I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Six]

“I’m very sorry for not being there, Rururia-jyou.” The Ice-Cold Knight (LOL), Lionel Arestant, apologizes.

Next to him is me, Rururia, a sixteen year old maiden who is currently troubled by His Majesty, the king’s complaints, which I have been listening to time and again.

“His Highness isn’t one who normally goes out of his way to do something like that, but there’s no telling what he’ll do if Irene-sama is involved.”

If you knew that then why did you let me walk alone, Mr. Knight Captain. Is what I’d like to say with some cold-hearted sarcasm.

“Though, I thought it was the same for Your Excellency, the Knight Commander.”

“??? What was the same??” It’s not particularly cute if a big guy like you tilts his head like that. Even though he’s expressionless, it’s strangely annoying that he’s a bit maiden-like.

“I meant, I thought you were another follower of Irene-sama.”

When I said this, the knight commander frowned as if disgusted. Apparently, it was his job to stop her followers from creating chaos. He was doing this with all his might apparently. Ah, do your best…

Is something like that okay to delegate to the commander of the knights, though?

“Why would you think that?”

“Ah, at the graduation party, I was terrified by Your Excellency’s murderous glare. That was why.”

This makes the knight commander suddenly come to a stop. Eh? What, what?

Wait, let’s take a look at his face…Wow! Somehow I’m feeling really happy right now!!

“Well, I was aware that you noticed me…but it seems that I erred in my haste. I’d hoped that you had understood.”

“So, what were you trying to communicate?” I’m not entirely convinced by this turn of events, so explain!!

“At the graduation party, I was just trying to signal to Rururia-jyou that you shouldn’t perjure yourself.”

You just looked straight up murderous!! Please take a proper look at me. I’m just a sweet lady, no matter how you slice it.

“What would you have done if I couldn’t withstand your murderous gaze?”

If the witness had collapsed at a time like that then the wrong person might have been punished. The knight commander should have absolutely told me in a more relaxed manner!!

“That’s why I said before, I thought you’d understood as I’d hoped.”


The knight commander closes the distance between us after turning around. Of course, even though he was close, he was maintaining the appropriate space as a gentleman, but his towering height gave off the illusion that there was no escape.

“I thought Rururia-jyou would be able to handle it. In fact, you didn’t even scream.” He looks at me meaningfully. “Even among my subordinates, there are few that are able to withstand such pressure.”

Geh! You hit me with something like that?!

“Yet you endured it even though you’ve had no formal training.”

The glint in his pale blue eyes was gradually becoming more and more suspicious to me. Then, the knight commander gently grasped my hands. I was tense and an unpleasant premonition was washing over me.

“Rururia-sama, it’s not too late! Why don’t you aim for becoming a knight?!”

…That’s it, I’ve already exceeded my daily tolerance! Let. Me. Go. Home.

As we were returning through the royal family’s secret passage, the Ice-Cold Knight (LOL) had asked me to become a knight.

Um…you do know that I’m an Earl’s daughter, right??

“In actual battle, courage is more important than skill. I believe Rururia-jyou has courage that is rarely seen. So please, won’t you become a knight!?”

“I refuse.” I said flatly. I heard something that sounded like a compliment but I won’t acknowledge it.

I want to go home. Big brother, please help me!!

…Even my hallucination of him won’t appear, damnit.

I was frustrated by the persistence of the knight commander, and said “You know, most noble ladies don’t become knights, right? I’ve never wanted to become one myself.”

“Ah, I’m sorry…it’s just, if you had a swordsman’s arm…”

Oi! Why are you being this stubborn?? It’s making me a little bit interested, you know?

The knight commander sighed in melancholy. What’s happened?? “…You would have become my ideal woman.”

Phew! I was going down a dangerous road!! I’ve never been so glad that I was weak before!!

“What is Your Excellency, the knight commander’s ideal woman?” This is curiosity, okay? I’m just asking because I’m curious.

The knight commander’s cheeks turned a little red and he looked away embarrassedly. “A woman who has the courage to fight anyone and who can fight me.”

That’s hopeless!! In the first place, does the knight commander even understand how strong he is?! You want someone to train with you, who returned after subduing a stray dragon by yourself?! A woman who can fight dragons…doesn’t exist in this kingdom.

Oh no, wait, there is one.

“Then, how about Irene-sama? Her magic is first-class. She could probably even fight a dragon?”

“Well, I’m sure she could, but I don’t really like her ability.”

Oh, so for you, likability equals how someone fights. Is your brain all muscle too you muscle loving bastard? So that’s why he wasn’t married or even engaged at twenty-four years of age.

“And, after all…”


When I’d thought that I heard a sound like something ripping through the air, I found that the knight commander was holding a knife to my neck. What’s going on here?

I couldn’t react. If I moved even a little then my neck would have easily been sliced off.

In addition, is the man in front of me the knight commander who was just speaking to me a while ago? Murderous intent poured out of his body towards me mercilessly.

…I’m scared, I’m definitely scared…but I’m also kind of annoyed.

I don’t know why he’s suddenly aiming his murderous intent at me. I don’t have any intention or dying here at all!! Only my mental fortitude suppresses my body from trying to escape with all it’s might. My throat was cramped by fear and I couldn’t physically do anything except let out a pitiful voice, so I began steeling my nerves.

With all my might, I glared at the knight commander.

“Yes, it has to be like this.” He muttered with a fascinated look on his face. “I’ve been searching for a woman just like you.” His murderous intent was erased so seamlessly, it was it had never been there in the first place. “Those glaring eyes are great. Beautiful.”

The knight commander gently put his fingers underneath my eyes, as if he was touching something precious that he loved.


I’ve snapped. I’ve really snapped.


“W-what? Rururia-sama?!”

I thought I’d be unable to do anything with my weak hands so I put all my strength into my foot and kicked this muscle brained idiot’s (knight commander) shin. “How many times do you intend on hitting me with that murderous intent?!!”

I tried to kick him again but he evaded. No, just let yourself get kicked. Read the damn mood.

“I-I’m very sorry! It’s just, I just thought it’d be fine if it was Rururia-sama…” At my glare, the knight commander promptly shut his mouth.

Where are you going to find a woman that remains totally calm in the face of murderous intent?! There isn’t anyone like that, is there?! I may look fine, but I was scared! Don’t you get it?!

“Please never do that again. I refuse to train with you, so please understand that I will never become your ideal woman!!”

The wife of this muscle-for-brains would only have a hard time! I can’t do it!

Muu…that’s disappointing…”

Don’t pout Mr. Ice-Cold Knight (LOL). There are many wishes in this world that don’t get granted.

“Oh, I know! If the assistant knight commander position is no good, then why not start off as an apprentice?”

I’m not going to start off as anything!! Can someone please teach this muscle-brained idiot what ‘giving up’ means?!

I burned the ‘Recommendation for Knighthood’ that was sent to our house at a later date. I really don’t feel bad at all!!

Of course, in front of such an incomprehensible gift, father, mother and big brother all fainted.

This is all because I’d become His Majesty’s exclusive venting partner!!

…Don’t you think?

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This Time, I’ll Definitely Protect my Wife and Daughter!

Title: This Time, I’ll Definitely Protect my Wife and Daughter!

Original: 今度こそ、妻と娘を守る!

Author: yui/サウスのサウス

Link: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9204ef/


I had lost everything. My life had been a series of tragedies since my wife was killed: I couldn’t properly face my daughter and I eventually ended up framed by another aristocrat. Right before my execution, I managed to help my daughter escape, and thought at least I’d accomplished that much.

Then, I regained consciousness. I had traveled back in time.

“This is…” I’d checked both the calendar and surrounding scenery multiple times before walking over to the mirror. My appearance greatly surprised me.

“I’m sure I was executed…what happened?” Yes, I’d been executed. The reason was that my daughter had committed crimes against the woman her fiancé – His Highness, the Crown Prince – was cheating on her with, while I had mismanaged my fief’s funds and stolen from the kingdom.

These charges were false, but by the time I’d realized what had happened, it was too late. I’d at least helped my daughter escape before I climbed the steps to the gallows.

Everything had been orchestrated by those who were hostile against our ducal house. I completely fell into their trap. I’d died after becoming too complacent. Even my daughter who had escaped could only resent them without recourse for her entire life.

However, when I’d regained consciousness, I found myself in a young man’s body. I was in a room that was both very familiar and should no longer exist: my childhood bedroom. The date on the calendar told me I had gone back twenty years in time.

…I was now ten years old.

I couldn’t understand what was happening. I was stunned. Then, someone knocked on the door before entering. It was a nostalgic person, our butler from when father had run the house. “Good morning young master.”

Jiiya…is that you?”[1]

“Yes, it’s jiiya. Is something the matter?”

“…I had a strange dream. Just how old am I now?”

“That’s certainly an odd question. Young master turned ten this year.”

“Ah…I’m sorry, I guess I was still sleepy.” I shook my head to demonstrate to him that nothing was amiss.

Somehow, I had apparently gone back in time. Or, did I just have a premonition of the future? No, even though it seemed unbelievable, I had gone back to the past. My memories of adulthood were too clear for any other explanation.

However, this time…maybe I can save them.

My dear wife and daughter.

I had been married twice.

The first time was to my beloved fiancée. I’d adored her and she felt the same for me. However, one day, on her way home from a tea party, her carriage was attacked by thieves and she was killed.

Though they were soon caught and executed, it didn’t shake me out of my depressive episode, which lasted quite a while.

At the time, our daughter had been four or five years old. I’d wanted someone else to guide her in her mother’s place and stupidly welcomed another woman into our house as my wife.

This was where my mistakes began.

I had no idea at the time, but my new wife began abusing my daughter in the name of education. I didn’t notice because I’d put some distance between her and I. When I saw my daughter, who looked more and more like her mother each day…I couldn’t help but be reminded of my beloved dead wife.

My daughter was always well behaved in front of me and it seems that my second wife threatened the servants, so no one reported the abuse to me.

At that time, I thought all was well and told my daughter about her engagement with the Crown Prince. She lived up to the expectations of those around her and perfectly gained the abilities required to become Queen. Still, I could not be honest with my daughter, whose mother’s death had killed a part of my own heart.

Then, one day, I’d heard a strange rumor.

It was said that the Crown Prince was ignoring his fiancée in favor of a common woman. When I’d first heard about it, I’d laughed to the point I snorted, but then when I looked into it, the rumors had turned out to be true.

What was worse is that the reputation of my daughter, which had previously been good, had seen a sharp decline. When I’d investigated further, I found that people were intentionally spreading rumors that my daughter was bullying that woman.

The investigation revealed many suspicious points.

For example, the career and social relationships that the common woman possessed were just strange. Eventually, I found out – from my more skillful subordinates – that while she was born in this kingdom, she was likely to be from one of the countries that we had conquered earlier.

In fact, that common woman had the coat of arms engraved upon her body; proof that she was a member of that fallen country’s royal family.

What surprised me even more was her connections. All her friendships were with powerful men; the prince and his entourage of young noblemen. Further, that woman had a secret meeting with the head of a family, who was deeply hostile to our ducal house.

Combined, this was all deeply unpleasant. Therefore, I’d tried to deal with it on my own, but it was already too late. My daughter had been abandoned by the Crown Prince at one evening party and was convicted of bullying the common woman favored by the prince. She was arrested, while at the same time I was jailed for misappropriating my fiefdom’s funds.

Fortunately, the watchmen at the prison were my loyal subordinates, so I hatched a plot to break my daughter out while I acted as a decoy. I had her run away.

“Father!” I still remember her expression at that time; she’d looked extremely frightened.

This girl I’d looked at properly for the first time in a very long time had become a beautiful woman who looked just like her mother. At the very end, I could only say to her: “I’m so sorry about everything until now. I’ll be fine, my dear daughter.”

Seeing my daughter’s heartbroken expression as I said that…I could only smile when she finally ran away.

I was relieved that my subordinates were able to smuggle her out.

Please live.

Even now, I’m unsatisfied. In the final moments before my death, I could only regret that I hadn’t loved her properly.

After making a calculated fuss for a while, I was caught by some other prison guards and returned to my cell. I was just relieved to hear the rumors that my daughter had escaped.

Then, a while later, I was executed.

Hatred and regret…I could only pray for my daughter’s happiness.

I had returned to the past with memories of my future. Eight years had passed since I’d first woken up.

My wife and I were able to safely get married. This second wedding was burned into my mind more vividly than the first.

My wife in a white dress, the oath, the kiss…everything looked clearer to me.

This time I will protect them.

My wife held my hands as I said my vows. Her eyes were full of compassion. “My dear husband, it will be okay,” she said later. With just those words, it seemed the weight on my shoulders had disappeared.

She might have spotted my unease and therefore comforted me. She’d brought such light and warmth to my heart without even realizing it. My tense heart relaxed at her words and on that day, I fell in love with her all over again.

We had a daughter a little while after we got married. The timing was the same as before, so I was incredibly grateful. I’d wondered if our child would change if there were deviations in the timeline; I’d worried my daughter wouldn’t be born.

Thankfully she was. Just as before, we named her ‘Rosemary.’

Rose grew up quickly. In the last timeline, I was so busy with work that I couldn’t see her much when she was a child. This time, however, I desperately finished work and returned to the mansion to spend time with my wife and Rose.

My wife and I are like eternal newlyweds, by the way. Just the other day, I was delighted when the doctor informed me that we would be having a second child.

Everyone was pleased to have a new family member.

When I told Rose that she would soon become an older sister, she – who had just recently started speaking – said “Yay! Olda sista—!”[2]

My wife and I stroked her head lovingly.

It was around that time that the wheels of fate began turning.

One day, when my wife – who had entered a stable period in her pregnancy – said that she wanted to attend a tea party in the neighborhood, I’d had a bad feeling. So, I gave her permission, but only on the condition that I could follow.

Our daughter also accompanied her. Rose was comparably reliable for her age and therefore in the perfect position to reign in my wife, who was sometimes quite the eccentric.

We increased the number of escorts on the way back and had them lay in wait.

Thankfully, the party had gone off without a hitch. When my wife and daughter decided to return home, I accompanied them in their carriage. It had turned out that my unpleasant premonition proved correct.

The carriage suddenly came to a stop and the outside got quite noisy. I told my family to wait inside and lock the door as I headed out.

As expected, it had been the same ones who had killed my wife in the previous timeline. However, with the escorts that had been secretly deployed, the quality of protection was overwhelmingly different. They were suppressed immediately.

One of the escorts tied up the man who appeared to be the boss of the group. He brought him towards me and I realized that he was the same man who I’d hit in anger during the trial. He had been the first to be executed.

In the previous timeline, my anger had gotten the better of me and I’d had him killed without properly asking…

“Who hired you?”


“Alright, keep silent. I’ll listen to you slowly at a later date. Take them away.” With those words, the thieves were taken away.

When I returned to the carriage, my wife and daughter were anxiously waiting for me. To ease their nerves, I gently smiled at them.

“Dear husband, is everything alright?”

“It’s okay. Everything has been settled. Now, let’s go home.”


“It’s alright Rose, don’t look so uneasy. Father will protect you no matter what.”

She nodded innocently at my declaration – yelling out “Yeah!” – and I wondered if I’d managed to ease her worries.

My wife still looked concerned, but relaxed visibly when I held her hand and smiled.

In that way, the first tragedy was avoided. That said, it was probably a planned attack. Let’s sniff out the organization responsible. With this in mind, I returned to our house with my precious family.

After just a bit of violence, the thieves became more honest. Apparently, the request was made by a house that harbored hostilities towards our family.

However, I was aware that a group of thugs would not be believed in a court of law. There just wasn’t enough proof. So, for the time being, I handed them over to the kingdom’s troops, asking for both their punishments and a thorough investigation.

Then, I ordered my subordinates to find out the weaknesses of that house. Thanks to these excellent individuals, information was gathered quickly. Honestly, I was amazed at the degree of information that they had been able to gather.

At first, I’d thought to take away one of their beloved family members as revenge. Then I realized that it would make me the same as the other person so I abandoned this route. Instead, I’d decided to destroy their standing by accusing them of fraud, but I delay their punishment for just a little while.

The reason for this was because my daughter had just been selected as the Crown Prince’s consort candidate. This was because – at least at present – there was only one family that balanced out the royal family’s power and had a daughter that was the correct age.

It goes without saying that I refused at first, but eventually I had no choice but to accept because the King was so persistent. However, I’d added some conditions.

First, the relationship between Rose and the Prince would remain that of fiancée ‘candidates’ and their engagement would only proceed if neither party found someone they loved before graduating from the academy.

Second, if either person found someone that they liked but tried to break the engagement via unreasonable methods then appropriate measures would be taken.

Surprisingly, the King agreed to this.

Honestly, I didn’t want to give my beloved Rose to that stupid Prince. But it can’t be helped, because I need this timeline to be at least somewhat similar to my memories so as to exact appropriate revenge.

However, I was firm in telling Rose that she was simply a consort ‘candidate’ and that if she had someone whom she liked then she could tell me.

The Prince seemed to believe Rose was his official fiancée, but I don’t really care about his misunderstandings. I left it alone for the time being because it would be convenient for my plans.

Well, it would still be most ideal if the Prince decided not to do anything, but as it turned out, his fate was unavoidable.

It had been a while since Rose started attending the academy. As a parent, I was lonely, but I still had my younger son and daughter. (Though I still wondered when Rose would come home.)

One day, I received a message from the subordinate I had secretly made Rose’s escort. He reported to me that the Prince was spending time with a common woman.

When I heard this, I immediately requested an audience with the King and reported the matter. He was in a cold sweat and tried to stop me, but a promise was a promise.

Rose didn’t particularly like the Prince either, so it was fine.

In the end, the King said he would put the matter on hold, so that day ended up a wash. Afterwards, I requested audiences several times without receiving a response. Then, the day of the abominable evening party had arrived.

When we’d entered the venue – I was escorting Rose – all eyes were on us at once. Well, her fiancé, the Prince, had left her alone and escorted another woman, so of course people would be curious.

After a while, the Prince made the same declaration as the previous timeline.

“Rose, I am breaking my engagement with you! You have always bullied Marie! I will expose this wickedness!”

The venue was abuzz at the Prince’s words.

When I discreetly looked at a certain individual – one of the people who were hostile towards my family and perpetrators of tonight – they were smiling at the situation. Seeing that, I inwardly smirked.

Now, let’s settle this!

“Your Highness, please wait a moment. I would like to hear more of that story.”

After I’d said this, the Prince glared at me, openly hostile. “What?! I won’t revoke this cancellation or your daughter’s punishment!”

“Your Highness, it seems that you are operating under a mistaken premise.”


“In the first place, my daughter and you were not even officially engaged.”

The venue is once again set abuzz. Well, that’s natural, after all, everyone had been treating her as his fiancée up until this point, therefore, they were surprised at the sudden turn of events. Some people even seemed to think that I was lying so as to avoid punishment…

Like this Prince in front of me. “Don’t mess with me! Where’s the evidence of that—?”

“Right here.” I took out the pledge, which His Majesty, the King, had signed.

The Prince, who had been shouting until now, was confused when he saw that the document was genuine. “But! My father—”

“I understood Rose properly, didn’t I?”

“Yes, Father.”

“Then why didn’t you deny it?!”

“I didn’t feel the need to as I was not engaged to Your Highness to begin with.”

“But, you’re in love with me, right?”

“Huh? Why? What would I like about you, Your Highness?”

“But you’ve been bullying Marie because of that burning jealousy!”

“No, I wasn’t jealous. Whether as a member of the opposite sex or as a human being, I’ve never liked Your Highness. My type has always been someone cool, like my father.” Rose smiled as she said that and I was involuntarily pleased.

Her type is like me, huh…?

The Prince, who refused to give up, was still trying to push the events in his favor. Well, it can’t be helped…

“Your Highness, my daughter never bullied anyone in the first place.”

“That’s not true! Marie said—”

“That girl named Marie is deceiving you to frame our family. Is that not right, Duke Montest and Count Heidert?” When they were suddenly accused, the two heads of their families, denied is resolutely, as though in righteous fury.

“What is with this story?”

“It’s totally false.”

“That’s alright, I’ve already proven that it was your work. There’s evidence. I’ve recorded your secret conversations and submitted it to the King, so please speak with him instead. I’ve also made your wrongdoings public…well, please do your best.”

“W-wha?!” They both exclaimed in unison.

“Guards, arrest them.”

The guards, who had been awaiting my words, took the two of them in. The entire venue became quite noisy afterwards. However, it seems that the Prince has yet to give up.

“B-but Marie…”

“Your Highness, I don’t have too much free time, so I’ll state this in brief. That young woman is the former Princess of Arubahelm, a country that our kingdom previously conquered. She’s here for revenge on this country. Isn’t that right, Marie-san? Oh, you don’t have to bother making an excuse. Why don’t you just show us that emblem on your arm instead?”

When I said that, she turned her gaze towards me and laughed. “My, I’m quite surprised. How did you find out?”


“Ah, Your Highness—I’m sorry. It seems that I’ve been exposed. To be perfectly honest, it’s exactly as that man has said.”

“No, it must be a lie…”

“I got closer to you to avenge my homeland. I wanted to become Queen and throw this country into economic collapse…well, it’s impossible now that I’ve been exposed. It was so easy to trick you. We had a good time, didn’t we?”


“Even though I did such a good job…well, it can’t be helped now. Oh, and Rose-sama, I never had a chance to tell you, but I like you quite a bit. If your personality was just a little bit more distorted, I’d like you even more.” She said as she was taken away by the guards, leaving the absentminded Prince.

Only the poor, deceived Prince was left onstage.

“Rose, for the time being, let’s go back home…”

“Yes, Father.”

I held hands with my daughter as we returned to our home. I’d finally protected the family that I loved…

After that, the Prince was put under house arrest and deprived of his right to inherit. Though, the truth seemed to be that he was mentally scarred after being betrayed by that woman and could not leave his room.

The aides who had been unable to stop the Prince were punished by their own houses.

It seemed that the (former) Crown Prince’s younger brother would become the next King, but regardless, I didn’t want Rose to marry into that kind of family.

Rose fell in love with a classmate – the son of a Count – and they eventually got married. When I was sad about giving my daughter away, my wife comforted me.

Even so, Rose’s partner was a good man, so I couldn’t help but like him.

When our two younger children grew up, I retired and leisurely spent the rest of my life with my dear wife.

I still sometimes wonder why I got the chance to start over.

There were so many pieces that I’d never grasped, but in the end, when I looked at my laughing wife next to me, all the need for answers melted away. Next to my children, lively grandchildren and wife, I passed away.

My last words had been decided a long time ago.

“It was…a happy life…”

I protected that which I could not in my previous life. My dear daughter from the first timeline, I will greedily pray for your happiness.

Please give her happiness…

With that, I finally closed my eyes.

[1] An affectionate term for an older male servant.

[2] Meant to be baby talk/babble for “older sister.” Sorry, I’m not great at this.

*More one-shots available here and on Patreon.

I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Five]

Good day, I am the daughter of Earl Talbot, Rururia.

Today again, for some reason, I find myself visiting the royal palace.

What are the circumstances causing the daughter of a mere earl to come to the royal palace so often? Well, that starts with the Crown Prince’s (title pending) declaration to cancel his engagement at our graduation party.

That farce had at first seemed like someone else’s problem. Allegedly, His Highness fiancée, daughter of Duke Emil Dilaver, had pushed the daughter of Baron Rouge, Maria, down the stairs. Maria, who was in love with His Highness, had a witness to this crime. Apparently, it was me.

Of course, I had never seen such an incident so I was honest (I mean of course, right, what else would I do?) and the situation had been settled.

Afterwards, a bunch of men with a ton of power had nearly forced me into a friendship with Irene-sama. Then, I was called to the royal palace and His Majesty, the king, issued an edict proclaiming that I was to become his exclusive ‘venting partner’. What an unprecedented honor (LOL).

Yes, the order came directly from His Majesty…

“I wonder why this happened, big brother.”

Of course, there’s no reply. I’m alone today. How lonely. My hallucination of my elder brother says something terrible – “What goes around comes around.” – which didn’t sound like my brother at all.

I’m walking alone. This seems to be a secret passage for the exclusive use of the royal family and therefore the maid was not allowed to accompany me.

Further, the escort from last time – the knight commander – was also not here. He had said “I’m not free today.” Isn’t that terrible??

As I was thinking this, I was pulled into a hidden room!!

“Rururia Talbot-sama, right?”

Even in a room as dimly lit as this one, you would surely recognize someone if you had met them just days before.

“…May I help you with something, Your Highness?”

That’s right! This here was someone from the royal family. It made sense! This was, after all, a passage reserved for the royal family. Now I wish I’d taken the regular way!

“Well, for my first question, why are you here, exactly?” As he said this, His Highness pushed me against the wall and boxed me in with both of his arms.

Y-you’re too close!! Get away!! I really want to cut his hair off!!

“I don’t believe I’m obligated to answer that.” I managed to rid myself of the urge to pull out his hair by tightly gripping my fan. My patience is running out. I bet that the older ladies that attend royal functions must also have a deep desire to pluck out his hair!!

“That’s quite some courage you’ve got.” His Highness narrowed his eyes. He was smiling softly, but his eyes didn’t reflect that at all. His face is quite nice though, I bet there are a lot of women in the palace that develop feelings for him.

As I was looking at him, he lifted up my chin!!

“You’re certainly quite cheeky.”


O-oh no! My hands, they moved on their own!!

“Eh?” His Highness lets out a slightly silly voice, but I just clasp the fan in my hand. This was legitimate self-defense! I won’t let myself be falsely charged!!

“Then, excuse me!” I felt like I ran the fastest I’d ever had in my life.

“You see, even though I’ve disinherited the only Crown Prince and made him a vassal instead, they’re saying that the punishment isn’t harsh enough…” Your Majesty, an uncle past forty isn’t exactly cute when he’s hugging a cushion in his arms and complaining.

His Majesty had arrived soon after I had fled to the designated room. Since then, it’s pretty much been unfolding like this.

To be honest, it’s annoying.

Rather, I’ve heard before an official announcement was made about the disinheritance. God have mercy on His Highness, the Crown Prince.

“My, that’s terrible!”

“It’s it?! I’m still the King, you know?!” His Majesty buried his face into the cushion. Wow, how dignified.

Oh, shortly before His Majesty arrived, Her Majesty, the Queen, also made an appearance. She’d given me a small smile before leaving. Please rest assured, I’m really not interested in power at all. I won’t be competing with you at all.

“Well, it’s okay because I’ve already found a successor.”

Huh? Is that okay? Or rather, what happened to His Majesty’s tears? I feel like I’ve just gotten a glimpse into the darkness inside of the royal family. I want to go home!

His Majesty sighs deeply. It would really be better if you separated from that cushion, though.

“Meanwhile, Irene’s devotees are wandering around causing a fuss and complaining about ridiculous matters…”

His Majesty says that even Her Majesty has become a devotee. Wow, so her charms work on women as well…

“That certainly sounds quite difficult to handle.”

“That’s right, only you can understand me, Rururia-jyou!”

Apparently though, I had replied correctly, as His Majesty’s face shined with a smile as he hugged his cushion.

Hasn’t there been such a partner before?

“Well, until now, I could only talk about this to Lionel, but really, that guy is just too expressionless…”

Huh? Wasn’t the knight commander – Lionel Arestant – part of the harem as well??

Well, if you’re consulting someone then you’d obviously want a reaction. With that iron exterior of his, he would be unlikely to provide something like that.

“That’s why, I’m really looking forward to speaking with you from here on out, Rururia-jyou.”

“Eh, I hate this though.” When I turned him down unintentionally, His Majesty made an incredibly sad face.

“Please don’t say that! If that’s the case then I’ll approve some more subsidy applications!”

“No, if I get a lot of preferential treatment then it’ll annoy those around you.”

His Majesty groans when I refuse again.

“How about gold? Is gold good?! Or jewelry? Such greed! But even a national treasure is alright!”

“Don’t just call people villains. In the first place, national treasures are what I need least of all.”

What would I even do with something like that? I certainly can’t sell it. I suppose I could display it. But why would we want to look at it in our own home?

“Oh, and on my way here, I was confronted by the second prince. Therefore, I’d like to decline out of fear for my own safety.”

“Ah, that guy!! I see, I see.” Your Majesty, why do you look so happy? I’m starting to feel a little murderous. “That guy, he hasn’t said anything since this morning. He looked deep in thought. I see, I see. So, he ended up going directly to you instead?”

Your Majesty, what does that mean?! It’s like I’m a human sacrifice, here!!

Though I glared at him with murderous intent, he only returned it with a big smile.

“Even that guy is a gentleman. He wouldn’t hurt a lady, but I’ll ask Lionel to take you home as a precaution, so be at ease.”

I’m not relieved at all, though?!

From then on, no matter how much I refused the position, His Majesty wouldn’t dismiss me. Instead, I received a jewel, which was equivalent to about one month’s tax income from my territory. Should I stockpile this for a rainy day?

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The Villainess’ (Attempted) Escape [2]: The Villainess Cannot Escape (R18)

Title: The Villainess Cannot Escape / The Villainess’ (Attempted) Escape ②

Original: 悪役令嬢は逃げられない / 悪役令嬢の逃亡(未遂) ②

Author: 茜菫

Link: https://novel18.syosetu.com/n2246ez/

Summary: A sequel to “The Villainess Wants to Escape.” I’m the fiancée of the Crown Prince, who is a capture target in an otome game that I played in my past life. I was reincarnated as the villainess who harasses the heroine, gets convicted, and dies. But, I don’t want to die so I won’t get involved with the heroine.

Why is this happening?

Right now, I’m struck by the deep desire to flee from this place. I don’t mind messing up as, personally, the urge to scratch my head in frustration was hard to ignore. However, when I remember the maid who had worked tirelessly on my hard-to-style silver hair, I relented. Forgetting to blink, I stared blankly at nothing while thinking about how stupid it was to be worrying about my hairstyle at a time like this.

The gorgeous chandelier hurt my eyes. Furthermore, the stares of those around me also hurt and I heard an uncomfortable buzzing in my ears.

I can assure you that the ones attracting the most attention at this venue are us. The central figure is the Crown Prince of this country, His Royal Highness Leonhardt von Vanstein. His beautiful, fluffy honey-colored hair shines brightly and his violet eyes are directed straight towards me. Standing before him, locking eyes, is me: Lucie von Schönburg, his fiancée and the eldest daughter of Earl Schönburg.

Behind His Highness is Catalina von Valmar. She’s a pretty girl with loosely curled pink hair and young leaf-colored eyes. She must have been the eldest daughter of Earl Valmar.

This is unmistakably a familiar sight. I’ve seen this scenario many times in my previous life.

Oh, I’m dead.

This time for sure, I definitely had the expression of a Tibetan fox.

In my past life, I was an average citizen living in Japan; a country that does not exist in this world. This situation is exactly like the event CG when the heroine is protected by the prince and the villainess is condemned. It is from an otome game that I, who had no boyfriend, played in my past life.

The heroine’s name is Cataline by default, the prince is Leonhardt, and the villainess is Lucie. It’s surely not a coincidence that all the names match. In the game, this is a Happy Ending for the heroine, and a Game Over for the villainess. What a mess.

“Um, Your Highness…shouldn’t we stop here?”

“Lady Lucie, I can’t do that.”

His Highness was laughing but his eyebrows were slightly lowered. His eyes weren’t laughing at all. I’ve been his fiancée for a year and a half so I can tell when he’s upset.

“I will not forgive the sin of trying to trap my beloved,” said Prince Leonhardt. Catalina, who was standing behind him, clasped her hands tightly in front of her chest. Her shoulders were small and trembling, but she was looking at me with pursed lips. It was like she had a plan. I looked back at her, while thinking that she was a perfectly healthy girl putting on the facade of being frightened.

Honestly, I want to look away and faint.

“Lady Catalina has launched a complaint saying that you have been harassing her.”

“…Isn’t that a misunderstanding?”

“Lady Lucie…!” Catalina says my name full of blame. She had tears in her eyes, which looked ready to spill at any moment. It was certainly the perfect look for a victim. Was she really claiming that she was being bullied by me?

After watching the situation, His Highness took a deep breath and stared straight into my eyes. I wanted to look away, but there was a silent pressure coming from him, which prevented me from doing so.

“…She ruined my dress by splashing red wine on me.”

“…Yes, I admit that, but it wasn’t on purpose.”

It really hadn’t been on purpose at all. After recalling my past memories, I had tried to stay as far away from Catalina as possible. It was the same at this evening party, but she had approached me. When I noticed her and tried to escape, another young lady bumped into me and I spilled red wine on Catalina’s dress before falling over in embarrassment.

…By no means had it been intentional. I had gotten more hurt from falling down than she’d had from wine being splashed onto her. I was so embarrassed at the time that I wanted to quickly disappear. I really won’t forgive the woman who’d bumped into me in the first place.

“There is a witness who says that she saw you push her down the stairs.”

“…I don’t remember anything like that. I did see her rolling down, but she fell by herself. I hadn’t touched her at all.”

I’d kept avoiding Catalina because of the wine incident, but had met her again when I was descending the stairs at another evening party. As she was walking up, she grinned at me before suddenly screaming and rolling down the steps.

It was then that I had become convinced that she was a reincarnated individual, the same as myself. Maybe she’s trying to force the harassment events because I wouldn’t bully her. Honestly, Catarina was terrifying to me. Thanks to her frightened eyes and fallen state, people began to whisper that I had pushed her down on purpose.

Even now, when confronting her like this, I get unpleasant sweats, nausea and dizziness. I want to lose consciousness. I honestly want to faint and let everyone else figure this out while I’m not there. His Highness Prince Leonhardt will likely be able to put two and two together. That’s right, that would be for the best.

“Lady Lucie.”

His Highness, who had been my fiancé for a year and a half, seemed to have a different idea on how to proceed. When I called his name, he simply smiled at me. I let out a groan, looking down. Meanwhile, Catalina took a step forward, as if deciding that this was the most opportune moment to attack.

“…And, I heard you at the evening party the other night. You were talking to some men about attacking me…”

In fact, at the evening party in question, Catalina had been attacked in the courtyard. I had no choice but to look at Catalina, who continued trembling in terrified victim performance, with a face as if I’d chewed something bitter. On the other hand, I was wondering why she would go out to the courtyard in the first place.

“Lady Lucie, do you not remember?”

“…Of course not.”

Her accusations were, of course, false. I’d been afraid of Catalina and planning to leave early. You could say that I’m only here right now because that plan had failed. Catalina is a person I fear. It’s ridiculous that I would harass a person like that. I don’t want to get involved with her, I want to run away.

“…Then, let’s prove it.”

His Highness would not allow me to escape. If I’d looked at His Highness resentfully, he would have only stared back with eyes that weren’t laughing. Realizing that I could not escape, I tried to imitate a Tibetal snail. When he saw that expression, however, he laughed.

“Lady Catalina, did you hear that?”

“…In front of the parlor that was prepared for the evening party. I’d gotten a little tired and thought I’d take a break…it was then that I heard Lady Lucie’s voice…”

There are several guest rooms available during evening parties. They are often used by both men and women.

“Though I couldn’t see inside, it was certainly Lady Lucie’s voice. She was speaking with someone, a man.”


“I couldn’t believe that Your Highness’ fiancée would be alone in a room with another man…” she said with her cheeks shyly dyed as she averted her eyes. Catalina dropped her act for a moment and glared. That’s it. Please, don’t say anything else. You should be aware of what might be happening if a man and woman are alone in one room. I felt like we were being stabbed by the eyes surrounding us. I turned red with shame and looked down. What horrible things was she saying!

“You are not suitable to be Prince Leonhardt’s fiancée…!”

Had Catalina really been in front of the door at that time? I squeezed my hands together tightly, unable to raise my face.

“…So you’re saying that the man with Lady Lucie was involved in the plan to attack you/”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

Catalina nodded as she answered loudly to His Highness’ question. Her blame filled gaze was directed at me. Oh no, this is no good. Nothing can be done at this point. My face turned pale and shoulders quivered at her ridiculous accusations.

Everyone present at the venue held their breath, watching carefully for what would happen next. It was then that a small laugh echoed throughout the quiet hall.

“…Prince Leonhardt?”

It was His Highness, who was standing in front of me, that was laughing. Catalina called out his name in astonishment. It was then that he shot her a terribly cold gaze. His glare was so sharp that Catalina’s shoulders shook in fear.

“Yeah…so you’re saying that I was part of such a ridiculous plan.”

“…Eh…no way that must be a lie…um, um…”

Catalina’s eyes alternate between me and His Highness as if she’s seeing something incredible.

I admit that I was certainly in a room with a man that day, but that person was my fiancé, His Highness Prince Leonhardt. A person who was more than a little mischievous.

“No, no, it can’t be…”

While she had been going full speed ahead until just a moment ago, now she had turned blue to the point that I began to pity her. Her entire body was trembling. Unknowingly, she had challenged His Highness himself.

“I just showered my fiancée with love on that day.”

“Ahhhh, please stop Your Highness!!!”

I jumped towards His Highness and desperately begged him to not say anything further. Many people watched me with pity in their eyes. It made me want to dig a hole for myself. In contrast, His Highness, who’d hurriedly turned to me, looked to be in an extremely good mood. He put his arm around my waist and snuggled me to his side.

“The young lady who hit Lady Lucie from behind resulting in the wine to splash on you and the one who said that Lady Lucie pushed you down the stairs happened to be the same person. Apparently they were threatened to cooperate because of a debt. It looks like…Lady Catalina, she was indebted to you.’

I didn’t know that. I wondered when he had looked it up. His Highness’ expression was extremely cold. Catalina, whose attitude had done a 180, quivered and shook, looking like she was about to collapse. The roles should have been reversed; with me being condemned and her held by his Highness.

“…Please, forgive…me.”

“I said it at the beginning. I won’t forgive the sin of trying to trap my beloved.”

Catalina had probably been convinced that his ‘beloved’ was no one other than herself. His Highness’ ‘beloved’ in the original game had been Catalina, after all.

His Highness supported me as I watched Catalina being taken away. I felt like I was ready to break and collapse. The condemnation event, which was supposed to be my Game over, had changed. Now, I’m standing safely with my feet on the ground…but I feel like I’m about to fall.

“…Now there isn’t any reason to run away from me anymore, is there?”

I give a little nod to His Highness as he whispers this into my ear. At the evening party the other night, when I had planned to leave early, I was cornered by His Highness and devoured. It was then that I confessed. Not about having a previous life, but instead that since I met His Highness, I had dreams about repeatedly harassing Catalina and eventually being convicted and executed by her and His Highness at today’s event.

Many things had happened, but the worst future had been avoided and I was still here as His Highness’ fiancée. As His Highness and I left the venue, with him supporting the ready-to-collapse me, I thought it was all because of Catalina that he now looked at me with such warm eyes.

When we left the glittering venue, I was held in his arms and taken to his private room as we didn’t know who would interrupt if we used a guest room.

I was relieved to be let go when we arrived at the room, but this was short-lived as I was hugged firmly soon after.

“…Your Highness…hmmmhmm…”

I was kissed lightly several times. Our lips made small smacking noises, before His Highness slowly traced my upper and lower lips with the tip of his tongue. Then, he gently nibbled on my lips before a warm tongue invaded my open mouth. He traced my teeth and entwined his tongue with my own.

At the same time, he grasped my hips tightly, embracing me. His Highness ‘excitement’ pressed against my stomach. My body responded, with my secret place getting hot and feeling a sweet tingle.


He released my lips, letting out a warm exhale. The top of my dress was pulled down and my humble chest was exposed. When the stimulation makes my body shake, His Highness mischievously smiles and begins sucking on my pink nipples.


I was teased by his tongue. Every time he sucked, my lower body became greedier. The unattended nipple was promptly pulled at by his pointer finger and thumb. My thighs had begun to rub against one another and a pool of wetness accumulated between my legs.

I was picked up by His Highness, who must have noticed, and laid down on the bed. I hurriedly pushed against his body and tried to get up, but before I could, His Highness, who was hovering over me, thrust his hand underneath my dress and dexterously pulled my underwear off.

“…Your Highness…”

“Shouldn’t it be something else?”

He stared down at me with hot eyes and laughed, exuding sex appeal. He relaxed only around me. I swallowed hard when I noticed the tent in his pants.


“…Rest assured, marry me.”

When I nod at his words, His Highness laughs with satisfaction and softly kisses my cheek. Then, he takes my right hand and uses it to squeeze his cock. His hardness was hot in my hands and I was quivering from the sensation alone. My face turned red and I looked away, hearing a small laugh in response. His Highness’ hand, which grasped my own, slowly moved up and down his dick.


His Highness’ voice leaked, his appearance reflecting the excitement. I unconsciously held my breath and stared at him. His eyelids were trembling and his long eyelashes fluttered, edging closer to his eyebrows. The exhilaration was intensely sexy.

A transparent liquid overflew from the tip, acting as a lubricant and causing the speed of our hands to naturally speed up. Imagining how it might come inside me someday made my honey overflow into His Highness’ hand. He had snuck his hand up my skirt and began stroking me, causing a scream from my lips.

Hyaahi, Löwe…Ah.”

He stared at me with his enchanting eyes and traced my slit with his fingertips. I trembled with pleasure, feeling heavenly, as he penetrated slightly to touch the bud beneath my folds.

Ah, ah…”

While letting out a squeak, I was rubbed at with both fast and slow movements. My body felt weak, so I let go of His Highness and let my body collapse into the mattress. He crawled up towards my face and kissed the wound on my shoulder.

It had been inflicted on me a year and a half ago, when I protected Prince Leonhardt. Originally, there was meant to be only a small scar on my right arm due to the assassination attempt of His Highness, but the memories of my previous life had cause me to act different, giving me a serious injury, which made me wonder if I was dead nor alive. As a result, His Highness had given me an amazing amount of affection.


The scar had been traced with His Highness’ fingertips and licked many times. It’s a constant every time we’re intimate and it always thrills me.

In this last year and a half, I had repeatedly thought about running away from His Highness. It was incredible being loved by His Highness, but when I thought that I would lose that love at today’s condemnation event, I was afraid to trust it.

I recalled the appearance of the game version of Lucie who had died in the confusion of trying to kill the heroine. Even though I tried to run and not be captivated by Prince Leonhardt, we had repeatedly been intimate. I loved His Highness so much that I couldn’t help it.

That’s why I was very relieved by today’s events.

My dress is rolled up and something hot is pulsing between my clenched thighs. When my core was rubbed a strong pleasure shook me.


He pulled out from my thighs before pushing in again. This action was repeated many times as I was left panting, the waves of pleasure rolling over me from head to toe.

Ahah, hah…”

“…Does it feel good?”

He grabbed my hips and rocked me, clouded by lust. Nothing had been inserted, but the sound of skin bumping against each other still echoed throughout the room along with the rough breaths of His Highness and my sweet moans.

Ah, ah, ahah…”

He ground against my clit and my back arched in pleasure, my eyes rolling to the back of my head and seeing while. Both of us were near our respective climaxes. His Highness moaned a little before letting go and releasing a cloudy liquid onto my breasts.

He’d kept his promise to keep our chastity until we’re married. Though, I feel like it’s hard to call it ‘chastity’ just because he hasn’t inserted it yet, but I can’t resist him. I’m starting to expect it and I just can’t seem to escape His Highness.

I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter One]

Chapter One

-----What a farce.

Right now, I’m in the middle of the graduation ceremony at the Royal Lemaire Magic Academy. Although he’d started by talking about how he’d enjoyed his time as a student, he suddenly began hurling loud accusations that were not at all suitable for the occasion.

Sadly, the culprit was Christophe Lemaire, the Crown Prince of this kingdom.

…Isn’t this useless in a room where national and international heavyweights have gathered???

According to His Highness, his fiancée, Irene, the daughter of Duke Dilaver, had harmed Maria, the daughter of Baron Rouge, who was standing next to him.

Looking at this scene, I hid the laughter that threatened to escape my lips using my fan. The duke’s daughter vs. the baron’s daughter (LOL). When I looked around, I realized that a majority of the young ladies present were also hiding their faces behind their fans. I felt a sense of solidarity.

The perpetrator (the duke’s daughter) and the victim (the baron’s daughter). No matter how you look at it, the victim can’t compete. Rather, the victim (Maria-san) is rather pitiful, isn’t she?

What is His Highness trying to do by saying such things? But, really, His Highness is also pitiful.

Irene-sama stared down His Highness with an icy look as he tried to desperately counter. I sympathized with him a little.

Indeed, His Highness has been so affectionate with Maria-san that Irene-sama had accused him of being unfaithful. He originally brought Maria-san to parties, even though he had a fiancée, and at school she was in Irene’s shadow (not the other way around, sadly).

Irene-sama telling Maria-san to be mindful when with other people’s fiancés is completely valid.

But, that fiancé isn’t beside her…

As expected, when you look behind Irene-sama, you can see a number of high-ranking noblemen from our kingdom and abroad glaring at His Highness with eyes communicating that they wanted to murder him.

Well, it’s a famous story after all.

The rumors about His Highness’ unfaithful behavior (though, rather than rumors it was more like the truth) were pretty recent but since Irene-sama was a child she has been very, very friendly with these noblemen and royals.

In addition, though Irene-sama is amazingly beautiful and clever, her behavior to His Highness has always been cold. It is said that she often asks to break off her engagement with him.

She was surrounded by excellent and handsome lords, while she hated her fiancé. Even if you were not His Highness you would definitely want to run away to somewhere else.

With that said, couldn’t you have done this in secret? Ah, I want to go home already!!

“Moreover!! You’ve pushed Maria down the stairs!!” His Highness shouted loudly enough for all to hear.

Ahーーare you serious? If you can prove that, then it doesn’t matter if she’s a Duke’s daughter or not. Aristocrats have to maintain their reputation after all. If one commits heinous acts then they will be punished: if one rebels, for example, their territory will be taken away, they will have to return their title to the kingdom, and they will become a commoner.

It’s a hard world, after all. Well, this would only be if someone could ‘prove’ it without a reasonable doubt.

His Imperial Highness (the prince of a neighboring state), a margrave, the head of the kingdom’s knights…there were many of them, but anyway, the point is that Irene-sama – who is famous for being supported by such individuals – has no reason to risk it all by making such a mistake.

By the way, the law of our kingdom is ‘we do not punish with mere suspicions alone.’

I wonder if he is going to be disinherited. My sympathies to His Highness, the prince.

“Daughter of Count Talbot, Rururia!!”

“Eeh, yees??!”

Huh? What, what? I let out a strange noise because I had been called out to so suddenly.

Hello, I am Ruruia Talbot. What is it???

As His Highness was calling me for some reason, I had no choice but to go towards the stage.

“Rururia-jyou! Now, please tell me everything honestly!!”

In this kind of atmosphere, it’s not like I could say that I didn’t know anything. For now, let’s say something ambiguous to try and evade the situation!


“There’s no need to hold back because Irene is a Duke’s daughter. You can tell me the truth.”

Huh? What?? What ‘truth’ was he talking about exactly?? Even though you’re on the verge of being disinherited. What am I supposed to say here???

“That’s right! Didn’t you see Irene-sama pushing me down the stairs?”

Maria-san looks up at me with tears in her eyes. I’m a woman though…no that’s not what’s important!!

N-NICE!! Maria-san!!

I see now, I’ve been called here to give eyewitness testimony!

Eh? But I haven’t seen anything though?? When exactly are you talking about??

“Last month, didn’t you see it happen at the eastern tower?”

Eeh!! Can Maria-san perhaps read my mind?!?! What a scary child!!

However, I really don’t remember anything…but I can’t say that after all, can I? That’s because…His Highness is looking at me with an amazing glint in his eyes from behind Maria-san.

Even if it’s a rotten dragon…rather, even though he’s probably going to be disinherited after this, he’s still this kingdom’s prince after allーー.

I wonder how long this will take to wrap up. And I mean, really, just how opportunistic were these people?

Wow, wow, wow.

I’ve never felt such killing intent since I was born. It’s scary!! This was the look I was getting from the captain of the knights! He’s doing this even though I’m a lady! I feel like I’m going to be murdered!

Apparently, whether he’s a knight or not, he’s just a man in front of the woman that he loves. *Sniffle*

I swallowed my scream and apologized to His Highness.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness, I didn’t see anything.”

Yes, I’ve wrapped this up quickly. I’m sorry, Your Highness. That person is way too scary.

“D-don’t lie!!”

“Your Highness, if I had witnessed such a thing then I would have immediately reported it to the school,” I replied rather indifferently.

Oh, the murderous look has weakened a little bit. I was really scaredーーー! Father, Mother, Big Brother, I want to go homeーー!

“T-that’s a lie!! Irene must be threatening you!!”

Maria-san, your act is falling apart. Abandoning it is definitely a bad move.

“Even if you say something like that…”

“Because! When it happened, I was worried and we went to the infirmary together!”

Huh? The infirmary? With Maria-san? In the east tower…


I’ve remembered! Ah, I feel really refreshed!

For some reason, Irene-sama seemed startled by my shout and her face had turned blue.


In contrast to Irene-sama, Maria-san nodded with a big smile on her face when I seemed to have remembered.

Yes, yes! I feel refreshed as well! So, I answer with a smile.

“We’re talking about that time when Maria-san fell down, right?”




That was Irene-sama, His Highness and Maria-san, in that order. Oh my, Maria-san’s totally let the cat out of the bag.

“I’ve remembered! That was mean, Maria-san. You said Irene-sama pushed you down the stairs, so I couldn’t remember what you were talking about at all.”

Maria rushes towards me, who is all smiles.

“T-that’s the time I mean! That’s when I was pushed down by Irene!”

“Eh? Were you with Irene-sama at the time? Unfortunately, I didn’t notice.”

Maria-san stared at me blankly for a moment before deciding to go through with the rest of the act, “Perhaps she couldn’t be seen, but it was certainly Irene who pushed me down the stairs.”

“That’s impossible.”

When I responded rather straightforwardly, Maria glared at me, her face filled with anger…Eh, is that an okay expression for a maiden to make??

“That’s because I was walking behind Maria-san, so it’s impossible for Irene-sama to have pushed you down the stairs without me seeing her.”

No matter how hard they tried, it was useless. Both His Highness and Maria-san lost their will and it seemed that their souls were escaping their body via their mouths.

With that, this farce was promptly over.

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The Villainess’ (Attempted) Escape [1]: The Villainess Wants to Flee (R-18)

Title: The Villainess Wants to Flee / The Villainess’ (Attempted) Escape ①

Original: 悪役令嬢は逃げ出したい / 悪役令嬢の逃亡(未遂) ①

Author: 茜菫

Link: https://novel18.syosetu.com/n9077ey/

Summary: After being introduced to my prospective fiance, the Crown Prince, I recall my past life.

Shiny, fluffy, and soft-looking honey-colored hair that’s paired with violet eyes. I realized it the moment that the young man in front of me smiled gently and introduced himself.

“I am Leonhardt von Vanstein.”

Oh, I’m dead.

In the blink of an eye, I understood the information rapidly flowing into my mind. I had fallen in love with this beautiful man in front of me. Or, should I say that I remember falling in love with him. I’m sure that my face right now looked similar to that of a Tibetan fox’s.

I am Lucie von Schönburg. At sixteen years old, I am the eldest daughter of Earl Schönburg. Even though I’m an Earl’s daughter now, I remember a previous life as well. I was an ordinary woman living in Japan; a nation which does not exist in this world. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I’ve remembered all of my previous life, but I’ve recalled a crucially important memory in this place. It felt like I was doused with ice water.

Understandably, the beautiful young man in front of me was confused by the sudden change in my demeanor. His angelic smile waned and a suspicious look crossed his face. Noticing this, I hurriedly raised the ends of my skirt in a curtsy.

“…Please pardon my rudeness, Your Highness Prince Leonhardt. My name is Lucie von Schönburg.”

Thanks to the etiquette training drilled into me from an early age, I believe I was able to greet him properly even though my hands were shaking. I was full of emotions that I could not reveal on my face. He, who had just turned seventeen, was the first prince of our country, while I was a prospective fiancee.

This was our first meeting as engagement candidates, but considering the prince’s earlier expression, I might not have left a good impression. Well, maybe that was for the best though.

Why? This is where my previous memories become important. In my past life – which could be called unremarkable and plain at best – I enjoyed the single life with all my might and playing otome games became my mental oasis.

One such game was a fantasy in a medieval European setting where magic existed. I remember the contents well. I’ll omit some details because otherwise the story will become too long, but what’s important is that Prince Leonhardt is the game’s main capture target, while Lucie – daughter of Earl Schönburg – was his villainess fiancee who harasses the heroine in Leonhardt’s route.

In a nutshell, the game-version of Lucie was terrible. She’s terrible to the heroine throughout, but above all her endings are terrible. After the condemnation event in the True Ending, she tried to kill the heroine by burning her in her dress before falling off the balcony to her own death. Even in the Bad End, where she successfully drives away the heroine, she is captured by the heroine’s step-brother and exiled. Though exile was certainly better than death, there was a sentence in that ending implying that she would be attacked by a thief during the journey.

Furthermore, whether the heroine chooses the prince or not, Lucie could still be killed. There were such bonus deaths on the other capture targets’ routes. This was the worst.

I’ve become Lucie, who is destined to die like that, and the prince – His Royal Highness Leonhardt – was in front of me himself. Fortunately, I’m still only a fiancee candidate. Besides, he doesn’t have a great impression of me from my introduction. If we don’t become engaged, my future may change.

The reason Lucie became his fiancee is because when she met the prince for the first time, they took a walk together in the courtyard and there was an assassination attempt on the prince’s life. Lucie intervened and protected the prince, but was injured. She was left with a scar and using this, Lucie – who had fallen in love with the prince at first sight – urged her father to push the engagement forward. As a result, she became the prince’s fiancee. Due to this the prince treated Lucie like an eyesore. Lucie was arrogant and tied him to her using her scar as a pretext. As a result, she was not liked by him.

For me, I believe Prince Leonhardt to be a good man, so I want him to be happy. It’d be a pity to tie him to Lucie. The heroine who he will meet next year will surely make him happier. I don’t want to die, so I want to withdraw now.

It’s okay, I can still leave. You are still safe. You can decline to go any further saying you feel sick. Just as I thought to say this, my eyes met the prince’s and he smiled. I was momentarily shocked, something surely reflected on my face.

“Then, allow me to lead the way.”


I’d been so caught up in my thoughts that I hadn’t listened to more than half of the prince’s story. I don’t know what’s going on, but when I reply in the affirmative the prince smiles again. It’s a little different from the smile before, it was mysterious. The prince pulled me along by the hand and I missed the opportunity to feign illness and return to the main hall.

As I was pondering my next move, we arrived at the courtyard. Wait, isn’t this the time and place where the attempted assassination takes place? At once, I tried to say that I was heading back, but became worried about what to do if the prince was indeed assassinated because Lucie wasn’t there. The excuses got stuck in my throat and didn’t come out…I was in trouble.

I’ve come this far. I don’t want to feel pain, but I should quietly let myself be injured. After confirming that the prince is safe, I’ll return using the injury as an excuse. I mean, as long as I don’t say that I want to get engaged, I’ll be fine.

Even though a scar will be left, it’ll be a small incision on my right arm. It won’t hurt too much, hopefully…I’ll just have to put up with it a little.

As we conversed, Prince Leonhardt guided me to the rose garden. The scenery that I’d previously seen from the game CGs was breathtaking. Red, white, and yellow roses were in full bloom. Perhaps because it was my favorite color, but the red roses shined the most and caught my eye.

“…This is amazing.”

I forgot my fate as I stared at the scenery, but when I turned to look at the prince who was smiling next to me, I quickly regained focus.

“…Your Highness…is something the matter?”

“No, it’s just that Lady Lucie is an expressive person, you see.”

For a second, I gape at his words and expression before shyly turning away red-faced. If the memories of my previous life had not returned, I would surely have not made such blunders tonight. Lucie is arrogant, but her aristocratic etiquette was flawless. I was disappointed at the impression I was leaving – with awkward expressions not befitting a noble’s daughter. It’s more convenient this way, I suppose, but it leaves a complicated feeling.

“Please forget that just now…”


Prince Leonhardt appeared interested, laughing a little. I realized in my heart that I would not get such a chance again and so continued looking around. I like roses very much, both as Lucie and in my previous life. So, I was watching the scenery with a smile, but quickly hurried to hide the lax expression with my hand, worried that I would be seen by the prince. Around that same time, I saw something shining near the edge of my field of vision. As I wondered what it could be, I was struck by a mysterious sensation that was hard to explain and threw myself into Prince Leonhardt’s chest.

For the daughter of an aristocrat to suddenly cling onto him, Prince Leonhardt went wide-eyed in astonishment. I didn’t move to hug him as some kind of seduction. I just felt in that moment that I had to do this. It seems that my judgement was spot on as I felt an intense pain in my right shoulder.


My right shoulder was burning in pain. Just as I was about to fall to my knees, I was saved by a hug. I could see Prince Leonhardt’s worried expression, the cloudless blue sky behind him, and the bright petals of the red roses.

When I focused my consciousness on my shoulder, I realized an unknown substance was on me. I was able to protect Prince Leonhardt from the arrow aimed at him and he seemed to finally understand the situation. I was relieved, but a bit resentful that the injury seemed bigger than I’d thought it would be.

“…Your Highness…you’re safe…thank goodness…”


Prince Leonhardt’s beautiful violet eyes were wide open and I was horrified thinking about what might have happened if I hadn’t been here. Perhaps because of such fears, my whole body trembled and I felt a strong chill throughout my body.


Suddenly, everything went pitch black. I couldn’t see anything and it felt like I was thrown into a very cold darkness. There were rushed footsteps and angry words. My limbs were heavy and I couldn’t even move a single finger. When I say that it’s scary, he helps. Gradually I became unable to even move my lips, and I sunk into the darkness.

When I next woke up, I was in a luxurious room at the palace. There was no pain in my right shoulder, which should have been unbearable. Apparently I had lost consciousness for an entire month.

The first thing I wanted to do was bathe. The fact that it had been a month was astonishing enough and now I wanted to clean myself as soon as possible.

It seems that the arrow, which was fired to assassinate Prince Leonhardt, was laced with poison. Apparently, I had hovered between life and death for a while. When I heard that, I cried in gratitude that I had made it out alive.

Lucie shouldn’t have been so badly injured. Fortunately, Prince Leonhardt immediately provided the finest medical treatment possible. Thanks to that, the wound had been closed and the poison removed. I was completely healed and there seemed to be no complications. However, originally there was supposed to be only a slight scar on my right arm, but my actions had complicated the situation and the scar behind my right shoulder was larger and more visible.

…I wonder if I will remain single in this lifetime.

It would be difficult for the recipient of such a scar to get engaged. Though the wound was healed, the consequences remained. I threw myself deeper into the bed and let out a deep exhale.

“…I wish I had been born a man.”

I wouldn’t have been injured had I been born male, because I wouldn’t have needed to have been at such a location in the first place.

Looking into the mirror, I found a beautiful woman with silver hair and red eyes looking back miserably. Unlike the heroine she doesn’t give off an aura of wanting to protect her, but she’s quite high-spec. If I had been this beautiful in my previous life, I would have at least wanted a lover.

As I thought this, someone knocked on the door. I told them to enter without thinking and there appeared Prince Leonhardt. He hurriedly raised his hands to indicate that I stop moving as I was about to get out of bed.

“Your Highness…please forgive my current appearance.”

“No, not at all. I’m sorry for rushing over, but I couldn’t stand still when I heard that your consciousness had returned.”

Prince Leonhardt approached the bedside and took my right hand as he stared at me. My heart throbbed. This seems careless, but honestly His Highness was my favorite character in my past life. I fell in love again at first sight right before the memories of my previous life resurfaced, so I can’t help but be excited as he stares at me with such worry whilst holding my hand. I felt a nosebleed coming so I quickly covered my nose and mouth with my free hand. I was truly glad that I had taken a bath before His Highness approached me.

“Lady Lucie, you are my savior. I am deeply grateful to you.”

“…Your Highness’ safety is the most important.”

“But a big scar was left on you.”

“Please don’t worry about that. Compared to protecting Your Highness…”

It’s true. A scar is nothing compared to someone’s life. I’m grateful I was able to survive but I’m not completely confident that I will be able to do the same thing if the situation repeats itself. I’m loyal to the royal family, but I don’t want anyone to think I’m that loyal. Unfortunately, apparently His Highness seems to think that I am.

The next moment, Prince Leonhardt was kneeling in front of me, grasping my right hand. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

“Lady Lucie, will you marry me?”


In the original story, using the scar she received during the assassination attempt, Lucie forced an engagement with the prince. However, I’ve been unconscious until quite recently and haven’t had the chance to speak with father about any of this. So, why am I being proposed to by Prince Leonhardt, who is supposed to be against the engagement in the first place?

“…If you’re taking responsibility for the wound, please don’t worry about it.”

“Of course I’ll take responsibility, but above all I was fascinated by you.”

Why did this happen? Was it because of my earlier actions? Did something strike a chord with him? If so, what was it? Even in my confusion, I managed to remember that an engagement with Prince Leonhardt was basically a death flag. I have to refuse this at all costs.

“…Your Highness, about that, I…”

“I’ve already spoken to Earl Schönburg. All you have to do is agree.”

I gaped in shock before stiffening. Unfortunately, he seems to have surrounded me while I was asleep. Even if I speak to father, there’s no way to refuse an engagement with the royal family no matter how much I dislike it. After all, daughters of aristocrats ultimately get no say when it comes to engagements.

Oh, I’m dead.

This time, for sure, my face looked like a Tibetan fox…but I soon turned red. Again, though it’s really careless, in my previous life Prince Leonhardt was my favorite. I can’t help but feel like I was ascending to heaven in joy at this situation where I’m being proposed to by this beautiful prince.

It’s not like it’s a situation I can refuse anyway, so I’ll just have to think about how I can avoid the death flag in the future.

Let’s not think too deeply about it right now. I nodded a little, my face still bright red. Prince Leonhardt began kissing my fingertips. His Highness is sitting on the bed as I look away and attempt to suppress a potentially fatal nosebleed.

“Your Highness…about that…”

“Lucie, call me Löwe.”

I’m confused by the sudden lack of distance. I didn’t have a boyfriend in my previous life, and in this one I’d lived as an Earl’s daughter so I’m confused about how to react at times like this. Speaking of, His Highness in the game was quite difficult to capture to begin with. But…I remember when I stopped pursuing he came back more aggressively than ever. Does that mean that I, the villainess, have captured Prince Leonhardt’s heart before the game has even begun? That Prince Leonhardt that was said to be impregnable? Impossible.

“But Your Highness, this…”


…You’re pushy, aren’t you!


I was swallowed by the momentum. When he was called as he wished to be, his smile widened even further. I felt like I was going to collapse, but His Highness’ next words brought me back to reality.

“Could I see your wounds?”


Isn’t this too much? The wound, where the bow and arrow aimed at His Highness pierced, was on my right shoulder. Rather, it’s slightly above my shoulder blades, so it’s not visible while I’m wearing clothes. It’d be impossible to see if I didn’t undress.

Is that actually possible? No, it’s impossible. For the time being, I’d assented to the engagement and become his fiancee, but that didn’t mean I can reveal myself to him right away.

“…You were unconscious after the arrow struck your shoulder. Could I just reassure myself that you are safe?” His Highness asked with an uneasy expression.

It’s not like I can refuse him if he looks like that. I’m aware of it, but I’ve lost to His Highness’ pushiness, so I nod.

I sat upright with my back turned to His Highness. He swept my waist-length silver hair away, so that it was now in front of my shoulders. I hesitated at his gaze, but realized His Highness wouldn’t back down until I assented to his request. Excuse me, but I don’t really want to show this to anyone, you know? But this is His Highness, so I untie the ribbons at the front of my dress. I then loosened the cloth around my right shoulder and revealed the scar. When I thought about being watched, I burned red with shame. I’m sure my ears too were red.

“Lucie…may I touch it?”


Not understanding what he was saying, I fumbled my response. Even as I responded, I couldn’t completely wrap my head around his words.


Though there was no pain, I trembled from a mysterious sensation. Before I knew it, His Highness’ left arm was wrapped around my waist and I was hugged from behind. My body, which was not accustomed at all to the opposite sex, froze up. However, His Highness did not seem to care and instead traced the scar several times with his fingertips.

“Lucie…I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…”

“…Ah, Your Highness, such a thing-”


“…Löwe, this is…”

I tried asking him to stop, but instead felt his soft golden hair on my neck and flinched. Suddenly, something warm and rough brushes over the scar.


It was easy to understand that it had been his tongue. Ah, I exhaled at being licked and my body started to feel hot with shame.

“It was supposed to be me…I’m sorry…”

“No, no. I’m just glad that you were safe, so…hii!”

At being relentlessly licked, I’d let out a strange noise. Unfortunately, it wasn’t particularly sexy.

This was unpleasant. I turned my head to look back at His Highness, but froze. His face was so close to mine that it made me involuntarily hold my breath.


If you say my name that enthusiastically, I’ll be completely defeated, you know? I’ll lose if I fall in love, but I can’t resist when His Highness touches my lips. Seeing his beautiful face so close up, my eyes fluttered shut, while his tongue continued to trace the scar on my shoulder. When I opened my mouth, he invaded with his tongue, it tangling with my own before exploring the inside of my mouth.


I was surprised but I entwined my tongue with his. He sucked at it from different angles and the deep kiss made me feel like I was being devoured. Before I knew it, I’d lost the strength in  my body and pressed my back against His Highness’ broad chest.

I felt feverish at this first experience, only vaguely understanding that I was being kissed. I didn’t know that it would feel so sweet and pleasant.

…No, this is…no!

I momentarily snap out of the fog in surprise. These are two people – a man and a woman – in a closed room, on the only bed. Lust was visible in His Highness’ gaze as he continued to kiss me.

“We can’t do this anymore!”

“It’s okay, no one will come in.”

His words made me feel a sense of crisis. Had he been intending to do this from the beginning? Although I’m completely cured, thanks to the finest treatment available, I was still unwell. And even if we were engaged, it was just established a few moments ago. Isn’t he being too hasty?

As I was thinking of this, I was pushed onto my back. I laid down, using both my hands to cover my face. I was in a situation I had only dreamed of before as His Highness leaned over me.

“Your Highness! Such things have a proper order!”


“Löwe, I want to wait until we’re married!”

“…Then, let’s keep our chastity.”

Prince Leonhardt declares. Oh no, this is not good. When I look up at him in tears, His Highness meets my eyes with lowered eyebrows as if he were troubled. Honestly, that expression is foul play.

“The moment you looked at me and smiled after being hit by the arrow, I felt like I was struck by lightning.”

I don’t even remember if I had been smiling because I was so out of it at the time. I think I was just relieved that he was safe, but at the same time was afraid of dying. But, just what did His Highness feel that led to this situation?

“When you had tears in your eyes and asked for help, I wanted to keep you safe in this world forever. I strongly felt I’d regret it if I ever let you go.”

I had certainly asked for help, I can remember that much. So, I can understand the first part of his words, but just what does he mean he’d regret it if I left? …Is this current situation related to that? If I nod to his confession, my neck might be in danger. Besides, if I end up staying with His Highness tonight then it’s all over.

“…But I’m alright now.”

“It’s only okay because the wound was healed and poison drained immediately,” is how he responds.

I’d heard that I’d received the highest quality medical treatment in the country, but if I think about it like that then it might have been Prince Leonhardt’s healing magic, which is the best in the kingdom. Wait, does that mean you have already seen my skin?



Anyway, I searched for words of avoidance but couldn’t think of anything after my name was called so sweetly. I closed my mouth and my lips, which had turned bright red, remained silent until they were again claimed by His Highness’ lips.

The second kiss is breathtaking and suffocating at once, but I can’t help but feel the sweetness behind it.


Our lips separated and he pushed a silver thread of hair from his mouth. He looked down at me with an ecstatic expression. Sex appeal was leaking off of him and there was a bulge in his pants.

As I was fascinated by him, my clothes – except my underwear – were quickly taken off. I hurriedly hid my breasts with both hands. However, when His Highness also took off his shirt, my hands jumped to cover my eyes and nose while forgetting to hide the rest of me.

His Highness gave a small smile and reached towards my unprotected chest. My breasts, humble enough that they would fit into one of his hands, were kneaded. The tip of his hard cock made itself known by pressing against my stomach. Though my lips were pressed together tightly, my voice unconsciously leaked as he used the tip of his tongue on a nipple.


His Highness seemed pleased with my reaction and his hand pinched a taut nipple as he lapped at the other. His touch and tongue twisted me into a sensation that I’d never felt before.


My hips twitched and my thighs rubbed together without me realizing.I felt something between my legs, a chill running down my back as His Highness noticed the change immediately. Pushing himself up, he narrowed his eyes at me and laughed a little. As naturally as possible, he touched my lower body. He traced the secret place, which I had never touched, through my underwear. My eyes fluttered open at that sensation.

“…You’re wet.”

With just those two words, I was so ashamed that my face was dyed red. The part he’d touched was wet and I was so embarrassed that I wanted to die. When I turned away, about to cry, my underwear was taken off. As it was my last line of defense, I screamed a little.

“Your Highness…are you being serious?!”


“…Löwe, is this really alright…hii?!”

His Highness was relaxed, while I felt like screaming and turning away. I wanted to scream at the symbol of masculinity around his lower abdomen, but the noise died in my throat as I felt the honey overflowing from me. He grabbed me by the thighs and spread me wide open. I had to stiffen myself so that I didn’t really scream.

“This is no good…”

“…Don’t worry.”

It isn’t going to be alright at all, though? Besides, wasn’t my chastity supposed to be protected? There were many points that I wanted to complain about, but before I knew it, he had licked the tears which had accumulated in the corners of my eyes. He whispered that I was cute, directly into my ear, and I was blown away. At the same time, he rubbed at my core, which was overflowing with honey. Situated between my open legs, His Highness stroked his dick up and down. A clear liquid began to form at the tip.


I couldn’t take my eyes off of His Highness, whose beautiful face was distorted with lust. His cheeks were slightly red and his lips were open, allowing a rough exhale. He smiled sweetly at me when my eyes met his violet ones.

Then his cock rubbed against my core, shaking my entire body. He held my right hand and his grip continued to strengthen throughout.


“No, don’t leave me. It’s alright…let’s feel good together.”

Something hot was rubbing against my most sensitive place, making my lower body ache. He slowly rubbed his cock up and down and a lewd sound reached my ears. I wanted to cover my ears, but couldn’t because both my right and left hand was entwined with His Highness’ hands. Every time he rubbed at my core, it tightened and a terrifying pleasure pierced my body. An incredibly sweet voice leaked out as a result.

“…Ah, aah…”

He grabbed me by the waist as I was about to run away, the pleasure making me tremble. His slow movements gradually became more intense and the sounds of his cock hitting my core echoed throughout the room. Honestly, it was no different than just inserting it at this point.

Ah, aahh…Löwe, hya…oh, oh...”

Between the overflowing me and the hotness rubbing at my core, I could only tremble, drunk with pleasure and moaning continuously. His Highness was breathless, but he showed no signs of holding back.

“…Haah, Lucie…”

Naahii, hyaa…what are you–ahhhh…!!”

At that moment, my core was rubbed against harshly before I felt something gently push against me. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as my vision became pure white. My hips moved unconsciously and my entire body trembled.

After reaching my climax, His Highness sat down, letting out a low moan.

Nearing his climax, His Highness let out low moans before sitting up again. I’d reached my high a few moments ago, and now it was his turn as a cloudy liquid began covering my stomach. As I gazed at it dreamily, the substance splattered onto my breasts. I lost consciousness at that moment due to fatigue and a sleepiness that enveloped my entire body.

The next time I woke up, we had already gone past the point of me running away. The castle’s outer moat had already been closed so I could not return home.

Hey, wasn’t I supposed to be the villainess who was condemned and killed?

Translator’s Note: First of all, a huge shout out to my new editor and proofreader slothful_rabbit!! I honestly could not have done it without you (ノ´▽`)ノ{+++THANK YOU+++}ヽ(´▽`ヽ).

So, this is definitely a more generic villainess reincarnation, like tbh I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what made Leonhardt fall in love? Her expressiveness that he witnessed for a few seconds? The fact she took an arrow for him? But is that love? But ah well, such is the world of an otoge isekai~

Oh, could anyone tell me what looks like a Tibetan fox means? This confused me a little and it shows up in the sequel too.

We’re working on the – much shorter – sequel to this right now. Should be out in the next week or so. Please look forward to it!

Thank you everyone for your patience m(。_。;))m. I hope to be more active from now on! ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙


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The Yandere Prince’s Fleeing Cinderella [Chapter One]

Title: The Yandere Prince’s Fleeing Cinderella

Original: ヤンデレ王子の逃げ腰シンデレラ

*Had a little trouble with the title. Its more literally The Yandere Prince’s Preparing to Flee Cinderella but I took some liberties.

Author: 柳月ほたる

Link: https://novel18.syosetu.com/n8639ds/


The plain office lady Suzu has fallen into a one-sided love with the kinder than anyone, super-handsome Chief Serizawa. Popular among the female staff, he’s nicknamed Prince Serizawa.

Though she had decided to mind her own social position by ending it with just longing, one day during overtime she witnesses Serizawa’s outrageous behavior.

An odd love comedy about a good natured OL trying to draw back and a yandere boss who will absolutely not let her go.

Chapter One: I Can’t Become Cinderella

In the course of one’s life, there are several turning points.

For example, some might say life events like entering university, finding a job or getting married. Others might point to an encounter with a friend, teacher or even a book.

In some cases, only when you look back do you realize “that was a turning point”.

Turning points vary from person to person, but for the heroine of our story – Takano Suzu – it was a single drinking straw.


It was a Wednesday near the end of May, around the time people were slowly getting sweatier. Pushing herself out of the cramped and crowded train, Suzu disembarked to the platform.

After carefully checking that her hair hadn’t become disheveled, she fixed her bag onto her shoulder. Then, she sighed.

“I’m tired as expected…I should move closer to the neighborhood.”

It was her fifth year at the company. She commuted to work at the same time everyday, but had yet to become accustomed to the train. Naturally, a seat couldn’t be found so easily on such a crowded train, so she typically stood while taking care not to stand too close to strangers.

When the train shook and swayed, the high heels she’d chosen for the sake of appearance proved difficult to balance in. They’d been purchased last week in an effort to make her short legs seem just a bit longer, but she should have chosen heels that were a little easier to walk in afterall.

She carried this small regret in her heart and climbed the staircase headed towards the concourse. On the wall of the walkway, she noticed an enormous cosmetics advertisement. It hadn’t been there the previous day and read 『You Too Can Be Cinderella』featuring a sparkling photo of a popular, young actress.

It really wasn’t convincing coming from an actress who had always been beautiful, was it? The ill-tempered thought appeared and disappeared from her mind.

“Cinderella, huh…?”

Cinderella, an existence women across the world yearned to be.

Bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters, she changed into a beautiful dress with the help of a witch and took a horse-drawn carriage – transformed from a pumpkin – to the royal ball. There, she and the prince fell in love at first sight and married. It was that kind of simple story. That was the template of Cinderella’s tale.

However, the ordinary OL who was able to evaluate herself and others wondered…

After the story concluded with a「Happy Ending」and she married the prince, was Cinderella really happy? She hadn’t gotten much of an education during her servant-like years, so was she not bewildered at suddenly being thrown into upper class life? Could she handle the people who swarmed around her for political power? Did she not worry for even a moment about the disparity between herself and her husband, the prince?

Yes, each person had a rank that suited them.

For example, Suzu was not too fat or skinny and had a face in the middle of the middle pack. Her hair had never been dyed and she wore clothes giving off an air of cleanliness while ignoring current fashion trends.

Anyone who saw her would say that a prince would not suit such an ordinary person. In a fairy tale, she would be Town Girl B and have a single line at most. Though she had the subtle youthfulness of a twenty-six year old, due to her quiet personality she hadn’t had any remarkable love stories to date. When you become a withered woman that has never had a boyfriend, you tend to shy away from too gorgeous a man.

Therefore, Suzu had long since drawn up a life plan befitting her stature. Marry an ordinary man, buy an ordinary apartment and live a generally steady life. That had always been the plan.

However, Suzu was currently in love with a “Prince” who absolutely didn’t suit her. He was someone above the clouds that Suzu couldn’t reach no matter how far she extended her hand. Compared to him, I’m like a used tissue. If anything, I should apologize in dogeza for liking him.

When speaking of what one is able to do, it is better to understand one’s position and hide such feelings. ‘Maybe these feelings are mutual’, there’s no way that I would confess under such a megaton level misunderstanding. Suzu is spending her days thankful for just being able to support him at work.


She contemplated these incoherent thoughts at length and stifled a yawn. She was a little sleepy after studying for a professional qualification exam the previous night. And today was Wednesday. There were three days until the weekend so it was a morning filled with mental fatigue.

“Good morning Suzu-chan. What’s wrong? That was a big yawn.”

Someone clapped her shoulder at that moment and Suzu’s heart gave a jump. Confused, she looked to her side and found a person she recognized well.

“C-chief Serizawa…?!”

The voice had come from a smiling man: Suzu’s direct superior Chief Serizawa. Suzu’s secret “Prince”.

He had good taste today as well, looking especially cool in that smart suit. Before she could rejoice, she remembered that he had just seen that huge yawn and her cheeks burned in embarrassment.

“You were up studying late into the night, weren’t you. What was it this time?”

His pale brown eyes peered at her gently and her cheeks steadily grew warmer. If her heart rate were to be measured right now, it would surely be beyond the upper limit. Her staying up late having been seen through, Suzu faltered in her reply.

“Well, uh…it was business law. When I’m checking contracts, I often think that I need more knowledge…”

Suzu’s work was mostly sales and clerical, but the amount she needed to learn seemed infinite. Even though it was her fifth year, there was still a lot to learn so she studied steadily at home every night. Currently, she was on the last leg of revising for the business law certification examination.

Serizawa frowned a little at her response.

“Suzu-chan’s hardworking nature is your strong point, but mind your health. Don’t overdo it and hurt yourself. Make sure to maintain regular sleeping hours. Understand?”


“Un, good reply.”

He praised, patting her head. Suzu squeaked and drew back.

To Serizawa, she was just a subordinate. If anything, he would treat even an elementary schooler from his neighborhood the same way. But for someone like Suzu, who did not think of him as “just” a superior, it was hard to endure.

Stay in control, stay in control, she warned herself.

“Then, I’m in a bit of a hurry. Sorry.”

“N-no! I’m sorry to take up your time.”

Serizawa looked at his wristwatch before lightly lifting his right hand, then disappeared into the crowd. However, right before disappearing he said: “I’ve been meaning to tell you since Monday, but those new shoes really suit you.” Suzu’s cheeks were on the verge of exploding. By no means had she thought that he would notice her shoes.

Like that, Suzu’s heart had been stirred up by the “Prince” – Chief Serizawa Toru – who belonged to the paper and pulp division of a major general trading company. Gentle light brown eyes peeked past moderately long bangs. Their overall faint color gave off a translucent feel, truly like an orthodox prince.

He always smiled calmly and was fair to everyone. She had never seen him raising his voice at anyone.

Moreover, it was difficult to imagine just how hard he worked from his gentle atmosphere and sweet features. It was no exaggeration to say that the paper and pulp division that Suzu belonged to was pulled along by Serizawa. Many successful deals were made by utilizing his personal connections around the world.

Furthermore, even though he was more excellent than anyone, he never looked down on people. No one would have blamed him for bragging a little but he was never arrogant or pompous or conceited. He was always humble and sincere to everyone from subordinate to superior.

Yes, Chief Serizawa was a great person. He was a person that Suzu was no match for; a god-like existence.

Thirty years old, unmarried and without a girlfriend. Due to those circumstances, he had many fans at the company. Female staff even nicknamed him “Prince Serizawa”. After Section Chief Mayama of the construction machinery division got married three months ago, he became even more popular.

Therefore, Suzu knew her love was fruitless. I should be content supporting him at work as a member of the same division. Plain and ordinary Town Girl B should be satisfied with plain and ordinary Town Boy A.

Even though she understood that her love was not to be realized, the feelings wouldn’t dissipate.

I like him, I like him, I really can’t help but like him. I understand my own place, but I wish to be allowed to carry these feelings at least. I’ll be content just staying by his side, she explained inside her heart.

Notes: Honestly, this probably has more than the average number of inconsistencies. I’m really sorry about that ≦(._.)≧ The language is a bit more advanced than usual – hope it’s not just me? – so I relied on machine translations correspondingly. Might or might not do chapter two, but that’ll probably be the last of it.

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Also, a little rushed on the proofreading, so please let me know if you spot any errors.

I’ve Been Reincarnated as this Game’s Villainess, I’ll Train the Main Capture Target to be a Yandere [2]

Title: I’ve Been Reincarnated as this Game’s Villainess, I’ll Train the Main Capture Target to be a Yandere

Original: 乙女ゲームの悪役キャラに転生したので、メイン攻略対象をヤンデレに調教します。

Author: 黒井雛


A transfer student, the heroine of this game, has arrived.

I won’t hand over Tamaki.


“――Suzakumiya-sama!! In the cafeteria, the president and a transfer student–!!”

You’ve finally come, transfer student.

I smiled at the breathless student who had rushed to deliver the report.

In this otome game 「Prisoner of the Birdcage」a commoner girl enters a school for the children of the wealthy elite. Due to her attempts in reforming the rampant abuse of power taking place, those in charge fall in love with her. I was reborn as the villainess, Suzakumiya Suzune, whose expulsion is a necessary condition for completing the game.

Reigning at the top of the academy because her family owns the largest corporation among those enrolled, she puts a collar on one of the capture targets – Genbuin Tamaki – whose family cannot stand against hers and humiliates him by making him her dog. A darkness grows in Tamaki because of this humiliation and loneliness from the lack of his family’s love, but he is saved by the heroine and falls obsessively in love with her.

Because I liked Tamaki myself, I couldn’t tolerate such a development and trained him to become obsessed with me instead. So that he could only see me, so that he couldn’t see anyone but me, to act in such a way.

Today, we would see the fruits of my labor.

Entering the cafeteria, I saw that a crowd had gathered at the center of the room. However, a path was made when they noticed me. Truly like a queen…when I think of my own position, such a moniker doesn’t seem incorrect.

The moment I saw what was at the center of the crowd, the corners of my mouth rose.

Tamaki was grabbing the transfer student by her neck while another council member desperately tried to stop him.


Tamaki, who had ignored the fellow student council member’s voice entirely, turned to look at me when I spoke.

“I don’t know what happened, but I don’t want you acting violently against a girl.”

“…Don’t stop me, Suzune.”

He tightens his grip on the transfer student’s neck and looks at me with bloodshot eyes.

“This one told me to drive you out of the academy!! She said that you were evil!!”

Tamaki’s words are just as expected.

“Yeah, you got angry for me. Thank you.”

Tamaki was not swayed at all by the words of the transfer student. Firstly, that’s the very best outcome.

“However, she’ll die if you don’t stop. I don’t want Tamaki to become a murderer.”

The transfer student’s face had turned a deathly pale, the way she’s opening and closing her mouth looks painful. I don’t really care about her safety, she’s a hindrance after all, but I don’t want Tamaki to become a killer. He clicks his tongue at my words but releases the transfer student, throwing her down. She falls on the floor and the student council officer rushes towards her to look after her. I exclude them from my field of vision and approach Tamaki.

“――Un, Tamaki. Good boy.”

“…What’s with that, treating me like a child or dog.”

I hug Tamaki who has endured so well, he desperately tries to straighten his back as I stroke his head, appearing reluctant to accept my behavior. However, he bends down for me, who can’t completely reach, so deep down he might not be as unwilling as he’s leading others to believe. Not just his heart, I can see his mouth relax.

His jet black hair is soft and smooth to the touch and feels good to stroke. As I stroke his hair, I can feel him also fiddling with mine. His touch is gentle and it feels comfortable. It’s somewhat strange, almost like mutual grooming.

However, our happy time is immediately ruined.

“Stop treating the president like a dog in public, Suzakumiya Suzune!!”

Before I knew it, the transfer student had recovered, raising her voice while glaring at me.

Treating him like a dog――I’m convinced by those words.

This girl is a reincarnated person.

If not, she wouldn’t judge the mere act of stroking someone’s head in such a manner.

“Treating me like a dog…”

In fact, it’s Tamaki who raises his voice, deep with anger.

“Didn’t you just say so yourself?”

“I don’t want to hear it from her. It’s unpleasant from someone I don’t even know.”

“You’re a selfish one, aren’t you.”

He chuckles, unconsciously smiling at that.

――She knows a lot about Tamaki, because she’s a reincarnated person.

I think that, but don’t say anything. And, I’m sure I know more about Tamaki than she does. After all, I’ve been by his side for the last five years. Besides, I love Tamaki much, much more deeply than the transfer student does.

“――Nee, transfer student.”

Unlike the sweet tone I use with Tamaki, I address the transfer student with a voice as cold as absolute zero.

“You’ve been denouncing me and even said that you’ll have me expelled, but what have I done exactly? I knew about you because a common person transferring here is rare, but you and I are meeting for the first time today.”

The game has already been distorted. It’s different from the one a reincarnated person would know. So how is the transfer student going to condemn me?

“Because you treat the student council president like a dog…”

“I’ve never been treated like a dog!! I’m going to kill you, you bitch!!”

“Tamaki, be quiet for a bit…and, what else?”

“You’ve abused your power and thrown this school out of order!!”

The answer is as expected. The transfer student really doesn’t know anything.

“I haven’t done anything. However, if I sometimes get preferential treatment for being a Suzakumiya, is that a crime?”

The Suzakumiya Suzune of the game abused her power in various ways. However, while I put in the utmost effort into crafting a birdcage for Tamaki and myself, I did not do anything like that. At most, I exerted some influence in putting those who either liked Tamaki too much or inconvenienced the two of us in their place.

Ultimately, those students who had transferred out left due to their parents’ decision because they didn’t want to go up against the Suzakumiya family. I didn’t personally have a hand in any of it.

It looks like some of the students that follow me and Tamaki himself, due to his gloomy personality, commit various bad acts from time to time, but I overlook it. Because after all, I love the Tamaki that goes on rampages for my sake. It can’t be helped.

Apart from that, aren’t I a nice person?

I didn’t want to give the transfer student any openings when she arrived.

Fundamentally, I don’t care about any humans that aren’t Tamaki.

Only Tamaki is important. Only he has to stay by my side.

That’s why, I won’t allow the transfer student to steal him away.

I haven’t done anything, but the name Suzakumiya is too powerful. I’m given preferential treatment because of it. Due to this, my companions from less important families abuse the power of the Suzakumiya family. Instead of denying them, I simply accept these privileges without complaining. In a sense, it’s not wrong to say that I am both the origin of and at the top of the school’s caste system.

“――But, fine. If you say my existence is a sin, then I will leave the academy.”


Despite being unable to respond before, the transfer student’s eyes widen, shining with hope at my words. It was Tamaki who raises his voice, heavy with fury and sorrow.

My love increases seeing that face: looking like he’s going to cry, completely unbecoming of someone nicknamed the “Emperor”. His body, that I’m hugging, is trembling.

‘Are you going to leave me behind? Are you going to throw me away?’

His eyes seem to be asking me.

Tamaki is adorable. Lovely. He always has been and always will be.

Does love have a limit?

Every time that I’m with Tamaki I think I’ve reached the limit.

You really are stupid, Tamaki.

I won’t ever be able to let you go.

“But, at that time I’ll take Tamaki with me.”


I turn to the transfer student and smile carelessly.

“You can reform the school when I’m no longer here, be loved by those in charge and do whatever you like. Do as you please. I really have no interest…however, you can’t take Tamaki. I won’t let you have him.”

Saying this, I look from the transfer student to Tamaki and back. She gently pinches her cheeks with both hands.

“…Nee, do you hate it?”

I had spoken with conviction before, but now anxiety is seeping in.

“Would you hate transferring to another school with me? Instead of going with me, would you prefer to stay here and continue as the student council president?”

“――There’s no way I’d hate it.”

Tamaki firmly hugs me while responding with the answer that I had wished for.

“No matter where it is…Suzune, if you are there, then I want to be there by your side.”

The answer is as expected. Nevertheless, it makes me want to cry. I’m so happy that I want to cry.

“Thank goodness. …Hey, you understand, right?”

With my hand on Tamaki’s back, I laugh at the transfer student.

“Tamaki is mine…If you try to take him away from me, I’ll use everything in my power to eliminate you. Just remember that.”

The cafeteria went quiet.

Tamaki disentangles from me, before taking my hand and pulling me along. Ready to leave, I want my feet to move faster. I want to be alone with him as soon as possible.

As we turn our backs to the cafeteria, we hear the transfer student yell out.

“President, you are being brainwashed by that woman!! You’re being treated like a dog!! That’s not true love!!”

Those words strike my heart deeply.

“I will free you from that girl! I will save you!”

“――Who asked to be saved?”

Next to me, Tamaki emits a cold voice, the likes of which I’d never heard before.

“If you want to chastise me for acting like a dog, go ahead. If you want to say that I’m brainwashed, go ahead. But I’m happy. I’m happy being by Suzune’s side. Even if it’s wrong, I won’t ask for salvation.”

Tamaki says without so much as glancing at the transfer student and we briskly leave the cafeteria.


When we enter Tamaki’s room, he pushes me down on the bed and roughly kisses me.

I understand that he wants me from the bottom of his heart.

I’m happy.



However, there is something I need to confirm.

“Tamaki, if I, if I were really brainwashing you, what would you do…?”

The transfer student’s words weren’t wrong.

“If it was true that I really induced an obsession with me, what would you do?”

What I had done was by no means correct. I understood that it was a detestable and dastardly act.

Despite that, I want Tamaki. I wish for him to only look at me.

Would he disdain that sort of me?

“…I told you. Even so, I’m happy.”

He instinctively avoids my gaze but grasps my chin, tilting me towards him. I smile at him, full of love.

“It doesn’t matter even if it was brainwashing. For a long time, I was starving for love. I wished for it. I yearned for someone to love me. Suzune. No matter your intentions, you were the one who gave it to me.”

Tears spill from my eyes at his words.

“I love you. I don’t care if it’s different from a normal love. I can’t be separated from you. Even if I am someday ruined, I’ll be happy. If I’m with you, I don’t mind even falling to hell――I love you, Suzune. I love you.”

I was anxious of the transfer student’s arrival. But at the same time, I had been looking forward to it.

Even after she arrived, Tamaki didn’t change. Even in the face of the truth, he told me he loves me.

“Me too. I love you too, Tamaki…”

At this time, Tamaki became all mine. Forever and always, only mine.

And, I had won the gamble.

The birdcage was complete. A sturdy cage that cannot be broken from the inside or outside. A birdcage for two, where only two people exist.


During a moment of intimacy, I stroked his adam’s apple.

“Let’s…put a collar here. A leather one with my name engraved.”

For the color, black would be good. Surely it would look good on Tamaki.

“Alright…in exchange, you wear one too.”

Saying that, Tamaki licked my neck.

I shivered and unconsciously let out a little cry in response to the pleasant sensation. Tamaki gave me a small smile.

“For the color, red would be good…with my name carved on it, a matching collar…let’s place a special order.”

We live inside a birdcage.

Those people who point out that the world we see is narrow, that we’ve never seen a world beyond this cage, I want them to leave us alone. Because they don’t understand. They can’t comprehend how much happiness there is inside this cage, how wonderful it is. They just don’t understand.

Notes: I laughed a little too hard when Suzune said that she’s basically a good person besides the yandere raising. This took a bit longer than expected, but it’s finally finished! Thank you so much to everyone who left likes and comments! I’m so glad you enjoyed the story (❁´▽`❁)✲゚ Hope the sequel lived up to your expectations!! The editing was a little rushed, so if you see any spelling or grammar issues, feel free to let me know 〔´∇`〕

I’ve Been Reincarnated as this Game’s Villainess, I’ll Train the Main Capture Target to be a Yandere [1]

Title: I’ve Been Reincarnated as this Game’s Villainess, I’ll Train the Main Capture Target to be a Yandere

Original: 乙女ゲームの悪役キャラに転生したので、メイン攻略対象をヤンデレに調教します。

Author: 黒井雛


I’ve been reincarnated as the villainess of this game.

When I was ten years old, I met my favorite character. As it’s my preference, I’ll train him to become a Yandere.

“Suzune, let me introduce you. This is Genbuin Tamaki-kun. Please get along with each other.”

It was my tenth birthday. The moment I laid eyes on the disappointed boy that my father brought before me, a conviction rose up. Long held suspicions were confirmed and everything changed.

I had been reincarnated as Suzakumiya Suzune, the rival character and villainess from「Prisoner of the Birdcage」an otome game that I had been hooked on in my past life.

「Prisoner of the Birdcage」unfolded inside a prestigious school for the children of the wealthy. The headmaster took in the heroine, who had no relatives, and asked her to reform the school where family power dictated social standing. Those at the top did whatever they pleased with impunity.

The tomboy protagonist, who had grown up among commoners, entered the school despite being terribly out of place in order to repay the headmaster’s kindness. That bright girl with a straightforward character had a commoner’s gaze and didn’t evaluate others by their social standing. This included the powerful capture targets.

One of them, the main capture target – Genbuin Tamaki – stood before me. The second son of the second largest corporation among those enrolled at the academy. [1] He was the ore-sama president of the student council, the school’s top power. Though confident and arrogant, he has the requisite skills to back it up: capable at his work while good at both sports and academics.

Nicknamed the “Emperor”, he became interested in the heroine because she didn’t try to flatter him. He eventually fell in love with her after she discovered the darkness inside his heart.

However, he had an opponent that he couldn’t go against no matter what.


A slender man standing next to father pushed the young Tamaki’s shoulder. As his beauty was similar to the boy, this was probably his father.

“Suzune-san is the daughter of a very important client of the Genbuin family…do you understand?

The attractive boy – with features similar to a lovely young girl – distorted his face in displeasure at his father’s words.

That person he can’t defeat is me, Suzakumiya Suzune, the key to capturing him in the game.

Suzakumiya Suzune.

The sole daughter of the Suzakumiya – owners of the largest corporation among those affiliated with the academy – who have ties to royalty. They are an old and venerable family of honorable origins and high social standing. Simply, she was the most powerful person at the academy and the one who established it’s caste system.

More arrogant than even Tamaki and merciless towards those that opposed her; she thoroughly harassed the protagonist, who came to change the academy, and attempted to get rid of her at every turn. No matter what route one chooses or how high the favorability is with the chosen target, the game cannot be won unless the school is reformed and Suzune is driven out.

Her character design truly gives off the feeling of a powerful villainess: beautiful loosely curled golden hair, a severe but beautiful countenance and a fearless smile.

Because the cooperation of the Suzakumiya was indispensable to the Genbuin, the revered “Emperor” Tamaki became Suzune’s dog. To secure the relationship between the families, the mistress’ illegitimate son was given to Suzune as a ‘toy’ on her tenth birthday by his own father.

The exact situation unfolding now.

Though on equal standing on the outside, behind everyone’s back Tamaki is made to wear a collar and behave like a dog in front of Suzune. Due to his position, he can’t oppose her. The prideful Tamaki is psychologically driven into a corner. In order to cope with his resentment, he goes through life with an arrogant attitude.

Well, I seem to have been reincarnated as such a character.

What is the best way to proceed from here on?

Unless the protagonist fails to capture a target, the ending that awaits Suzune is a sad one: expelled from the academy each time. In order to avoid this, it might be best to treat Tamaki well. Besides, he was the character that I liked most in my previous life so I don’t want to be hated.


“Oji-sama, Otou-sama. I want to speak with Tamaki alone, is that alright?”

I asked the two adults in a cute and innocent voice.

They departed, leaving us alone in the room.

I smiled at Tamaki, who glared at me warily.

“――Poor thing.”


“You’ve been thrown away.”

At my words, Tamaki’s eyes widened and his face burned red in anger.

“I haven’t been thrown away…”

“I see, you weren’t thrown away. You were sold.”

 Head tilted back and face distorted with mockery, I laughed at Tamaki.

“You were sold to my parents as a toy for me. If I feel like it, I can throw you out. Poor thing.”

“You’re wrong! You’re wrong!! I…I was…”

“――I’m not wrong.”

As he covered his ears, disheveling his hair, I approached him and whispered:

“You were sold off by your parents for the sake of the house. You aren’t loved by them.”

In my past life, I loved the character Genbuin Tamaki. However, that was the “Genbuin Tamaki” corrupted by Suzune. He hid a hopeless darkness behind arrogance. Sold off by his parents and forced to humiliate himself for years, the darkness grew. He became attached to the protagonist that saved him, who poured her love into him and turned him from dog to human. He was obsessed with her.

――If you made the wrong choices, you’d head towards the Bad End: the protagonist would be imprisoned and bound together with him in madness.

I liked that distorted and insane Tamaki.

I liked it precisely because he was distorted and insane.

If I treat Tamaki gently, he might come to like himself but that distortion won’t exist. However, if I play the role according to the script, the heroine will eventually come along and steal him.

If that’s the case…

“Your father only loves your older brother. Your mother pushed you on the Genbuin family, took her consolation money and left. Your father’s wife treats you like an nuisance. You don’t have a place in that house.”

I speak smoothly about his current circumstances. The background that anyone who played the game would know. But Tamaki, who doesn’t know that he’s a character, widens his eyes in surprise.

“How…do you know that?”

“I know. I know that Tamaki is really lonely, that you’re pretending to be alright even though you’re hurting inside.”

It’s been decided that I know. After all, it was all told to me in the game. But, I won’t tell him such an unromantic reality.

“Pitiful, lonely and unloved by anyone. I also know what it is that Tamaki wishes for. If it’s me, I can give it to you.”

“I-I don’t wish for anything!!”

“Nee, Tamaki…don’t you want to be loved by someone?”

He maintains the bravado, hardening himself against my words.

“Don’t you want to be loved and cherished? Don’t you want to believe that you’re the most special? Don’t you want to be someone’s most important person?”


“I can love Tamaki.”

Like a devil enticing a human, I speak to him sweetly and gently.

“If you become mine, I’ll give you everything you wish for. I’ll love you more deeply, more strongly than anyone else…So, Tamaki, become mine.”

――If that’s the case, then I’ll never heal Tamaki’s wounds. Let’s torment Tamaki so that the wound deepens and spreads. While it spreads lets insert my existence into it so that it doesn’t disappear.

I’ll train him using the ‘carrot and stick’ method. To see only me. To love only me. Let’s train him so that the heroine won’t be able to steal him away.

Let’s create a birdcage. A cage for only two people. A sturdy cage that not even the heroine can break or enter.

Seeing Tamaki nod, I think of the future filled with「happiness」that I want to hurry towards.

“――I don’t care what kind of school life you lead, just don’t make trouble for me. That’s it.”

For some reason, the student council president’s arrogant congratulatory address is still met with excitement. I smile a little, looking down at the students from my specially prepared seat.


Tamaki rushes over to me as soon as the entrance ceremony ends. My smile deepens.

“Tamaki. Thank you for your hard work. That was an excellent speech.”

His entire face breaks out into an adorable, wide smile at my praise.

“However, this was only the second year students’ entrance ceremony…the transfer students won’t arrive until May.”

The smile immediately drops and a ferocious, severe look replaces it.

“Like that dream you saw, about that woman who I might come to like, right? It’s entirely a delusion…in the first place, how could I fall in love with anyone but you?”

I had spoken to him about my previous life on multiple occasions, but unfortunately it had been dismissed as a delusion each time.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Tamaki. I know you hate this conversation.”

“It’s regrettable that I’m thought of as a fool who can so easily switch the person I love.”

I see my favorite「insanity」flickering through his eyes and it gives me goosebumps. I can’t help the joy.

“I belong to you and you belong to me. It doesn’t matter who they are, I’ll kill anyone that gets in our way!!”

Aah, Tamaki grew into my ideal. Like I’d wished, his attachment is directed solely at me.

I’m intoxicated by the sweet madness aimed my way. I’m delighted at the existence of the invisible birdcage.

The transfer students will arrive at the beginning of next month. The game is already being distorted. The obsession Tamaki has with me wasn’t present in the game. What changes will she bring to our relationship?

Will she open the birdcage? Break it? Or…will she simply strengthen it?

Though I’m uneasy and don’t want my happiness destroyed, I can’t help but look forward to it as well.

I embrace Tamaki with nearly enough force to break his spine, all the while stroking his back gently. An absent minded smile graces my lips.

[1] When they say the first and second largest company at the academy, I figure that they’re implying in the country itself but I went with the direct translation instead.

Notes: A story with a super unusual (and dark) heroine! This was really interesting to me so I’m glad to get a chance to share it with you. There might me inaccuracies at certain points, so I apologize for that, but the plot is generally as is. If you notice any spelling or grammatical errors please feel free to point them out. For those curious about what happens next, fear not! There is a sequel~ o(*≧□≦)o