I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! [Chapter Three]

Chapter Three

Good day everyone, this is Rururia.

Why am I alone – except for a maid – at the royal palace, you ask? Well, to explain that, we’re going to have to rewind a bit.

Three days earlier, father managed to recover from fainting and went to his office, complaining that he was going to go bald.

Actually, I wanted to tell him that he should worry about that for the rest of his life, but refrained because it was a bit too disrespectful.

On the matter of the reward, the final decision had been: “It is for our people, not our own House.” When I’d heard that, I’d really felt that my father and I were blood related.

It was decided that we would tell the people that we were celebrating elder brother’s transfer to another department, which had taken place last month. Well, even if we say that it was a department change, it’s not like his designation changed at all, but I guess from the perspective of those in our territory, a celebration was a celebration.

Then, father handed me a letter and spoke with a clear expression.

“This is???”

“His Majesty wants to give you the reward directly, so go to the royal palace.”

No, no, no, no, no!! I’d punted this responsibility to my father, hadn’t I?!

That is how I was sent to the royal palace by my family, who all had refreshed smiles on their faces. Ah, I wonder if this made the reward easier to accept for them.

For me, an invitation had come from Irene-sama after all, and Sara hadn’t stopped complaining. Even though I had three days until the meeting with His Majesty, I couldn’t even relax one bit!

…I’m sorry, that’s a lie. I ate sweets with Sara, embroidered, read books, and had a good time in general. What? Got a problem with that?

“Manya, I wonder why this has happened.”

“It’s because lady luck was with milady.”

What a cruel maid! I’m not going to accept your romance consultations anymore, okay!

“I apologize for the wait, milady. His Majesty had a prior appointment that seems to be running over.”

Manya was neither an especially good or bad maid. If we’re talking about her best point, then it’s probably her ability to deal with me.

I let out a sigh. “Well, if His Majesty is busy then I’ll probably be able to get the reward and leave straight away.”

“You don’t sound like you believe your own words.”

That’s right…he went to all the trouble of calling me – the daughter – instead of father. Something’s up. But Manya, it’s okay for people to have dreams, you know.

While I had spaced out in the carriage, we arrived at the royal palace. Manya completed the arrival procedures for me and then some knights had asked us to the waiting room, where I was quietly enjoying tea. Hmm, it’s delicious!!

“I apologize for making you wait, Rururia-sama.”

Bu—hooo! I’d spit out the entire contents of my cup in shock. The person in front of me looked amused, but I couldn’t have been more embarrassed.

“…Pardon me, Your Excellency, knight commander.”

That’s right!! It’s the murderer (knight commander)!! Just why are you here?!

“His Majesty asked me to escort you to him Rururia-sama….but…” He’s reaching out to escort me gracefully, but he’s laughing! He’s talking about escorting me while blue in the face from stifling his laughter. Calm down me, I have to at least smile.

“Thank you very much.”

It can’t be helped. Just tolerate it. This teenager has a delicate heart is all. But it seems that his laughter shows no signs of stopping. Well, I’m glad that you’re in a good mood at least!

When he realized that I was staring at him, the murderous and rude bastard (knight commander) bowed slightly. “I apologize for my rudeness. It was just so wonderful that…haha…I was blown away…”

We got a lot of attention from others as we passed by them. Their eyes went wide at the unusual sight of the knight leader – famed as the ice-cold knight – laughing.

“I’ll take it as a compliment.” I tried to reply calmly, with a perfect smile, but my voice was definitely unhappy.

That’s when he started laughing aloud! Excuse me, just where did the ice-cold knight go? Hey, knight commander?

It’s fine, it’s fine, but for the time being can you please stop laughing, I wonder.

“Now this is a rare sight.”

In the end, this rude bastard (knight commander) didn’t stop laughing even when we reached His Majesty’s room. I can’t believe him. Please don’t laugh in front of His Majesty like that, it’s rude.

“My apologies for the tardiness…” He escorted me perfectly even while laughing like that. If you play with a maiden’s feelings like you’re just going to get told off, you know!

Well, in my case, I feel like I’ve been played around with in a different way though.

“I am grateful for your invitation, Your Majesty.”

Let’s ignore that rude bastard (knight commander) for now and greet His Majesty.

“I’m glad you’ve arrived safely. Now please, sit down.”

While I was wary of His Majesty, who seemed to be in a very good mood, I thought I’d thank that rude guy (knight commander) for escorting me before sitting down so I turned towards him.

…Why are you sitting too?!

That rude bastard (knight commander), who didn’t miss my suspicious expression, burst out laughing once again. (Hey, if you’re a gentleman then you should have ignored it!) Your ‘boiling point’ is pretty low today, huh? Mr. Ice-Cold Knight (LOL)…

He turns away from me but keeps laughing. Reluctantly, I take a seat next to him. It’s the only seat available after all!

“I’m curious about this unusual sight, so let’s get rid of our tasks first.”

…Your Majesty, there should only be one ‘task.’ What else is there?!

His Majesty hands me a sealed letter that an attendant had been holding onto. My reverent expression when accepting the letter was really impressive.

But it seems that I don’t have to open it because it’s addressed to my father!

“This is the reward for your territory. You’ll find ten barrels of a treasured royal wine and a subsidy – accepting your application for a levee protection project – written in the letter.”

Alright! We got something surprisingly good, father!!

As it was a rather weak application, the subsidy had been put off for a long time. With this, everyone will be happy.

“Thank you very much. We are very grateful, Your Majesty.” After I thanked him wholeheartedly, His Majesty suddenly gave me a big smile. Why??

“They had terrible attitudes, but they’re quite handsome. This young maiden gave a bigger smile to these documents than she did to them…Have you already withered despite your young age?”

Excuse me, Your Majesty, that was far too direct.

“Hmm…that’s not really the case. It’s just…” Ah, to be honest, wasn’t the way I was headed too disrespectful?! Then, I took a look at His Majesty’s face and felt from his expression that it would be fine even if I spoke freely. “No matter how you look at it, those people would have been more harmful than beneficial to me, whereas this subsidy is good for both my territory and family. It’s useless to compare them.”

I feel like I can hear big brother shouting: “Stop it!” But it must be a hallucination.

“Oh, oh? It would be more harmful than beneficial!”

Your Majesty, why are your eyes shining? No, it’s okay, I won’t ask so please just let me go! Your expression right now is way too powerful! I’m just a young girl, okay!

“I see it now! My eyes weren’t wrong after all!”

I’m glad that he’s in a good mood, but why is even the guy next to me reacting?! I won’t think “rude bastard” every time I see you anymore, so please help me leave, Your Excellency, knight commander!

“Your Majesty, there is no doubt. I wonder if we can move on to the main subject now.”

No, no, the main subject is over. What are you talking about? I. Want. To. Go. Home.

“Yes! That’s right!” His Majesty nodded powerfully, proclaiming the following with a glittering smile on his face. “Rururia Talbot! From this moment onward, you will be appointed as the King’s exclusive venting partner!”[1]

I’m so stunned that I forget my heavy shoulders and clench my fists involuntarily.

Eh, can’t I decline this somehow?!

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[1] This could also be ‘complaints listener’ but it has the same nuance.

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