when he went to meet Liber for the first time…

“I was so touched by Your Majesty’s kindness at the time. Even though I might have been young…I fell in love at first sight.”


“It isn’t a misunderstanding. One can’t be in love for years due to a simple misunderstanding. I was engaged to Rudolph and tried to give up as you were to become my father-in-law. In that sense…it’s thanks to Rudolph’s actions that my dream will come true.”  She said, getting the first hit in.


As I was still trying to argue, Lionel said to me, with an expression as if forcing me to accept, “You’re being so passionately persuaded by a young woman…wouldn’t it be fine to just nod and say yes?”

“Are you really okay with this? Your best friend and daughter getting married?” If anyone thought about it, they’d think he’d hate this the most…

Lionel smiled bitterly as if he realized my thoughts. “For me, it doesn’t matter as long as my daughter is happy. I engaged her to your son…but she has always liked you. Besides, you know what will happen if you make my daughter sad, right? Or do you hate her?”

“No, that’s not the issue…”

“Your Majesty…no, Leonardo-sama,” Libel approached me with a serious expression, “Please make me…your wife.”

I couldn’t respond and continued to stare up at her from my seat.

Afterwards, we officially got married and I somehow made my best friend’s daughter my wife.

…And, after all, I couldn’t resist the charms of such a beautiful woman, so it’s unavoidable that we ended up having many children.

Translator’s Note: Say what you want you guys, but this was the best slap in the face for  shitty ex-fiancé that I have ever seen. Can you imagine his reaction when she marries his DAD and her son/daughter becomes the future monarch?! Priceless.

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  1. Ah, I don’t mind it. But at least show us a bit of Rudolph face while seeing his half brothers or sisters live happily with his former fiancee as their queen mother

  2. This is such a rare and unique plot 🤭

    Well, for a man.. 40 y/o is still his prime years.. Unlike women 😅
    To have such a vigorous and young wife, it’s no wonder the King got many offsprings 😂
    I too,, would like to see the ex fiancee’s reaction 😏

    1. Yeaah! It stood out to me as well ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
      I mean he’s forty, but like I’m sure if this was drawn out in manga for like the only difference between him and her would be like two little creases under his eyes (>y<)

  3. A bit of a shame that it’s so short. I’d at least have liked two more sections; one covering just how much lovey-dovey they became; just a few short paragraphs, and the last one simply having the king favor one of his new sons as successor, just to add insult to injury for the arsehole prince. Throw in a bonus about how many other sons/daughters the King has that could take the douche prince’s place.

  4. I do think that titles such as ‘-sama’ and ‘-jyou’ should have been translated. Considering this has names like ‘Rudolf’, it’s clearly set in a European-inspired monarchy, so seeing random Japanese ruins the sense of immersion.

    1. I appreciate the feedback! And I do understand what you’re saying, but I just feel more comfortable translating this way.


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