I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! x Background Setting (5)

Solan-kun: The lucky charms (magic crystals) he gave the protagonist are originally self-made so he won’t get involved in the Chief Magician’s experiments. Made with quite the precious gems and enormous magical power, it’s way more expensive than what the protagonist thinks. However, as long as his friend is safe, that’s fine by him. Present here.

Priestess: A female priest who works like a squire for the High Priest. She was able to work at the royal capital temple due to her holy magic’s immense power, but she’s too aloof to go about on her own. She follows along what’s popular, so she’s so happy to meet the talk of the town, the “Dragon Knight’s Bride”. 

Protagonist (Rururia): I was just simply wondering, but I just made the worst decision of all time! I wanna go home! 

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2 thoughts on “I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! x Background Setting (5)”

  1. About “Solan”: This is a little late, but after I began reading ahead in the raws (mostly via MTL. I only speak and read very basic Japanese) I realized from the katakana used that the name of the character is Solon, as in the Ancient Greek sage and lawmaker. In Greek, his name is Σόλων, which is rendered ソラン in katakana, which romanizes to Soran.)

    1. Huh! I figured it could be “Soran” or “Solan” so went with the latter instead. Had no idea about the “Solon” connection. That’s so neat! Thank you for letting us know!!

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